Inside an old, log hut, a young man with brown hair and black glasses, who was wearing a black coat with a black shirt, black glasses, grey trousers, and a silver ring on his right ring finger, was typing at a typewriter, an unfinished book with a lock clasp was sitting next to him. The man took out the page of paper from the typewriter and smiled,

"Finally a new book" he said whilst he cautiously locked the book so it couldn't be opened, he then moved a stuffed skunk on the top of his chimney, causing a secret bookshelf to be revealed behind one of the walls. All the books were burnt and locked, the man added the finished book to the shelf and was about to close it up again when he heard a creepy voice come from behind him,

"Hello papa!" The man new that voice anywhere, it filled him with fear! He span round to face an ordinary looking ventriloquist dummy which was sitting on his sofa! The Dummy was wearing a full grey suit with a red bowtie and a red flower on his left lapel, he was also wearing formal brown shoes with laces and had brown eyes and black hair, his chin was also slightly chipped.

"Slappy!" The man gasped in surprise, "I thought the book got you!" The dummy's head shook from side to side,

"All those others but not me" he said with what seemed to be a cruel smile playing on his lips, even though they were made of wood. The man was confused with this statement,

"And why's that?" He asked the dummy, who chuckled and said in that creepy voice,

"You know that I always survive, you wrote me that way." The man then noticed that the dummy was holding a book that looked just like the ones on his bookshelf, lock clasp and everything, the dummy continued speaking to the horrified man, "in fact, I wrote my own book whilst I was away, and guess what? You're the main character!" The mans eyes widened with shock as the dummy opened the book! A sudden blue light burst from the book and started spinning with blue clouds and the man felt the pull at him immediately!

"NO!" He cried as he tried to escape from the pull, but it was so strong that it pulled him clean into the book! The dummy slammed the book shut and spoke to the book

"Now you try living inside a book for a while!" He then laughed like crazy as he locked the book. He then leapt off the sofa and walked towards the fire, he was about to throw the book onto the fire when a flurry of soot flew down the chimney and completely extinguished the fire! And then, down the chimney fell, two tall boys, one with a reptile in his hood, they were both covered with soot, and one as they landed fell onto the dummy, knocking him out.

"What's this?" The boy with the hood asked as he picked up the book from the floor, he then read the title, ""R.L. Stein's Terrifying Trap" Why is this book locked?"