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Friday, September 4th, 2020

It was early evening in beautiful central Oregon as Dipper and Mabel Pines arrived in their second home, their home away from home, Gravity Falls. Mabel was in the passenger seat of Dipper's truck as he drove through town and then started heading into the forest until they arrived at their location, the Mystery Shack.

Once the twins arrived at their destination and got out of the truck they were greeted by a familiar voice.

"Dipper, Mabel, there you dudes are," the twins heard after exiting Dipper's truck.

"SOOS," Mabel yelled as she ran to her friend and gave the proprietor of the Mystery Shack a big hug.

"Long time, no see Soos," Dipper joked sarcastically.

Dipper made that comment jokingly as it was just the previous Friday that the twins last saw Soos. Their senior year of college began the past Monday, and after spending another summer in Gravity Falls they headed back to their college town the previous Friday to get ready for the start of the school year.

Dipper and Mabel both attended Oregon State University in Corvallis, which was a couple of hours west of Gravity Falls. With Gravity Falls becoming their second home it was no surprise that Mabel decided to attend college in Oregon. It also helped that her three best friends from Gravity Falls - Grenda, Candy, and a reformed/no longer bad girl or spoiled rich girl thanks to her parents losing their fortune Pacifica, were all attending Oregon State as well. Mabel and Pacifica were roommates the two years they lived in the dorms at Oregon State, with Candy and Grenda living in the same dorms, on the same floor, just down the hall from Mabel and Pacifica each year. The four then got an off campus apartment together for their junior year, and are living in the same apartment for their senior year. Mabel and Pacifica are even studying the same subject, Fashion Design, as apart of Oregon State's School of Design in the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning.

It was more a surprise that Dipper ended up attending Oregon State as well. Not that he loved Oregon any less than his sister, but as the valedictorian of their graduating class from Piedmont High School in California he had a chance to attend some of California's most prestigious colleges. He had been accepted at schools like Stanford, Cal Berkley, Pepperdine, Cal Polytechnic, and others, but decided he wasn't ready to be away from his sister just yet, and couldn't say no to the opportunity to be so close to a place he loved so much with people that he cared so much about. Still wanting to one day produce and host his own ghost hunting show, Dipper is studying Media Communications at Oregon State with a focus on TV production.

"You dawgs ready for the big celebration tomorrow night," Soos asked the two as he helped gather their belongings to take inside.

"You bet man, only get to turn 21 once," Dipper responded.

"And there is no place we would rather be to celebrate it than the Mystery Shack, the best place in Gravity Falls to have a party," Mabel added, as all three remembered the three parties Stan threw at the shack Dipper and Mabel's first summer in Gravity Falls, and the parties Soos had thrown there since. With the twins 21st falling on Monday this year, the first day of classes no less, they decided to celebrate the big occasion with their friends in Gravity Falls over the long Labor Day weekend.

"There are my favorite twins," Soos' wife Melody said as the three entered the shack and she gave Dipper and Mabel each a hug. After dating for three years Soos proposed to Melody in 2015 and the two had their wedding in 2017.

"Hi Melody," each twin said as they hugged her. The two then filled her in on their first week of classes and plans for the weekend as Soos took their belongings up to the attic. Even after all the years of visiting the Falls the twins still preferred staying up in the attic. Soos and Melody had fixed it up some over the years to make it a bit nicer, but it still had the charm they remember from first stepping foot in the attic eight years ago.

"That's great that you'll be able to video chat with your uncle's tomorrow before the party," Melody said after the twins told her that Stan and Ford had some free time from their latest adventure to video chat with their favorite niece and nephew to wish them a happy birthday. The two hadn't seen their grunkles since June when they were in town for a couple of weeks between excursions. The older Pines twins were currently in Scotland, trying to figure out once and for all if there truly was a Loch Ness monster.

"Any plans for tonight then guys," Soos asked.

"I had a long day of classes before the drive over, think I'm just going to head to the attic and relax for the evening," Dipper responded.

"I have a video chat coming up shortly with Candy, Grenda, and Pacifica about tomorrow night. Before that, I'm going to see Waddles," Mabel said sadly. Unfortunately, Waddles had passed away during the previous school while living at the shack with Soos and Melody, which he had been doing year-round since the twins started college. Soos and Melody buried his remains out behind the shack close to the forest. Mabel would visit him pretty much every day when they were in town, recounting the events of their day, or of their time between being in Gravity Falls.

"Well you two have a good night, we can't wait to celebrate you both tomorrow," Melody said before giving each twin a hug.

"Night dawgs," Soos added before giving the twins hugs as well.

While Mabel was downstairs on her video chat with her three roommates Dipper laid in his bed looking through his journal. After Bill destroyed Ford's journals during Weirdmageddon Dipper helped Ford recreate them, sending Ford as much information as he remembered from Journal 3 through email while in California during the school year, giving Ford something to do during downtime from his and Stan's adventures. Once the twins returned to the Falls the following summer Dipper began to keep his own journal of his discoveries and times he spent in Gravity Falls. He, of course, chose to have a pine tree on the cover of his journal.

Dipper was mostly skimming through the journal but stopped when he came to the page about his best friend.

"Wendy," Dipper said the name of his best friend out loud sadly.

He said her name sadly because Dipper actually hadn't seen his best friend in person since the twin's birthday the year prior. After graduating high school Wendy finally fulfilled one of her dreams of living in Portland as she was attending Portland State University. She loved the city, and after moving there she fell in love with one of the cities sports teams, the Portland Timbers soccer team that played in MLS. She loved how the team embraced all things lumberjack, especially the cutting of a round from a log every time the Timbers scored a goal. She even got Dipper to become a fan of the team and the sport of soccer. They went to some games during the summers when both were in Oregon and Dipper visited Wendy in Portland. While majoring in marketing at PSU Wendy was determined to get a job with the Timbers after graduation. After completing multiple internships with the team's marketing department Wendy secured a job on the marketing team before she even graduated. Then between the 2019 and 2020 seasons, she got promoted to head of the marking department when that job came open. Wendy's new job was the reason that the two hadn't seen each other in person during the past year. They were always texting one another, and video chatted multiple times a week, including keeping up their movie night tradition. Her new job just meant getting together in person was harder with each multiple hours away from the other. Also, dumb luck struck during the past summer as the one week Wendy was able to make it down to Gravity Falls just so happened to be a week when Dipper and Mabel were in California visiting their parents. Both Dipper and Mabel were hoping Wendy could make the party the next night, but the Timbers have a home game during the afternoon, so she is unsure if she can make it.

Dipper then remembered a conversation he and Wendy had on his birthday the prior year.

"So, have a good birthday dude," Wendy asked her best friend as she and Dipper sat in their spot on the roof of the Mystery Shack enjoying a Pitt Cola & rum.

"Can't complain about a nice dinner out with friends and family," Dipper responded.

"Now the countdown is on to the big one, TWENTY-ONE, TWENTY-ONE, TWENTY-ONE," Wendy chanted as Dipper laughed.

"Yeah, I can finally enjoy one of these without you, Soos, or one of my grunkles having to order it for me," Dipper said before taking a sip of his drink.

"Let me make a promise to you Dip, this time next year when you are finally twenty-one, I will be the first person to buy you a drink," Wendy declared, holding out her glass for cheers.

"Sounds good to me," Dipper responded and clinked glasses with Wendy.

"Happy birthday dork," Wendy said to her best friend.

Had Dipper known that he wouldn't see Wendy in person for over a year he would have admitted he still had feelings for her. Even after eight years he still had a huge crush on Wendy. Dipper did date a friend of Mabel's in high school, and a couple of different girls while at Oregon State, but he never felt about them the way he felt about Wendy. When he was younger Dipper agreed with Wendy's reasoning for not wanting to date him, their age difference. As they got older though Dipper thought the age difference would mean less, which was why he was ready to reveal his feelings to the then 22-year-old on his 20th birthday until once again his anxiety and nervousness got the better of him.

He then took off the trapper hat he was wearing, looked at it, and smiled, thinking about their annual hat switching. While neither still wore the original hat they had in 2012 thanks to them no longer fitting (Dipper still had Wendy's trapper hat from then and Wendy had Dipper's first blue and white pine tree trucker hat) they made sure to get the same hat each time they needed a new one to keep their tradition going.

Dipper was then brought out of his thoughts by his sister entering their room with her video chat now completed.

"Hey bro-bro, I think tomorrow night may just be the best party Gravity Falls has ever seen," Mabel said entering the room excitingly. She saw her brother just staring at the trapper hat before he realized his sister entered the room and put the hat back on his head.

"In Wendy land I presume," Mabel asked her twin as she went to lay down on her bed.

"Yeah, just thinking about last year and how I should have told her my feelings then," Dipper said. "Had only I knew we wouldn't see each other in person for over a year, I would have for sure done it then and got over my anxiety and nervousness."

"Have you heard any from her since we got into town," Mabel asked.

"No, she mentioned before we left Corvallis that she has to work in the morning since the Timbers have a game in the afternoon so it would be an early night. She said she would try her best to make sure we both knew if she could make it or not sometime tomorrow," Dipper responded.

"Well I certainly hope she is able to make it, not seeing her in over a year is just too long," Mabel said. "Plus I want you to have the chance to tell her your feelings again. I think things would go much better for you this time bro."

"Thanks, sis, you are the best," Dipper said getting out of bed and giving his twin a hug. "I think I am going to get ready for bed," he added before grabbing his things and heading out of their room to brush his teeth.

Once Dipper was out of sight, Mabel pulled out her phone, looked at a message on it, and smiled.

Saturday, September 5th, 2020

As the party continued on in the Mystery Shack that night Dipper had made his way up to the roof to get some air and think.

He wasn't avoiding the party, he had been having a great time dancing and doing karaoke with his friends, both staples of a Mystery Shack party. It had been an eventful day as well before the party, getting to catch up with Stan and Ford, plus Soos and Melody surprised the twins with birthday gifts, and their parents even surprised them by making the drive up from Piedmont to join in the festivities of the evening. It just felt like something was missing from the day. Though it was more like someone.


Dipper hadn't heard back from her anytime during the day on if she would make it to the party. Mabel said she hadn't heard from Wendy either. He was in no way upset with her, he knew from their video chats that she was very busy with her new job. He was just hoping that tonight would be the night he would see his best friend for the first time in over the year and that he could finally confuse his feelings to her again. Hopefully with a better result than the last time he did that eight years ago. Dipper also wanted to make sure Wendy could keep her promise of being the first person to buy him a drink as a 21-year-old. He wasn't sure how long he could keep holding people off from buying him a drink.

Dipper then heard a noise and assumed it was Mabel coming to check on him or bring him back to the party. What he heard though made him jump out of the lawn chair as fast as he could.

"I figured you would be up here dork," Wendy said and giggled as she saw she had startled her best friend who quickly jumped out of the lawn chair he had been seated in.

"Wendy, you're here," Dipper said in his classic nervous voice as he went over to give his best friend a hug.

"In the flesh dude," Wendy said as she returned Dipper's hug. Their hugs weren't as awkward as they used to be now that Dipper was the taller of the two by a few inches. Once they finished their embrace their hat switching tradition started as Wendy took her trapper hat off Dipper's head, replacing it with his blue and white pine tree trucker hat. She then placed the trapper hat back on her head.

"Sorry for not letting you know I was coming, I wanted to surprise you. Though I did tell Mabel I was coming last night and made her promise not to tell you," Wendy said.

"I guess I can forgive you," Dipper teased back. "I'll just have to give Mabel shit later for not telling me. Plus it's fitting since it has been a day of surprises. After Mabel and I video chatted with Stan and Ford our parents showed up to be at the party tonight, and Soos and Melody surprised us with birthday presents."

"So what are you doing up here then Dip? The party was going strong when I got here," Wendy asked.

"I just needed some air and time to think," Dipper responded. "It felt like something was missing," he added as his cheeks started to blush some. Wendy's cheeks blushed a bit as well and she knew for sure that she was that something missing.

"Well speaking of presents I got you and your sister something as well," Wendy said as she handed Dipper an envelope. Dipper opened the envelope and was shocked to see what was inside it.

"No way Wendy, you are the best. Tickets to the Timbers game vs Seattle in a couple of weekends, I have always wanted to go to the Timbers/Sounders game," Dipper said excitedly as he once again hugged his best friend. The Portland/Seattle rivalry was considered by most the best soccer rivalry in the United States, thanks in large part to the environment surrounding the games. Ever since Wendy got Dipper into soccer and the Timbers he had been wanting to go to one of those games, and now he would be able to go with his sister thanks to Wendy.

"So, shall we head back down to the party," Wendy asked Dipper after ending their hug.

"I actually had an idea, how about we head downtown so you can keep that promise you made last year about being the first person to buy me a drink. Then we can come back here and enjoy the party some more," Dipper said.

"I like the way you think Pines," said Wendy with a smile. "I'm also impressed that you made it through your actual birthday without someone buying you a drink."

"Grenda, Candy, and Pacifica took Mabel and me out to dinner for our birthday Monday, and each insisted on buying drinks for both of us, but I insisted they would have to wait until you got to buy one first. Mabel, on the other hand, had no issues with some free birthday drinks," Dipper laughed as Wendy also laughed at his story.

"Well, let's get a move on then dork," Wendy said as the duo got off the roof in the most fun way possible. Jumping onto the pine trees that surrounded the shack until they got to the ground.

The two then made the quick walk downtown to the town's one bar, Skull Fracture.

"I can't believe the last time I was in here was when I was 12, using a fake ID to get in to interrogate your dad about Stan's wax figure getting its head cut off," Dipper said after they both entered the bar, each laughing at the memory Dipper brought up.

"Oh back during your Sir Dipping Sauce days," Wendy added laughing some more.

"I can't believe you still remember that name," Dipper responded still laughing as well.

"I remember two things from that occasion, that name and you telling me that my dad thought you were a girl," Wendy said as the two continued to laugh.

"You still like rum and cola right?" Wendy asked once they made it to the bar.

"Still do," said Dipper answering Wendy's question.

Wendy then placed the order for two rum and colas with the bartender, as she and Dipper each showed the bartender their ID. Once their drinks were ready Wendy paid for them and the two made their way to a table.

"To my favorite dork turning 21," Wendy said happily as she held up her glass, and Dipper clinked glasses with her. The two continued to talk and when each was done with their drinks Dipper decided he would buy one for each of them. After finishing their second drinks they decided to make their way back to the shack to enjoy the rest of the party.

Dipper had a million thoughts in his head during the walk back, before finally deciding he wanted to tell Wendy his feelings before they got back to the shack, in case another good moment didn't arise during the night.

"Wendy, can I tell you something? About us?" Dipper nervously asked his best friend.

"You can tell me anything Dip," Wendy responded with a questioning look on her face. Dipper then inhaled and exhaled deeply, ready to admit his feelings again to the girl he has had a crush on for eight years.

"Wendy, I, uh, um, I just, uh, I um," Dipper started to stammer as his anxiety started to get the better of him. Seeing her best friend struggle to get his words out Wendy grabbed his hand and gave him a reassuring smile. Seeing that smile that he loved so dearly brought Dipper's confidence back.

"Wendy, I just wanted to tell you that after all these years, I still have feelings for you. I'm still in love with you Wendy. I've never felt about another girl the way I feel about you. You are just that special to me, and you make me feel special whenever we are together. I know the last time I told you this you mentioned the age difference, which I agree would have made things awkward for a 12 and 15-year-old, but I think each of us is old enough now that the age difference wouldn't be an issue. You are sweet, caring, thoughtful, beautiful, and still the coolest person that I've ever met." Dipper finished as the blushing returned to his cheeks as he again inhaled and exhaled deeply, looking towards Wendy for a reaction.

"No matter what you say, I'll still always want to be friends with you. I just wanted to let you know how I still feel, and I am hoping that maybe you feel the same way now" Dipper added.

To Dipper it felt like an eternity before Wendy finally responded, though, in reality, it was just a few seconds.

"Actions speak louder than words," was all Wendy said, confusing Dipper. Wendy then surprised Dipper by grabbing him by the waist and pulling him in for a kiss.

"How's that for an answer?" Wendy asked after the kiss ended, both of their faces bright red as Dipper was at a loss for words.

"Did I really leave you speechless dork?" Wendy asked while giggling.

"What changed, when did the feelings become mutual?" Dipper asked.

"The feelings first appeared when you finally got your growth spurt in high school," Wendy admitted. "Though they really started coming on strong the last couple of years, which was of course just in time for us not to be able to see each other in person as much because of our lives becoming busier. I was actually planning on telling you tonight, but you beat me to the punch."

"I wanted to tell you in person as well, I considered it during one of our many video chats but that just didn't feel right," Dipper said.

"I feel the same way Dip, hence why I was going to tell you tonight," Wendy said. "Dipper Pines, you make me feel special in a way no other guy has made me feel. You're smart, brave, funny, and pretty much any other word you can think of to describe my perfect guy. I should have said this a while ago, but age is just a number, and I won't let it affect a romantic relationship with you anymore," Wendy continued on admitting her feelings.

"What are you trying to say Wendy?" said Dipper with a teasing smile on his face.

"That I want to be your girlfriend dork, duh," Wendy responded before rubbing the top of his head like she used to do when they were younger.

"And I want to be your boyfriend Wendy," Dipper said and then kissed Wendy.

"Eight years worth the wait for those kisses?" Wendy asked as Dipper began to blush again.

"Totally was," was all Dipper had to say as they held hands together and continued their walk back to the shack.

The party was still going on once the new couple made it back to the Mystery Shack. They entered the shack and went unnoticed for about a minute before Mabel finally spotted them.

"Bro bro, Wendy, there you two are," Mabel said. "I've been trying to find you two every..." Mabel's sentence trailed off as she looked down and noticed that her brother and Wendy were holding hands. Mabel then let out a loud scream that got everyone at the party's attention.

"OHMYGOSHYOUGUYSAREHOLDINGHANDS. DIPPERYOUFINALLYTOLDWENDYHOWYOUFEELANDSHEFEELSTHESAMEWAY. YOUTWOAREFINALLYACOUPLE. NOWWHENISTHEWEDDINGCANIBETHEMAIDOFHONOR," Mabel went on and on as Soos, Melody, Grenda, Candy, Pacifica, Dipper and Mabel's parents and the other townsfolks at the party congratulated the new couple.

"I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS," Mabel finally got out clearly and concisely after she had finished her previous thoughts and gave her brother and his new girlfriend each a hug.

Just then a slow song came over the speakers.

"You two go have your first dance as boyfriend and girlfriend," Mabel said with the biggest smile on her face.

"May I have this dance, Lady Corduroy?" Dipper asked his girlfriend as he held out his hand.

"You may, Sir Dipping Sauce," Wendy responded with a laugh as she held out her hand for Dipper and they made their way to the dance floor.

"This has been the best day of my life," Dipper said to Wendy after the song ended and they left the dance floor.

"Glad to hear it, dork. I agree its been pretty fantastic. Got me a boyfriend and everything," Wendy responded making Dipper laugh.

"I love you Wendy Corduroy," Dipper said.

"I love you too Dipper Pines," Wendy responded back and then kissed her boyfriend.

After their kiss ended they heard BABBA's Disco Girl start playing over the speakers.

"Dude it's your favorite song, we have to go dance," Wendy said as she dragged Dipper back onto the dance floor.

The new couple spent the rest of the night dancing and having fun with their friends.

The end