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1. The timeline as of now will take place after the end of STD/So the Drama, for those who don't know what that is, and haven't seen it your not a KP fan, but it's a movie about well *no spoilers*, but it's about Kim Possible.

-Not necessarily at the end as I'll skip ahead for a time how long is undecided but it's close to graduation, again until when is undecided.

2. Kim and Shego are going out.

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3. I'll call this a MAJOR point for the story: We all know that Kim went to train in Martial Arts right, so I decided that in the time that Kim spent away from Ron, he did something to pass the time. (If in case of any major plot inaccuracies of the TV series, I'm just making it up, have fun along with me, I'll fill it in along the way what he did in that undecided timeframe.

4. As the Title says this story will include songs.

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Chapter 2: A School Day

*On the way to Middleton High*

Still in the early phases of morning, the streets are mostlyfilled with early birds going to work and opening stores.

A blur can be seen on the street casually turning from a corner to continue on, a moment later only a faint image of sneakers and baggy pants can be seen.

The figure blurring past objects and people casually is ofcourse, Ron Stoppable, from the outside perspective it can be seen as a shadowy figure rushing past everything, but to the boy, he considers it a slightly faster speed than normal while not acknowledging the too abnormal speed for that of a normal jog.

Looking at his body from a magnifying glass, faint lights can be seen coating his body as he exerts himself to be more productive of his day.

As he nears the gates of the school he slowly decelerates his speed until it was only a normal walk to the school grounds and into the hallway.

As he walks the familiar halfway that he has been walking on for half a decade, reaching his lockers he puts in his stuff and exchanges it to books and materials that are relevant for the earlier subjects present in his schedule.

Closing the locked door and locking it, he looks up and finds the minimal amount of activity around the school due to how early it is, deciding on how to pass the time he explores the various facilities unvisited for a long time by the boy.

The clinic, the entertainment and arts office, the school papers, the student council office, and finally one of the schools strangly technologically up to date with equipment, facilities, and coincidentally the place where the blond boy stays at to chill at most of the time, next to bueno nacho.

The music room is open to all personnel to the school, though not made a make out shack or a class ditchers paradise as the teachers and security can easily check for anyone inside. He is able to enjoy this peice of private paradise for himself as he was discovered to be playing the instruments here in a rather soothing way courtesy of Mr. Barkin when he was doing his patrol in a late Friday afternoon and discovered the blond boy playing the piano.

Intrigued at the normally non-conforming rebel, he listened by the door quietly and was impressed at the adeptness of the boy, and thus was acknowledged by the vice-principal with approval for the boy to spend time here whenever he feels like it, with certain favors ofcourse.

'If I can convince Stoppable to play maybe he can reform himself, or maybe even perform for me some of his amazing peices if I'm stressed, OR can be a saving Grace in case of blunders in events' he smilingly thought to himself.

Which the blond ofcourse noticed, though worried he still agreed as this is one of the only places he can relax, fully within his element.

Opening the door he sees the assortment of instrument which again strangely enough is complete with all that is needed for every musical accompaniment needed.

"Hey Rufus Wanna here some tunes?" He asked the slightly groggy naked mole-rat that was shaken up by the run to school, groggily he pushes his way out of the pocket, he holds himself back from vomiting and looks around.

Realizing where he's at, he jumps down excitedly squeeking he sits in one of the table as nods.

"Uh-huh Uh-hus Uh-huh, wanna have more of Ronnie play." He squeeked.

"Alright" he answered as he went to one side of the instrument piles and picks up a classic acoustic guitar. (A/N:Just imagine the most generemic guitart, you know pale wooden yellow at the from with a dark brown sideways teardrop shaped part at the mouth and black for the sides and the neck of the guitar.)

Adjusting tune of the strings to suite more of a lighter scheme of the tones, more higher pitched but mellow tunes. As he was done with the tuning he proceeds to practice and make sure the tone of the strings marmtch what he's planning to play for his freind.

Finished he asked his freind, "Ready buddy? I haven't played in a decent amount of time so I'm a bit Rusty and just needs a little test run routines."

Receiving a thumbs up, he started to strumming, starting off with a classical strumming of each string to test the sound, and then strumming them together to make a note from lowest to highest.

" Alright buddy, just some morning tunes alright just to pass the time." He smiled at his freind that was laying down.

Scratching his head with his paw he asked, " No sing-sing?"

"No buddy that's too much, after all it's been years since I did that." He replied.

"Mhmm Mhmm okay!" Replied the naked mole-rat while giving a thumbs up.

Smiling at his freind with gratitude, he started playing his guitar, playing a melody, that can be felt as a sort of introduction to a story, giving of a feeling of stepping on to theroad for the first time with no goal whatsoever.

As he continued to play he recalled the various emotions he felt over the years, both good and bad. The tunes as well changing as he explores himself.

With the sound of slow and low tunes he played his feelings of sadness and loneliness, like the mix of sounds you get and feel deep into the night as you walk by yourself by the roadside, the feeling of isolation and emptiness while also enjoying the solitary peace as you walk through the familiar rode.

Then as he recalled the happy times playing more upbeat but peaceful sounds full of feelings of cheerfulness but with a mix of nostalgia, a tune similar to that of listening to the morning birds chirping their morning songs with the sound of trees being represented by his occasional taps of fingers at the guitar making a beating sound as the seeds fruits and branches fall from the tree.

Delving into his stream of memorial journey he thinks of everything that is in life, thinking of his feelings, thinking of his problems, ambitions, thoughts. He lost himself to the transmission of feelimgs, just strumming the notes in his heart.

With all emotions surging towards the peak and the strumming of guitar strings becoming more aggressive but with the same intense mix of emotions. And then it all stopped like the eruption of a volcano only being signaled by the continuous humming of the last tune, as his emotions slowly came waving back. Strumming slow but monotonous as if to signal towards the melancholy of the feelings of the guitarist, slowly, and gently, closing the session of expression of his emotions with a pluck of a gentle tune.


Slowly drawing his breath out of his breath he acknowledged the joyous clapping of his freind.

"Bravo! Bravo!" He said as he jumped and clapped at the same time.

"Hahaha Rufus, you miss me doing music that much?" He asked as he patted the small mole-rat.

Jumping to climb his owners arm, he rubbed his head to the boy and frantically agreed. "Uh-huh Uh-huh Uh-huh"

"Hah well, I promised to let her shine bud, so I'm not really Keen on doing that as much as before buddy sorry." He told the saddened naked mole-rat.

Standing up and tidying up the music room, he proceeds to his classroom to get on with today.

Walking out of the room he noticed that there are more people walking about, he looks up and notices that it's almost time for classes and therefore heads for classes.

Looks were thrown his way as his distinctive appearance, baggy pants, grey sweater with a faintly visible muscular body, and a very eye catching new hairstyle.

People are whispering left and right about the identity of the new hottie, he seems to be familiar and is fairly attractive, scratch that he is extremely attractive proven by the giggles of the girls huddled to one side as he passed them.

Ofcourse as the Ron Stoppable we know, he does not notice this and is just passing by while deeply immersed in his thoughts about what he's going to do if ever he meets KP again.

As he turns another corner his powers flared empowering his senses to superhuman levels, he sensed a very familiar presense through his , one that as he contempltes further is one that he knows very well and it's coming from the next corner where his next classroom will be, the sound of her footsteps, a very familiar heartbeat, and a very-very familiar vaoice that echoes through the hallway. A familiar red head sprouts from his thoughts, he instantly realizes that, that presense is his best friend since Pre-K, Kim Possible.

Panicking at the thought of them seeing each other again, he looked around noticed that this was where their lockers were and past that he saw a door, immediately headed to it without checking what's inside and hid.

Hearing the voices and footsteps fully rebound by the walls of the hallway he steadily calms his breathing, making his rapid heartbeat slow down. Closer and closer their presence grows until he can hear their conversation.

"I'm telling you Kim, I saw a crop top yesterday with white and yellow color scheme and it made me think of a cheesecake, ugh I'd rather buy the new one peice dress from Club Banana rather than that." He hears a very recognizable sassy voice that he recognizes as Monique the fashion wizard of the freinds.

"Really but I thought you like crop tops?" He heard his best friend comment.

"Girl I like crop tops if their to my style and are actually good looking, not when it makes me look like my 2 lest favorite dish." The fashion expert stated.

"Plus it isn't up to match my skin color."

He heard a locker open, books rustling and closing of a locker door, guessing that was Kim taking something from her locker he listened onward.

"Speaking of which, you heard those chit chat those girls were making earlier right, a new hottie is the talk of the school today, say a new face popped up, they said he kinda looked familiar?" Said Monique.

"Yeah? Surprising to say the least considering that it's almost the end of the school year" the red head commented for a conversation.

"Heard the details about the boy, he is muscular, plus 1, he's pretty confident about himself, another plus, and he himself has blonde hair with a stylish hairstyle that's another point." She jugged the apparently 'new' boy.

"Oh come on Monique you don't honestly think he'll be hot right, I mean if he's new we'd have a complete unknown in our hands" the red head retorted.

" I don't know girl, you never know, a date for senior prom?" She suggestively said.

"Pshh pls, I'm not interested in that." The teen heroine scoffed.

"Uh-huh, Mankey?, Erik?, The kid you kissed in middle school?" She pressed.

"That was teen hormones? Come on you know that." The world hero defended herself.

"Hah deny it as much as you want... Anyway speaking of blondes, have you seen Ron yet?" She said softly.

Pausing at the question, the teen thought of what had happened and slowly contemplated.

"I...I don't know, he didn't go to my house at all this weekend, and I thought it would be awkweird to go look for him." The girl said nervously.

"Ok girl you told me that he ran, and he RAN ran, crying at that. WHEN HAS RON EVER CRIED." She stated while throwing her hands up.

"Uhmm... I do remember him crying." She said nervously.

"When?" The Afro-American asked.

At third grade when he lost his pants again." She recalled.

"Kim that was years ago, close to a decade and he CRIED a few days ago, hooooh you're in trouble." Monique said exaggerating but concerned.

"I know... I know... Bu-" *Brriiiiiing*

" Oh no the bell!" They both screamed as the sudden footsteps went away.

Waiting until he can't here the footsteps anymore, he walked out, with a blank expression and after a pause proceeded to go to his class, luckily before his teacher Mr. Barkin entered, narrowly.

Time passes by, the day went surprisingly mild compared to what he expected, he encountered his best friend Kim Possible a couple of times, but luckily for him he was able to strangely sense her first and thus can completely avoid her. Though he knows this is not then best way to deal with the break up, but it is painful to see her, as the feelings of desolate suffering of the blonde teens heart is too unbearable.


Walking down hallway 10 minutes earlier than everyone else, as the reason being that the class before lunch is Home Economics/Cooking, the Ron man's speciality, and today's test was to make soup, the dish he made was pumpkin soup, which according to Mr. Barkin was a soup made from the essence of a thousand pumpkins, and fortunately he finished ahead of the class, and therefore has free time.

As he was about to pass through the door to the cafeteria he sensed a person behind him, and that person ran to him and called out.

"Hey there boy, wanna talk?" Said the coffee skin toned freind, Monique.

"Oh hey Mon how you doing?" He said as he turned around to greet her.

" I'm fine but how do you knooo... Ron!?" She shockingly replied as she discovered it's her normally dorky freind.

Waving at the front of her face to knock her out of her stunned state, she shook her head as she woke up.

"Ron!? As in Ron Stoppable?" She tried to confirm.

"The one and only, the Ron Man Mon." He flamboyantly said as he gestured to himself.

"Wooow new look I see, nice clothes though the pants are a stretch, nice comfort themed sweater with hugs just right to show this babies." She said poking his showing pecks.

"Hey the pants are an unnecessary comment, and I wear them cause their comfy thank you." He replied rubbing the area that was poked.

"Nice improvement, damn didn't know you had this much potential in you." She complemented genuinely impressed.

"Hah, well I was always awesome Mon." He replied then turning to the door.

"Want to have lunch together? Since already here anyway?" He said invitingly as he entered the bustling room.

"Sure boy, but we have to talk about YOU.?" She followed

Walking to the line for the dishes and picking up a tray.

" So, when did you have the mind to change your style? Not half bad actually." She asked as they waited for the line to move.

"Uhmmm just today actually, I... I kinda wanted a new Outlook in how I see myself." He replied

" Really? Why? Cause you wanted to go for more style points." She was intrigued as even when she and Kim worked hard to do a make over for him it didn't work

'Wait Kim... Oh damn!, It's cause of the break-up' she contemplatingly thought.

"Yeah but generally I just wanted to make a fresh start of some sort you know a refresh for myself." He said absent mindedly.

As it was their turn next, they both chose their own dishes as weird as they were, gathered them and picked out a table at the end of the left side of the cafeteria with a little more privacy.

Breifly talking to Monique, she talked about Steel Toe and Pain King as an effort to give comfort to the guy, and for once he noticed it and thus went with the flow of the conversation, resulting in the prolonged heated discussion which was cut a little short, well shorter as he sensed Kim Possible walking closer to the cafeteria doors, so he bid the fashionista goobye, and before she could ask the reason for it, she noticed the doors open and entered the girl who can do anything, Kim Possible.

Understanding the reason now, as she the girls best freind knew about the events that transpired on the hill last Friday. Looking for the blonde boy again, planning to reconcile the two long time freinds and now ex-lovers, she was astonished to see only a flurry of shadows as she saw the other door creak open, surprise colored the girl as she noticed that only a short amount of time has passed from him standing up, the door opening, and her realizing why, not even 12 seconds has passed.

" Hey Monique what are you staring at?" Asked the teen hero.

"Uhhh just took a glance at the new hottie, and you know what I give him a seven out of ten just because of his pants and the color scheme of his clothes not fitting in at all." She commented not attending the fact that the new 'hottie' was her long time freind.

"A seven? That's a high praise for you, he must be your type." She surprisingly stated as she went to grab her food.

Coming back the Raven hared girl said hesitantly. " Yeah, you can say that" she answered on with a chuckle.

Thinking of the irony of her liking her freind, who coincidentally is the ex of her best freind and her best friend is best freinds with her ex. Well that's a handful just to think about.

"So anyway girl, you think that we should..."


As he exited the cafeteria, he breathed a sigh. Escaping from all of my problems may not be entertaining but it worked with me even till now.

Composing himself he went to his locker to get the books for the next classes: History, Algebra, and ... Biology. Kim's in biology.

Slapping himself in the head, he starts to panick on how to handle this, and started to stressfully stride to his classroom.

Arriving there he finds that there are students there already. Finding to his seat he starts to wonder what he's about to do.

*At the last period*

As he walked into the classroom for Biology, he saw that it was mostly filled, and he took his seat frustratingly.

Looking around he finds that a lot of the seats at the other end of the class was empty, and a light bulb went up.

Walking to Mr. Barkins office, as he is the teacher for Biology, well more so practical Biology to use in the field.

Knocking three times and waiting for a reply, he received a call of approval for entering, as he entered he took notice of the teacher staring at him even as he closed the door.

" Hi Mr. B, I wanted to ask you for something in class" he greeted the man.

"Ahh Stoppable, it's you, sorry took me a little while to recognize you, with the new look and everything. So you wanted to ask me of something, if it's an easier test for you, it's a no." He said authoritively.

"No no no, Mr. B, I just wanted to ask if I could take a seat at the other end of the room?" He asked nervously.

" Hmm that's peculiar, considering you like to be at that side because you look like wanted to avoid being called out in class." He scrutinized the boy.

"But no mstter, since your asking already, you can. Not because I'm giving you a favor, it's because I can watch you more closely now that you take a seat in front of my position." He smugly clarified.

" Uhh well thanks I guess Mr. B, I'll just go now." He nervously said to try and disappear.

" Alright tell the class that I'll be there in 4 minutes tops" he said as he glanced at his wrist watch.

" Yes sir!" He said as an invitation to a salute of a soldier.

" At ease soldier, we aren't going for a quiz yet." The teacher answered to play along the joke.

The blonde lowered his hand and took his leave, going back to the room he takes a seat at one of the vacant seats by the window to get more peace.


Walking into the class with books in hand, and nervously looking around for her goofy best freind that disappeared and didn't see the entire day, since the entire break up snitch.

Noticing a lack of the outgoing, cheery, and the familiar jersey shirted blonde she grew even more concerned. Noticing a new set of blonde hair on a head though, she finds the figure familiar but can t confirm as the said person was facing away from her.

Concluding that the person was the new 'hottie' everyone was talking about she took a seat, contemplating her thoughts on everything.

Her break up with Ron her relay with Shego, the team, and even her future, she was so deeply engaged that she didn't notice that Mr. Barkins came in.

"All right people, eyes here, I heard a rumour today that we have a new student, and I asked the principal he said yes, we do have a new student. Unusual as it maybe she isn't really a new student, just a new face, she had to take a lot of important matters over the time of schooling, though she does pass projects, assignments and exams, either through mail or coming over to get an exception as she does have a valid reason." He stated.

The red head hero, intrigued at the unusual case listened on.

"Now as she has acquired a break and time, it was decided that for the remainder of this year that she will attend the school for the last stretch of school until graduation. Welcome greet your new classmate." Waving for the new student to come in after stating the reasons for the arrival of the new student.

Coming inside was a girl with a stunning figure, hourglass in everyway, though hidden by loose baggy clothes, was still noticed by the keen eyed crime fighter.

Sporting a thick full framed eyeglasses, a ponytail, wearing a pair of pink jeans, then a long sleeve shirt with the same color as her hair that reaches down to her hips, vibrant and smooth purple.

The girl was obviously of English decent, though partially can be an American as well.

The girl stood by the teachers desk and introduced herself in a half posh, and half noticable accent.

"Hello everybody, I am your new classmate for the rest of the year, I am excited for our time together, and I hope we get along, my name is Alecia with and 's' instead of a c pronunciation, and for now that's it, it isn't comfortable for me to state my surname, sorry, but nice to meet everyone.