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Chapter Seven: Raise The Wards

Months later the boys had been swamped with work as the professors crunched down on them - in particular, DADA, but McGonagall and Flitwick had as well, nearly overwhelming them. Suspicions of their defence teacher and feeling their family magic were all pushed aside as they all pushed through assignment after assignment. The break for Christmas was something they all welcomed with open arms and exhausted minds.

"It'll be good to be home for Christmas" Sirius smiled as he stepped off the Hogwarts Express "Too bad Wormtail's mum isn't feeling well, but I can't believe you've finally convinced Moony here and Miss Evans" Sirius crowed as Lily blushed lightly and Remus shot an exasperated look at his friend

Sirius completely missed both reactions as he'd already moved on to the next task: finding mum Potter.

After a horrible first part of his life, Sirius revelled in the affection she gave him. Both Sirius and James loved their mother, but James would duck from her embarrassing displays when she greeted him, while Sirius would lean into her embrace.

"Jamie, Siri" Dorea said as she embraced her two boys before James could escape "and Remus it's good to see you" she said pulling him into a hug, "Lily it's so nice to meet you" she said also drawing the girl in a hug and peck on the cheek. James smiled brightly at her as she looked over his mothers shoulder.

Harry sighed, chancing a glance over at his beautiful wife. They knew they had pushed several things forward as the night progressed. Voldemort may attack several of his targets. They kissed before parting ways to warn the others - Voldemort and his forces were on the move.

Daphne apparated to a muggle neighborhood in London and began protective enchantments of her own design, wondering if she could add it to the sensor net of Britain as a whole. She worked diligently for hours, setting up traps in the places they had predicted Death Eaters were going to be. Unprotected muggleborn families, Godric's Hollow, St Mungos...

Harry sighed as he glanced at his watch; he had less time than he had thought. Time for the direct approach.

The Potters and their guests were having dinner, Lily loved James' family and thought she knew exactly where he got his mischievous side from - his mother. Remus sighed in relief - James parents hadn't blinked an eye when he'd confessed about his condition - and they had immediately accommodated his needs on Potter Manor, before James, Sirius and Lily had gotten a knowing look from the parents and James and Sirius had looked like they'd been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Dorea never had fallen for their facades.

Trixie the Head Elf had just delivered the food when there was a pop and Harry Boldon, the mystery defense professor appeared in the middle of their dining room.

Dorea and Charles had their wands drawn immediately, the students were ready, but they trusted their teacher and James' eyes flew between Harry and his parents

"Lord Potter, you need to raise the war wards on Potter Castle immediately" Harry said shortly and Charles narrowed his eyes while Dorea seemed to be figuring something out

James was lost. "You can't just apparate in here. There are wards" he whispered furiously to Sirius who nodded along vigorously, knowing just what wards protected ancient and noble houses

Dorea eyed the house elf who had made no move to protect her masters and seemed quite unafraid standing near the intruder.

"Charlus the wards" she said sharply and Lord Potter left with a quick glance at his wife who still had her wand trained on their teacher

Harry, supremely unconcerned, pulled out a chair and sat down, then paused and tilted his head, allowing a small smile to grace his face and Dorea's gaze sharpened even more. How had he felt that?

She sat down, her wand still trained on him under the table and said "Lord Boldon"

"Harry please," he said, smiling at her. She nodded in acknowledgment as she turned as her husband came in, noting his wife's wand, but that she was seated

The children also seemed at ease in front of their teacher which eased the concern of the Potter Lord

"Can Trixie get anything for the young master? '' Trixie said, looking at Harry. James and Sirius exchanged a confused glance while Dorea's face cleared in understanding and a smirk settled on her face as she holstered her wand, glancing at her husband who raised his eyebrows in surprise as she clearly communicated something.

"Thank you Trixie, a slice of treacle tart would be just wonderful" he said smiling gently down at the elf

He looked up to meet the eyes of his grandmother and knew the Black had figured it out

Just as he was about to open his mouth, the war wards on Potter Manor activated as a hologram popped up, showing them what was happening outside

Harry knew exactly who had given their location away, but he wasn't here so what was there to do about it until school

He watched as the wards killed the Death Eaters, a few inner circle members before the Dark Lord himself retreated before he could be caught in the frenzy

Dorea watched as Harry smiled in satisfaction as the would be murders of his grandparents were slaughtered by the protections of the ancient manor

Lily and Remus gaped, never having seen a manor fight before, while even James and Sirius looked on as they knew exactly what it could do, but had never witnessed it first hand before.

As Charlus sent a patronus to the auror department, Lily turned to look at Harry as Emerald eyes clashed

Dorea's suspicions were confirmed as she watched this interaction.

"Thank you for warning us Harry…Potter" she said smiling and Harry gave her a lopsided grin back. If there was ever any doubt left, it was pushed aside by seeing her son's smile on Harry.

"Always knew you'd be the first to figure it out Grandmother" Harry grinned as Charles watched, happy to let his wife lead this one

"Grandmother" spluttered James in shock while Sirius' jaw almost hit the table and Remus was in danger of catching flies.

Lily it seemed, was working a bit faster as her lips parted in awe as she met Harry's eyes again

Harry smiled and nodded at her and she looked at him in amazement

James seemed to have cottoned on and it didn't take him long to come to the same conclusions. He wasn't quite as quiet as his future wife though.

"So…so…so you're my my"

"Son, yes. Hello dad, mum, Uncle Sirius, Uncle Moony" Harry said smiling at them