Chapter 5 'Through The Jungle and The Streets'

We carry on.

Anyways, before we get on with this chapter I'd like to announce an idea that has been floating around in my head for some time: What if Jewel was once a pet, and was abused? I have several scenarios for this story: Jewel could be brought to Minnesota by Tulio to meet Blu. Blu could meet Jewel in the aviary in Rio. For the ending, he could either live in the jungle, or take her to Minnesota. There are many possibilities. I am aware that this idea has likely been touched upon, perhaps not how I've done it, but still the basic concept of Jewel being a former pet. Tell me your thoughts.

I will write chapter 18 for Reborn eventually, but currently I'm more motivated to write this story. Also there is a reference in this bold text portion. I will congratulate whoever gets the reference.

Anyways, lets get on with chapter 5! Enjoy or suffer.

The next morning, Jewel got up first. She rubbed her eyes with her wings. She let out a yawn, and stretched her wings. She stood up, and remembered the chain between her and Blu. She turned to the left, and saw Karloff and Lazuli, cuddling with each other. She stared at them wide eyed, and was initially shocked, but she soon smiled at them.

Blu was awoken by a yanking on his foot,

''Huh? What?'', he said sleepily,

''Look at those two lovebirds.'', she said with a quiet giggle. Blu quietly chuckled. He rubbed his eyes, and climbed down, and stood beside Jewel as they looked at Karloff and Lazuli.

Karloff opened his eyes, and looked over at Lazuli. He smiled warmly, Wow, she's so beautiful, like an angel…, he thought. He nudged her, and woke her up.

''Morning Lazuli,'', he said softly to her. She looked up and smiled at Karloff,

''Morning Karloff,'', she said back. They turned their heads to the left, and they froze and widened their eyes in embarrassment when they saw Blu and Jewel looking at them.

Blu and Jewel giggled, as Karloff and Lazuli blushed heavily.

''Uh, I swear she was just cold!'', Karloff said honestly.

''Sure…'', Jewel said cheekily.

''Honestly!'', Karloff said back.

''Okay, lets get breakfast.'', Jewel announced.

''Because me and Karloff can fly, we should get food.'', Lazuli suggested.

''Okay. Get me a mango please.'', Jewel asked.

''Get me some grapes, or a mango, whatever's easier.'', Blu asked.

''Sure, we'll be back soon!'', Karloff said as he and Lazuli flew off.

''Can you pick out the ripe fruits for me…as well, I never had to forage.'', Karloff asked Lazuli.

''Sure, and I'll quickly teach you how to tell which are ripe and fresh, and which aren't.'', Lazuli told Karloff.

They came across a mango tree.

''I prefer passionfruit, but I'll have a mango I guess.'', Karloff said.

''Okay. Alright, first step, colour. You want to look for the brighter ones,'', she said as she picked up a nice, ripe mango, ''If its bright and yellow, and with some red, depending on the type, its good. If its green, then it won't taste nice. Second, hardness. Tap on the mango, and if its soft and squishy, its bad. However if its rock hard, then its also bad. Also try to smell it, if it smells bad…then its bad.'', Lazuli told Karloff. He memorised them,

''Lets not do a test yet, I'm sure Blu and Jewel wouldn't be very happy if we take too long.'', Karloff said to Lazuli.

''Alright, lets go.'', she said as she grabbed 3 more mangoes. They flew off back to the gazebo, and passed 2 mangoes to Blu and Jewel. They ate near the steps. They threw around bits of small talk while eating.

After they finished, they decided to get going. After 10 minutes of walking through the jungle, which wasn't as bad during the day, they came across a rock. Blu got an idea.

''I have an idea, I just need some vines, and your help.'', Blu said, ''Actually, first I should do some calculations.'', Blu said. He quickly sketched up some equations, and drew to the conclusion that it would work.

''Okay, we need to tie a vine around this rock, and hook it around tree. Then we'll drop it onto our chain, and break it!'', Blu said enthusiastically.

''Why don't we just hit it with a rock until it breaks? It'll be much safer, and easier.'', Karloff suggested. Blu face winged himself,

''Why didn't I think of that…'', he said in frustration. However, before they got to work, a little toucan popped out. It was adorable. Soon a few more came out, and went and flew onto them.

''Be careful Blu, they might snuggle you to death!'', Jewel said to Blu in a teasing manner. One landed on Karloff and Lazuli. It snuggled against Karloff's chest, and he smiled warmly at it.

''Awww…They're so adorable…Hey, where's your-'', Karloff spoke, and was about to ask it where its parents were, but he was cut off when it ripped out a bunch of his chest feathers. The others followed suit, and chaos ensued.

Blu and Karloff both had their chest feathers ripped, and were being bitten on the face. Karloff started yelling things in Norwegian, and Blu was just yelling. Jewel had her eyelids pulled, and she screamed. Lazuli had her head feathers pulled at. The little spawns of Satan continued attacking them, until they tripped over each other.

''Attack!'', one cried out, as a dozen more flew at the four blue birds, who promptly screamed in terror. Luckily for them, a raspy voice with a thick Hispanic accent cried out,

''What's going on down here?'', it cried out. The voice belonged to a male toucan who flew down,

''Hey, get off them.'', he said to them firmly.

''Daddy!'', they said in unison as they flew off.

''Thanks…'', Karloff groaned.

''Precious aren't they? By the way, my name's Rafael.'', Rafael sarcastically remarked, and introduced himself.

''Yep…Precious…'', Jewel groaned.

''How many of those spawns of Satan do you have?'', Karloff asked. Rafael flinched at this,

''17, and one more on the way!'', he answered.

''17…Wha-what?! Why in the holy fuck would you have 17 kids?!'', Karloff asked in shock.

''I just love having kids…'', he answered. The birds stared at him for a bit.

''So you lovebirds heading over to carnival?'', Rafael broke the silence with an almost comical change of tone.

''Lovebirds?!'', Blu and Jewel said in unison, blushing.

''Oh we're not lovebirds…'', Jewel said.

''More like…acquaintances.'', Blu clarified.

''Not even that, we're more like chained-to-each-other-birds.'', Jewel clarified further.

''Oh…Well, how about those two?'', Rafael asked, pointing towards Karloff and Lazuli, who promptly blushed.

''Oh they're lovebirds alright!'', Blu playfully said. They blushed even more,

''No, no, no! We're not lovebirds, we're more like…Friends.'', Karloff answered.

''Yeah…Boyfriend and girlfriends!'', Blu responded with a mischievous smile. At this point Karloff and Lazuli were blushing to the point were their faces could be considered that of a Scarlet Macaw, with their face feathers puffed.

''Okay, well, are you 'friends' going over to carnival?'', Rafael asked, changing the subject to spare the Glaucous Macaws from anymore embarrassment.

''No, we're…Actually we don't know where we going.'', Blu answered.

''Shouldn't we focus on getting these chains off?'', Lazuli suggested.

''Hmmmmm…I know just the place to get them off…Because lucky for you, you know Rafael, and Rafael knows everyone!'', Rafael said.

''Who are they?'', another voice spoke, and a female toucan walked up to Rafael, she was presumably his mate, despite being a different species. She was a Keel-Billed Toucan, whilst Rafael was a Toco Toucan, Karloff noted.

''Oh, Eva my love, I was just taking them to see Luiz!'', Rafael told his mate, Eva.

''Uh-huh…Pah! You don't fool me for a second! You just want to take your friends to carnival!'', she accused him.

''Ah, carnival! The magical place where I met the most beautiful bird in the world!'', he said with nostalgia as he cradled his mate, ''I still remember the song they played when I first layed my eyes on you…'', he said with nostalgia, ''Young and tan and beautiful and lovely, the girl from Ipanema goes walking. Sing it Eva!'', Rafael began to sing 'Girl From Ipanema', by Frank Sinatra.

''And when she passes, each one she passes goes AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!'', she sang terribly, and topped it off by screeching like an autistic banshee, mixed with a pig getting brutally slaughtered. Luckily there were no windows in a 2 mile radius. All the others cringed and covered their ears.

''Ow my ears are bleeding!'', Lazuli yelped in pain,

''Thanks for the tinnitus, really appreciate it…'', Karloff said sarcastically,

''Sinatra must be rolling in his grave.'', Blu said

''Didn't know your mate was a banshee.'', Jewel commented. They all did so pretty much simultaneously. Rafael seemed unaffected by his mate's insult against music and singing

''Sweeter than a river of the sweetest honey!'', he cooed lovingly.

''Yep…Voice of an angel…'', Karloff said sarcastically.

''Love must be deaf too…'', Jewel muttered.

''Come here baby,'', Rafael said as he grabbed Eva and they passionately made out, much to the disgust of their children.

''Okay, take them to Luiz but be back before dinner.'', Eva agreed to let Rafael take them to Luiz.

''Thank you, I'll miss you my juicy mango!'', he said to her.

''I'll miss you too, my pudgy papaya!'', she cooed back, ''Carlos! Put your brother down!'', she yelled at her kids. The five began walking away,

''I can't believe she let me go that easily.'', he commented to the others,

''I can't believe I can still hear properly.'', Karloff responded.

''You saying something about her singing?'', Rafael said with offense.

''Yeah, she's not really good at it.'', Karloff answered, which was an understatement. Rafael shot him a glare, but decided to drop it.

''Um, so how far away is Luiz?'', Blu asked.

''About 30 minutes as the crow flies.'', Rafael answered.

''How far as the macaw walks?'', Blu asked.

''Bozo here can't fly.'', Jewel said to Rafael, pointing at Blu.

''But…You're a bird?'', Rafael said confused.

''Well there are plenty of flightless birds- more than 60 extant species, and a few dozen more extinct ones.'', Karloff told Rafael.

''Oh, okay. But he's a macaw, and they can fly.'', Rafael pointed out.

''I just never learned how to fly! Okay, just leave me alone!'', Blu snapped, and had a hurt voice.

''Well, we can't walk there. Its way too far, and dangerous.'', Rafael told them, ''But I do have an idea, perhaps we can teach you how to fly…'', Rafael said.

The 5 birds made their way to a cliff. Blu peered off the edge, and realised it was a couple hundred metres down.

''You'll be fine…Its not like you're just gonna hurl yourselves off the cliff…'', Karloff reassured Blu in a humourous manner, but it did the opposite effect.

''Actually that's my whole plan.'', Rafael told them.

''Nope! I'm not doing it!'', he bailed, ''We can find a bus schedule or something, whatever! I'm not doing it!'', he continued.

''Rafael, are you insane?'', Karloff said to Rafael, dumbfounded.

''I don't know. But Blu, you have to!'', Rafael answered, and told Blu.

''But…'', Blu began to give an excuse,

''Look, if you want to see Linda, then you have to try.'', Jewel said softly to Blu. He looked at his talons, and sighed.

''Okay…'', Blu softly and nervously said.

''That's the spirit…But I prefer straight beer…'', Karloff cracked a dry joke.

''Funny.'', Blu sarcastically said.

''Alright, I want you two to get closer…'', Rafael said to them. They stood next to each other.

''Closer…'', he continued. They shuffled closer, and began to blush.

''Closer…'', he continued, and did a wing gesture. They shuffled even closer, and blushed more.

''Okay, I want you to put your wings over each other!'', Rafael said, almost cheekily.

''What?!'', Blu said in disbelief.

''Don't worry, its not like she's going to bite…Will you?'', Rafael reassured Blu, and then asked Jewel.

''We'll see…'', Jewel said somewhat mischievously.

''Meep…'', Blu softly muttered. The two put their wings over each other, and blushed whilst doing so.

''Ok, so now your two wings will join, and in effect, create one. All you must do is flap at the same time, and you should fly!'', Rafael told them.

''Yeah, but this doesn't look aerodynamically possible…'', Blu pointed out.

''You think too much. Flying isn't what you think up here, but what you feel down there…'', Rafael said, pointing to the approximate location of Blu's heart.

''But, the heart is a muscle that pumps blood throughout the body. The only thing it has to do with it, is without the heart, you'd be dead.'', Blu said. Rafael rolled his eyes, and continued.

''When you feel the rhythm in your heart…You fly!'', Rafael continued his cheesy speech.

''I already have a rhythm in my heart. I don't have Atrial fibrillation.'', Blu cracked a dry joke.

''A what?'', Rafael asked confused.

''It's the medical term for an irregular heartbeat.'', Karloff answered, ''Besides, its not your heart that makes you fly…It's the brain, and inner-ear balance sensors that allow us to fly, and our wings.'', Karloff told Rafael.

''I'm sure you'll be fine, Blu.'', Lazuli said to Blu.

''Besides, this is the only way you can get back to Linda.'', Jewel said to Blu.

''You're right…'', Blu said with a bit of confidence, and determination.

''Yup.'', Jewel replied.

''Easy.'', Blu said.

''Easy-peasy.'', Jewel said.

''Okay, thrust, lift, and…'', Blu started.

''Oh come on!'', Jewel grabbed Blu and the two began to run to the edge of the cliff, but Blu's feet got stuck to the floor out of fear. Jewel didn't realise and tried to fly off, but she stopped due to the chain.

''Oh not again!'', she said in frustration, as Blu fell off, and dragged Jewel down. Karloff and Lazuli went off and tried to save them, but luckily a hang-glider conveniently spared them from falling to their deaths.

''Oh my god, we're alive!'', Blu said in amazement.

''Good thing for this Deus Ex-Machina hang-glider that just so happened to be exactly there to spare you two from falling to your doom.'', Karloff commented, as he and Lazuli landed on the hang-glider.

''Blu you're flying…Sort of, but do you feel it?'', Rafael asked him.

''Yeah…Yeah, I feel it…'', Blu answered. He turned over to see Jewel with her eyes closed, as she enjoyed the wind passing through her feathers.

Blu closed his eyes, and started to spread his wings a bit, and smiled as the wind passed through his feathers. Jewel looked over at him and smiled, he was in heaven.

''Oh Jewel…This feels amazing!'', he cooed.

''Flying feels even better.'', Jewel told him.

''Wow…'', Blu said in awe at the thought of flying, ''…I wish I could fly.'', Blu said sadly.

''One day, I'm sure you will…'', Lazuli reassured him.

Blu continued to have his wings open like he did, and he enjoyed every moment of it. However he eventually opened his eyes to enjoy the spectacular view. The trip took about 30 minutes, and they safely landed.

''Wow that was great!'', Blu said enthusiastically. The five spotted a pick up truck carrying various fruits stopped at the lights, so they decided to hop on.

The car took them to the marketplace, where they hopped off.

''So is this where Luiz lives?'', Karloff asked Rafael.

''Hey Raffi, well if ain't the king of carnival himself! How's it been?'', a yellow Canary flew to Rafael, accompanied by a Red-Crested Cardinal.

''Nico, Pedro! Long time, no see!'', Rafael greeted them.

''Where you've been hiding yourself, bird?'', said Pedro.

''Yeah, we thought you were dead!'', Nico joked.

The two noticed Blu and Jewel, and flew over to them,

''Wait, aren't you that bird we saw with pigeon shit on your beak?'', Pedro asked. Blu blushed in embarrassment.

''Its actually sunscreen to prevent sunburns.'', Blu quickly said.

''Well, I see our love lessons have paid off.'', Nico said to Blu.

''Man you work fast!'', Pedro commented.

''Baby got beak!'', Nico added.

''Looks like you found yourself a hot wing! Man I wish I was like you.'', Pedro said. With each passing statement, Blu and Jewel blushed more and more, with Blu blushing more than Jewel.

''Hey, its not what it looks like! We're just chained together!'', Blu quickly clarified.

''Hey I'm not judging.'', Nico quickly said.

''Yeah, keep it spicy!'', Pedro added.

''Oh yeah…'', Nico said with a dirty smile.

Blu was shocked at the comments,

''Hey, I'm not into bondage!'', Blu told them.

''What's bondage?'', Jewel asked.

''I'll tell you later…'', Blu told her.

Nico and Pedro took notice of the Glaucous Macaws,

''Well, well, looks like somebody's got himself a hot wing!'', Nico exclaimed, and Pedro did his signature 'Love Hawk' squawk.

''Oh, and they seem to have the same kinks.'', Pedro said to Nico, giving him a nudge. Nico chuckled, as Karloff and Lazuli blushed.

''Oh, were not chained in any sexual manner!'', Lazuli clarified to them.

''So Rafael, why are we here?'', Blu asked Rafael.

''Oh, we're here to party!'', he exclaimed.

''Aren't we supposed to find Luiz?'', Blu told him

''Yeah, if I have this chain on any longer I'm going to chew my foot off!'', Jewel exclaimed.

''Oh come on guys, you're in Rio! You might as well enjoy it! Besides, we'll visit Luiz soon, but first…Welcome to Paradise!'' Rafael told them.

Finally finished chapter 5, and oh boy did this take a while! Thanks to a bit of mild writer's block, and lack of motivation, it took me a while of on and off writing to finish this. Sorry for this being so dialogue heavy, and being for the most part, a semi-copy of Rio. Also sorry for Lazuli not getting that much dialogue in this.

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