So this is my second fanfic, different from my first one. It's basically just my take on All-Stars. In my opinion, Pahkitew Island should've came before All-Stars. Because it felt weird to end the series on a new cast with little time to develop. For this fic the canon winners are Owen, Duncan, Heather, Lightning, and Shawn. And just a little backstory, Chris is still arrested at the end of Revenge of the Island but he's released around the time Pahkitew Island came on.

Chris stood at the docks of a modified Pahkitew Island designed to look like Camp Wawanakwa.

" Hey folks it's Chris Mclean coming at you with another season of Total Drama!"

" Last time we left off, fourteen brand new competitors fought for the million on an artificial island and in the end there was one winner."

Chris held up a picture of Shawn.

" The zombie-fearing, conspiracy theorist himself; Shawn. But now we designed Pahkitew Island to look exactly like Camp Wawanakwa."

" Now I know your wondering why we didn't just use the real Camp Wawanakwa in the first place. Well due to the dumping toxic waste incident; I legally cannot set foot on Camp Wawanakwa again because it got turned into some stupid government protected nature reserve."

"So instead of going to the camp we brought it here! Twenty-eight past competitors well be arriving shortly to compete for a grand prize of five million dollars. So stay tuned for TOTAL DRAMA ALL STARS!"

Chris stood back as Chef arrived in a helicopter with the contestants.

"Welcome back! It seems our players have arrived. So say hello to some players from Pahkitew Island!" Chris said

" Starting off with our most recent winner Shawn!"

Chef opened the sliding door revealing Shawn who was standing there.

" Here goes nothing!" Shawn said as he jumped from the helicopter into the lake

" His outback survivalist girlfriend Jasmine!"

" Crikey!"

" The wannabe olympian who broke Dave's heart, Sky!"

" Do you really have to bring that up?!"

" Crybaby germaphobe Dave!"

" I'm not a crybaby!"

"The evil genius with a surprising maternal instinct, Max!"

" Revenge will be mine Mclean!"

" The cheerleading twins, Amy and Samey!"

" I-It's actually S-Sammy.." Sammy stuttered

" Move it Samey!" Amy said as she pushed Samey out of the way

" Finally welcome the psychopathic brainiac that nearly killed us all, Scarlett!"

Scarlett jumped from the plane without saying a word, the other contestants were terrified.

" She tried to kill us! Shouldn't she be in jail or something?!" Sky asked

" Scarlett was supposed to go to juvie but I dropped all charges in exchange for her participating in this season."

The other contestants kept a good distance between themselves and Scarlett.

" Moving on, it's time to introduce some favorites from Revenge of the Island! Welcome back the pants wetting cadet, Brick!"

" Sir yes sir!"

" Multiple Mike or should I say Vito, Manitoba, Chester, and Svetlana?"

" Crap!" Mike said as he tripped and fell out of the plane

" The red-headed pushover turned powerhouse, Zoey!"

" Let's do this!"

" Athletic non-supporter, Lightning"

Lightning stood at the edge of the helicopter now donning white hair.

"Sha-bam!" Lightning said as he jumped off the helicopter

" Challenge throwing dirt farmer, Scott!"

Due to being attacked by a mutant shark, Scott now has scars and scratches throughout his whole body.

Scott held on to Chef's leg but it was to no avail as Chef picked him up and threw him.

" Bossy bruiser Jo! Who dominated the game until her underling turned on her!"

Chef tried shoving Jo off of the plane but she wasn't having it.

" Your a dead man Mclean!" Jo said as she raised her fist in the sky

While distracted Chef takes the opportunity to shove her off of the plane.

" Trash collecting nature freak, Dawn!"

" I'd prefer it if you didn't call me a freak." Dawn said as she stood next to Chris

"Ah! Jesus Christ you almost gave me a heart attack!" Chris said as he clutched his chest

" My apologies.." Dawn said

"We saved the best for last. From our original cast it's bossy C.I.T, Courtney!"

" This is not in my contract!"

" Courtney's bestie turned boyfriend stealer, Gwen!"

Gwen sighed as she was pushed out of the plane.

" The Jailbird Jackass, Duncan!"

" I'll show you a jackass!"

" The brainless beauty, Lindsay!"

" Hey Chip it's been a while!"

" I really wish she'd stop calling me that... Anyway here's our gentle giant, DJ!"

" You can do this DJ, for mama!"

" The jack of all trades, Harold!"

" Sweet intro! Jack of all trades makes me sound like a badass!"

" The girl who couldn't dance to save her life, Leshawna!"

" What did you just say?!" Leshawna asked angrily

" The sarcasm master himself, Noah!"

" I'm surprised I didn't get a crappier intro."

" The devious diva, Heather!"

" I hate Chris!"

" Cody's obsessed fangirl, Sierra!"

"For Cody!"

" Lovable goofball, Owen!"

" Woohoo!"

"Finally welcome back the sexist prairie boy himself, Ezekiel!"

Ezekiel sheepishly walked toward the edge of the helicopter. He looked drastically different his skin was still pale green, he had gone full bald and has no shoes on but decided to keep his hoodie and blue pants.

" D-Do I really have to go, eh? Can't I just save you the trouble and quit?"

" It's not my call homeschool." Chef said as he pushed Ezekiel

As Ezekiel descended from the helicopter, everyone feared for their lives and swam to the shore.

As everyone arrived at the shore and walked to the beach. Chris was waiting for them there.

" Greetings old friends, it's been a while. I hope you're all ready for the toughest total drama season yet!"

" You said that last season and it wasn't that bad." Zoey said as she rolled her eyes

" Oh I meant it this time around, You guys are the best of the best so I don't want you slacking off. Which brings me to one of the main themes this season; All Stars! For this season we only wanted to bring back the greatest this show had to offer."

" Nature freak, Brick for Brains and the Wonder twins being All Stars kind of contradicts your point." Jo said

" Trust me we know, they weren't our first choices. We asked Bridgette, Geoff, Sugar, and Beth to compete in this season but they declined. So we have to make due with what we got."

Brick sighed in disappointment

"Brick's Confessional"

Brick sat in the confessional as he sighed.

"Y'know I was thrilled when I was asked to come back. I thought it'd be a chance to redeem myself..."

" But I'm just a second choice?.. I guess the only thing I can do is prove why I deserve to be here!" Brick said with a salute

" We reformatted Pahkitew Island to look exactly like Camp Wawanakwa so in honor of that we decided to bring back the Mess Hall and the cruddy cabins the losers have to sleep in."

Some contestants groaned at the thought of having to sleep in a cabin.

" But the winners of each challenge get to stay in the all new eco-friendly Mclean Spa Hotel!"

Everyone cheered as they heard this news.

"And as for your teams well be splitting you up based on your past performances; Heroes vs Villains."

" Heather's Confessional"

" Obviously I'll be on the villains team and I'll be running it by lunch!"

" Gwen's Confessional"

" Looks like Duncan and I won't be on the same team. Unless Chris considers Duncan a hero.." Gwen said as she snickers at her statement

"Yeah right."

" Amy, Courtney, Dave, Duncan, Ezekiel, Gwen, Heather, Jo, Lightning, Max, Scarlett, Scott, and Sky! You are officially the Villainous Vultures!"

This was met with numerous gasps from contestants. Suddenly a whole line of people stood in front of Chris.

"Lemme guess you all want to know why you qualify as villains?"

The contestants nodded.

"Gwen your a villain because you stole somebody's boyfriend. Courtney's a villain because of her performance in season two. Sky for leading Dave on even though you had a boyfriend and Dave you tried to kill Sky twice, not cool dude." Chris said

" Sky's Confessional"

" I know I lead Dave on and I feel awful about it!"

"As soon as I got home I told Keith it was over. I know this is All Stars but I'm done putting some game before my feelings. I wanna take a second chance with Dave and see if anything happens."

" Dave's Confessional"

" I admit I went psycho during the finale. But the whole Sky thing was making me an emotional mess. To think I could've avoided all this if I just focused on the game, I feel so stupid!"

" Originally I said I wanted to play this game cold well this time I mean it."

" Brick, Dawn, DJ, Harold, Jasmine, Leshawna, Lindsay, Mike, Noah, Owen, Sammy, Shawn, Sierra, and Zoey! You are officially the Heroic Hawks!"

All of the heroes seemed happy with their placements.

" Wait a minute, I see the heroes have fourteen while we have only thirteen. Is there a reason for this?" Scarlett asked

" Not really, Revenge of the Island had an odd number of people and nobody noticed."

"Still Lightning doesn't feel good about being outnumbered."

"They literally have one more player than you do it's not a big deal."

" Why don't you just bring back Alejandro? That guy was a major threat back in World Tour." Duncan said

" Actually now that you think about I haven't heard anything from him since World Tour ended." Courtney said

"Maybe Jalapeno got homesick and decided to visit his family." Lindsay said

" No way, he hates his family remember? They always put his brother Jose on a high pedestal." Heather said

" I-I can s-somewhat relate to that.." Sammy said sheepishly

" Not a surprise that his girlfriend knows every little fact about him." Scott said with a snicker

"Shut up!" Heather yelled at the dirt farmer

" Look will all of you cram it if I bring out Alejandro and put him on the villains team?" Chris asked

Everyone on the villains team nodded except for Gwen.

"Why do you guys want to bring him back so badly? He's literally a male Heather." Gwen said

" New Heather is calling Alejandro, Male Heather. That's hilarious!" Jo said

Gwen glared at the jock-ette for that remark.

" Gwen's Confessional"

" I thought that "New Heather" nickname died after World Tour ended.."

" Jo better not try to bring it back! I can't go through another season of that horrible nickname!"

Chris snapped his finger and the drama machine containing Alejandro rolled it's way to the docks. Chris pressed a button and Alejandro was released from the robot suit, as for his appearance he managed to grow his hair back but he has burn marks all over his body.

"Say hello to the latin lover, Alejandro! Or what's left of him at least."

The contestants gasped as they saw disfigured Alejandro.

" O-Oh my god that's horrible!" Sammy said as she tried to look away

" Yeah after Heather kicked him in the kiwis and threw him off the volcano, he got hit with a face ton of lava. Apparently it was my legal duty to heal him so I stuffed him in a robot suit."

" But Ezekiel also came in contact with lava from the volcano and his body seems to be free of burn marks." Scarlett said

" Maybe his freaky mutant powers protected him... I guess? Villainous Vultures, Alejandro is now your problem so make sure to take care of him!"

" Now that the teams are formed I'll give you some time to unpack and eat lunch. Then it's challenge time!" Chris said as he walked away

DJ and Jasmine helped Alejandro up on his feet.

" Can you walk mate?" Jasmine asked

" No. Due to being stuffed in a robot suit where my legs were stuck in the same position for a year it seems they have fallen asleep and I do not think they'll be waking up any time soon."

" He probably needs a wheelchair to sit in." Jasmine said

" I think they have one at the Medical Services Tent, I'll go get one." DJ said as he ran off

" I'm gonna take him to the Boys cabin and let him rest in one of the beds."

Jasmine carried off Alejandro to the cabins while the rest of the contestants headed off to their cabins.

As the teams finished packing their stuff and headed to the Mess Hall. Where they met a familiar individual.

" Anyone miss me?!" Chef asked

No one said a single word..

" Fine have it that way, I try to be nice for one damn day and this is the thanks I get."

Chef took out some gourmet pizzas he prepared for everybody.

" Holy crap is that real food?!" Gwen asked

Chef dumped gasoline all over the pizzas and then threw a lit match on top, setting the pizzas on fire.

" I was gonna treat yall to some homemade pizzas but since nobody cares about me. It looks like I'll be serving slop instead."

The contestants groaned as they got in line for slop.

" Hey Chef, I'm not trying to piss you off even more but this brown slop looks like shit. Can I just go foraging for berries?" Shawn asked

" Do whatever you want.." Chef said with a shrug

"Sweet!" Shawn said as he ran out of the Mess Hall

The contestants sat down with their respective teams and ate their slop.

" Why isn't everyone eating their slop?!" Jo asked as she raised her forkful of slop in the air

" I'm a high-maintenance girl, everyone back home will think I'm trailer park trash for eating shit like this." Amy said as she pushed her plate

" What's wrong with trailer-parks? My uncle owns one and he makes a decent amount of income." Scott said as he glared at Amy

"Why does that not surprise me?" Amy said sarcastically as she rolls her eyes

" I get what you're saying but you need energy for the challenge or you won't perform well." Sky said as she stuffed her face with slop

" I barely eat food to begin with, how do you think I stay this hourglass thin?!" Amy retorted

" You know what let the girl starve, if she messes up the challenge we know who to vote for." Jo said

Everyone nodded their heads as Amy gulped.

" Amy's Confessional"

" Why is everyone on my case? It's healthier to not eat the stuff Chef gives us."

" There's no way I'm going home first over Samey! Then people will start to think she's better than me..."

" And I cannot let that happen!" Amy said as she pointed her finger at the camera

Chris, DJ, Jasmine and Alejandro arrived at the Mess Hall. Jasmine pushed Alejandro who was now in a wheelchair to the Villains team. Then her and DJ sat down with the heroes.

" All Stars it's time for your first challenge!"

The two teams began to leave the Mess Hall.

" T-The fact that it's the first one makes me kind of nervous." Sammy said as she twiddled her thumbs

" It's our first challenge, how hard can it be?" DJ said as he put a reassuring hand on Sammy's shoulder

The contestants stood on top of the cliff, wearing their bathing suits.

" I should've known..." DJ said as he looked at the bottom of the cliff

I know this isn't Total Drama Storm Valley Academy but I wanted to write something different. I'm still continuing it, I just had other ideas in my head that just spewed out. Anyways for this fic, I'll be releasing it in two parts. So make sure to leave some reviews and favorites.