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I was running around the park when I saw 3 kids beating up a kid. They were all approximately my age. I was just gonna put a stop to it when another kid beat me to it.

"Enough! Kacchan! You already made him cry… Stop it! I won't let you" I heard him speak as he came in front of 3 kids.

It took me only a second to recognize the scene.

'Damn! I already met the protagonists this early' I mused.

Now, I don't know why people like Bakugo. Maybe because he mellowed out a little after the canon started. The thing is, I hated him. I don't know the real reason. But I think it was because I used to be bullied till high school in my previous life until I started standing up for myself. And he just reminded me of the bullies. Truthfully, I wasn't sure about interfering but I have always hated the bullies so I stepped in.

"So Deku, the Quirk-less wonder thinks he can play the hero. Huh?" Bakugo said pumping his fist which generated a small explosion.

His 2 cronies were behind him laughing like this was a hilarious joke. One had large bat-like wings which he was using to stay in the air, while the other could increase the length of his finger or something (I didn't care).

They were on the verge of attacking him when I moved.

At this age, I didn't have full control over my abilities but I was fit enough to deal with them. I don't need my quirk to deal with a bunch of snot-nosed brats.

Seeing as one could fly, I first attacked him. Now I wasn't a cliché hero type person who would announce his presence and get the attention. I was stealthy… well, as stealthy as a child could get. My kick connected his side and he flew towards the other crony. They both collided and went down.

Bakugo was apparently just about to pummel Midoriya when this happened so his attention went to his minions and then me. Before he could turn, I ran up to up and decked him. I think I heard Midoriya whisper "Kacchan" but I paid it no mind. I turned back to see the finger quirk crony getting up though the bat crony was apparently still down.

I ran towards him and seeing me coming, the kid got scared. He tried to run away but before he could go, I caught him.

He yelled "Let me go" but I could see the kid was just scared.

"Weren't you just going to beat up that kid. What happened now? Where is that arrogance?" I asked with some anger.

Hearing me he started crying louder "Please, just let me go"

I felt bad but reminded myself that he was a bully. He had no problem beating up other kids. Still, he was a kid.

"If I find you bullying anyone again, I will beat you," I said and dropped him. He ran away crying. "I also meant the same for you," I said turning to the bat crony who was now standing up. He nodded vigorously and then ran away.

Before I could turn back to the main bully, I heard "You bastard" and felt an explosion go off on my back. I think I screamed in pain. Before I could do anything, he was on me kicking and punching me. I felt 2 kicks and a punch before I was coherent enough to grab his leg.

I then pulled his leg which made him fall backward. And then it was my turn to beat the fuck out of him. I punched him 4-5 times on the face before I was shoved away.

I sat up to see Midoriya helping Bakugo get up.

"What the hell was that for?" I asked irritably.

"You were beating him," He said as if that was a fact and explained everything.

"Wasn't he just going to beat you after he already beat that kid?" I asked. I looked around to find that the kid had already run away. Damn! the kid's smart to get away while the others were busy.

"K-Kacchan w-wouldn't do that" Midoriya said making me turn back to him.

I was flabbergasted. What world was this kid living on? Was he okay in the head?

In the end, I decided to not say anything. If this is like a canon Midoriya, I wouldn't be able to convince him. So, I let the matter drop. He will learn better in the future.

'Maybe this is the first time, he went against Bakugo' I mused.

I stood there while he tried to help Bakugo. Bakugo wasn't having it and was fighting on every step. I shook my head and walked away. I had 1 more round to run to complete my workout.


After completing my schedule, I went home. There I greeted Mom who was in the kitchen, making dinner.

I was just going to my room when she stopped me. She asked "What happened to your T-Shirt"

I looked at her quizzically. She rolled her eyes and took it out. I looked at it to see back of my T-shirt, singed. Damn that Bakugo. I looked at her and gulped when she arched her eyebrows. Her quirk was really a pain in the ass otherwise I might have gone undetected.

I smiled sheepishly and decided to tell the truth "Well, these kids were beating one kid and I rescued him from them…" I said pumping up my fist "…Just like a hero"

She was not impressed if her reaction was anything to go by. I looked down feeling a little guilty. I don't know how she could make me feel like this. I was an adult for crying out loud. Then again, my whole brain seems to have rewired. I had memories of an adult but I don't feel like it. There are sometimes two instincts and both telling me to do things differently. Truthfully, as much as having another set of memories has proven useful; they also proved, a pain in the ass.

I heard her sigh before she got down on her knees to my eye level. I looked up to see her giving me a small smile.

"Well, my hero, you will be going to the bathroom to scrub yourself clean and when you get back, we will discuss your punishment," She said, or more like ordered. I nodded frantically. I don't want to anger her anymore.

While I was going, I heard a giggle. I looked back to see my mom still arching an eyebrow at me. I shook my head and went to the bathroom. Maybe another set of memories was making me crazy if I was hearing giggles for no reason.


When I got back, I heard some shouting. I quickly got dressed and went there. I reached there to see 2 couples bickering with my mother. Seeing Bakugo's cronies, I easily understood who they were and why they were here. They probably thought I was the one, who was bullying their children.

"What is happening, mom?" I asked her, getting closer.

She replied "Nothing" while one of the men asked his kid "Is this the one who beat you?" to which the bat crony nodded.

"Of course I beat them…" I said coming forward, getting and ignoring 'Aha' from one of the women "…because they were beating a kid. You should have taught them to not bully others. Then again, I could see where they get it from" I said pointedly looking in their direction.

For a few seconds, there was silence before they started shouting "If this is how he talks to his elders, I can definitely believe my child" one of the mothers said snootily.

"You can believe whatever you want but the truth is that your child is a bully and I can even prove it to you. I know the kid. He is the one who is Quirk-less: Izuku Midoriya" I said. Seeing their kids' scared expression, they probably realized that I was saying the truth but took the challenge, nonetheless.

In the end, we went to the Midoriya's. Inko Midoriya opened the door and invited us in. There we also met the Bakugo's. Bakugo was with her mom. Seeing me, the kid got angry but didn't do anything which I didn't think was possible.

"Mrs. Midoriya, can you call Izuku? I am afraid; we would need some confirmation from him" My mother asked.

"What happened? Why would you need confirmation from him?" She asked.

Before she could say anything I cut in. "That kid over there and these 2 kids were beating one kid when Izuku came in between. These 3 were going to beat him too when I stepped in and beat them. Now we just need him to confirm the story so that these people can apologize for wasting our time and I can go eat" I said.

Again, I was met with silence. Soon Izuku was brought in and asked to tell the story.


That bastard! That fucking bastard!

I helped him and he stabbed me in the back by lying.

"Damn it" I screamed in my pillow.

I will never forgive him for this. I vowed, wiping off my tears. Sometimes, having a child's body is really a curse. I get emotional too damn quick. Then again, I have better control than any other kid of my age due to my previous life's memories.

When I asked him to confirm my story, he neither denied nor agreed. The bastard said "We were just playing around and things got out of hand"

I stood there shell shocked at hearing him.

"What are you saying?" I asked him and he didn't even have the guts to look me in the eye.

Then, those couples got the smuggest look I have ever seen in both of my lives. They were then harassing my mom to apologize. "Wait. If they weren't going to beat you then what did they do to the other kid?" I asked. He didn't reply and just looked down.

I asked them to go to the kid who was beaten but my mom shook her head. In the end, she had to apologize. I had to control myself not to punch those smug bastards.

The parents were still complaining and that they will sue us but my mother had enough "Very well, sue us. At least this way when the truth comes out, I will ask the court for all the reparation that you would have cost us…" She said and then pointed her finger at Izuku "…He can lie all he wants but the professionals would be able to discern it from the truth in seconds and I will be there to see your faces when it happens"

That shut them up and got them to leave. I threw the most disgusted look I could form at Izuku before leaving.

Suddenly a hand started massaging my scalp taking me out of my thoughts. I turn around to see mom there with a small smile on her face.

"I am sorry, mom," I said before wiping off my tears.

"It's okay, son"

"But he lied and you had to apologize to them just because of me," I said.

She just smiled and said "These things happen. There is no need to cry"

And then I cried more (Damn my child's mind). I went to sleep, crying in her arms.

From that day, I vowed to not get in between the bullies and their victims unless they specifically ask for help. I remained away from Izuku, Bakugo and his cronies; and in return, they would remain away from me. Though whenever I would see them, I would feel hatred bubbling beneath my skin just ready to be unleashed. I really had to control myself not to punch those bastards.

And I think Izuku realized this as he never spoke to me after I gave him a look of pure loathing when he tried to talk to me. Bakugo also never tried to bully me which I was prepared and a little disappointed in. I thought he would come at me guns…err, bombs blazing. I would have loved to pound him into the dirt, again.

This didn't mean I didn't get to see some revenge. I once smirked at Izuku, while he was getting beaten by the same group of individuals that I saved him from just a few months after the incident. Those guilty tears made my day.

So how do you like this story? I admit, I really don't like Midoriya and Bakugo. In my opinion, Todoroki would have been a better choice for the main protagonist. Then again, this is just my opinion.

This is just a part of the 1st chapter, specifically the last part. I have ideas about the other chapters but I won't write it if I don't get a good response. I think if I write this story, I might update it quickly as I wouldn't have to think about the material. Most of the material would come from the canon. I have to think for the stuff in my other stories, except for the "Dragon Ball Z: Self Insert"

Then again, I might be wrong.

I stopped reading the manga a year ago so I will have to read it again to get back on track.

Also, there are so many superpowers to choose from. And I am damn confused between them so I also want to ask from you guys. You can suggest the quirk in the comment section.

I am also a little confused. I read somewhere that Midoriya will have 4-5 quirks in total at the end of the series as he will be getting those quirks from previous One for All users. But it is a unique situation if it is true.

That's why I want MC to have multiple quirks too.

I only want 2 quirks or maybe 3 but that's it. Tell me a maximum of 3 quirks – One physical and one mental quirk and one spiritual, which will make the character badass in the long run. It should not be too OP too soon. He should be able to train his quirks to more efficiency and power.

I was thinking of a minor regeneration, Telekinesis & Telepathy, and the ability to use All elements (Like air, water, earth, lightning and fire, and further ice, lava, boil, etc. by mixing them in a later story). I know they are 4 but I categorized Telekinesis and Telepathy in the same quirk.

You could even suggest some Occular quirk though please don't suggest Sharingan and Byakugan. I really don't like to put power from one story in another. Moreover, I don't think Byakugan would even work nicely without him knowing Tenkusu points.

I even thought of a Quirk: Chi. It will enable him to amplify his abilities in a multiplier. Like suppose, his speed is 5 m/ second. Using this quirk at 2x multiplier, the speed will become 10 m/sec.

I also thought to make my character like Killua (from Hunter x Hunter) and have him, electricity as a quirk. But I realized that Kaminari already has an electricity-based quirk so I scrapped that idea.

The character will definitely be Midoriya's age level as there is literally nothing from the past which I could take inspiration from. There is another story "Vigilantes" but I will add the character into the plot instead of making him older. Also, there will be no gender-bend. I hate those. So sorry for those who wanted to see Todoroki's or any other gender bends.

You can also suggest the pairing if you guys want any. I don't exactly remember all the girls.

The choices are these: Momo Yaoyorozu, Itsuka Kendo, Mina Ashido, Mei Hatsume, Camie...

These are the ones I am confused about. I am not sure if these can be paired with the character: Toru Hagakure, Toga, Midnight, Mt lady, Ryukugo, Mirko...

These are totally excluded from the choices: Tsuyu Asui, Ochaco Uraraka, Kyoka Jiro…

And if you guys want harem, Be sure to comment.

There won't be any lemon in this story at least not until he and his partner are 16 at the very least. But there could be some make-out scenes before that.

Now here is the profile of MC, that I have thought of.

Looks: Killua Zoldylock or maybe Soma Yukihara though the last one makes him look similar to Kirishima.

Quirks: First is "Chi" though the quirk would be registered as strength enhancement

Second is minor Regeneration which can be further increased by the 1st quirk

The third is "Photographic Memory" when he uses his occular quirk.

The fourth is "Empathy": The ability to sense what others are feeling.