Hi guys,

I've been struggling with how to go about this but I decided that honesty was the best way to go. I did not want this to be a place where I share personal information but I think you guys deserve to know a little bit of why there is a huge delay. There is a list….

First: The new job has not gone too well. I've gotten a pay cut, hours cut, and more work added. Unfortunately, due to covid circumstances, I can not easily find another job. I am looking for a second job for some additional income hence why I have less time.

Second: Covid has hit hard the people around me. I've had a few people pass and then a scare with my best friend having covid as well. I got sick but not from covid thankfully.

Third: I have other major life-changing events happening this month that has me paralyzed. And well… I'm having a hard time focusing.

Fourth: Quality. I have the next chapter almost completed unfortunately it is….boring. Which is why I had originally planned to have two chapters released at the same time. The chapter as it stands is lacking in various ways and frankly, I refuse to post it because it can and should be better. I am not a perfectionist by any means but I can not call this chapter complete.

That being said, I am planning on rewriting this chapter as well as writing another chapter to release when I can. I just want to let you know that I probably won't get to it until the next month. I am not in the mental state to be putting in the effort that I want to be putting in. For that, I am really sorry. I cannot stress to you how much your support has helped me during this time. I really didn't expect so many of you to like this story let alone follow it. It has given me confidence in something I honestly thought I was awful at. For that I thank you. I have all the intention in the world to continue this story as I already have the next several chapters outlined. So please do not take my silence as if I am abandoning this story. I am not. Quite the opposite. I can't wait to start outlining some other fanfics that I have on my mind. I am excited about designing a book cover for this story as I still do not have one. All in all I am trying to maintain a positive mind and keep you all in the loop. I apologize for getting your hopes up if you have made it this far. I know how frustrating it can be. Anyways everyone please stay safe and sane! I can't wait to get back to writing for guys!


Drowned Oceans