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Summary: Seventeen year old Jane Rizzoli and her basketball team arrives in New York for a week-long tournament. Sixteen year old Maura Isles arrives in New York with her mother for a week-long art exhibit while on sabbatical from school. A chance encounter will build an intense connection between them but when there is only a week before they go their separate ways, Will it last? Highschool AU

Genre: Romance

Pairing: Rizzoli/Isles

Rating: T for Teen

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Just One Week

"I cannot fucking believe it. We did it!" Frankie exclaimed with excitement as he slung an arm around her shoulders.

Jane couldn't believe it either.

When Coach Deville had asked her to join the men's high school basketball team last year, Jane was surprised. She knew her speed and 3-Pointers were terrific, but being the sole girl on the basketball team filled with meat-headed jocks was something that hadn't appealed to her.

But after being pestered by her brother, who was a player on the team, Jane relented and joined.

When news came out, the Boston Breakers were openly shocked at the move and initially showed displeasure at her joining. However, Thanks to Jane's skills and her synergy with Frankie, their team went on an undefeated streak that her school had never seen, and those feelings of displeasure had melted away to a comradery that only made them better.

And tonight, it all came to ahead when she scored the winning shot to take their team to New York for a nationwide tournament.

Something their team had never been to…until now.

"Fucking 3-Shot Rizzoli pulled it off!"

"The Ace of Boston High strikes again!"

"The Sniper and Bullet of Boston High! You guys rule, baby!"

Jane couldn't help but grin as she walked through the parking lot, wearing a simple tank-top and her basketball shorts while Frankie walked beside her. "Man, this is so fucking crazy," Frankie said with a wide grin.

"Same here. My body still won't stop buzzing," Jane admitted.

"Man…Ma and Pops are so going to freak out when we get to the car. A week in New York with a chance to win big bucks for the school," Frankie said with stars in his eyes. "We've never been to New York before…I mean, we get to see the Empire State Buildings. The Towers, the museums, the women, and the best part, no parents!"

"I bet Ma decides to try and chaperone," Jane said, which instantly caused Frankie to deflate, which caused her to laugh. "Besides, we're there to win the tournament. We shouldn't be distracted by that."

"Jeez, sis, do you have to suck the fun out of this trip?" Frankie asked dryly.

"Gotta keep it all real. You know that," Jane replied. It wasn't that she was trying to suck the fun out of it. If anything, she was excited by the same thoughts he had, but unlike her starry-eyed sibling, she had to keep her expectations in check.

Besides, despite her excitement, she was a little disappointed as well. Her now ex-boyfriend Casey had recently left school to join the army, and her best friend Frost was forced to move thanks to his father's job.

Neither of them was here to see her win for her team, but she had won it for them, and one day, she hoped they would see her play again.

"Come on. We better get going. I bet Pops is already prepping his stomach for the victory buffet," Jane said as she nudged her shoulder against Frankie's, which caused her younger brother to snort and run alongside her.

Once the pair made it to the car, Jane couldn't help but mimic the look of dread that was on Frankie's face when they saw their coach leaving their mother at the car and judging from the grin on her face; it was apparent what the coach had just asked.

"Oh, congratulations, you two! We are going to New York!" Angela exclaimed as she scooped the pair up in her arms.

Frankie shot Jane a distasteful look behind their mother's back while Jane looked apologetic before Angela pulled away, causing the pair to match her grin.

"I guess Coach just told you?" Jane asked.

"He sure did. He just asked if Frank and I wanted to escort, but since Frank has work and Tommy is still sick, I decided to take Coach Deville on his offer and go with you two! Oh, this will be so much fun!" Angela exclaimed happily.

"Yeah…Gonna be fun, fun, fun," Frankie droned out.

Jane snorted in amusement.

"We leave next week Saturday, so you two better start packing right away once we get home," Angela told them with a pointed stare at Jane.

"What?!" Jane exclaimed after noticing the stare.

"You heard me. The second we get home," Angela told her.

"Fine, fine," Jane said with a slight grin.

Even her Ma's pestering couldn't bring her mood down.

She was going to New York.

"Are you feeling any better?"

Maura Isles winced as the bright light from the hallway lit up her darkened room. All she could see was the shape of her mother's shadowed form in the doorway.

Maura had recently been taken out of school due to an unsavory situation. Her peers tossed some cruel words her way, and when they grabbed her, she saw red.

She didn't mean to break her classmate's nose, but the brief burst of anger had caused her to react without thinking, and now, she'll probably be picked on some more.

At least her mother understood what had occurred and held no ill will towards her, but there had to be more to life than this, right?

"I will be fine, Mother…" Maura replied softly. "Thank you for asking…"

"You do not need to thank me for that," Her mother replied softly. "The reason I came is for two reasons. Dinner is ready. I had Lloyd make your favorite meal and dessert, and also, since you are currently out of school for the next week, I wish for you to accompany me to New York for my latest art exhibit."

New York.

It had been ages since she had gone to the city of lights.

And while Maura loved being in France, it would be nice not to have to speak French every single day. But this, combined with Lloyd cooking her favorite foods, felt more like a reward than a punishment.

Did she deserve such a lavish trip and food? She knew her mother was expecting an answer, so with a small smile, Maura replied, "I'd like that, Mother…Thank you…"

"Very good," her mother replied before she walked out of the room.

It looks like she was going to New York.

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