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"I just needed to grab a few things!" Izuku yells, throwing a high kick into the villain's jaw, knocking him back. "You couldn't have waited?"

"Screw you!"

The fight goes on for a few more minutes. Izuku having actually jumped in between a woman and her child and the villain's ray of light. Shaking his head, Izuku does a mental check of his limbs and body - no pain, everything working normally. Jumping back in, he tackles the villain to the ground, pinning his arms behind his back with his legs. It is a few moments later that one of the local heroes and police show up. Ten minutes later Izuku is running back to UA, the bags of groceries in his hands - thankfully unharmed.

Getting back he has to fend off his friends, promising them he is alright and that the guy's quirk doesn't seem to have done anything to him. After many confirmations they all converge into the living room, the rest of the class already there. With it being Friday night they pull out the movies and start their regular marathon. At Midnight they start dispersing, Iida being one of the first, Izuku not far behind him and Todoroki.

The next morning everyone is awoken by Iida screaming for help. Slamming doors and feet have the whole class surrounding Izuku's door in moments. Iida trying to comfort a small crying child.

"Where's Midoriya?" Todoroki asks, having been one of the first in the door. The little child turns, watery green eyes staring up at the bi-colored boy. "Midoriya?"

"Where am I?" The now identified six year old Midoriya asks, wiping tears from his face. "This isn't my room."

Uraraka steps up, kneeling down next to the bed - Iida stepping back, running his hands through his hair. "This is your room, you were hit by a quirk that deaged you. You're in your dorms at UA."

Izuku's eyes widened with wonder, a bright smile stretching across his face. His little body shook with excitement. The girls coo slightly, while the boys smile small chuckles leaving them. Izuku's eyes land on Katsuki standing further back in the crowd. Scooching down off the edge of the bed, slipping around the others he stops to stare up at Katsuki - who slightly glares down at him.

"Are you my friend again Kaachan? If I have a quirk it means I'm not useless right?" Izuku pulls slightly on Katsuki's shirt, wonder filling his face. "You are my friend again right?"

"Let go nerd," Katsuki snaps, trying to pull away from Izuku's grip - not very hard. "We aren't friends."

"B-but," Izuku whimpers, tears starting to form in his eyes. His bottom lip shaking, he pulls back his hand to play with the overly large shirt still on his frame. "Kaachan doesn't want to be my friend even with a quirk?"

Izuku starts wiping at his face, tears falling fast. Turning around he runs back to Iida, hiding behind the tall teen's legs. Shoving his face into the pant legs, shoulders shaking with quiet tears. All of the girls turn and glare at Katsuki, who in turn just flips them off and walks out. Ignoring the crying child. Kirishima grimaces before rushing after his friend; most of the class leaving too - Momo staying waving off Jiro. Todoroki squats a little ways from Iida, who is frozen, staring down at his friend.

"Hi Midoriya, I'm Todoroki Shoto." Watery green eyes, rimmed with red peek out. "You helped me with my quirk, you're one of my best friends. Would you like to see my quirk?"

Wiping at his face with one hand, now standing more to the side of Iida - still holding on to the pant leg. Izuku nods his head, blinking at Todoroki. Smiling softly, Todoroki holds out both palms and lets a small bit of ice form in his right hand and a flame in his left. Izuku's face lights up, dropping Iida's pant leg and rushing over to Todoroki. Eyes wide, a smile on his face he reaches out a hand to touch the ice, his other hand hovering near the flame - feeling the heat.

"Wow!" Izuku giggles, clapping his hands. "Could you make a moving ice animal? Fire is life, right? Then couldn't you make the fire cold enough that it won't burn the ice and give an ice statue life?"

Todoroki blinks at him for a moment before looking down at his hands, "I've never tried something like that." Taking a deep breath he focuses on his left side, pushing the cold from his right into the flame. The fire flickers, slowly turning a deep red till it finally stops at a light pink color. Holding out his right hand, he focuses on shaping ice into a small kitten. The ice slowly rises out of his skin into a kitten shape - moving the pink flame to his finger he brushes it across where the kitten's mouth would be, over its nose and down its spine. The flame sank into the ice, turning it a light lilac. Izuku leans closer, eyes wide as the little ice kitten makes a small mewl its eyes blinking open.

"It worked," Todoroki breathes. Izuku giggles, brushing his fingers across the ice kitten. Momo walks up behind Todoroki, looking down at it.

"How did you know that would work?" Izuku looks up from where he is now cradling the ice kitten in his own hands.

"Fire is rebirth, so it means life." Izuku states, "Ice would give shape. If he can control both, why wouldn't it?"

Izuku turns and holds the kitten up for Uraraka and Iida to see it, smiling brighter when Uraraka coos at it petting its head. Todoroki stands up, gazing down at the three before looking back at his hand. Momo stepped up next to him, biting her lip.

"Why do you think he never mentioned it before?" She asks, motioning to Izuku.

"He isn't very confident, but he probably wrote it down somewhere." Todoroki shrugs, before creating a butterfly and lighting it up. The butterfly flutters over and lands on Izuku's nose, getting a loud giggle before he starts chasing it around the room. "From that reaction with Bakugou I can see why."

"Iida? Why don't you go let Aizawa-sensei know what's going on." Momo calls, Iida nods at her before patting Izuku's head and leaving. Kneeling down, Momo smiles softly at Izuku who now has the butterfly sitting on his hand, the kitten in Uraraka's lap. "Would you like me to make you some clothes?"

Blinking up at her, he tilts his head before nodding. Glancing over him once, Momo creates shorts, an All Might t-shirt and red shoes. Izuku's face lights up, eyes sparkling as he starts jumping up and down on the balls of his feet. Todoroki sends the girls out, promising Izuku he can ask questions once he has dressed. Unsurprisingly, he quickly gets dressed in the new clothes, grabbing onto Todoroki's hand, smiling brightly up at the teen.

Heading down Izuku starts asking a whole bunch of questions - about the classes, how they became friends, his other friends, what kind of quirks they all have. Todoroki calmly answers each of them, leading him through the crowded comonroom and into the kitchen area. Lifting the small boy up to sit at the counter, finding his own spot next to him. Momo and Sato making a slightly late lunch for the boy. Sato quickly answers any questions that little Izuku asks, handing him a plate before leaving. Momo cleaned up after them, eating her own plate of food. As soon as he is done Izuku starts asking her about her quirk, mainly about how it works. When she answers him, his brows scrunch - lips pursing.

"Then shouldn't you eat more?" He whispers, glancing up at her. She stares at him with wide eyes, mouth slightly open. "If it needs fat shouldn't you be eating more? Momma always says you need to take care of yourself, but you aren't. Couldn't you cause yourself to faint pushing too far? That could get you killed or someone else!"

"I never thought of that, it just isn't really looked at to be a heavy weight and a hero."

"But isn't there a hero who uses something similar?" He turns to Todoroki with wide pleading eyes. Chuckling softly, Todoroki pulls his phone out and searches for different heroes who use their own body fat. After a few moments he turns his phone around, Fat Gum staring back at them. "See!" Izuku leans against the counter, his knees pushing into the chair seat. "Who cares if you're heavy! You will be a better hero! Besides you will still be pretty."

Giggling softly at the slowly blushing boy, Momo smiles at him. "Thank you, I'll start eating more if it would make you feel better."

"Good!" Izuku states, jerking his head before sitting back down. Todoroki just laughs, brushing his hand through Izuku's green locks. "Oh! What if you had a computer on your arm!"


"You wouldn't have to worry about remembering as much. Then you could focus more on speed!" Izuku exclaims, throwing his hands up with a smile.

"Smart idea Problem Child." Jerking around they all see Aizawa standing there, Iida and Uraraka standing just behind him. "Iida already explained what happened. We found out it should only last a day."

Izuku has turned completely around, leaning slightly over the back of his chair - Todoroki placing his foot on the front of it to keep it from tipping. Aizawa raises a brow at the child, who in turn tries to hide slightly behind his seat.

"What's wrong?"

"You're Eraserhead!"

All of them freeze, Aizawa blinking at him for a moment before nodding. Izuku peeks up, leaning back over the chair. His eyes shining brightly in the light.

"They said I get my quirk! But I had to prove I could be a hero to momma. I found you when I was looking and Momma couldn't believe it! It took me even longer to prove I didn't make you up!" Izuku rambles, Todoroki wincing slightly at mention of him not having his own mom to support him. "She did after I made her listen to Present Mic's radio station and he mentioned you!"

"Are you saying you got your quirk late?" Aizawa asks, brows scrunching as he takes in the new information about his student. Izuku nods, smiling brightly at his teacher.

"That's what they said! I wonder what it is?"

"It's a power boosting kind," Iida states. "But you only recently started not breaking your bones every time you use it."

"You already aren't to use your arms too much, if at all." Todoroki states, "I think you said something about it stopping the use of your arms all together."

"Hmmm...Can I have paper and pen?" Izuku asks looking back at Momo, she quickly makes some for him. "Thank you!" He scoots down the chair, squatting when his feet hit the floor. Walking to the table, climbing into a chair and sitting on his knees as he starts writing.

Aizawa nods at them, asking them to let him know when or if something else happens. Todoroki promises he can watch out for Izuku, letting the others head off for any practice or homework they need to do. For the next four hours Todoroki helps Izuku get his journals from his room so he can add to it - finding the one with his classmate's quirks and his own. They settle down outside after a while, Izuku still writing down in his notebook. Todoroki trying to make bigger and bigger creatures.

It is at the fourth hour mark that Izuku sits up, dropping the pen. Watery emerald eyes stare up at the surprised teen. In moments Izuku is squishing himself against Todoroki's chest, little fists clenching into the back of his shirt. Loud sobs filling the space around them, Izuku's body shaking. Todoroki easily picks him up holding Izuku's body against him - his arms wrapped around Todoroki's neck, legs around his waist. Todoroki's right hand gently rubbing up and down the child's back.

"What's wrong?"

"H-he..he t-t-told me," Izuku blubbers.

"Shhh, it's alright. Who told you what?" Todoroki whispers, eyes catching on Bakugou and Kirishima walking up to the dorm.

"Kaachan," Izuku whimpers. "K-k-kill myself!" The last part comes out in a loud wail. Todoroki feels time freeze, Bakugou's face blanches as Kirishima's widens. Taking a deep breath, closing his eyes to control his flames from bursting out. Todoroki stands up, still holding Izuku's body against his chest - Izuku now crying silently into his neck. Walking over and past the two teens, Todoroki walks back into the dorm stopping in front of Uraraka and Iida at the table.

"Inform Aizawa-sensei that something came up. I'm taking him back up to my room, if one of you could grab his notebook from outside." Without waiting for a reply Todoroki walks off to the elevator, ignoring the questions following him.

Fifteen minutes later Aizawa is walking into Todoroki's room. Todoroki cradling Izuku's sleeping form, his right hand laying over the little boy's eyes. Aizawa settles down on one of the pillows in front of the bed.

"What happened?"

"He remembered something." Todoroki whispers, his eyes hard. "Bakugou told him to kill himself at some point. When Izuku first saw him he asked if they were friends because he wasn't useless now. Now he is remembering that same person telling him to off himself." His voice comes out in a deep growl, fire flickering across his cheeks. Izuku whimpers before nuzzling closer then settling back down.

Aizawa rubs his face, shoulders slumping. "I'll talk with Bakugou now, but anything else will wait for Izuku tomorrow. That way he will remember everything."

"He never wanted this to come out."

"No, he didn't. But it doesn't matter, it did and it will be handled." Aizawa sighs, "Because we did not know of the history we have been pairing them together, trying to force them to make their relationship work. What we have essentially been doing is forcing a victim to keep being pitted against their abuser and punishing them equally."

After a moment of silence, Aizawa stands beginning to leave. "He never had anyone on his side." Aizawa turns slightly to look back at Todoroki, who is gazing blankly down at the child curled into him. "At least I had mom for a while, he didn't even have his mom supporting him. No one to tell him he could do it or that he had a choice." Bi-colored eyes glance up and meet onyx, emotions swirling in the teen's eyes. "He grew up quirkless, how many people told him the same thing every day? What about the abuse? He never complained to you or any other teachers, why? Did any of his old ones ever do anything to help?"

"I don't know," Aizawa states, turning fully to face the silently crying teen. "Did anyone ever help you?"

"Izuku, he's the only one that helped after mom left." Todoroki whispers, pulling the child closer to him - the weight of Izuku's body comforting. Aizawa sits back down, waiting for Todoroki to calm down and continue. Slowly, for the next twenty minutes he tells him everything. How his oldest brother was forced to train until he was burning himself and then died. The abuse hidden as training, how his mother tried to protect him until she had a mental breakdown. How everything got worse, the fact he doesn't have much of a relationship with his siblings.

Aizawa nods slowly, letting his hand brush through Todoroki's hair before standing back up. "Don't worry, I'll handle it. If you're comfortable with it, I would like you to see Hound Dog. At least once." After a moment Todoroki nods at him, Aizawa turns and closes the door softly behind him. Stopping at the end of the hall he pulls out his phone, clicking on two contacts. "Nezu, Yagi, we need to sit down and have a discussion."

The next morning Izuku nuzzles closer to the hard cool pillow under his head. Something squeezes him, his eyes pop open wide. Slowly he gazes up, meeting the hooded gaze of Todoroki. Izuku's face heats up, he shoves his face back into Todoroki's chest - feeling it rumble with a low laugh.


"Good morning," Izuku squeaks.

"How much do you remember?" Todoroki's hand runs through Izuku's hair, trying to help calm him.

"Everything," he whispers, melting into the cool hand. "When do I have to face the music?"

"Not until you want to." Todoroki whispers, "We don't have to get up until you want to." Three loud knocks come from the door, Izuku's hand clenching into Todoroki's shirt slightly. "Or until someone noisy comes along."

Izuku chuckles softly, as Iida's voice calls for them. Standing up, Izuku smiles as Todoroki loans him a new set of clothes - having changed Izuku while he was sleeping into a shirt and shorts. Todoroki turns back to him, standing at the door and offers him a smile. Thankfully whatever he has to face, he has amazing friends to help him through it.

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