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"To commemorate this conference, let us address the dragon in the room." Azazel gestured to Ophis who had climbed onto Saitama's shoulder.

"...Eh?" Rias and her peerage, who only met Ophis yesterday, blinked at Azazel's remark.

"Ophis, is the human world as bad as you thought?" Azazel asked, smiling at the girl.

"...It's fine." Ophis said as she shifted on her favorite seat.

"Do you still want Saitama to punch the Great Red out of your home?"


"Is it because he stole your home or because you don't like it here?"

Azazel's smile widened as Ophis started to puff her cheeks.

"...The former. Would you like it if someone were to suddenly kick you out of your Grigori?"

"Hah! I guess that's a fair argument, I'm fine with being kicked out of my home once, thank you very much." Azazel replied with a short laugh, casting a quick knowing look at Michael, whose expression did not even shift as their eyes met.

"...Are you saying that she really is the Infinity Dragon God?" Rias immediately picked up the conversation between the leaders and the girl.

The Gremory heiress and her peerage slowly became a tad pale at the prospect – it was short, but they had been living with the strongest existence under the same roof.

"Oh, yes. Frankly, she is the reason why I sent Saitama away with her for so long - to help her adapt and learn to enjoy Earth. She spent so much time in the Dimensional Gap, where there's mostly nothing, that it is concerning. She has literally no experience in dealing with the clever minds of… her lessers, so to speak." Azazel gestured to the pair.

"...Really?" Issei stared at the unlikely duo. He heard of the Infinity Dragon God's existence but… to see her in the flesh… was a different matter. It also meant that the loli was of legal age… which made him purse his lips at the 'possibilities.'

"That is actually Ophis, one of the two biggest, baddest dragons? I thought Ddraig was being noisy for nothing when he complained about her."

[Am I really the type who would joke about something like that?]

The Welsh Dragon gave his snide remarks in return.

"I mean, look at her." He pointed at the little girl being… all cute-like, sitting on his father's shoulder like it was her reserved seat.

"So… how did you and Saitama meet?" Michael asked Ophis, smiling at the banter.

"...He's the strongest." Ophis said.

"She just wants me to punch some giant dragon. I thought she was just a… not-sassy lost child." Saitama clarified, pointing at the girl on his shoulder. "…Also, she keeps trying to offer me weird snakes for some reason."

"They can make you even more powerful." Ophis pouted.

"Yeah… sorry. Not my thing."

Saitama's casual reply during the exchange broke Sirzechs into snickers.

Michael held a hand to his lips while Azazel's composure was visibly broken down.

"You know, many people will give a limb or two for the powers of Ophis' snakes… B-but anyways." Azazel then cleared his throat, "Moving on. The terms of the peace are simple. Basically, putting aside the tedious aspects involving certain political matters, how about we cement the peace on these terms?" Azazel spoke. "The Grigori is amassing Sacred Gears and artificial ones, although I admit that it's hardware is seeing much better days thanks to the contribution of this machine-man truly. Really, to be outdone by humans in pure technology, who would've guessed." The fallen gestured at the cyborg in the room.

In return, Genos simply smiled at Azazel's remark.

"We will distribute a limited amount of our products to the other factions, specifically controlled by Michael and Four Satans. As for Heaven, well…" Azazel gestured to the Archangel.

"We can only offer our research in the matter of Holy Swords and distribute their blue-prints, along with other weapons our current technology permits. We will see if we can permit the creation of cursed variants of our weapons for the Devils, of which the production will be limited by the heads of each faction." Michael included.

"As for us…" Sirzechs spoke. "We will trade our knowledge and arcane skills. The Agreas crystals and their uses will be shared as well for the use of Heaven and Grigori, under acceptable restrictions."

"Yes. I have been gathering Sacred Gear users for the sake of research, but that can be mistaken as a sign of war. That was only enough to garner suspicion, until Kokabiel returned with a power capable of shattering our view of the world… and our kind. While casting a seed of doubt at the deceased Holy Father." Azazel took a deep breath.

"He calls it Ascension. According to him, it is a power that God restricted upon us since birth to… in his view, keep us in check. Kokabiel is not wrong since God did install the Fallen system in every angel to drag us out of heaven if we ever fall out of favor with his purviews and stop being a good child. The Devils are easily frightened when their self-view of confidence in their superiority is threatened by something like this, Angels able to attain the power of God and stand on his level… It is not hard to imagine their reaction when they learn of this. However, there is a cost to this power. Kokabiel's price for achieving Ascension was the loss of his wings. All of them… he said that the angel has to do it themselves or it will mean nothing. I'm not sure if this is true but…"

The Devils, Asia, Irina, and Xenovia were rattled by the revelation. The Devils felt their wings twitch at the image of Kokabiel tearing out his own wings.

"Anyways, good news is that it is a good deterrent to calm the Devils if news does get out. But there will be those in Heaven and Grigori that will attempt to achieve what Kokabiel did. We can't stop them from trying but I am not sure how many will attempt to be wingless for more power." Azazel finished as he leaned back to his seat.

"But since we are getting off track, let us return to the main subject. Rias Gremory, Sona Sitri; if you wish, you can speak your report on Kokabiel's actions. Anything other than what is written, at least." Sirzechs gestured.

"Very well, Lord Lucifer."

Sona Sitri and Rias Gremory rose from their seats and stepped up, standing before the leaders.

Rias and Sona decided to speak of their experiences with Kokabiel and his forces.

Issei listened with practiced patience. Details were there, though Issei was more focused on their encounter with the assassins after them more than anything else. It was the second time he heard of trained Chimeras being put into practice.

His attention sharpened when Sona and Rias spoke of their… brush with the fate of a certain serum that was designed to turn Devils into Chimeras, forcing him to lean forward in his seat.

"...And we swear in our name that everything we said is an absolute truth, as far as we know." Rias and Sona finished with a curtsey.

"Thank you, Rias, Sona. You can return to your seat now." Serafall smiled with pride at them. However, everyone in the room could feel the ominous, rage-fueled aura looming around the Leviathan as she spoke.

Maintaining their composure, the two heiresses returned to their seats.

"This serum…. Sounds like something that can accelerate reincarnated devils' process of transforming into strays." Sirzechs commented with a frown.

"To be honest, compared to other things we've learned so far, that's not the craziest thing to happen." Azazel remarked, "...But it's good that those two girls managed to escape with their lives uncorrupted."

"Sir Michael. Azazel. I have never heard of such a serum, however. Did the wind of it fall into your ears?" Sirzechs asked.

"I did hear about rumors of rogue exorcists relying on a certain supplier that specializes in experimental weaponry but other than that…" Azazel mused aloud. "We will continue this at another time regarding countermeasures. It is not impossible for pure devils to turn into Chimeras as well. On another matter… Michael, don't you have anything to say to the three lovely ladies beside this esteemed gigolo?" Azazel gestured at Issei.

"Hey!" Issei frowned at the term.

Michael and Gabriel turned to Asia, Xenovia and Irina - the Archangel's gaze lingered a tad longer on the latter.

"Indeed." Michael then stepped up from his seat, walked towards the girls and bowed down to his waist, "...I don't think words of apology alone will undo the mistakes and crimes done against you, but for all it's worth… I am deeply sorry."

The three girls were overwhelmed by Michael's sincere apology.

Before any of them could have replied, Issei interrupted, "...Wait."

Michael blinked at the boy.

"There are… actually some more people who deserve to hear it from you as well." Issei spoke before he glanced at the door, where a few knocking sounds were heard.

Grayfia then dutifully opened the door again, revealing Mary Sapphire, Catherine Lazuli, Amanda Jade and Zama Turquoise in their signature dresses.

At the sight of the four, Gabriel had also stood up from her seat, sharing a similar look like her brother. "You four…. Were the past holy-maidens." Michael commented.

Mary curtsied, with the other three followed suit, "It is an honor for the Archangel Michael to remember us."

"How couldn't I… as much as it shames me, there are no words to express the sorrow within me. To allow such evil to take you all so insidiously…" The Archangel replied with a sorrowful look.

Mary's lips twitched, as her expression shifted uncomfortably for a brief second, before she quickly schooled her features. "The fault never lies within you, Lord Michael. It lies within our own weakness. There was nothing you could have done back then."


"The blame lies within us." Sirzechs interrupted Michael. "After all… Diodora was a Noble. The fault lies with us for not keeping him in check properly."

"Yes… but we can make amends." Michael agreed. "If there is anything we can do to repay you, speak now."

Mary then glanced back to those behind her, who nodded at her. She then turned towards the leaders.

"...As you can see, we are currently serving Lord Issei Hyoudou, the Red Dragon Emperor." Mary then nodded towards Issei, who simply stared at her. "Despite having every right to treat us however he wishes, he gave us freedom, independence, and the chance for us to start anew with our lives."

"...And after some thought and discussion, the others that didn't come here decided to be separated from the Three Factions. We wish to remain neutral so we can… find our path on this unknown road." Catherine added.

"...But us four will only be involved by Master Issei's wish. We owe him more than our lives." Zama nodded.

The Devil King and Archangel exchanged glances. Issei did not expect the request, but he refrained from commenting.

"...Very well. If you wish, we can provide remissions to support you as long as you wish. It is the least we can do." Michael nodded.

"Thank you very much." Mary returned.

Michael smiled at the four.

"...Issei." Michael addressed the boy. "If there is anything you need to complete your quest to restore Irina, I will grant it. But that is not what I want to say. Thanks to the cooperation with Grigori and Ajuka Beelzebub's aid, we are… able to replicate the process of transmogrification of the Devils. The secret of turning a human into another being… but instead of a Devil, I would like to offer you the chance to become a true servant of heaven."

Issei and the three girls in question blinked, and they exchanged glances, Issei then took it upon himself to ask, "You mean-"


However, there was a loud rumble shaking the entire school ground.


The dubstep music continued to blare as the metallic trio continued flexing much to the chagrin of the flying ones.

"...They are not taking this seriously enough." One of the Fallen whispered to their captain, pointing at the metallic trio posing.

"Shh! They accompanied the strongest man in his rampage. Just don't make eye contact." The captain shushed.

The Devils and Angels could not help but look at them from time to time.

For the Devils… they have absolutely no idea what they are. They could only assume that they were over-masculine humans wearing ridiculous costumes.

For the Angels, they were reminded of the time when the Vatican was invaded, though the way they were acting… slowly eroded the terrifying image in their heads.

"I see something approaching!" One of the angels shouted as he pointed in the distance.

The three forces of the three factions immediately braced themselves as they looked into the distant sky.

Their superior vision zoomed in, seeing…

"Monsters…?" The Fallen angel captain muttered.

An army of creatures taking various forms - bluntly speaking, the monsters approaching were something akin to chimeras of various mixtures.

"Chimeras, sir?" Another Fallen asked.

"They look like them, but… their auras feel off."

They did not feel the familiar sensation of unstable demonic power. Their auras, their presence, their magical power was so unstable that it roiled off them like a tidal wave. But it did not feel like a Devil in nature.

Not only that, there were some that were carrying riders.

They were humans donned in robes, hoods covering their faces.

Magic circles appeared over the horde of monsters, large scale spells designed for siege warfare while some monsters were opening their mouths, all firing magic and organic missiles at them.

"We have incoming!"

The metallic trio stopped flexing when they saw the glittering lights opening fire. Spell-fire arced from the distance and struck the magical dome shielding Kuoh from invaders.

The Angels, fallen and pure, alongside the Devils engaged the invaders as they unleashed their own spells back at the horde.

The combined magics of the Three Faction met with the horrors and their masters. However, the humans and enemy Devils raised their magic barriers, blocking the fusillade, while the creatures broke through, some falling from the damage but most surviving the onslaught with minimal injuries, forcing the vanguard of the Three Factions to equip their weapons and engage them in melee.

With roaring cries, swords and spears met with beast flesh.

"They're unfazed by holy magic!" One angel shouted as he threw light spears at a inhuman hybrid of a jackalope and an ant, the spears reacting to Chimera flesh but the creature moved in and bit off that angel's arm.


"They're strong!" A Devil grunted while slashing at a giant cyclop-like creature.

"They're too resilient!"

"The mages are casting magic!"

"It seems that stimulus did arrive on schedule like the boy predicted." Platinum looked up to see the creatures.

Not only that, he spotted human riders… and flying Devils mixed in with their hordes, adding support fire against their allies.

"His prediction about Devils is half-right." Golden mused.

"It seems that the sky isn't the only battlefield." Silver looked ahead.

There was a growing horde running through the streets. More monsters, land-based, stampede towards the trio, many abnormal shapes, not one sharing the same bizarre appearance.

Like those above, there were humans riding on the creatures, one of them was leading the vanguard with armor on his form.

"Breach the gate! Kill anyone in our way!" The human at the form roared, riding an antlion-like monster with four eyes and horns, hard spiked carapaces and two scythe-like mandibles as it ran on six legs.

The creature opened its mouth as a magic circle appeared in front of its maw as it fired a stream of energy through the circle. The circle amplified its power as it flew towards the metallic trio and engulfed them into an explosion…

But as the smoke faded, they all stood intact, unharmed, the silver one standing at the front with his palm forward.

"Hm. Quite brazen of them to attack us like this." Silver remarked.

Clouds started to gather overhead, the sky darkening the dusk. No one noticed during the conflict, nor would they spare attention to the darkening heavens.

"Admirable." Goldie continued, and Platinum finished.

"…But mistaken." Platinum walked towards their radio and started taking out the track tape. The perfect sperm inserted another tape and turned the radio louder.


Signs of thunder rumbled in the air as they walked towards the horde of fools that dared approach them.

However, Gold stepped forth and stabbed his toe into the concrete. With the twitch of his muscle, he kicked up.

Both allies and foes stopped their engagement when it happened.

The earth rained towards the heavens, reaching towards the sky, stone and dirt flung past between enemies and foes while rising over the stampeding horde like a tsunami.

"Let us show them the meaning of despair as we flex our glory over their bodies."

"Behold, the true form of manhood."

Gasper stared at the television with starry eyes.

Black grinned with absolute evil as he showed him the true path of manhood.

He showed him the way of Joestar.

Gasper was hooked already as he squeezed Rover tightly in his arms, much to the dog's chagrin.

"They're so cooooool!"

Soon, he will be ready.

Black deviously planned what he should do with him before he presented him to Rias. He would be sure to educate him until he becomes a true Jojo fanatic.

However, Black's expression stiffened.

"...Hey, Girl-boy." Black called out to Gasper. "Are we expecting visitors?"

From another one of his other selves, he saw some… strange people in robes. Actually, he had an idea of what they were but he wasn't sure. Their attire was different. They were wearing robes usually worn by old magicians in certain RPGs, the ones with the hoods over their heads and covering their faces.

"Umm… no?" Gasper shook his head.

"Oh, good. We have intruders. And… they're not devils. Tsk."

"E-EH?!" Gasper squealed as he hugged Rover even tighter. It was only thanks to the dog's tough hide that it did not suffocate.

Immediately, the door to the room blasted open.

A cabal of hooded figures, seven humans stood before the ruins of the entrance, one of them with a magic formula at the palm of her poised arm.

"Secure the dhampir. Kill… whatever those creatures are." The magician pointed at Black and Rover.

The magician sounded female.

"Oh, are you talking about me? Please, tell me you're talking about me. I could use the exercise when I tear your arms off your screaming bodies and shove them up your asses." Black smirked menacingly.

Rover started wiggling out of Gasper's hold and started waddling between Gasper and the intruders, growling at them. Gasper yelped and immediately scrambled towards his cardboard box, hiding within it.

"Ugh, its mouth is vulgar. Whatever Devil that owns you, familiar, has poor taste."

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Black laughed in an outburst that completely rattled the magicians into taking a step back. It was an ugly, burst of laughter that wore his anger and growing excitement like a glove.

"Oh… Watch closely, boy." Black turned to Gasper. "This is how you should deal with the world when it gets ugly. Rover! Sic 'em!" Black pointed at them.

Much to the intruder's shock, the dog suddenly grew in size - bloodhound size.

However, instead of the usual plasma spheres Black expected…

Rover bark-spat something at the leader.

It was so fast that Gasper could not see it, but he did see the result.

The leader stared at the large cauterized hole in her stomach, the cross-section of her spine and pelvic bone showing amidst the gore and viscera, some of her breasts revealed through the torn cloth.

"...Huh…?" It was all the leader could utter before she fell on his knees and then toppled to the side while her followers watched, stunned speechless.

Black expected an explosive fiery sphere of death and more screaming of terror, honestly, but this could work.

"D-Defensive seals!" The other shouted as they raised their hands and staves and created magical barriers between themselves and Rover.

The dog rapidly spat out more of the penetrating bolts of energy at them.

Gasper dropped his jaw as each of the intruders held gaping holes in their stomachs, their defensive magics shredded like they were air.

Their eyes were of widened horror as they stared at the marks of their death. They could only release a weak grunt before they fell one by one, leaving… seven corpses in return.

"...Huh." Black could only comment.

The dog simply burped, looking thinner than before when it shrunk back to puppy size and turned towards Gasper, started waddling back to the boy, sat on his heels, and wagged its tail expectantly.

"That is new." Black commented as Gasper stared at Rover with dots for eyes.


Rover paddled towards Gasper, lifted the cardboard box, and nuzzled the overwhelmed vampire.


"Keep firing!"

"They just won't go down!"

"Don't stop!"

Within and without a large crater of uprooted earth, magic of various elements rained down from the sky and from land, from ice to lightning to water to fire, engulfing three muscular figures walking towards them without signs of ceasing, none batting even an eye as they stared at them with condescending apathy.

A trail of corpses was left in their wake as monsters continued charging at them, every one of them swatted away without exception, all reduced to nothing but bloody paste of gore.

One goliath, larger than the three, stomped towards the golden one as five Devils descended upon the one of Silver.

Gold casually raised his open hand and caught the swiping hand of grizzly claws and squeezed - the monster immediately on its knees as it started whelping like a frightened puppy upon feeling his hand crushed, blood and bones splintering out of the hand.

The Devils simply cried out before they were immediately disintegrated, completely vaporized in the presence of Silver's Holy Aura.

The ominous chanting choir still resounded from the radio in the background, magnifying their fear as the goliath suddenly lost its upper half from a simple swipe of the golden demigod's hand, the golden juggernaut wiping the blood from his golden sheen.

It didn't end there as Gold's powerful aura emerged, the ground beneath him started melting into white hot colors as he swung his hand at the fliers.

Via precise aura manipulation, Gold flung a fusillade of golden energy at those in the sky, each energy missiles striking and vaporizing many of the flying monsters and riders, none missing their mark, some corpses left behind raining down smoked and charred with sizzling thuds.

Through a holographic screen Azazel projected to take a good look at what was happening outside of the school gates, the ORC, the Church Trio, and the Student Council gawked at the display of overwhelming might of their perfection.

Lightning and thunder rumbled from the clouds overhead as they watched the metallic trio doing their jobs, their eyes white like plates as the metallic trio suddenly vanished.

In the second, most of the horde of enemies on the ground, the mix of monster, devil, and humans suddenly exploded into crimson blooms blossoming over the field.

Blood and gore rained around the trio while the chanting continued to amplify their glory as they all posed and flexed before the survivors, their metallic sheens seemingly glowing brighter with the deaths of their lesser.

"T-They're too powerful!"

"What are you?!"

The witches and Devils were cowed. The monsters already started retreating with frightened steps, growls and roars turning into mewling whimpers. The ones in the air were gripped with terror while the overwhelming numbers of the combined forces of the three factions couldn't register the spectacle, jaws dropping from the allied forces as they watched the hopelessness of the invaders before the three perfect shining male figures.

"It is today that you witness the epitome of perfection." Platinum flexed his muscles at his inferiors.

"There is only one path. Submit to our glory," Gold flexed.

"Grovel before us, and perhaps we might spare your puny lives," Silver flexed.

The spectators from the conference room didn't know how to react to their… emasculating flaunting though they could understand the enemies' terror when body parts started to rain all around them as lightning flashed, painting their forms in a menacing shade. Vali, on the other hand, was a bit invigorated with excitement… with a hint of incredulity at their attempt to emasculate their foes with their might.

Dulio was half amazed and half terrified by the display of so much bloodshed left in their wake, the first by how easily they could rend bodies into paste.

Tobio half felt like laughing at the absurdity while wondering if he could take any of them on.

The four of Issei's 'peerage' were just stunned speechless.

"...What are they doing?" Ophis, however, broke the silence by innocently pointing at the trio flexing before the terrified invaders.

Issei and the others were not sure how to explain the concept of their actions… they were afraid that she might be corrupted by the knowledge in a sense.

"Uhhh, they're posing." Issei quickly answered.

"...Posing?" She tilted her head… It was a surprisingly cute gesture from the strongest dragon god.


The three continued to flex their muscles over the now groveling invaders.

"Is it fun?" She asked. She started… mimicking the flexing poses of the metallic trio. It did not look imposing with those thin, frail arms. It just made her look more adorable.

"Ehhh, well…" Issei looked at the others at the table. "Depends on who's doing it, actually."

"May I try it? Posing like them. It looks fun." Ophis then asked, which garnered very wide eyes from Issei and Saitama.

"No, please don't."


In a certain undisclosed location near the border of the bounded field, several more figures were waiting in frustration.

"This is taking too long… What's so difficult in securing a lowly reincarnated devil with the Forbidden Balor View?" One of the figures - a female, spoke with gritted teeth, a tall voluptuous woman with spectacles on her eyes. Her skin was tan, her long brown hair tied into a bun with a headset, her purple eyes twisted with impatience.

Her dress was extremely low-cut dress, a high slit exposing a large portion of her breasts

"We have already failed in kidnapping that pretender's brat, we can't fail this time!"

"Patience, Cattleya." The other figure addressed the woman - Cattleya Leviathan. He was a man with long brown hair, clad in a black armor with a cape. "The majority of Gremory's peerage had left that dhampir in the care of lowly familiars. The team might have consisted of lowly magicians, but they should be able to complete their task."

"But the diversion army will not last at this rate. I share concern that the humans might have been delayed. Or eradicated." The last one added - a pale man with black hair tied in a short ponytail, clad in noble attire in black and red. "Should we retreat for now?"

"No… We will not have any other chance as good as this to make our mark in history of the underworld. Tsk…. We have no choice but to use its boon." Cattleya clicked her tongue as she took out something from her pocket.

It was… an eye. A crystallized eye encased in amber. It bore a chilling eldritch presence that spoke of its alien origins, something not of this world.

"Using it will mean we are bound in its pact. We will have to pay a price." Cruserey Asmodeus reminded.

"There is no choice. We can offer them the lives of the leaders once we're through. Let us see if this thing's power works on the three-layered barriers of the factions." Cattleya said as she placed the eye on the magical dome.

The crystal eye suddenly widened as it shattered, disintegrated, while leaving an echo of the sound of breaking glass. Then, yawning into existence, a slit in the fabric of space and time stretched, a gash in reality longer than their combined heights with the width wide enough to fit one of them.

The width of the tear opened like a vertical maw, the strobes of chaotic colors settling until they could see the other side of the barrier - a passage through the defenses.

The trio stared at the passage, and they exchanged glances for a moment.

"...It actually worked." Cattleya was genuinely surprised. Something that would take them insurmountable effort was… solved in an instant.

"I am more curious on how it functions now that I see its power in person." Shalba Beelzebub stared at the tear with curiosity.

"It is not magic as far as I know… but if we cross this path, there is no turning back." Creuserey warned. "...Should we return to Rizevim and gather our strength, Shaalba?"

"If we are to return empty-handed, we will never be able to call ourselves the true descendants of devil kings." Cattleya retorted, before she turned towards Shalba. "Shalba, Creuserey; you both are stronger than I. Return to our headquarters, and tell everyone that the fire has been started."

"...What about you?" Shalba asked with narrowed eyes.

"I am going to start the fire." Cattleya replied with a determined smirk.

"Then you are not going to do it alone." Cruserey then took her side, meeting her eyes with his own steely gaze, before he turned to the Beelzebub, "Shalba, leave this to us. Let the rest of our compatriots know that we, the true devils, shall reign supreme."

Shaalba closed his eyes. A deep silence fell between the leaders.

Shaalba opened his eyes. "Whether you will survive or fall, I will be sure to reclaim you two no matter what. Soon, the door to the underworld shall open. Someone must be here to lead the arisen… and greet them once it does. Burn well, you two. Show them our power, not as pure devils, but as superior beings that transcended our kind."

The three shared one last nod before Shalba activated his own teleportation spell and vanished from sight.

"...It is finally time." The Asmodeus clenched his fist. "I have been waiting to unleash this power the moment I took it…" Asmodeus could feel every cell in his being tingle, a smile growing on his lips.

"To think that Rizevim could accomplish this." The Leviathan shuddered. "Our destiny is assured. There is nothing that can surpass this power and its potential. But first… we will need to address the matter with our forces."

The two stared at the portal with excitement. They took a step forward, past the line of no return.

"Well, those three are having too much fun." Azazel chuckled as they continued to watch the metallic trio flexing over the groveling invaders, smashing their morale with their masculinity.

"...Come to think of it, who are these guys? There are devils, and there are humans as well." Issei asked.

"There is one terrorist organization that I've heard of in the shadows." Azazel replied. "However, they are shrouded in complete mystery. They haven't made any moves for me to take notice until now."

"And they are called…?" Issei gestured to the screen.

"The Khaos Brigade. They… were an organization founded by a rogue fallen angel." Azazel hung his head a little. "The founder was Satanael. It is a conglomerate faction where many races banded together in the name of chaos and war, anyone that is against our notion for peace. However…"

The Governor's eyes then trailed towards the dragon god in the room, "There was a rumor where Ophis suddenly overtook the entire organization, amassing power and armies that could help her to kill the Great Red in exchange for her snakes. Although soon enough, another, more unsettling rumor came in."

As if on cue, a flash of light occurred in the air in front of the conference room, causing everyone, particularly the Three Metallic Sperms on the ground, to look up.


Platinum watched as a magic circle appeared in existence. From his studies in Grigori's vast libraries, all books read by his little selves, the sigil appeared Devil in origin. He found a way to sense magic after subjecting himself to Azazel's infusion experiments as he watched two Devils descend from the circle, their devil wings spread as they looked down upon them with a condescending gaze.

"...I have been wondering why the main force had such a difficult time, but to think that our forces are held back by three… three… Wait, what are those things?" The woman in tan skin pointed at them.

"It's Mistress Leviathan!"

"Mistress! Be careful! They are strong!"

The devils broke from their groveling as they cheered in response to their presence while the witches were invigorated, smiles adorning their faces as the two leaders joined the fray.

Both Cattleya and Cruserey narrowed their eyes at their subordinates, then regarded the three muscular creatures on the ground.

Then, the windows were opened, as Sirzechs and Serafall left the room to greet the two devils at the front gate.

When the two Satans greeted them in midair, the metallic trio looked up, crossing their arms, as lightning flashed again and dyed the world in white and shade for a second.

"I thought VIPs are supposed to hide behind their bodyguards. Are you going to flex on them in our stead?" Silver called out to Sirzechs.

"Forgive me for interrupting your moment, um…. Silver." Sirzechs replied, "...But we are familiar with those two. We would like a word with them."

Cattleya, registering Sirzechs' gaze upon her, smiled at him, "Greetings, Lord Sirzechs. It has been forever since we last met."

Back in the conference room, Issei and Vali had walked closer to the window to get a better look outside.

"They look important." Issei pointed out.

"Of course they are. The sigil of the teleportation circle is the mark of the original Leviathan clan. At least one of them must be a descendant of the old Satans." Vali pointed out.

"...Somehow I'm not surprised you'd know." Issei lightly remarked. "So, how strong are they?"

"Hmmm, neither you nor I would have much problem dealing with them in our Scale Mail." Vali shrugged, "But they are also not that stupid to appear like this when they are clearly outnumbered and outmatched. I suppose they have a trick up their sleeve but…"

Sirzechs and Serafall were in a deadlocking gaze with the leaders of the invaders.

"Cattleya Leviathan. Creusery Asmodeus. I am not surprised that the Old Satan Faction would intervene with such violence." Sirzechs greeted them.

"Spare us the irony, pretender." Creuserey spat, "We, the true kings of the underworld have been lenient enough with your system, but this is crossing the line. Making peace with our mortal enemies? This is way beyond foolishness, this is madness!"

Sirzechs remained stoic, unfazed by Asmodeus' zeal.

"Peace is necessary for preservation. Your lust for the past glory will lead the world to ruin. Pride is strong in our blood, but to let it turn into arrogance is folly." Sirzechs retorted.

Serafall decided to step in, "That's right, Cattleya! Besides-!"


Cattleya harshly interrupted Serafall, "Not only you had the audacity to take my throne from under my nose, you want to abandon the cause we've been fighting for millenia!? You two might be powerful, but you are not worthy to lead the devils!"

"…And what makes you think you are worthy? Desire for violence and domination will only lead to suffering and ruin." Sirzechs chastised back.

"Because it is our right! And we have the power to take-!" Creuserey's speech ceased as Cattleya moved to his left, summoning a magical barrier before a chunk of concrete crashed into her magic.

"Your dialogue is redundant and grating to my intelligence. If you're so inclined with the disproven 'divine mandate' theory, then just spare us the monologue and get on with it." Silver called out.

"You damned aberrant…!" Creuserey growled out.

"Stop flapping that tongue and come down here and face me, or others will start thinking you love having sex with it."


The others heard Silver's burning words from the projection. Issei and Vali winced at the level of damage Silver's words inflicted. The others slightly dropped their jaws at the vulgar comeback, taken back.

Sheer disbelief doused every smolder of indignant rage Creusery felt prior.

"...So be it." Creusery descended and landed before Silver.

The Asmodeus looked up at the… Silver, thing. He did not know what that thing was but it did not feel like a human. He felt uncomfortable in its presence for some reason.

"What can you do, little bat?" Silver smirked with condescendance. "I doubt a cowardly fossil knows how to be a real man."

Creusery tightened his fists into balls as he glared at the creature with all his hate.

"I'll silence your tongue!" Creusery roared as all of his devil power converged onto his right fist before he struck the creature's solar plexus with all of his might.

He felt no resistance, earning a smile on Asmodeus' lips… only for his smile to fade when he realized that it was his hand that broke, not the creature's stomach, bent unnaturally while the bone showed, the skin and muscle charred black as coal.

"Hoh, that was supposed to vaporize your entire arm. Is your devil blood polluted? I doubt you have the power to actually withstand it given your puny punch," Silver grinned.

"...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHH!" Creusery descended into a chorus of pain.

The boasting Asmodeus fell on his knees, holding what remains of his broken arm.

"Begone, thot."

Creusery glared up at the creature, but the thing's knuckle was before his face.

Silver flicked the Asmodeus. A loud smack filled the air as the Asmodeus was sent into an ungraceful arc over the surviving invaders as everyone, Cattleya and even the Satans, were struck with shock by the silver macho's display of might.

"Creuserey!" Cattleya quickly snapped out of it and immediately flew over to check on her comrade. The Asmodeus' descendant was conscious, but groaning in agony as his hand had been deformed.

"Cattleya…" Asmodeus growled, "It's now or never…!"

"All that talk and this is all it takes to put you on your last legs? Talk about bloodline decay." Silver approached the two, ready to tear them to shreds.

However, he stopped when their auras suddenly spiked, the two glaring at him with spite as their… forms contorted.

Silver quirked a brow as he received the strangest sense of deja vu when the two started shedding their human-like forms.

"Chimera?" Silver guessed as they started changing shape.

Cattleya was the first.

Her tan skin turned dark blue, a slimy leathery sheen coating her epidermis as her eyes turned jet black, her face elongating into a serpentine snout as her bat wings transformed into wide, pale fins. Her legs conjoined together, fusing into a serpentine tail as her support, bearing the theme of a sea serpent with fins for wings in a lamia-like form.

For Asmodeus, fangs grew as horns sprouted from each side of his head, each curling into volute spirals, his arms expanding with muscle as fur of mane covered his arms, his eyes turning jet black as he roared into the sky. His new face resembled a cross of a lion's fangs in shape with the horns of a ram, his hair growing longer as his skin turned golden orange.

"Well, I haven't seen something like that since the old days." Goldie remarked with a playful smirk, "...But I can't help but feel that chimeras are starting to become a trend."

Once they finished transforming, the two locked gazes with the unimpressed Silver demigod.

"...Is that all? Your secret trump card is turning into something that should be put down like an animal? I thought your kind is too prideful to fall into something so low in your society." Silver mocked with playful derision.

"Your eyes fool you. This is not devolution. This is the next stage of our transcendence as the superior race!" Creusery roared at Silver with newfound confidence. His arm managed to regain some color as it started to shed off the blackened coal.

"Look at this new form of ours!" Cattleya followed suit with her own distorted voice, her membrane wings spreading wider. "This is the true form that our own ancestors took when they established their rule and dominance over the Underworld! The fact that we are assuming the same form means that we have every right and are destined to continue their legacies!"

Platinum looked up at Sirzechs, Serafall and Azazel who had joined them to watch the spectacle unfolding; pointing a thumb at them as if asking if they were serious… and if they were not delusional.

Azazel was smiling while biting his lower-lip, as if struggling to contain his amusement from showing.

The others were at the front gate at this point mostly to see the spectacle after Azazel left, all behind the gate. However, they grimaced a little at the stench of the blood tainting the area.

"While I wasn't there when the Four Satans were in power, I am sure that they did not take such unsightly forms." Sirzechs pointed out, sharing equal confusion at their… boasts.

"Then you know nothing of our past!" Cattleya lashed back. "As soon as we're done tearing these abberrants apart, we shall-"

There was a loud crack that broke her out of her tirade.

The serpent devil turned to the sound.

The silver demigod was before Creusery… and the latter's head was turned, a complete, lethal one-eighty.


"Superior. Heh. It's not a word you can declare yours by birth." Silver said as he pinched the snapped neck of the Asmodeus.

Cattleya and the others watched as blood sprayed out of the monsterfied Devil, bones, brains, eyes, everything spreading all over before the Devil dropped to the floor, his head mangled into an unsightly, visceral mess, the sight dragging all hope and morale past the earth and into the Underworld.

"It is a title you must earn, little corpse."

Once Cattleya's mind had registered Creuserey's lifeless body that began to disintegrate, her eyes went red, she roared as she 'slithered' through the air with her jaws open towards Silver, countless prehensile tongues erupting out of her maw, all bearing magic circles ready to fire her spells.

Then all of her color instantly turned to gold as she collapsed, sliding across the uneven dirt of the crater until she bumped into Silver's feet.

Sirzechs and Serafall stared at the golden statue of Cattleya, perfectly frozen in her moment of rage, transmuted tongues out and… they turned to the source.

Gold's antenna was sparkling. He walked up to the golden statue of the descendant and grabbed it by the head.

"Heh. You are more appealing like this, captured in gold. Beautiful, refractive, taciturn." Gold scoffed as he lifted Cattleya up, inspecting her.

Everyone stared at the creature examining the literal golden statue that was supposedly Cattleya Leviathan, before they turned to Issei, Saitama and Genos, particularly the former, who was just as confused.

Issei then turned to Saitama and Genos, "...Since fucking when can he do that?"

"Uhhh…" Saitama turned to Genos.

"...This is new to me. Azazel?" Genos looked up.

"Ah, ahaha… well…" Azazel also looked confused. "I admit that I experimented on them out of curiosity. Their bodies are excellent conduits, so I thought of imbuing them with dangerous amount of magical power… though I honestly didn't expect they would go this far."

"...Come to think about it, the platinum one actually turned me into a statue once." Dulio mentioned. "I didn't believe it until he turned one of the priests into one. He even… joked about selling me off…"

Everyone stared at Dulio, Issei now realizing why Dulio was so wary of Black now.

"This is the power of evolution, kid." Platinum answered with his back facing them. "Our powers grow even when your eyes leave us. Give us enough time and our powers will develop in ways you cannot imagine. Also, I'm considering melting her and selling her off as gold bars just to flex on her."

As for Yuuto, he continued staring at the gold statue as sweat suddenly started pouring when he pictured himself as a statue, one that would never see the light of day if he lost in one of Silver's matches. He already started trembling in his boots without even noticing. Issei got the message as he glanced at the Knight.

"Would you hand her over to us?" Sirzechs requested as he and Serafall landed beside the golden demigod. "Instead of doing whatever you're planning for her, that is?"

Gold turned to Sirzechs.

He stood on his feet, towering over the smaller Devils, his golden body still shining like never before.

"Interesting proposition. Do you perhaps have plans for her as a trophy?"

"...Not really." Sirzechs replied with an apologetic smile, "We would prefer her as a prisoner of war. Which means we would like you to return her to her… Normal state….. You can do that, can't you?"

They hoped so. It would be a terrible fate, living forever as a golden statue.

"It would be funnier if I said I couldn't." Gold admitted as he dropped the golden statue on the floor. "But I digress."

He kicked off one of the elongated tongues, snapping it off from the main body as he picked it up.

"But I'm keeping this."

Next, his antenna sparkled and zapped the golden statue.


Before Cattleya could scream her rage further, Gold smashed Cattleya's head into the concrete with his foot, grinding his heel, forcing her to bite off her prehensile tongues as blood spilled through her broken teeth.

"I also hope our efforts warrant extra compensation." Gold said as he stepped off the unconscious devil. "It will cost you extra if you want the rest to turn into statues for transportation."

"Of course. You have our gratitude to keep this conference safe." Sirzechs nodded with an easy smile.

The rest of the soldiers and magicians from the Old Satan Faction had lost morale and soon surrendered; they were currently being rounded up by the devils under Sirzechs and Serafall.

Watching the post-war treatment from the conference room, everyone relaxed, with Issei stretching his arms up, "...Well, that was anticlimactic."

"Tsk, I am disappointed. Really, they were that stupid. They came all this way to face us, and this was all they could offer? What an unsightly end." Vali complained.

"Such brutality…" Dulio joined them with Tobio, both of them grimacing a little when the stench of blood struck them.

"It was inevitable." Tobio followed as they looked around.

They saw many body parts, severed arms, unknown organs littered around. There was even an eyeball dangling from atop of the gates.

"...Yeah, this is not worth cleaning up. Who's in favor of making the prisoners clean this place up?" Issei offered.

"Having the prisoners to clean this mess is no different than giving them a chance to escape. I'm afraid they have to be arrested and secured as soon as possible." Sirzechs retorted with a friendly tone.

"Well… eh, as long as it's not us."

However, none of them noticed that there was another onlooker, a small fly-like creature with a large singular eye watching everything.

"Trial nineteen proved somewhat successful… but the excessive surge of dopamine is still a concern." One voice muttered as he tapped his chin. "Overestimating the surge of power is a troublesome trend these days. Don't know how she does it, but it still has potential for further improvement. The deformation of the vessel needs more work, I don't want to look like an unsightly chimera, honestly. What do you think, Shalba?"

A tall figure sitting on the desk, staring at the large monitor in the dark room, addressed Shalba behind him.

"What do I think? You promised us power, Rizevim! You came to us and… All I heard from you is that you used us as guinea pigs! You-!"

"Delivered what was promised. I did give you and the others power and, again, I warned you of the consequences before you took it. The power is genuine, but to think they would lose so easily means that the opposition is much superior. I thought their excessive muscles were for show… I might have to reevaluate their threat level."

Shalba grit his teeth as he glared at the screen, at the abherrants carrying Cattleya over his shoulder while the rest of their forces were being ferried by the armies of the Three Factions like cattle.

"...And I even gave them an army of empowered Chimeras, too. Really, what are they? Do I need to up the dosage… no, the recipients might not survive."

"Will you stop wasting time on that research of yours and do something more useful, like helping me in leading our people?!" Shalba scolded, "It was bad enough that you did not participate in the civil war, now that our purpose and cause is at stake, you care more for your personal agenda?!"

Rizevim Livan Lucifer inhaled. He rolled his armchair around, meeting Shalba in the eyes. Rizevim then revealed himself as a middle-aged man with dark-silver eyes and hazel eyes, not unlike Vali in his later years.

"If you're angry about Creuserey, I can prepare a better body for him. What do you think about him having some dragon mixed in? Or would you prefer more of the sample tissue in his system?" Rizevim offered. "...Or rather, now with Cattleya captured, what are you gonna do about her, I wonder?"

"You…" Shalba growled more.

"Of course, you are angry. But you should learn to keep yourself composed. Honestly, you boast too much about past glory that you don't spend enough time carrying yourself with those words. Here you are, doing the same thing as the humans do in the bible, making a deal with something like the Devil to carry out your wish. So, I present you with a choice. The power to become the leader your people deserve? Or to waste time yelling at me and dwindle my patience with your propaganda?"

Shalba wanted to lash out, to teach Rizevim some manners of how true descendants of devil kings should act, but he knew that Rizevim's power outclassed his own.

With gritted teeth, he seethed all of his frustration out of his system and bore with the man's personality. For now.

"...What are my options?" Shalba hissed.

"Good answer. If you want more power, well, there are three ways. One, go work yourselves hard like those plebeians and see where that takes you, but I don't think you have the patience, honestly. However, my associate assured me that the results would show if you manage to train yourself to the point of borderline death and survive and repeat the process to get past the obstacles hindering your growth. It worked on one of her experiments before." Rizevim suggested.

"I… shall see if I can grow stronger…" Shalba said with a tad reluctant tone.

"Option two. This." Rizevim took out a syringe. "This contains six times the dosage your friends took. One unit size of the dosage is recommended for guaranteed survival, but if you survive… and maintain your sanity, well, you will manage to obtain even greater power. But know that you must be of strong mind to take it. I recommend you subject yourself to some torturous discipline to maximize your survival."

"Option three… take both options." Rizevim pointed out. "Assuming you're strong enough to take them. Be greedy, take everything you can, you're a devil! Honestly, don't forget that this power also takes a lot of hard work to make as well. I don't just magically create this stuff out of thin air. So… what will it be?"

Shalba contemplated, glancing between his arms, the screen with the footage of the Three Factions conference, and the syringe in the other devil's hand.

Rizevim, on the other hand, simply grinned knowingly, as if he could already tell what Shalba would choose.

"Now that the interference is settled, let us return to our discussion…" Michael addressed the Church Trio as everyone returned to the conference.

The metallic trio resumed flexing their poses outside the gate with the same music track blaring from the radio they brought.

Saitama and Genos did not move from their seats the entire time. They let the young ones go while already knowing the outcome of the fight.

"...Yes. We have managed to obtain the power to reincarnate humans into Angels."

Everyone had curiosity plastered on their faces, as Gabriel procured a deck of playing cards. "Allow us to present, The Brave Saint system; while the devils use the game of chess as the foundation of their reincarnation system, we used playing cards with different suits - diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades. The King will act as the leader of the suit, with Jack, Queen, Aces and the rest of the numbers serving him. There are 'Joker' cards that are considered as wild cards…. Think of it as the equivalent of your Mutation Piece."

Everyone leaned forward to take a better look at the cards. They did not look special at first glance but closer inspection, they could notice a holy silver corona emanating from the deck.

"How does it work? Just slide it into anyone and poof, they're an angel?" Issei asked, poking at the deck a little.

Gabriel smiled.

"No, it requires an archangel's touch for them to work. Also… we have special cards in place for Irina, Asia, and Xenovia if they are interested." Gabriel looked at the three. "We base these cards using the essence of our kind, our grace. But, I am sorry if this sounds redundant, upon examining Kokabiel's grace, we have developed unique cards based on his ascended essence. Dulio is a wielder of the ascended Joker, and he will serve under Michael."

The said Archangel then stepped towards the church trio, "Asia Argento, Xenovia Quarta, and Irina Shidou… I don't know if this can make up for our mistakes against you, but we will be greatly honored to have you among our ranks."

The three gasped, Asia cupping her mouth while Irina and Xenovia were left breathless.

Issei could picture the thoughts running through their minds, the prospect of turning into a true servant of heaven was not something anyone could dismiss. The three, however, were throwing cursory, repetitive glances at Issei as their eyes fluttered… he did not know why, though.

"I-I… t-this is…" Asia stammered, her face blooming red from surprise.

"I… Xenovia…?" Irina did not have the words as well as she turned to her best friend.

"I… but…" Xenovia clenched her fist as she glanced at Genos.

"...You should take it." Issei gave his thoughts, garnering the looks from the girls.

"I mean…" Issei rubbed the back of his head, picking his words, "This is your life's dream, isn't it? To become a true servant of God? It's not something to pass up easily here."

"Issei…" Rias stared at him, surprised.

"This isn't about power anymore, Rias." Issei turned to her. "I chose to remain human because I don't want to take the easy way out. This isn't that for them. This is… like everything to them. The culmination of their dedication and effort rewarded, and….. stuff."

He then shook his head, "My end point is, whatever your choice is, I'll be right behind you. Always."

The three looked at each other with conflicted glances. They all bore the same hesitant gazes.


"...I-I'll take it." Asia stepped forward with a brave face. "I-I don't want to be powerless anymore… I want to be someone that can stand by Issei's side. I-I-... I want to be someone everyone can rely on!"

In other words, Asia did not want to feel useless, Issei surmised.

Hearing her words, as if encouraged by Asia, Irina also stepped forth.

"I… I don't know what to think." Irina began as she looked down on her hands. Even with the cybernetic implants that could keep her brain from panicking, the memories of sins and atrocities she did with her hands still flashed in her mind.

However, when she looked up - the look in Issei's eyes kept reminding her that she had to keep moving forward.

"But… Everyone was there for me even when I wasn't there for myself…" Irina's lips then slowly grew into a smile, as she remembered everything that her family and friends had done to support her; the utter love and faith that Issei held towards her when they became one that night.

Issei then saw more resolve in Irina's eyes as she met his gaze with her own.

"I-I want to take this chance to step forward. I want to forgive myself… and I think I can start by forgiving Heaven." Irina finished.

Xenovia was shocked to see Irina stepping forth to become an angel. She looked at Genos for his guidance. Genos did not shake his head, or nod. He simply stared at her, wanting her to make her own choice.

"A wise man told me that I should consider my future before I take the path to power…"

She paused, taking a deep breath and exhaled her stress.

"...I would like more time to consider my options if possible. For now, I want to see what I can do as a human before I take the path to becoming a servant of Light."

"You don't have to take my example, you know?" Issei quirked a brow. "There are three metal god-like examples flexing outside that you can still become something great if you work hard, no matter what you are."

Xenovia smiled ruefully, "Thanks for the tip, Ise. But… Let me choose my own path… Please?"

Issei let out a wry smile. She chose the harder path, though he was not sure if she could handle it. He hoped she could pull through, though.

"Alright. So, how are we going to do this?"

"We can reincarnate them now if you wish." Michael gestured.

"You can?" Issei blinked, receiving a nod from Michael and a short giggle from Gabriel. "...Well, then. Ladies? What will it be? This might be your last chance to have second thoughts."

Asia and Irina exchanged glances before they began to follow Issei's advice, re-thinking and re-affirming their resolutions.

"Um, if I may ask." Asia then raised her hand up, "Once I am reincarnated…. Is it alright if I remain with Ise?"

Michael simply smiled in understanding, "Of course. Now that the Three Factions are going to co-exist peacefully, I see no harm in having my Brave Saints stay in a devil's territory, especially when they are friends."

Asia's face brightened as she turned to smile at Issei, who simply gave a thumbs up.

"Obviously, Irina Shidou is also permitted to remain with Issei Hyoudou after she has reincarnated." Michael added, earning a bow from the girl.

"We are grateful for your generosity, Lord Michael."

"Think nothing of it. Consider this as a part of our penance." Michael replied with a pleasant tone.

"I would like for us to conclude this meeting first before you reincarnate the girls." Azazel raised his hand. "Besides, I have something I would like to ask Ophis… Are you still managing the Khaos Brigade from the shadows?"

All eyes focused on the little girl that sat on Saitama's shoulder. The girl… flexed her arms a little. Everyone was worried when she did that.

"No." She answered. "I don't need them. I found the strongest man."

"...Forgive me for presuming out of line, but how are you so sure that he can… defeat the Great Red?" Rias asked, raising her hand.

"He fought the Great Red. And he beat him." Ophis pressed her finger onto the baldy's shiny head.

"Oh, so he beat the Great Red… hm…. Hm?!" The words did not register in their ears for a moment.




All eyes jumped out of their sockets, even Azazel as they voiced all of their shock in one word. Even the Two Heavenly Dragons shared their reactions.

"WHAT?! YOU!? HOW?! WHEN!? EXPLAIN!" Issei jabbered with a finger pointing at the baldy accusingly, shooting every question he could in single words.

"...Yeah… about that… I was winning but I stopped. Then I left." Saitama admitted.

"...What?" Their shock fell like a roller coaster reaching freefall.

"Um, yeah, I did fight a giant red lizard in that weird place with the freaky colors. But uhhhh… there's one problem."

"What problem?" Sirzechs asked, him and Serafall leaning forward with anticipation.

"...He doesn't know how to fight."

"...Excuse me?" Serafall sounded as if she wasn't sure whether to scream at him or remain in stupefied silence.

"I fought a lot of things. People, monsters, robots… Well, it's probably the first time I fought an actual dragon. He can take the hit, I'll give you that, but when I started to get going for real… I found out he can't take the fight. That, and all he did was try to burn me up. I asked when was the last time he actually fought something… he said he can't remember. Uhhhh, so yeah, he doesn't know how to fight. I'm his first actual challenge, surprisingly."

[...Are you saying that the one above all of us has the experience of a hatchling?!]

Albion shouted from Vali's manifested Divine Dividing.

Vali and Issei could not believe it, the first more than the latter as they exchanged gazes at each other with faces written with disbelief and dumbstruck incredulity. Dulio and Tobio were stunned speechless. Michael and Gabriel's eyes were white as plates. The four of Issei's 'peerage' were half-way unconscious.

"It started to… become a little sad, honestly. The guy just flailed around, making ridiculous fire attacks, giant fireballs and other stuff. When he started to roll around after I punched his stomach… I decided to leave when he started crying." Saitama explained.

Everyone could only stare at Saitama in stunned silence.

All of their images of the Strongest Existence… their ideal vision the biggest reddest dragon…

"...There goes my respect for dragons." Issei uttered with abject disbelief.

[...I can't believe it. Great, I am now below some bald guy in a ridiculous costume.] Ddraig groused as he almost sounded like he was starting to wail.

"I still want him to go back." Ophis pouted as she shifted from her seat and straddled Saitama's nape, her cheeks puffed as she started pinching his cheeks and pulled.

"I'm a hero; not a bully." Saitama declined as everyone stared at the adorable scene, Saitama still remaining unfazed despite his cheeks being stretched.

"Okay…" Azazel interjected as he cleared his throat. "That… Well, putting aside that Saitama is now the strongest being in this world now… We will discuss the ramifications later. Ahem, Ophis. Returning to the subject, do you know what is happening in Khaos Brigade currently?"

"No, I do not." Ophis merely replied, "Ever since I followed Saitama, I never heard of them again."

"Do you have any way to reach them if you can?" Azazel asked.

"...I don't know."

"...That is enough." Azazel leaned back in his seat, taking a deep breath. "Regarding Khaos Brigade, I heard unsettling rumors that… something else had taken over the organization. I don't know what, or who, but I heard disturbing information that they are delving into… genetic modification. There are even mentions of them able to bestow power to other races, something like Ophis' snakes… but different. Sirzechs, I suppose you already have an idea what I'm talking about, right?"

"Yes… back in Diodora Astaroth's case, the young man was found to possess… Some kind of unknown substance in the form of living flesh." Sirzechs nodded.

"...And the creatures that accompanied the invaders are of strange origins. Their auras felt… like a chimera's, but different." Azazel confirmed. "We will extensively question our prisoners for information. We will also need to collect some samples of the corpses for further analysis as well as hunt down the remaining creatures that fled the battle."

"I believe we are facing some form of new threat. We shall discuss this further once peace is established." Michael proposed, garnering nods from the others.

"You are sorely mistaken if you think that is enough to even pull my gaze into your direction."

Within another dark room, a woman sat on a lavish chair, swirling a cup of wine, the light of the screen reflecting off the lens of her glasses as her eyes stared at the reflection of her drink, not paying any attention to the group of men garbed in clerical robes at the screen.

"Besides, why should I bother? Your predicament is exactly the ideal stimulus to start the great war I have no interest or desire to be a part of. And more than half of my associates will snap at the line you foolishly presented before me."

[B-But… we are assured that you could help us!]

[T-There's no way we can withstand the might of the other factions! We will be executed!]

"So?" She responded without a care in her tone. "I am not impressed with your offerings. I don't need money or virgins. Seriously, do you take me for a whore like you? You are all the reason why I am an atheist at this point."

[We had a deal!]

"I only agreed to greet you and lend my ear. I was promised that you have something of interest but nothing you offered is of actual use."

The woman was about to end the transmission out of sheer boredom, when one of the men at the other end shouted.

[We can offer you The Blood of Christ!]

The woman paused at the last second, then she stared at the screen when she recognized the name, "...Go on."

[Yes! We have it! The Blood of The Messiah! We can give it to you… if you help us.]

She leaned forward a little with intrigue.

"And how did you procure something so… important? How much do you have?" She asked.

[Well… W-We didn't. B-But our predecessors did! They procured it in secret when handling the body of Christ! We have vials of it in a secret location, somewhere not even Michael knows!]

The woman hummed in contemplation as she reclined back into her seat.

"Send me all of them."

Her words staggered the priests.


"I don't care about your excuses. Send every drop of the Messiah's blood or else I will leave you to your inevitable death. And don't even attempt to deceive me with any sort of defectives, I will know. Also, if the blood somehow exceeds expectations… consider me giving you more than my full support. After all, you are at your final throes. What is worth more, some blood or your meager lives?"

Despite claiming herself as an atheist, the woman knew well enough about the Legend of Jesus Christ - The Blood of the Messiah was rumored to have miraculous properties. It was a material that every scientist and bio-engineer would want to dissect and tamper at all cost.

The priests started discussing amongst themselves, chatter of panic and arguments rising in escalation. It soon fell into a bitter crescendo as they hung their heads towards the screen.

[...We will take the offer.]

They spoke as if they had no other choice, a hesitant tone of ultimatum.

"I will send you the dead drop location at a later date. Be sure to deliver the contents on time or else we are through."

With a wave of her finger, she turned off the transmission. She took a long sip from her glass before sighing.

"Well, you seem to have found something interesting."

A familiarly coy voice spoke behind her by the entrance, causing the woman to turn her chair around.

"Riz. How is the performance of the latest trial?" She asked, her tone became a tad friendlier at the new arrival.

"Oh, no signs of intelligence degradation, well, no obvious signs. They lack the sense to differentiate the difference of power between them and their foes. Their senses are scrambled in hypothesis that which we need to isolate and identify the root causes." The silver-haired Devil twirled his finger around his temple.

"Interesting that the effects are similar to the original blueprint… And their performance?" the woman asked after thoughtfully reviewing the results.

"One died and the other… well, let's just say she got incapacitated. So, how about you? You got anything for our patron?"

The woman flicked her finger as the screen behind her changed, showing the schematics of the next prototype, data and numbers and graphs showing.

"I am about to procure an interesting material though I might need your expertise to handle it's effects. In an ideal scenario, we might be able to perfect the Trihexa Cell."

"Oh ho ho, that is sooner than expected. Well done. We might be ahead of schedule for once. How is the great faceless thing that calls itself GOD by the way?"

Psykos' smile dimmed as she looked back down at her empty glass of wine.

"...Yes. He is already prepared for Purgatory."

"You worry too much, Psykos." Rizevim walked to a table and grabbed a glass and bottle, pouring himself a share. "As if tiny specks could stand to a giant. Once we perfect your art, we shall be the ones to stand above him."

"You can never be too careful these days." Psykos' smile widened a notch, holding up her glass and allowing Rizevim to pour another in. "He brought me here after all."

"Fair enough."

Rizevim shrugged, putting an end to the discussion, as he and Psykos clinked their glasses together.

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