Title: Off the Clock Pairing: Samantha/Martin implied. Rated: PG-13 Spoilers: None Disclaimers: I don't claim dis story either.

Off the Clock

Samantha and Vivian were sitting at the park across the street from the Federal building eating their sack lunches.
It was a cool, spring day and the sidewalks were virtually empty, save for the few couples and business people either strolling or power walking by.
The two friends were making idle chit-chat over their sandwiches and a shared bag of chips.

"This is nice," Vivian said, smiling.

"What is?" Samantha asked.

"This. Just getting out of doors for once and enjoying the sunshine. The cases these last few weeks have been a little..."



Vivian leaned back against the bench and crumpled the brown paper bag that had held her sandwich. She took aim and made a perfect shot right into the trash bin across the sidewalk.

"Two points!" Samantha smiled.

"Not bad, not bad."

"Did you play in school?"

"All-American team, two years in a row at Roosevelt High."

Samantha grinned.

"And you?" Vivian asked.

"Intercollegiate cheerleading team champions, three years in a row."

"Ooh," Vivian grined. "Nice. Gonna do a few yells for me?"


"Aww, why not?" Vivian asked.

"I don't have my pom-poms," Samantha chuckled as she stood up and stretched.

Walking over to the trash bin to throw away the empty bag of chips, she noticed a couple standing near the fountain holding hands and laughing. She sat back down on the bench beside her friend and looked at her watch.

"15 more minutes of freedom," she said.

A companionable silence followed and then Vivian suddenly asked...

"So, about you and Martin..."