AN: It's been a while since I last saw the movie, so I apologize if something feels off. Just a little short from me.

"You have to do something about Strange!" an agitated Wong stated.

"Oh? And why is that?" The Ancient One answered, looking at him with a polite calmness, before watering another plant.

Wong stopped in front of her and gave a short, respectful bow. "He's stealing books from the library! Every since he learned how to make portals he's been completely impossible!"

"Stealing? Does he not return them?" The Ancient One asked.

"Well, eventually, but he's taking whatever he wants behind my back, sometimes even the book I'm reading." Wong gave her a suffering look. "He's out of control."

The Ancient One moved to water another plant. "Steven Strange has a thirst for knowledge and understanding. He will not be intimidated nor deterred from his quest."

"But he has no respect for the rules, Great One. He flaunts our principles. It's dangerous."

The Ancient One waters another plant before replying. "You are afraid he will become another Kaecillius," she said softly.

Wong hesitated a moment, then nodded. "The thought has crossed my mind. He has the same hunger for knowledge; he could easily end up walking the same path."

The Ancient One seemed to consider this a moment. "Then it is up to us to make sure Steven Strange does not walk that path, Wong." She looked at him, still unworried and calm.

"But how? He does not listen to what we say."

"On the contrary, Wong, he does listen. What Steven Strange does not do is follow everything we tell him. Yet that does not mean we cannot guide him and make sure he knows what to be aware of and where danger lies."

"How do you guide someone so headstrong and convinced he knows best, Great One?"

"With great patience, Wong," The Ancient One replied laying her hand on his shoulder. "He has a scientist's approach to the mystic arts, something we are not used to. And that means he wishes to know, explore and test everything for himself, as part of his learning. It is up to us to make sure he knows what is too dangerous for such self-exploration. And you will play the greatest part in this."

"Me?" Wong looked a bit surprised at that statement.

"Yes. I sense that you will be the water to temper his fire. Steven Strange has the potential to be great. You must help steer him towards the right path."

Wong nodded. "I shall do my best. But I still find him impossible."

The Ancient One smiled. "Oh, that he is. But I think all will turn out as it should in the end. Just trust in his sense of good and help turn him in the right direction."

Wong nodded and gave a little bow before he walked back to the library. He wasn't sure how he was to steer a person, who did whatever they wanted, in the right direction, but he would try and be patient with Strange and hope the Ancient One was right.

When he got back to the library he noticed a book Strange had taken a few days ago was back in its place on the shelf. Perhaps the Ancient was right. But that didn't mean Steven Strange would not still test his patience.

Then he noticed the book that had been lying on his desk was gone and suppressed a sigh.