Thank you to the beta of this chapter, Willofhounds.

Chapter One - Thirty-One Days

It has been a month since Harry was taken away from them and the days seem to get worse with each passing one. Hogwarts started on the first day of September, Minerva had Remus take over Defence Against the Dark Arts and Patricia Rakepick take over Potions.

Since Harry was taken away Severus had taken to drowning his pain with fire whiskey, passing out drunk in the middle of the day.

Minerva couldn't blame him and neither could anyone else. Minerva still remembered the day as if it was yesterday, all the screaming the child did when the Aurors came to take him. The poor child was so terrified, the Aurors ended up stunning the child before Harry magic brought the place down.

Minerva made her way to Severus chambers, walking in to see Severus passed on the couch with an empty bottle of fire whiskey in his hand.

"How is he?" Minerva asked Sirius who was sitting at the kitchen table.

"…Two bottles of fire whiskey before he finally passed out this time. He will be out for a few hours," Sirius replied.

Minerva frowned at hearing that her friend was getting worse.

"I got the letter saying that I'm allowed to see Harry, I'm planning on going tomorrow," Minerva explained, walking over and placing a blanket over Severus before taking the empty bottle of fire whiskey from his hand.

Once Harry was taken away the Judge put in place that she or anyone couldn't see Harry until after a certain time period, Minerva was the first one to get her letter saying that she was allowed to see Harry.

"What good is that going to do?" Sirius snapped but before he could continue Minerva cut him off.

"As much as I hate to say it I'm hoping that Harry has gotten worse since he has been there in hopes of proving that he belongs with Severus," Minerva explained.

"He's not going to get Harry back if he keeps drinking the way that he is," Sirius mentioned.

"…One problem at a time." Minerva muttered, since becoming the Headmistress and starting the new year she was running on fumes.

"How are you doing, With being back?" Minerva inquired.

"Honestly, better than I thought. I thought I would be where Severus is right now…I'm still sleeping on the floor, I can't get comfortable on the bed." Sirius confessed.

"And living in Severus chambers?"

"…It's quiet, Severus spends most of his time passed out."

Minerva gave a sad smile "When was the last time he ate…or showered?" Minerva inquired.

"I got him to eat something last week but he mostly has been living on alcohol and he hasn't showered for a month," Sirius explained. "I showered more than that while I was still locked up."

"…He lost Harry, I'm surprised he's doing this well. Severus finally found something that made him complete and it was taken away from him like it was nothing. You know that Harry started calling Severus daddy?" Minerva asked.

"…Ya, I got an ear full during one of his drunken meltdowns. I was a bit shocked to hear about it but…Severus did take care of Harry and he didn't have to and for that I am thankful" Sirius admitted.

"…I don't want to take Harry away from Severus. I saw the books. Severus was worried about it but all I want is my godson back," Sirius explained.

"I plan to do everything in my power to make that happen, I want Harry back just as much."

"It's my fault" Sirius muttered.

"…What is?" Minerva asked, confused.

"…If Severus never went to court, left me in Azkaban then he will still have Harry, none of this would be happening. I would rather be in Azkaban if it meant that Harry was happy and safe" Sirius said, feeling the guilt of it all.

"…Severus wouldn't be able to live with himself if he left an innocent man behind bars. I know you and James think…"

"No…" Sirius cut Minerva off. "…We were awful to him at school, he didn't deserve it. If Lily could see the goodness in him then so can I, she always saw the goodness in people no matter what."

Sirius still remembered the day when Remus told her he was a werewolf, she didn't back away or looked at him with disgust but instead wrapped her arms around him and told him that she didn't care.

Remus cried in her arms that day, knowing that someone saw the man and not the wolf. That, someone, didn't care that he had a monster living inside of him.

"That's really big of you," Minerva said, shocked at hearing what just came out of Sirius' mouth.

"Ya…I had a lot of time to think about things," Sirius muttered.

Minerva nodded, understanding what Sirius was talking about, "Do me a favour and don't tell Severus that I'm going to see Harry. It would only hurt him more."

Sirius gave a small nod, "I won't tell him, he probably won't remember even if I did."

Minerva gave her thanks before she left the chambers.