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Harry blinked into the darkness around him, his chest tightening to the point where he struggled to breathe as he fought back sobs at the next nightmare. Cedric Diggory falling dead beside him had haunted him for weeks now. Why hadn't he reacted faster? Harry sighed, frowning, tears in his eyes as he sat up and grabbed a notebook. He had to do better this year at school. Was there even going to be a school with the war breaking out soon? Harry thought it was rather quiet, perhaps Voldemort was regaining his strength before beginning large fights.

Harry's hairs stood up and on instinct he grabbed his wand and made it into the corner. His ears perked to listen to what sounded like someone creeping up the stairs.

"Harry" came a whispered voice that Harry knew very well. Forgetting his wand he flung open the door and shot into the arms of his surprised godfather, who non the less was just as excited to see him, wrapping his arms around his godson in a firm embrace.

Harry felt his godfather's strong arms wrap around him and he felt himself crumble, clinging to the man as he sobbed into his shirt.

Sirius rubbed soothing circles into his back "shhh puppy it's okay" he said gently kissing the side of his face

"I love you puppy, it's alright" Sirius soothed, but frowned when Harry tensed and hiccuped staring at him in shock

"What is it" Sirius asked thinking back to what he may have said

"You said…y y you" Harry stuttered while Sirius continued to rub soothing circles into his back "Nobody's ever said they love me" Harry said looking down

Sirius felt a fury burning inside him at the Dursleys, but swallowed it as heartbreak coursed through him at his pup

"I love you I love you I love you" Sirius repeated gently, but firmly as he took Harry back into his arms kissing his forehead

"I love you too" Harry said his voice thick with emotion as he mumbled against his godfathers shirt, but Sirius heard it nonetheless and tightened his grip on his pup