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Chapter 1: Aaaaaahhhh! Friend!

The pit was dark and damp. The walls were mostly dirt with the odd root sticking out of them. The smell of fecies mixed with a musty smell permeated the air in the pit. The yowling of many cats and shuffling sounds could be heard. Two old toms got into a fight and bowled over a couple of the other cats that were on the ground.

Luna got a rude awakening as she was bowled over by a couple of fighting cats. She slowly stood up and shook the cobwebs out of her head. When she looked around she almost added to the filth that was littering the floor of the pit. All around her were cats in various stages of starvation. Some were dead their carcasses picked clean of everything but the bones. She would have puked but her stomach was already empty.

One of the cats tried to jump Luna from behind. She dodged to the left at the last minute and used her lunar guard training instinctively to render the cat unconscious. She spun around and let the moon symbol on her forehead glow. The cats that were looking at her backed off in fear. She shook her head again. Damn it. It had only been a week since she awakened from the capsule that Serenety had put her into now this happens.

She racked her brain to try and figure out exactly how in the hell she got into this pit. She put her paw to her forehead. It was a bit hazy. She remembered walking through the streets of a small town. She had a mission that much she knew, it had something to do with a princess and warriors but other than that her memory was pretty much blank. She hated having a job to do and no clue how to do it. She was rooting around trying to find something to eat when she was hit in the back of the head. The last thing she saw before she blacked out was a big greasy hand reaching for her.

She was brought out of her introspection by a sound coming from above. She along with all of the other cats looked up. Some of the cats looked anxious about something. Luna was starting to get worried because that kind of look was not the one that you tended to see on a domestic pet, it was the kind you saw on a wild animal that was stalking its next meal.

The top of the pit slowly opened the rusty hinges creaking loudly yet to the cats in the pit it sounded like a dinner bell. The bright sunshine streamed in illuminating the dark pit. It took a couple of seconds for Luna's eyes to readjust to the new lighting conditions. Once she could see again she looked up towards the top of the pit. The top of the pit had a heavy steel door that was hinged in the middle. She couldn't see anything but blue sky above but she was able to make out a voice. It sounded like an older male that was annoyed at something.

"Alright you're going in and you had better get over this stupid fear of yours. No son of mine is going to be afraid of a stupid CAT!" He yelled. There was something else that was said by somebody else but it was too low for Luna to hear over the yowling of the cats.

Suddenly there was movement from the top of the pit. The cats started moving around like they were anticipating something. 'Pavlov's dogs all of them.' thought Luna as she moved to the side of the pit. If she ever got out she was going to shred that stupid man that put her in here.

There was a shadow for a second as something was thrown into the pit. Immediately the cats jumped to the spot where the shadow landed. Luna thought it was strange at first that the man would bother starving them just to feed them.

That was before the screaming started.

Luna suddenly came to realize what was happening. The man had thrown his son into the pit for some reason. She didn't care about why he was in here; all she cared about was saving him before the cats tore him to pieces. She took off towards where he was curled up in a fetal position. She was unconsciously making use of her moon kingdom training to swat the cats away. Some of them were rendered unconscious, while others were severely injured. A few cats turned away from the boy to confront Luna.

The first cat was a large grey tom cat. It hissed at her menacingly while bearing its teeth and claws. Luna just spun around and mule kicked it in the head flinging it against the far wall of the pit. The other cats that had turned to oppose her scattered at seeing their leader taken down so easily. Well that and the crescent moon symbol on her forehead was glowing like hellfire.

Luna continued on towards the boy. She had been monitoring his condition ever since he first screamed. His aura was wavering erratically as the cats tore at his flesh and the fish products that were tied to him. Luna had smelled them a while ago and had guessed that was the reason the other cats were attacking with such ferocity.

She had reached the boy however she was too late. Just before she could get to the first cat the boy's aura suddenly inverted. Luna skidded to a stop as all of the hairs all over her body stood up all at once. Something was horribly wrong with him. She quickly spun around and took off towards the far side of the pit away from the boy. She couldn't help him if she was dead could she.

About halfway towards the edge of the pit was when the first cat skull flew past her. This only made her push her muscles well beyond what they were normally able to do.

Adrenalin and magic were wonderful things when combined with mind numbing terror.

When she finally hit the wall she ran about 3/4 of the way straight up before the side collapsed and buried her partially under loose dirt and gravel. She shook her head to clear most of the dirt off of it. She looked over to where the boy was. She immediately wished she hadn't looked up. Over on the other side of the pit there was a large pile of cat parts with an insane boy in the middle of them. He had a mop of what might have been black hair, but it was so coated with blood, mud, and various other things that Luna really really didn't want to think about. His face, which would have been handsome if it wasn't covered in blood and scratches, was looking around for survivors. Even in the darkness she could see his cobalt blue eyes lock onto her brown ones. She felt absolute terror more than what she'd ever felt before. (Which wasn't much since all of her memories before a week ago were smashed like an overripe melon at a sledgehammer competition.)

The boy started to slowly stalk towards her like a jungle cat playing with his food before killing it. Luna noted the stance that he was in as being cat like. She remembered hunting her food and moving exactly like that.

"Umm you wouldn't mind sparing me would you?" She asked with a slight shake in her voice.

"Mrrrr" was the boy's only response.

"I guess not." She grumbled.

The boy continued to stalk forward. The surviving cats fled to the far side of the pit not minding the carcasses of their slain comrades, as they were running on pure instinct to try and flee.

Luna wished she could flee but trapped under the ground like she was she didn't dare move lest he pounce. When he was almost right on top of her he raised his small hand in the air. Luna tracked its movement with her eyes. The boy didn't have claws so what the hell was he... She saw a faint red glow emerge from in-between his knuckles right where claws would be.

Her day now officially sucked.

As he was bringing his arm down for a decapitation swing Luna screamed and the crescent moon symbol on her forehead screamed to life. The boy hesitated in his downswing as a lance of light shot out of Luna's forehead and pierced the middle of the boy's forehead.

Luna's first mind meld in over a millennia and she fucks it up badly.

When the light subsided the boy slowly lowered his 'paw' and stumbled back as if he was dazed. When he stopped he stayed still for a few seconds before looking at Luna again. He let off a playful 'Miya' and bounded towards her. Before she could react he had grabbed her by the back of her neck with his teeth and pulled her out of the pile. He then jumped to the top of the pit. Luna thought that they would crash into the lid of the pit however the boy slashed at it with his 'claws' and it exploded outward pelting the fat man with shrapnel. Luna would have smiled but she was currently held in the mouth of a crazy boy like some kind of kitten as he bounded away from the pit at high speeds.

Luna shut her eyes and tried to ignore the pull at the back of her neck. It hurt quite a bit. Grown cats weren't meant to be carried around this way. This continued on for about another fifteen minutes before she felt herself being placed onto what felt like a rough wooden floor. She slowly opened her eyes to look around.

She was on a wooden porch of a house in the country. The rough wooden slats were grey with age and mildew. Within her field of vision she could see a rocking chair with a table beside it; both of them were grey as well. The porch was shaded by a couple of large, what appeared to be, cherry trees. Over to the side she could see an old style well. The stones were covered in a thick green and brown moss. The pulley system was broken and it was just laying across the opening of the well.

She craned her head around to look behind her because she could still feel something holding her down. She was suddenly staring into a pair of slitted cobalt eyes.

"Mrawr!" the crazy boy said.

"I don't suppose you really understand me anymore do you?" Luna said.

A rumbling purr was her only response.

"I guess not." She said while trying to wiggle out of his grasp. He let her go and she was able to turn around.

The boy was six maybe seven years old. He had on a brown gi or at least she thought it was brown until he moved and she was able to see a sliver of off white from the inside. She remembered briefly the scene from the pit and all of a sudden she wasn't as curious as to exactly what was on his clothes.

Turning from his clothes she looked at his face. He was a little cutie or at least he would be if he was cleaned up. His face was covered in dirt, blood and a bit of fur. There were a few scratches on his face a lot less than Luna would have imagined being mauled by all of those cats. What injuries he did have seemed to be healing right in front of her eyes. That couldn't be right could it? His eyes were.... not quite right. The irises were cobalt blue but instead of a round pupil like a human would have it was slitted like a cat. She shuddered to think what had happened to make his mind snap so badly that it would manifest itself as a physical change.

"You poor thing." She said as she nuzzled his cheek.

She was shocked when she felt his tongue start to lick her clean. She tried to get away but a cat's strength, even a magical cat's strength, does not compare to a crazy boy that thinks he's a cat. He pinned her down and continued to clean her.

Luna wished that whats his face never ever heard of this or she'd be forced to kill him.

As he was finishing up she heard a creak as the front screen door opened.

"Oh deary my what do you have here?" The old woman said as she knelt down in front of them.

She was an elderly lady. Her face was wrinkled by the passage of time. Her long white hair almost hung down to the back of her knees. She must have been beautiful once however now she was just an old woman.

She was wearing a simple housedress that had several patches on it where it had been repaired. Over the dress was an old worn apron that had obviously seen better days as well. She gave off an air of peace and tranquility.

Luna guestimated that she had 25 other cats.

She patted her lap and made some cooing sounds. Ranma grabbed Luna in his mouth and jumped into her lap. Luna was again unprepared for this sudden jolt and felt a sharp pain in her shoulders. She wished he would stop doing that.

The old woman started stroking his head and his back as if she was petting a giant kitten. The boy started purring again which unnerved Luna even more because this was a sound that human vocal cords were not meant to make. Eventually the boy fell asleep in the woman's lap. When he fell asleep his grip on Luna slacked off and she was dropped to the ground. The old woman saw this and freed up one hand to pet Luna.

"There there little one." She said while stroking Luna's head. "Stay with this one, he will need your help or he will die. I know you will be a good friend to him."

"Mrowr." Luna said. In truth she had been planning on staying with him to see if she could help him. Well that and being fed real food would be preferable to dumpster diving like she had been doing.

The three of them sat like this for a little over an hour before a fat man in a dirty gi walked through the trees. He was about thirty or so although judging his real age was difficult because his bald head and glasses made him look a lot older than he probably was. Luna automatically didn't like him. His stench was wafting on the breeze all the way over to where she was. He reeked like the same man that put her into the pit. She would have attacked him however she knew that she would have no chance whatsoever against him.

"You there old woman that's my son you've got there." He bellowed.

"Ahh yes this nice kitty." She replied.

"Are you senile old woman! He's a human not a cat!" Ok so the old bat was crazy as a fox. Probably had 50 cats around here.

"I may be old but I'm not senile. I recognize the signs of the Neko ken training." Genma swallowed hard and started sweating profusely. "He should be alright now however he will be forever scarred by this." She sighed. "He has bonded to this cat and as long as she is with him he will not revert to this feral state."

"So he won't be afraid of cats as long as this one is with him?" Genma was rubbing his hands together in his mind. If he could get rid of his son's fear then they could pretend this whole thing never happened and Nodoka wouldn't kill him.

"Oh no, he'll still be afraid of them it's just that he won't go into his cat state as long as this cat is with him." She stopped petting them both. "If I were you I'd avoid my wife for a while." She made a slicing motion across her neck to indicate what she thought his wife would do to him.

Genma grabbed his neck as if by holding it he could keep it attached to his body. He gulped. "Umm will he always be afraid of cats?"

"Oh he'll always have the fear. Being torn to shreds by dozens of sharp claws and teeth will do that to a person. Over time he will learn to control the fear a bit but it will never quite leave him."

Genma looked... relieved? There was still one more thing that he needed to know. "So he knows the Neko ken then?"

The old woman looked down at the sleeping child. She put a small smile on her face as she was looking at his little face. "Yes it is a part of him now and as such he is no longer quite... human. Most of it's power will be reserved for when he is in his feral cat like state, however, with the help of this cat he may learn over time how to control it consciously."

She glared at the fat man in front of her. Genma didn't know why he shrunk away from her gaze, guilt maybe, but he pulled away just the same.

"If I could I would kill you on the spot and take him from you." She said in a voice that was suddenly not so old and was filled with power that Genma couldn't help but flinch at. "I can not though so I have no choice but to give him back to you." She shook the boys shoulder. "Wake up, wake up little one." She said in a calm soothing voice. The boy in her lap stirred and sat up. he stretched his arms and yawned.

"Hello." He said to her. "Umm who are you and how did I get here?"

"I'm just an old, old woman as for how you got here I'm not sure." She looked back at the fat man in front of her with a glare that could melt duritanium. "Your father came for you." She said while holding her glare on the man.

"No! I won't go back to the pit!" Ranma screamed as he clung to the old woman.

"Don't worry he won't be putting you back in the pit ever again. That's over." She said to him while somehow increasing her glare towards Genma as if daring him to contradict her.

"Ahh no you won't be doing that again boy, you learned the Neko ken. I'm uhh proud of you or something." He said while scratching the back of his head.

Ranma got off the old woman's lap. When he turned around to look at her again he saw the black terror that was still sitting beside her.

"Ahhhh CAT!!" He screamed as he leapt straight up to the top branches of the cherry tree. Both Luna and Genma boggled at this as the top of the cherry tree was about two stories up and Ranma just jumped up there from a standing start.

"Ranma get down here it's just a cat!" Genma yelled up at his cowering son.

The old woman went over to the tree. "Ranma come down here she won't hurt you."

"But it's a cat their evil, filthy, fleabitten..." He eventually trailed off and started shaking harder.

"This one's different. You see she's a magical cat. Come down here and I'll show you." The old woman was smiling.

When she was called a magical cat Luna's interest was peaked. Did the old woman hear her talking? Something was wrong here. Her musings were cut short as she heard a small thump off to the side. When she turned her head she saw Ranma crouched like he was back in the Neko ken. She wondered if cat boys always landed on their feet. Oh well there would be time enough later for introspection right now she had a job to do. She padded over to where Ranma was all the while trying to look as innocent and harmless as possible.

As soon as Ranma saw the cat again he started shaking. He really wanted to run away but for some reason he couldn't or was that wouldn't? The cat stopped a few feet away from him and curled up trying to look as small and harmless as possible. Ranma took a step forward and kneeled down beside Luna. He reached out a shaky hand and lightly touched Luna's fur. He then started petting her roughly his hand moving in a very robotic way. Luna had to really resist the urge to slash him. The way he was pulling her fur and tender skin hurt damn it! She resisted this urge though because if she did lash out she would do way more harm than good.

A small smile came to Ranma's face and he pulled his still shaking hand away.

"You're right I'm not as afraid of her. What's her name?"

The old woman smiled. "I used to know a cat named Luna a long long time ago." She pointed to the crescent shaped mark on Luna's forehead. "That kind of looks like a crescent moon so I think Luna would be a good name for her."

Now Luna knew something was going on.

"Luna?" Ranma said as he looked down at the cat. "Hi Luna I'm Ranma!" He said with a smile on his still shaking face.

"Alright enough of this. Come on Ranma let's go."

The old woman held up her hand.

"Before you go I want the manual that you found the Neko ken training in." She held her hand out palm up as if expecting something.

"What manual?" Genma tried to look innocent honestly he did.

The old woman just gave him a flat stare like she knew exactly where it was hidden on her person but she just didn't want to touch him to get it.

Genma cringed and reached into his underwear and pulled out the book that was hidden there. He handed it over to the old woman who took it from him and stepped back.

"Alright now no more of these stupid training methods. You could kill him some day you know." She said in a serious voice. She sighed as she saw her words go in one ear, rattle around a bit and then come out the other ear jumbled into the way Genma wanted to hear them.

"Come on let's go boy." Genma said as he turned and walked away.

"Bye bye." Ranma said as he waved at the old woman while stepping in behind his father.

The old woman waved at him before looking at Luna.

"Don't you think you should be going now?" She said while arching one of her white eyebrows.

"Mew." Replied Luna as she trotted off behind Ranma.

Once they were around the bend the old woman waited for a few minutes until she heard a scream of 'CAT!' in the distance. She smiled and walked back into the house.

Just inside the door she picked up the minidisk handycam that she had put down when she went outside. Now such a device would not garner a second glance ten years from now when such devices existed but in this time period...

The old woman gave a little laugh her red eyes twinkling with suppressed mirth.

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