Chapter 3 'Only Out of Pity'

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(Blu's POV)

I know she only does it because she feels sorry for me. I know she only does it because I'm so disfigured. She only cares because I'm a pathetic and pitiful bird. She only cares because I'm so tragic. Its all out of pity. I know, but it doesn't matter that much. Anyone/anything that shows me compassion and friendliness, even if its only out of pity, is better than being scorned, mocked and laughed at for my disfigurement. I'd rather have someone pretend to care for me, the bird I am, not just my scars, than someone who turns their head and walks away. Being showed fake compassion is better than being showed real mockery and uncaringness.

Its only out of pity…

It was night now, we had a chat and headed our separate ways, or at least in the confinements of the fake jungle. I had my think, and now it was time to just go to sleep…

The sound of banging on metal bars woke me up. I was sleeping on the ground, using a leaf as a blanket. I walked over to the source of the sound, and it was Jewel banging the air vent bars with a rock.

''Hey, can you keep it down? I'm trying to sleep!'', I told her. She rolled her eyes,

''Oh, sorry sleepyhead, I'm trying to escape!'', she said in an oddly rude and sarcastic tone.

(3rd person)

''Why would you want to leave this place? This cage is awesome!'', Blu asked.

''Look, you wouldn't understand it. I want to be free and not trapped in a glorified cage. You do, because you're a pet who hasn't gotten the taste of freedom.'', Jewel responded.

''Look, I'm not a pet; I'm a companion parrot. And why the sudden rudeness?'', Blu responded.

''Oh, I'm sorry…'', Jewel apologised.

''I know you really don't care about me. You only pity me, and nothing more. Stop pretending, because I know you don't care about me.'', Blu was a bit teary, and Jewel was shocked at this. But deep down it was true…She only felt sorry for him, and didn't really care about the bird he was.

(Jewel's POV)

Those words kind of stung me, and reminded me of who he was: A fragile, insecure, emotional, broken bird. He is stubborn, unreasonable and easily hurt. But what he said was true…I only pity him…

But can I say something that'll make him feel better? Who am I kidding? He is insulted by everything, he's so unreasonably insecure its mindboggling. How on Earth am I supposed to make him feel better? I can't…But I can try.

Sure he'll probably lash out or cry, but its worth a try.

I flew down to him,

''Hey, look…Blu, I know that you feel so alone, and I want to change that.'', I tried to comfort him.

''Look, you don't need to feel sorry for me! I know you don't care about me. If it weren't for my screwed up beak, you wouldn't bat an eye at the sight of me. You wouldn't care.'', Blu spat out. I felt a bit offended by this, and he confirmed by suspicions. Why does he have to be like this?

''Blu, don't you want to be with a bird; Another bird; Your own kind? Look at me, we're both blue macaws…Don't you want to be with someone else like you?'', I asked him. I don't know what I was going for, but maybe I can learn more about his psyche, or maybe this may just comfort him. More than likely, it would just offend him. Because that's what he is: Fragile, insecure, emotional, broken…Pathetic…

''Just go away…'', he said in a rude, albeit, soft tone. He seemed to be hurt, conflicted, in denial, or something, I can't tell which one. He walked off, and I decided not to pester him anymore. He needs his Linda, his human, his owner…But he also needs another bird in his pitiful life. Then again; do I just do it out of pity, and nothing more?

I flew up to the bars that prevented me from escaping this cage, and going back to being free in the jungle, where I belong. With my trusty rock, I slammed it against the bars. Surely they would break eventually, and I think they may soon. Hopefully tonight, but what about Blu?

I continued banging the bars with the rock in hopes of breaking them, when I heard a door open.

''What the hell?'', I muttered. I flew down to investigate, when some sort of…I don't know. It was a soft, but itchy material, and it had an opening which I was stuffed inside of.

(3rd person)

Blu heard the sound of fluttering.

''Go away Jewel.'', he said softly. He turned around and didn't see her. That's when he heard a muffled cry, and footsteps. He was freaked out by this, and froze in fear.

A silhouette of a boy appeared.

''Hi.'', he innocently greeted the figure. In return, he was stuffed into a sack, and into a cage. Jewel was there too.

''Blu, is that you?'', Jewel softly and fearfully asked into the darkness.

''Um, yeah…'', Blu responded.

''Oh, okay. Do you know where we are?'', she asked.

''I think we're in a cage.'', Blu answered.

The two would be carried away to an unknown destination. Well, they would find out, but right now, their fate is uncertain. Wherever they were being taken, they hoped it wouldn't be too bad...

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