"Elijah can be extremely persistent," Kol says as we enter the airport a bit past dusk after leaving the car behind since it's Klaus' and we'll tell him that we took it so he can come and pick it up. We didn't need to go through all the checkpoints that airports have these days since Kol only had one bag and he could just compel everything for us instead of paying.

"Just answer," I tell him as I stop walking, causing us both to stop through our joined hands before going any further into the airport, his grip on my hand tightening a bit in his frustration.

He groans as he takes his phone out of his jacket pocket. "Fine." He dials as I stand in front of him while he puts the phone to his ear. "You can't let alone, can you?" he asks with a bitter grin that is directed at Elijah but then he frowns. "What do you mean they have him?" I frown at this. "How?" There's a pause. "The Bennett witch?"

"What's wrong?" I ask and he nods at me to wait, but I begin to worry.

"Where is he now?" he asks as he sighs frustratingly. "Look, he deserves it, but I agree that his punishment is for us to decide." He is practically trying to glare at Elijah through the phone and I sigh, keeping calm. "I'll honor the bloody deal." He stops as he listens before his eyes meet mine with raised eyebrows. "You can discuss it with her." He offers me the phone and I frown at him before taking it and putting it to my ear.

"Hello, 'Lijah," I greet as Kol stands behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and placing his chin on my head, causing my stomach to flip anxiously at having Kol so close to my body while my heart begins to beat hard and my cheeks burn.

"Good evening, Miss Gwen," I hear Elijah's voice greet. "I have to say that I am not so surprised to know you're with my youngest brother." I blush at this as I place my free hand over the ones Kol has wrapped around me.

"Yeah, we're at the airport. We thought we'd take a vacation."

"Then I regret to inform you that it will have to be delayed," he says and I frown.

"Why?" I ask and Kol detaches himself from my back and leads us to some seats, sitting us down and he throws an arm on the back of my seat, paying close attention to what Elijah is saying with his head turned to me. "What happened?"

"It seems that Niklaus has found himself in a bit of a pickle," he says and I exhale with a frown, not expecting for Klaus to be in any trouble.

"What did he do now?" I sigh while Kol grins.

"Bonnie Bennett has managed to desiccate Niklaus and now Elena and her companions have his body," he says and my eyes widen.

"What?" I ask, not knowing what to say, for I didn't want to even imagine what they might do to Klaus, which can end horribly for them if he comes to further harm. "H-How did this happen?"

"It appears that their teacher didn't die as he was supposed to, the hunter that my mother created to kill all vampires," he explains.

"His name is Alaric, right?" I ask, remembering that my blood must've still been in the goblet that Esther intended for Alaric to drink to complete the transition.

"Yes," says Elijah. "He appears to have completed his transition and was using Elena to have the Salvatores bring him Klaus, but it failed. In turn, Klaus took Elena, almost drained her of her blood and was desiccated with the combined strength of the Salvatores and Miss Bennett."

"We need to get him back," I say from the edge of my seat.

"I agreed with Elijah's plan on how to get him back," Kol says and I frown at him.

"What plan?" I ask.

"To make a deal," says Elijah and I huff.

"And you trust them?" I ask.

"My deal is one they cannot refuse," says Elijah. "They'd be fools not to accept it, but I need your full cooperation, Miss Gwen."

"I will cooperate, but only when you tell me what this deal entails," I say and Kol seems to be rather impressed with my cautiousness before accepting something.

"They give us Nik and we keep him desiccated for a few centuries. We also take the indestructible white oak stake and run for our lives as Alaric chases us," Kol explains.

"No harm will come to them after we retrieve Niklaus and the weapon. Then, we leave Mystic Falls, never to return while the hunter follows us," says Elijah. "We've done it before, we can do it again and we will do this until Elena dies."

I frown. "What does her death have to do with anything?"

"When she dies, the hunter will also die with her," says Elijah. "An insurance that my mother must have placed to make sure that no vampires are left on this Earth if his plan to kill every Original had succeeded."

"Well, tough luck for her," I say. "Why doesn't someone just kill Elena?"

"I agree with her, brother," says Kol. "We can kill her and then fetch Nik, not that he doesn't deserve to be locked up for some well-deserved time out."

"Many things could go wrong if Elena dies," says Elijah and I roll my eyes. Why does everyone have to die before she even gets a scrape? I think to myself. "Swear to me that you will honor this deal."

I exhale loudly and roll my eyes. "Fine, I'll honor it."

"I'll honor it as well," says Kol.

"Thank you both," says Elijah. "I will go over to Elena's house and make the deal."

"Elijah," I say before he hangs up.

"Yes?" he asks.

"Make sure he's okay and call when you have him," I say and I know he nodded.

"Of course," he says. "I hope you and Kol have a pleasant trip after all of this is done."

"Thank you, 'Li-" Kol snatches the phone from my hand and puts it to his ear, which seems to be turning into a habit of his to snatch the phone from my hands before I'm finished talking.

"Remember, a couple of centuries are enough for me to have him daggered," Kol says and I roll my eyes at him. "It's so good that he has a taste of his own medicine. See you soon, brother." He hangs up before releasing a long and weary sigh. "That was entertaining."

"Can we wait until we hear word from Elijah before we leave the country?" I ask as Kol meets my eyes. "After he has Klaus, we'll leave."

"Fine," he says and I nod before leaning my head on his shoulder while his hand on the back of my seat strokes my shoulder as we wait for news from Elijah.

"Do you think he'll be all right?" I ask, wanting some other form of reassurance.

I have never thought I'd have to worry over Klaus like this. Yes, I worried if he'd get a scrape or a bruise, but that was different. This time, he's desiccated, vulnerable and unable to defend himself. And to make matters worse, the people that wish him dead and so does the indestructible vampire hunter that is after him and his siblings. I still see him coming through this, even if he is to spend some centuries desiccated. I do feel guilty for agreeing to have him desiccated, but it is the only way to get him back and it is easier to have him agree to the plan when he's like this. Still, we'll just have to wait and see.

"Nik's come unscathed from worse," Kol says, breaking me out of my thoughts. "We'll get him back, watch him rot for a while and then we'll be happy after and for who knows how long."

"We're immortal," I say. "I guess it will be for a while." Well, who knows how long we'll be together, if we even are. "Kol?"

"Hmm?" I hear him hum and I look up to meet his brown eyes with my jade-green ones. "What is it?"

"What are we?" I ask, frowning. "In this century, a boy is called a boyfriend and a girl is called a girlfriend when they're in a romantic relationship, if we even are in one." I scrunch up my nose at having to call Kol 'my boyfriend'; it just doesn't ring right with him. "I don't know if you like the sound of it and I would have a problem if this is just a little fling."

He smirks before pecking my lips, leaving me blushing when he pulls back to continue to smirk at me. "Well, I seriously have a problem with the labels this century has," he says as he frowns weirdly in reference to the 'boyfriend and girlfriend' thing. "And I would not call you 'my girlfriend' because you may be my friend, but what I want with you surpasses friendship." He pauses with furrowed brows as he thinks things over. "And I do want to be romantically involved with you, so make no mistake about that."

"So…" I frown, "what are we?"

"Partners?" he says while grinning impishly and leaning closer to my face, appearing to have the intention to kiss me. "Significant other?" He trails his nose from my neck to brushing his lips on the corner of my mouth, causing me to cease breathing and anxiously waiting what he'll do next. "Lovers?" His lips brushing against mine as he spoke with my eyes locked on his and I can't help be overwhelmed by all of him, which keeps my body frozen in place for him to do as he pleases.

"All of the above," I whisper with a smirk of my own with my lips brushing his before pulling away, to which he smirks devilishly.

"Well, aren't you a tease?" he practically purrs with his head still leaning close to mine.

"So are you," I say. "I need to keep up."

"Let's see if you can," he says, his eyes challenging and I grin at him.

He leans closer with determination in his eyes, which is probably to kiss me. His lips are mere inches from clashing with mine, but stops at the ringing of his phone. He growls in irritation, which causes me to chuckle at his face of annoyance as he takes his phone out of his pocket. He looks at the screen and groans as the phone continues to ring.

"Who is it?" I ask.

"Elijah," he says and lowers the phone as he turns to me with a smirk before leaning closer to my face, to which I pull away.

"Aren't you picking it up?" I ask with a frown, desperate for him to pick up the phone before it stops ringing.

"It's probably to tell us he has Nik, so stop killing the joy," he says as he goes to lean closer to me once more, but I maneuver out of his way and snatch the phone from his hand. I answer it as I hear him groan in annoyance from beside me. "You are a killer of joy."

"And you still keep me around," I say as I put the ear to my ear. "Hello, this is Kol's phone, but Gwen is speaking."

"Miss Gwen?" I hear Elijah's voice, but something seems off in his tone of voice, which causes me to frown in worry.

"'Lijah?" I ask as I turn to Kol, noticing he is also frowning. "Are you all right? Is something wrong?"

"Things are not right," he says, to which my brows furrow deeper.

"What is it?" I ask but the phone is snatched from my hand and I watch Kol stand as he puts the phone to his ear.

"Elijah, it's Kol," Kol says in greeting and I stand up behind him, worry crawling all over my body. "What did you say?" I hear the tinge of disbelief in his tone. "Where were you?" His tone holds anger now as he turns to me, his eyes furrowed in anger. "I'll tell her." He hangs up and I notice the hesitance and bit of sadness in his eyes before he masks them.

"What is it?" I ask as Kol approaches me and I dislike how he looks at me with pity. "What happened? Are Nik and Bekah all right?"

He sighs. "It's Nik."