Isabella basked in the torrid Phoenix sun for what she hoped was not the last time in her life. Her mother, Renée, called out for her, only to be ignored in turn for her daughter's deafening thoughts. Bella, as she preferred, soaked in the hopes that in an alternate universe, her parents were still married, leaving her without the choice of having to leave her mother and her new husband, Phil, for her police chief father. It's not that she resented having to live with Charlie, the two weeks they spent together every summer was great! However, at the ripe age of seventeen, Bella strangely felt more attached to the men who carefully planned their escape from her mother's bedroom in the still-dark hours of the morning than she did her own father.

When her mother had finally caught her attention, threatening lateness as if she had ever been prompt in her life, Bella finally snapped out of it. She only hoped to skip the awkward small talk that she knew Charlie was accustomed to. The air conditioning that blasted throughout the plane made Bella grateful she decided to put on what she dubbed her "Washington Clothes" before the flight. Her thick blue sweater drowned her in the fabric, reminiscent of the ocean.

Charlie and Bella only knew how to be awkward, it seemed. After a stiff hug when she got off the plane, they bumped heads while attempting to reach for the luggage at the same time. They both gave boisterous laughs, soothing the burn the tension left. When they passed the 'Welcome to Forks!" sign, Bella couldn't help but feel queasy and sated at the same time. Though she did have to admit to herself, the dead deer on the side of the road wouldn't make anyone feel too good.

The diner that her father seemed to frequent smelled of blueberry cobbler and steak. Everyone seemed to remember her even though she couldn't name a single face if she tried.

"So you come here every night?" Bella asked.

"Easier than washing dishes," he said, laughing.

She offered to cook for him, having had to do so since she was twelve and was never sure if her mother would be home for the night to feed her. He was astonished at such a prospect but accepted graciously. When a patron came over to ask about an attack, the joyous mood vanished. Her father even became frustrated when he admitted to no leads on the case. Charlie's head fell to his hands, defeated, but popped back up when he felt a smaller hand reach for his own in reassurance. They shared a smile and returned to eating.

After finishing their meal, they returned to the small home which never came to Bella's mind when she thought about her childhood, only remembering dingy California apartments until she was about ten, then they moved to Arizona, with promises of a new life and changes to her mother - which never came. Her room was the same as it had been the previous summer when she visited, only the addition of a small desk and computer differed.

Bella placed her bag in the rocking chair which sat in the corner of her room, near the window, promising herself that she would unpack tomorrow. Her exhaustion had been creeping up on her for the duration of the evening, but chose to strike right then like a viper. She fumbled with her clothes, changing into comfortable pajamas, before crawling under the floral purple sheets and passing out.

Her first day at Forks High School almost began with Bella tumbling down the stairs, had Charlie not been there to pull her back.

"Woah, Bells, back in my day we just pretended to be sick if we didn't wanna go to school." Bella huffed playfully at her father as he chuckled.

After a bowl of cereal, Bella made her way to the red truck her father had purchased from his friend, Billy Black, and his son, Jacob, as a graduation present. Of course Jacob had vividly remembered her from adolescence, while he remained a background character in her memories of playing with his twin sisters, Rachel and Rebecca. The truck stood out like a sore thumb in the school parking lot and effectively made Bella the center of all unwanted attention.

Hiding herself in the dark brown locks of her hair, she made her way into the office, getting her schedule and paper for the teachers to sign. On her way to her first class, she ran into an eccentric boy named Eric Yorkie, who promised her the cover of the school magazine, which she urgently declined. He then showed her the way to her first period class, which she shared with the raven-haired boy and one of his friends, Mike Newton.

"How you likin' the rain, Arizona?" Bella wanted to roll her eyes but began to shake her head.

"I'm not that into it, if I'm honest," Bella said, feeling the heat creep onto her cheeks.

"Aw, come on, you'll love it here," Eric said and for a moment Bella wondered if he could see the future or if he was just ignorant.

The next three classes passed by quickly and Bella was grateful, seeing as she was ready to go home. When lunch came around, the nervousness in her stomach came back as she wondered where she would sit. When Eric and Mike waved her over to a table, she let out a breath of relief. Sat at the table already were two other girls, who introduced themselves as Angela and Jessica. They had been at lunch for less than five minutes when the Cullens walked in.

"Who are they?" Bella asked, her breath hitching.

"Oh, they're the Cullens!" Jessica beamed. "They're Dr. and Mrs. Cullen's foster kids, and they're so cool! They're all," Jessica was whispering now, "together, but no one really talks about it anymore."

Bella was confused, what did she mean together? Her question was suddenly answered when the tall boy with the honey-colored curls leaned down to receive a kiss from the much shorter girl, whose pixie-cut hair was styled in all different directions.

"That's Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale, the big one is Emmett Cullen, the blonde is Tanya Hale - she and Jasper are triplets - and she's with Edward Cullen, the red-haired one. I've been trying to get with Emmett for months so don't even think about it!" Jessica was jokingly serious about the boy with dark brown curls who, Bella noticed, was flinging food at the boy called Edward.

Just as Bella was about to ask about the missing triplet, the door swung open, letting the cold Washington air in. While the Cullens were inhumanly beautiful, the blonde who walked through the door at that moment, Bella decided, was a goddess. Her long hair fell into perfect platinum ringlets, stopping at her mid-back, and she had to have spent hours on her makeup for it to look that good. Her perfect smile was encased by bright red lips, and Bella had to look away, fearing if she didn't stop, she may never.

"Who's that?"

"That is Rosalie Hale."