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19 years later

Rose stepped up to the podium and carefully placed her notes upon it. The lights were blaring upon her, causing beads of sweat to run the length of her spine.

Merlin, she hated public speaking.

She cleared her throat, her eyes scanning the crowd for her husband. He met her gaze and gave her a little encouraging nod.

Rose held her wand to her vocal cords to amplify her voice.

"Good evening," she said, her voice sounded stiff. She had practiced her speech in front of her husband so many times that he had her words committed to memory. "I am so pleased to be standing here tonight." She was certain that she did not look pleased, but that was just the nerves. If she wasn't standing in front of an auditorium full of people, perhaps she would be able to show how truly thrilled she felt. Years of hard work had finally brought her to this very moment in time.

"Historically," Rose continued, "there has been little research done on Lycanthropy. What has been done was often based in fear and prejudice with a desire to segregate those individuals living with Lycanthropy. Treatment for this condition was created as a means to distance others from the struggles Lycanthropes faced, not made with a desire to ease their burden.

"The invention of the Wolfsbane Potion was revolutionary for those who could afford it. Society shunned werewolves, leaving many without the means to support themselves and they would have to choose between eating and taking their monthly medicine.

"Since the office of Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt and the formation of the Lycanthrope Anti-Discrimination Act, individuals living with Lycanthropy have been able to live more comfortably with the law protecting them rather than working against them. Now it is illegal for someone to lose their job, housing, or even be denied the right to marry on the bases of being a werewolf. Wolfsbane is affordable to everyone who needs it and the rate of new Lycanthropy cases have plummeted in the last 19 years and continue to drop.

"In living memory, Lycanthropes were turned away from establishment and classified as beasts even outside the time of the full moon. Today, I hope to eliminate the word beast from ever being use on an individual afflicted by the full moon.

"Now I am not the right person to discuss the advancements to Lycanthropy treatment. I would like to turn this over to a great healer in the making. Please welcome Edward Remus Lupin to the podium."

The auditorium erupted in applause.

Rose removed her wand from her throat and let out a sigh. Her eyes found her husband again. The corners of his mouth twitched.

A tall youth moved to the front of the stage. He shook Rose's hand and grinned at her. For a rather sociable person, he knew that she would have gladly let him do this whole presentation if he had let her. Rose happily took a seat off to the side of the stage.

Teddy wore his hair sandy brown that night. He had been told his whole life how much he looked like his father and he supposed he did, based on all the pictures he had seen of Remus Lupin. Teddy had always been so proud to look like his father, especially now. Though through the sandy brown locks, a patch of pink hair peeked out as a homage to his mum.

"Hello," Teddy addressed the crowd in a clear confident voice. "For those of you who don't know me, you're probably wondering why a man barely out of Hogwarts is here speaking with an esteemed healer. My father, however, I know you have heard of, Remus John Lupin, the first ever werewolf to receive an Order of Merlin: First Class. Though, that meant nothing to me as a kid. I was more impressed to see my dad and mum on Chocolate Frog cards." A light chuckle spread across the crowd. "I have about five hundred of each of them." His voice lost some of its brightness. "But perhaps it was all in the pursuit of chocolate," he said lightening his tone.

He saw Harry, Ginny, and his grandparents smiling up at him from the audience. His Grandad Lyall's eyes were glistening with tears.

"I am here tonight to represent both my father, Remus and my mother, Nymphadora, though, I'm told she didn't like to be called that. Yes, we are gathered to discuss Lycanthropy and my mother was not a werewolf but tonight was brought to us all by their love story. And maybe I'm not the right person to talk about my parents, because I did not know them long." Teddy took a deep breath. "I learned to love my parents through stories other told me, pictures, and the very detailed journals that my father kept.

"It was in those very journals that my father told me that his transformation slowly went from almost bearable, to tolerable, to painless after I was conceived."

The room went completely silent as if everyone were collectively holding their breath.

"As stated earlier, previous Lycanthropy research was born of fear and hatred. And quite frankly, that was not getting us anywhere really. So, I wondered what could happen if we moved forward out of love." Teddy nodded and looked beyond the last row of seats, staring at something unseen. "It wasn't common or heard of for non-lycanthropes to fall in love with werewolves. But as I'm told, my mum was very stubborn that way and never did anything conventional."

Teddy saw his Grandpa Ted give a watery laugh and his Gran was sobbing, though a bittersweet smile was recognizable on her face. She still cried a lot about his mum even after all these years. Teddy occasionally caught his grandfathers crying too, but they were better at hiding it. When Teddy was little it made him feel uneasy to see adults crying. Now, though his heart ached for his grandparents, Teddy felt pride for his parents, for only extraordinary people could be so deeply loved.

"There still is not much known about the origins of Lycanthropy," Teddy continued, "but my mother believed that love and the birth of a child from a lycanthropic parent appeased the curse. As a result, my father felt no pain during transformations."

Whispers buzzed around the hall.

"The question then was posed, could that be transferred to other werewolves. And since you are all sitting here tonight, all dressed up, I'm assuming you know that the answer was yes. The answer was in my blood. I submitted myself to Rose and a team of healers, who performed many magical and muggle test that I don't yet understand." Teddy shrugged. "Give me a break, I've only completed my first year of healer training."

Several people laughed at his words.

"It's been a long time coming. It's not a cure- yet, but through this research, a new and improved Wolfsbane potion has been created. Now, people with Lycanthropy just need to take one dose of potion right before a full moon and they will feel no pain during the transformation and the transformation back. They might even sleep through it.

"My mum and dad couldn't be here tonight," Teddy said, "They couldn't be here for a lot of things." Despite his efforts, his voice cracked. "At least not physically here. Though they're gone, they really aren't. They are still helping thousands of people because they loved each other."