Tukson was having a pretty good day, all things considered.

His plans to leave the White Fang were finally coming to fruition, and he had found someone willing to take over his shop while he was in Vacuo, a young enterprising man named Jenkins, so his business would remain open.

He then heard a the familiar ring of his shop bell.


"Be right there!" He called out as he went through a set of double doors carrying stacks of books as he walked backwards and out towards his counter.

"Welcome to 'Tukson's Book Trade', home to every book under the sun!" He spouted off his motto, he then set the stacks of fresh books down and turned to face his newest customers.

"How may I..." He began before recognising the two individuals in his store, Emerald and Mercury, part of the reason he had left the White Fang.

Mercury was holding a book and his partner was standing in front of his counter. "How may I help you?" He continued anyway, playing for time.

"Just browsing." Mercury shut the book. Then the thief spoke up.

"Actually, I was wondering, do you have any copies of "The Thief and The Butcher"?" That book was a classic, and it's title a clear threat. He had several copies in stock.

"Yes we do." He nervously told her, looking for a way out.

"That's great!" Emerald told him in an excited tone.

"Would you..." He took a deep breath, "Like a copy?" He asked hopefully.

"No, just wondering." She told him, obviously trying to draw out this encounter for as long as possible. "Oh, oh! What about "Violet's Garden"? In paperback?"

"He's got it. Hardback too." The assassin called over, holding up said book.

"Ooh, options are nice." Well she was right about that, Tukson always tried to cater to all types of readers.

"Eh, no pictures." Mercury closed the book. "Hey! Do you have any comics?" He called over to Tukson.

"Near the front." He told Mercury reluctantly, he had started to stock up on comic books once it was clear some of the students of Beacon would be willing to buy them.

"Oh, no, wait! What... about... "Third Crusade"?" Dammit. That was a book that she knew that he didn't have. He had complained about it to his former friends in the White Fang just last week.

Slightly unnerved by them both directly looking at him, it took him a moment to answer. "Um... I...don't believe, we carry that one." He answered carefully.

Emerald gave a small laugh, "What was this place called again?"

"Tukson's Book Trade." He answered wearily. It looks like the little game was coming to an end.

"And you're Tukson?" She questioned, but they all knew that, she knew the answer.

"That's right."

"So then I take it that, you're the one that came up with the catchphrase?" She continued with this farce.

"Yes." It was one of the best ideas he had ever had.

"And, what was it again?" Mercury spoke up, as innocently as mugger with his victim at gun point.

From memory he recited, "Tukson's Book Trade, home to every book under the sun."

"Except the Third Crusade." The silver haired boy said accusingly.

"It's just a catchphrase." Tukson defended.

"It's false advertising!" Mercury exclaimed, showing that he missed his calling, as an failed actor.

"You shouldn't make a promise you can't keep, Tukson." Mercury activated the switch near the entrance causing one of the front windows to darken. "I hear that you're planning on leaving. Moving all the way to Vacuo." A fact that was not publicly advertised. Mercury continued to darken the windows. "Your brothers in the White Fang won't be happy to hear that." Mercury activated the third and final switch, darkening the last window. "And neither are we... You know who we are, don't you?" The thief finished rhetorically.

"Yes." Was all he said, tone hardening, as he mentally prepared himself for the coming fight.

"And you know why we're here?" Emerald asked, but before Tukson could answer.


He was saved by the bell.

A new face entered his store, one he'd never seen before.

It was a man in full armour, coloured steel with an orange trim and strange looking helmet. He was either Atlas military or an huntsman. Only they would dress that eccentrically.

"I'm sorry is this Tuksons?" The stranger asked, causing the two criminals to turn and look straight at the new arrival.

This prompted a "You!" and an "Oh great, this guy." From Emerald and Mercury respectively. Did they know this huntsman?

"Yes this is 'Tukson's Book Trade', home to every book under the sun." He recited the phrase tensely, "How...how can I help?"

"Hello, yes, you can call me Felix, and..." This 'Felix' paused "Wait one minute, are these guy's bothering you?" Felix gestured to the two would be assassins.

Seeing his way out, Tukson took it. "Yes. They are disrupting my business." He told the probable huntsman.

Felix threw up his hand turned to the kids. "Unbelievable... are you kids seriously, harassing this store owner, for no good reason?" He scolded the kids, like a parent would to their child.

"But you-" Emerald tried to debate, but was cut off by Felix.

"I don't want to hear it." The solider told the duo, "I think you two should just leave right now."

Despite the murderous glares the duo were giving him, they complied with Felix's demands and left Tukson's store without another word.

Tukson turned toward his saviour, "Thank you." Was all he said.

"It was no problem." Felix then got to business. "Tell me do you have a copy of 'the girl in the tower?"

"A very common book, fortunately I just got a shipment of them." Tukson informed him, he turned his back to Felix and went to the stack from earlier and found the copy of 'the girl in the tower.'

Then he heard a muffled noise and then felt a sharp sensation in his chest. Looking down he could see a bullet wound in the area of his heart.

Tukson fell to the floor, dead on impact.



"Do you ever wonder why we're here?" Agent Washington asked Sarge, who seemed thoughtful.

"It's one of life's great mysteries isn't it? Why are we here?" The red team leader pondered out-loud, "I always thought, that the true goal of life is to kill or be killed, to survive and get a one up on the other guy. To be able to say 'I beat you' as he struggles to stay alive. After all, it's dog vs cats, or red vs blue world out there. One has to destroy the other to achieve something in this life. Even if red is clearly better than blue."

The two soldiers stood there, in what Sarge considered to be, a thoughtful silence.



"I'm queen of the castle! I'm queen of the castle!" Nora declared.

"What?" Wash questioned Sarge, "I mean why are we here, watching this food fight, when there are clearly better thing we can be doing."


"What was all of that stuff about killing?" Wash pressed.


"Wanna talk about it?"


They then looked to Ruby on top of a table.

"Justice will be swift! Justice will be painful!" Ruby crushed a carton of milk in her hand. "It will be delicious!" The red leader declared, leading to a resounding "Yeah!" from the other members of team RPBY.

This caused Weiss to laugh.

"Ha ha ha. Don't make me laugh." The leader of team SALN''s eyes narrowed. "As I did just now."

With a mighty battle cry, team RPBY charged.

"But, seriously, there are far better things they could be doing." The leader of blue team told the leader of red, ignoring the culinary carnage around them.

"Oh, just let 'em have a bit of fun. No need to be a stick in the mud." Sarge told the freelancer.

But said freelancer wasn't impressed. "You call ruining perfectly good food and causing property damage 'fun'?"

"Of course, so did Church back in Blood Gulch." Sarge cocked his head to the side, "I think that preferred him to you, i'm honest."

Washington rolled his eyes, "I think I did a pretty good job at leading blue team."

Almost on Que, Caboose ran by screaming for 'fun' as he had been sense the food fight started.

"It's times like this I miss church, the blue bastard." Sarge sighed. "And I wonder what amazing adventures he would be having if he were here, right about..."



Hello one and all, and welcome to, Red (and Blue) Like roses volume 2.
I would firstly, like to welcome all returning readers and all new readers.

This is the equivalent of the canon volume 2 and will cover much of the same events and more. With things obviously being changed by the presence of the blues and red.

The opening of volume two is probably my favourite opening to any of the volumes, combining tension in the first half and comedy in the second.
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