The Hunt
Prologue: The Games begin

An aging female sparrow flew swiftly through the air. The temperate winds ruffled its rigged feathers as she spotted a waiting branch to patiently perch on. The creature perked its head to the side as it sensed that the building it was staring at was quite odd. Not like it was shaped in a disorientated fashion but just that it didn't seem to fit as if something special was being moulded from its depths. Something that the world would not understand. The bird clucked its golden beak and its beady eyes traced the outlines of the building scanning over the white markings.

The Xavier Institute. A school dedicated to the teaching of gifted children. Children with exceptional talents and treasures that very well will shape the next evolution for mankind. For they are the future and share the joy and hardships of their new mutant powers.

"Bobby! This is the last time I'm going to speak to you about that," a stirred and shaken soprano voice called as she brushed her snow like tresses away from her agitated visage and heedfully eyed her wards. A booming crackle of lightning lashed passed the window as Bobby and the rest of his classmates gulped and fidgeted uncomfortably in their seats.

The adolescent ice mutant had just finished freezing a few of his classmates to their chairs, probably the stunt was to ease the tension and sombreness they all felt with the death of Jean Grey.....or perhaps it was dedicated to make Rogue beam a golden smile towards him.

The class continued onward in a more peaceful state for a short amount of time until it turned into a carnal circus. Streams and tendrils of mutant powers streaking all over the place. The teacher of the classroom gritted her teeth her normal brown eyes shifting into a heated white colour as she blinked in surprise her eyes returning to the normal state as the bell just rang. Her students hounded up from their desks and rewarded her with small waves all yelling: See ya tomorrow, Miss. Munroe.

Ororo also known as Storm sluggishly eased herself down into her chair as she let out a sigh and balanced her elbows to stand on her desk. "Always making such fuss and noise." she sniffed as her face softened as she saw Jubilee quickly dash back in to collect her forgotten textbook. "Although, I wouldn't trade it for the world it's definitely needed around here," the chocolate creamed woman mused as she neatly stacked the sheets of papers on her desk in an organized row. The wind rider scanned the top of her desk for a red pen. Finding none available she opened one of her drawers and froze.

It was as if all the blood in her body was transferred with liquid ice that coursed through all her senses numbing her to the bone. The woman gulped as her trembling hand darted towards the vital item that caused her these extreme actions. Storm gently caressed her fingers against the golden frame as her eyes darted over the cobweb like broken glass. The woman raked her hands through her white mane while her widened eyes studied the picture she was peering at.

It was a few years old, probably taken around the age of thirteen when she just left isolated and solitude life of Africa to hone her powers and become an X-men. Her face still had its cocoa coloured skin and shone with the brightness of innocence. Her hair more much short and more shadowed colour of white. To left of her was Scott his ruby like glasses reflected the sun as he balanced one arm against her back. His smile cheerful and comforting. Something he couldn't do now or simply refused to do. Ororo's heart beat began to speed as her eyes now lingered onto the final third individual of the photo.


Young mutant children quickly ceased their playing and games as they stared nervously up at the darkening and shifting sky. A young girl with matted brunette hair looked and tapped her chin. "So dark, but it was bright a just a while ago." she mumbled as she huddled inside of her light coat. "Looks real gloomy like the sky is crying." she sniffed as a boy ran up beside her giving her teasing push to the left.

"The sky can't cry," he laughed as he yanked onto his lower eyelid and displayed his long fork-end tongue. The girl huffed and crossed her arms.

"I was using a simile, but still....the sky....does look like its crying. Doesn't it?"


Ororo smiled to herself as she viewed Jean's soothing smile. Her long fiery hair rustling in the breeze as her arm was carelessly flanked over on the other side of the young Ororo's back. Storm gulped again; she was finding it a lot harder to breathe as she hastily placed the photo back into the drawer forgetting to recover a pen.

The milky brown woman slumped lifeless onto the stack of papers and angled her heads to the side to gaze out the window. The clouds now obeying the sturdy command of their goddess and began to reveal the sun and stop their foreboding shifting. The wind wider frowned as her eyes began to droop into mock slumber. "Jean," she breathed in a wistful her eyelids shut only to reopen again. "Charles..?"

"Storm, may I speak to you in my office? Come as soon as you can." he spoke in a soft voice cutting their telepathic link.

The woman slowly got up from her stationary position. Her mind pondering over the reasons of what was so urgent that the professor had to converse with her.


Ororo quickly bustled down the laden halls of the Xavier avoiding crashing into the mass of students that loitered around teasing each other in a wild frenzy. Storm clutched the doorknob to Xavier's private office and opened it.

She saw him sitting beside the window. His back was turned to her as he watched the children play outside. Storm allowed a small grin to tug at her lips as she tranquilly closed the large oak door and made her ways to the telepathic mutant. "You wished to speak with me, Charles." she prodded for him to begin their discussion. The man sighed and nodded his head slowly turning his wheelchair around to face her.

"Yes, Storm I think it's time you were appointed the new Captain of the X-men. Your second in command leadership shall be now boosted into first." he spoke in a soft voice his watery blues unwavering as he stared her in the eyes. The woman's pupils widened and she brought her hand to her cheek while she shifted her gaze to look at the hardwood floor.

"Cha...Charles, I can't. Scott is the leader of the X-men. I can't just steal his position because of the lack of demeanour he's's not his fault....he's facing the brunt of the tragedy." she whispered as she shook her head from side to side denying Xavier's proposal. Charles smiled and wheeled his chair closer towards the weather mutant and placed a comforting hand on her's.

"Fret not, Storm this shall only be temporary. I already conversed this with Scott and he totally agrees he has total faith in your abilities as new leader we all do." he beamed Ororo's heart was welling with pride as her face lit and she slowly nodded her head.

"Well if it's temporary I shall take command of the X-men." she agreed as she looked down at Charles with a wry smile. He was holding something back; he was not telling her everything she could feel it.

"Yes, yes Ororo all in due time." he mentally added as he pursed his fingers together and eyed her carefully. "Storm, another reason for this meeting was the discussion of an old mutant signature I haven't read for a while. It seems that Victor Creed, Sabertooth has come out of hiding even though it seemed to all of us to presume him dead from our last encounter." he explained as Ororo nodded her marshmallow white head for him to continue. "He's been hiding out somewhere in the Canadian Territories, and many mutant attack anomalies have been stirring ever since his arrival to the area.....

"So you'd like me to capture him and return him to the institute?" she asked already knowing the answer as Xavier nodded his hairless head and narrowed his gaze.

"Not, just you another. It wouldn't be safe to allow you to go there alone. It would be wise to allow Scott or Logan to accompany but in their current condition it may be hard to have them as back-up..." he trailed off as Ororo's gaze left him and trailed towards the window. A smile tugged at the corner of her lips as she crossed her arms above her breasts.

"I think we have another candidate Charles, don't you." she teased as Xavier followed her gaze and looked out the window. There he saw the children laughing and clapping in awe as they watched a humble and gentle demon bound from tree to tree his tail wagging jovially as he supported his whole weight on a nimble limb of a tree. The young mutants shrieked and squawked as they saw the branch break only for the Incredhibil Nightcrawlah, to bamf away to another oak leaving the children behind with a puff of smoke and smell of brimstone.


"Buckle up," Storm reminded as she began to switch on the radio and monitors of the X-Jet her eyes lingering on the form of her timid partner sitting in the seat beside her. Kurt shifted awkwardly in his chair as he buckled the seatbelts around his black cloak and pulled his legs up to his chest his tail wrapping around himself as he faced the wind wider.

"Fräulein Storm, are you sure wish of me to accompany of you on this mission?" he asked his yellow eyes feasting on her beautiful form. He quickly looked away as he dug one three digited hand into his hand to stroke a patch of beads. Storm blinked and adjusted the white locks from her face as she turned to him.

"Hmm, you don't want to accompany....then maybe I should inform Charles an......" Storm was cut of as Nightcrawler shook his head; his cobalt hair bouncing from left to right.

"Nein, nein it is just that is I am wondering why you are choosing of me instead of Herr Logan or Herr Scott?" he questioned as he locked his golden eyes with her hazel brown eyes. The wind goddess smiled up at him and focused her thoughts at the most accurate explanation of her choosing.

"Well, one of the minor reasons why I chose you Kurt is because Scott...well I think he needs time to heal. His mental self isn't ready to return to missions and as for Logan....well Charles and I thought it best not to tell him that Sabertooth is alive. Also another reason...Logan seems to make it his responsibility to look after Scott or make sure he's alright after Jean's death." she transgressed as the demon in the seat to the right of her bobbed his head up and down.

"Ja, I am of the understandin...."Nightcrawler abruptly closed his mouth as Storm inverted an interruption and never moved her gaze from his.

"Those aren't the major reason Kurt....the reason is because I wanted to spend more time with you actually even if it is a mission." she said in a gentle whisper as she shifted her body to be parallel in front of the controls; breaking her intense gaze from his. Kurt blinked in surprise as he released his hold on his rosary and snuck a private glance at her. His cheeks felt as if they were on fire as his tail tightened its hold on himself. He tried to speak but found himself lost of words.

"Danke, Fräulein Storm," he whispered as the X-jets rumbling and booming ignition drowned out his words that already reached its destination. The wind wider smiled to herself as she stole a glance towards her flushing partner. Her hand tugged the steering controls back as the swimming pools position shifted and turned to reveal a dark tunnel where a stealth plane took off into the evening sky.


Storm raised her head to look at the turmoil in the sky. The snow was falling quite rapidly ever since they began going north into the territories and their tracks were getting harder to trace. Bamf, the wind wider shoulders jerked as she turned around in surprise the musk of brimstone bitterly filled her nostrils.

"Kurt," she called, "Did you find anything?" she inquired as the indigo mutant nodded his head and clutched his three fingered hand onto her wrist.

"Ja," he said as he teleported both of them a few distance away. Further and further into the woods the snow increasing. Nightcrawler released his hold on the woman and pointed his flat finger to the ground. "There are two identical tracks trailing in two different directions." he stated as Ororo traced both tracks each going into opposite directions and both deeper into the hearts of the wood. The wind wider narrowed her gaze and frowned as she delved her gaze hard against the two trails.

"It might be a trap, but..." she eyed Kurt and smiled." Nightcrawler I think it would be more efficient if we split up and have are com links open." she ordered in a strong voice as she pointed her index finger to the half sphere like device in her hand. The demonic mutants golden eyes widened and shifted his head from side to side looking at the area, his face etched with concern.

"Nein, Fräulein Storm. It might just be a trap to be separating of us," he hissed his tail flicking cautiously to the side as if it sensed something of its own while. The beige coloured woman nodded her head as her black cap wisped softly against as the wind's velocity sped up; the snow coming down fast and hard.

"Possibly, it might just be a trap but in this case we may have to risk it." she exclaimed as she took a step back. "I'll take the tracks to the left and you take the traps to the right." she commanded as Nightcrawler opened his mouth to protest; the tips of his dagger like fangs shining. The weather witch smiled and placed two gloved fingers on his lips to silence. "Shh. Don't worry, if anything wrong should happen, I'll send up a thundering signal so you can come fetch me." she reassured as she took off into a direction and dodged deeper into the woods.

Kurt sighed and began to trail the tracks he was assigned. His body shivered as he huddled deeper into his cloak. "Wie ungerade...," the shadowy azure mutant mouthed small vapours of air forming at his lips. "For the forest to consume her so quickly into its depth." he hissed while his brows knitted together with a growl. "Be careful, Fräulein Storm.


The female leather clad mutant continued to jog deeper into the woods the trail was beginning to get more confusing and less clear as the snow picked up. Ororo furrowed her brow she was having a difficult time controlling the weather here. She angled her head only to see rows of tree and trees all in different adjacent positions. Crack. A small rustle of cat-like feet shuffled to the right and hid within the barrier of shadowy trees.

"Someone's here." Storm noted as her hazel eyes began to dilate and shade into a brilliant white the wind and snow forming a circular defensive shell around her form. Her cloud-like tresses whipping into the air as she raised her right hand towards the hidden individual. "Come out, of hiding!" she yelled as a blast of wind and snow alike reformed itself from its barrier to a surge of power as it blasted into the quaking trees that were obliterated into stumps from the harsh wind barrage. The creature leapt and sprinted behind the woman mutant. Ororo whipped her body around and saw an old friend growling in front of her; his fangs bared.

"Saber....ahh.." she muffled a gasp as the wild mutant lunged his large fist against her neck. Dragging her body to face him in the eye. He applied more pressure to her throat as the winds began to die down. Storm's eyes unfocused and return to its original colour as she saw the blurred image of Victor's cocky grin as his grip tightened. One of the wind wider's eyelids drooped as her left eye gazed upon some sort of metal collar around Sabertooth's neck. The man traced her gaze and smirked hunching his shoulder to cover up the device.

"Remember, sweetheart you still owe me a scream." he mock growled as he raked his free hand against the wind goddess' cheek small streak of crimson etching onto her visage. The woman growled and lowered her mind buzzing head as her eyes focused and unfocused onto turning back to a luminous light as lightning streaked the air.


Kurt quickly raised his head towards the sky. The trees intertwining limbs and branches created a net of obstacles for him of getting a good view but he still was able to see the abnormal streak of lightning the tainted a specific area of the sky. "Ororo." His mind raced of possibilities of what had happened to his comrade as he teleported frantically to the area of her distress in an instant with a bamf.

Nightcrawler frantically looked around his surroundings. Storm and her assaulter were nowhere in sight. The mutant clenched his fists together as he looked up at the churning sky as he teleported once more. A puff of smoke trailing after him. The man quickly turned from side to side and there was no one in sight. "Was ist los?" the demonic mutant cried as he tried to focus. His teleporting abilities weren't usually this off and if he didn't do something quick Storm would be in danger.

Kurt's tail made a rough twitch to the right slamming the limb hard against a tree cracking the bark slightly. He dug his hand into his pocket and relinquished an old, scarred rosary. His fingers lightly stroked the beads as he reverted into a small prayer, the words thick in his German accent as he teleported in a flash.


Sabertooth's wild mane stood on end as a mighty onslaught of lightning vibrated through his body, yet still remained his hold on his prey. Storm jerked in Victor's clutch as she writhed from left to right to free herself from his grip. Large trickles of blood were flowing down his face but he still remained to hold on despite the pain; his eyes were a nauseating mixture of carnal excitement.

"The collar...could it be controlling you." Ororo panted as she saw a small red light flicker against the metal device causing Sabertooth to release a mighty howl his grip tightening to a vice-like hold. The saber mutant narrowed his eyes and sniffed the air. He scoffed as if he smelt something wretched.

"Smells like the sulphur and brimstones of hell...ehh." he joked as he found his face being smashed into with a pair of slender navy blue feet that consisted of only two toes.

Kurt slammed his legs forwards pushing the behemoth of a mutant back as the man released his hold on the wind rider. Storm rushed to the ground only to be caught in sturdy arms. The woman looked up and saw Nightcrawler growling menacingly at the attacker; his teeth pulled up in a snarl as his eyes crossed. He pulled the wind goddess closer to his cloak as he cradled her in his protective embrace.

"Are you alright, Storm?" he inquired as began to retreat into the forest away from the enraged Sabertooth. The cocoa coloured woman ran her palm against her neck and smiled weakly nodding her head. "I think it best if we leave for, now!" he ordered.

Victor began to wipe the hardened blood and snow from his face as he gleefully eyed his two playmates. His naked feet made small crunches in the snow as he stalked towards them and stopped at a two meter distance of separation. He ran his wild gaze over the face he didn't recognize. "Blue, huh." he baited as he flashed them both a wicked grin, "So you want to be her knight, huh, blueboy." He laughed as he crossed her large arms against his chest. "Well, I guess...I'll allow you to be for now...since the fun's just beginning." the mutant drawled as small, round iron pellets were thrown around the area in numerous directions. Thick smog of gas began to flood from tiny holes located in the minute spheres.

Storm coughed from the fowl smoke and looked at Kurt as he clutched her tighter. "Nightcrawler, get us out of here." she gasped as she felt her head beginning to spin. The azure mutant sank to his knees and shook his head trying to clear his hazy vision.

"I....I...can't something's blocking me from teleporting of us." he explained as he and the woman collapsed into the snow. The last sight they saw were the flash lights of creatures in black and Sabertooth's laughing face.


The snow lazily drifted to the white desert of the earth as two figures stirred lifelessly beside each other a small tree stump standing in front of them. The snow continued to relent its frigid fury as if not seeming to care as it covered half of the forms of two shivering bodies. Both of the mutants have been unconscious for hours as they numbingly drifted back to reality. Unaware that they'd had just entered into a game they chant forget. For the hunt has started and they were the main prey.

Hi, again fellow Kurt and Storm fans. I hope you like the new fanfiction I'm cooking up. It's about to get a lot hotter with the action despite the icy surroundings. And talking about actions did the mild dispute between Ororo and Sabertooth make sense or was it all jumbled. Oh well, tell me any difficulties with the reading or spelling or if you have any suggestions because the chapters are going to be way longer than this and suggestions and helpful criticism is greatly welcomed. Also try to include telling me if Sabertooth, Ororo and Kurt were in character I want to know if I'm conducting this right.


Fräulein - Miss.

Nein- No (Thank you to a reviewer in my previous fic that explained it was spelt nein not nien)

Herr- Mister

Ja- Yes

Danke- Thank you

Wie ungerade- How odd

Was ist los? - What's going on?