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Pippin danced around in circles feeling young and free. Well he certainly was free considering his lack of clothing. They had just destroyed that bloody ring and he was celebrating by running naked through Mirkwood like an absolute nutcase with elves running after him.

he spotted Legolas and wrapped him self around the totally drop dead gorgeous, sex on legs hunky elf.

Legolas dislodged the hamster like hobbit and walked on. He hated to say it, but since the ring had been destroyed the hobbits had gone quite strange, for one...Pippin had started dressing up in womans clothing wore these earings that had dangly coloured glass earrings in the shape of a fruit arrangement, his clothes were so colourful that it was like walking into a paint can. He wore scarves around his head and tied some to his wrists, he invented this thing called a "Bra" and kept burning them saying it was the will of his god, and would prance around singing such songs as

" Koom bi ah my lord, koom bi ah" Gandalf had referred to his state as: Mental.

As for Merry however, he was quite bazaar lately, he tore all his clothes and burnt them. Ran around naked and then hit his head, not long after this the slightly deranged hobbit decided that he wanted to be a "hair dresser" Gandalf didn't even know what this was and said that Merry was almost as nutty as Pippin (who by this time was renaming him self "Pippin of the moon beam".

Merry's taste in clothing turned into blacks and reds. He was always wearing this "skirts" that were so short they cam up past his knees, he grew his hair long and tied it all on to the top of his head and wore tight little tops and used different coloured paints (red) and put them on his lips and cheeks. He said it was called make up.

He was always fiddling with everyone's hair and was demanding to be called "Marrylin" he would often wear paint up near his up browns which he pulled out and started talking all hi pitched and whispery. He often broke down into tears and was forever slamming doors. They would often find him trying to chat up the elves of Mirkwood and even attempted to chat up Legolas's father and was put into solitary confinement for half a day. Poor "Marrylin" was so upset about missing Oprah Winfery, that he starting a career in home Broadway and could be seen sitting with fruit baskets on his head in the middle of the busiest part of Mirkwood singing " we are family! I got all my sisters and me!"

Sam hadn't been seen since his holiday with Sauron in Hawaii and was harpooned by the natives. No one new whether he was dead or not.

Frodo, on the other hand was not quite as bad as the other two but still refused to wear clothing and shaved off all his bodily hair. He, also unlike the other two didn't rename himself.

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