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Chapter-1: Reprobate

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Prompt: The Gift

Word Limit: 200

James looks through the eyepiece, changing the magnification to visualize his object of investigation properly. He frowns. This isn't behaving the way it's supposed to.

The sound of a door opening alerts him of another presence.

"Dr. Bright," his visitor says without any preamble. "How's it coming along?"

James barely spares him a glance as he answers, "I need more time."

"How long?" the visitor asks, sounding annoyed. "It's been over four years. I need to see results for the billions I've been shelling out on you!"

His irate tone of voice makes James look up from his work. Taking a few steps toward him, James says, "Director, I already told you it's a long process. You're investing money on yourself, not me."

"What's that supposed to mean?" he questions menacingly.

"You wanted world domination. This virus will help you with that, but it's not ready yet. We need to be able to control its virulence before we can use it."

"Excuses!" the director spits out. "You have 24 hours before your time is up!"

As James watches him turn around and make his exit, he makes up his mind. This bastard will be his test subject. That will be his gift to the world before the world implodes.

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