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Gaming Goals

Chapter 5


posted on May 24, 2020

updated on May 8, 2020

roob-a-to-sis: noun - the unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat.

As if delighting in the macabre song playing, the bandits threw the food they were stealing into the same wagon and seemed to rejoice as the women around me who were hit made startled sounds. Sighing, I ignored them. We were going to get saved anyways because that was what always happened in stories like these.

The wagon began to move and I silently took this in as I realized that perhaps I wouldn't be going back to Erhu Hamlet for a long while yet. A hollowness seemed to seep into me at the thought before I turned my mind to thinking about other things like how it seemed like the bandits weren't planning on doing anything to the slaves they were to sell.

A shrill scream pierced the air, further damaging my eardrums. Damn girl, can't you at least scream at the same pitch as the others?!

Before I could even glare, the females seemed to surge and squish me further into the corner. Feeling the woman in front of me shiver and the sounds of water splashing all that came to mind was someone peeing and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Gods be damned! I was the baby in this situation, why are you the one losing control of your bowels?!

Wait a moment, why are they the ones losing control of their bowels?

Loud gulps began to permeate the air as the women pushed me back as if trying to find more space to squeeze into. I could hear the sound of someone coming up for air as if having drank the greatest drink in the world and having chugged it in one go before the women in front of me pushed me down with a startling weight and I could feel a warm something splash on my face.


[ [Mimic LVL 1] levelled up to [Mimic LVL 2]! ]

I screamed the skill internally as I felt the four walls of the wagon closing in on me and the feeling of the gulps seemingly getting closer but it'sadreamit'sadreamiT'sAdReAm

Mentally slapping myself, I stayed as still as I could and held my breath, shaking as my heart beat out of my chest. What if she heard my pulse? What if she-

A scream cut through my panic,"Get the crazy woman out! We need to keep the merchandise safe!"

Yes, the bandits needed the things in the wagon, so they'd save us. If I kept quiet and used my skill, maybe I could wait until they think I'm dead too and throw me with the rest of the bodies? I can wait until then, yes-

Not being able to hold my breath any longer, I inhaled and the stifling smell of iron nearly made me puke as the sound of a body smashing onto another came loud and clear and another scream burst forth. Shaking in the darkness provided by the dead bodies piled on top of me, I silently cried holding my sweaty hands over my mouth as my teeth began chattering. Screams came one after the other before silence engulfed the place, the loud sound of gulping overpowering everything else.

Hope seemed to seep away even as I tried to hold it firmly in my grasp. As if to answer my prayers, the sound of people coming reach me and in the silence, I internally patted my back for being right that this is a dream, so I'll save myself somehow. The sound of running came from everywhere. At first it started with the east, north, south and then, seemingly louder than anywhere else, the west.

Yes! This hellish woman will die by someone else's hands and then I can be brought home by my awesome savi-

As if a needle popping a balloon, the sound of more than one thing gulping started. Then, three, four, five and it went on and on. By this point I realized I was fucked, but I didn't move even as I began hearing steps closing in on me from the cacophony of gulps.


The sound brought a chill up my spine and I hoped to the gods [Mimic] was at a high enough level they couldn't sense me.


Tears unwittingly dripped from my eyes, turning red with the blood that had splashed on my face.


I hitched my breath and tried to stop breathing even as I knew that this was the end of my dream. No, the end of this nightmare.


In that moment, I felt that this would all go away soon and I should've done more things, been more free about my actions. Instead of lazing around, I should've tested the limits of the dream and my gamer powers.

And then, there was light as crazed red eyes seemed to blink languidly right in front of my face. A razor sharp smile full of yellowing teeth and even sharper fangs before I felt my heart skip several beats. I saw as the thing tensed and quicker than I could see, grabbed me. Shooting forward, it opens its mouth and hysterically, the only thought that could pass through my head in this moment is," My, what big teeth you have grandma."


That was the only sound I heard before something redrEdreDRED covered my vision and the last thought I had was that there was no bleach to clean out my clothes, much less brain bleach in this era.

Name: Yasu Level 1 EXP 0/10

Skill Points: 0

Species: Human Baby

Titles: [One With Samsāra] [Gamer]

Description: The superpower lottery was done and the winner this time was Yasu. Yasu woke up as a baby with her gamer powers and immediately believed everything was a dream…...[More]


HP 10/10

MP 10/10

SP 10/10

Average Offense Ability: 0

Average Defence Ability: 0

Average Magic Ability: 0

Average Resistance Ability: 0

Average Speed Ability: 0

Skills: [Appraise LVL 2] [Mimic LVL 2]

Money: 0