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I wasn't planning on adding anything else, but decided this wouldn't hurt. In the last chapter, when Marinette was under the fear toxin what she saw was Hawkmoth. He had used Char Noir, as Adrien against her; she was still able to take him out. Chat never betrayed her, Hawkmoth just realised that his son had the black cat ring.

Anyways, onward!

Smiling Marinette hands the box of pastries to the woman, waving her out. Sitting down just behind the counter she pulls out her sketchbook, flipping to the last page. Pulling out the pencil she starts adding to and editing the gala dress.

"Mari the cookies are done!" Tikki calls from the kitchen. Closing her book and pushing back she quickly heads into the kitchen.

Pulling on an apron and oven mitts, she turns the timer off - it still has two minutes left - and takes out the tray. Using a spatula, she starts transferring them to a cooling rack, setting the empty tray in the sink. Walking back to the ovens she pulls out another tray, this one covered with cheese bread. She takes the bread and places it onto a plate to bring up front alongside the already cooled cakes. Dropping the empty tray into the sink with the others, she smiles as Tikki and Pollen each take one of the honey cakes and settle down on top of the fridge. Holding up two pieces of cheese bread, she giggles as Plagg dive bombs for them, swallowing one whole and carrying the other on his back to his hidey hole. Before heading out front, she checks the small tray of snacks she left for the kwamis - Nooroo still has some of their blueberry pie, Duusu his nut cake and Wayzz still has some green tea cakes.

Nodding to herself she picks up the plates and walks back out front. Flashing a smile to the group walking in, she carefully adds the pastries and bread to their spots, setting the empty plates out of sight before walking to the back of the display case. Marinette takes in the group standing before her; a beautiful red haired woman sitting in a wheelchair and a tall black haired man with blue eyes and a large grin. The third person of the group looks very similar to the other male - except he seems to barely be awake. Leaning down, she pulls out one of the espresso cakes she made this morning and holds the plate out to the tired male.

"This should help," Marinette shakes her head when he goes to reach for his wallet. "You need this more than I need the money for it. Don't worry."

The male slowly nods, taking a bite of the cake. His azure eyes widen, before he scarfs the rest of it down, pulling laughter from his brother. "Well I know where to find you now." He turns bright blue eyes on her, laughter still clear in his features. "I'm Dick, this is Barbara and my little brother Tim. We are looking for a cake for our youngest brother."

"Nice to meet you! I'm Marinette." She gestures them over to the counter, pulls out a different sketchbook, and opens it to a new page. She grabs a few of the pastries and sets them out for the group, handing a plate of espresso and coffee cakes to Tim. "What does this brother like?"

"Killing?" Tim whispers, dodging the smack.

"He loves animals, even rescued a cow and went vegetarian." Barbara jumps in, wheeling closer to the counter, taking one of the macarons. "He tends to be a little hard to get used to."

"Rescued a cow?" Marinette laughs, making a few notes on the paper. "What kind of cake, two layered or one?"

"Two layered, there's a lot of us. Ummm...Tim you know what flavor he would like?"

Tim looks up at Dick, cheeks sticking out a little from the cake. Rolling her eyes Barbara pulls out her phone quickly typing away, not even a minute later it pings.

"He likes honey and za'atar."

"Arabic spread. I could make a simple honey cake, with za'atar sandwiches?" Marinette asks, sketching out a quick view of what the cake should look like. With the extra notes on the side.

"That looks perfect!" Dick exclaims, "How much?"

Marinette smiles, before cataloging the ingredients and time. Pencil tapping at her chin. "When is this all needed?"

"August ninth."

"About one hundred," she states, putting the notebook away. "You can pay part now or the full amount the day of."

"The day of, is fine." Dick states, "But can we get some pastries to go?"

Laughing she quickly pulls out a box and adds the requested items. Ringing them up, she hands them each their own boxes, slipping a MDC card into Barbara's box. She waves them out as Tim and Dick start arguing about something.

"I like the tall one!" Tikkit exclaims, rushing out the back as soon as the door shuts, the other kwamis chasing her. "He has a creative spirit."

"Really?" Marinette questions, smiling down at the group sitting on the counter around her sketchbook. "That was Dick Grayson, he used to be a part of the Flying Graysons - a trapeze group." She switches back to the other sketchbook, softly brushing Nooroo's head as they continue to eat some of the blueberries from the pie. "His parents were killed, then he was adopted by Bruce Wayne."

"That explains the speck of darkness in him," Plagg mumbles around his cheese.

"Well, the tired one has a good protector's sole." Wayzz states, sipping his tea. "Willing to do whatever is needed to protect others."

"Tim Drake, also adopted by Bruce Wayne." Marinette affirms, flipping to a new page and starting a completely new dress. "Not much else known about him."

"Did you do research on everyone important?" Nooroo inquires softly, large purple eyes peeking up at her.

"When I realized where we were going, I did research on the city. Bruce Wayne is about as big as Batman and his team." Sapphire blue twinkles as she glances up at Duusu. "Bruce Wayne is said to be a serial adopter. He lost his own parents when he was young, so he connects with orphans."

Duusu's eyes get large, his hands on his cheeks as he does a little twirl. His tail feathers quivering, "Oh! The emotions! Such strong protective emotions!" Duusu cries, falling onto Marinette's open palm. "Tell me we can meet him! I want to!"

The whole group laughs, Duusu still staring up at Marinette with large eyes. His hand on his forehead, looking up at her upside down. Marinette giggles, lifting him up to nuzzle against her cheek.

"We can see," she counters. "I will send out a card with the cake and sandwiches. Fate will decide if you get to meet him."

The three weeks pass by quickly. Only one mishap, letting Pollen near the honey mixture - she spilled half of it trying to eat a small bit. She had also received a commission from Barbara for a dress for the Wayne Gala in December. Their first meeting would be that weekend. Barbara commissioned a new suit for her date too, made to match.

She boxed up the labaneh za'atar sandwiches, tying the boxes together with red and green ribbon - each of them closed with a honey yellow ribbon, the boxes a black that reflects blue when the light hits it. She places a MDC card in between the two boxes, smiling at Duusu who cheers before going back to eating with the others.

She walks out front, setting the box tower on the back counter. Pulling out her sketchbook and flipping it to the ideas for Barbara and her date - his a simple black suit with an interkit vest. The ringing of the door causes her to glance up, wide blue eyes stare back at her as she catches sight of the dark red leather jacket she had made for Red Hood. A smirk pulls at the corner of her lips as she closes the sketchbook with a snap.

"Oh goodness, I fucked up."

"Well if it makes you feel better, I already figured out Batman." She smiles, placing the two boxes on the counter. "After that it was kind of easy."

"Well, not my fault then!" Jason laughs stepping up to the display case. "What else do you have? Before I go and check out."

"Take a look," She gestures to the display case. Turning back around she pulls out another box, filling this one up with a variety of baklava, basbousa, and kanafeh. Tying this one up in just red and green ribbon, she sets it next to the other two. Turning back to Jason, holding an empty box. "Ready?"

"Yeah," As he mentions each one she efficiently packs them up, tying this box with red and green ribbon. Placing it with the other three, quickly ringing him up for the last box and the two requested. At the price, he blinks at her before glancing down then back up at her. "Shouldn't it be more?"

"That box is my birthday present to Damian. He inspired me to branch out to different culture's pastries." Jason nods holding out a card, she quickly checks him out, handing him the stacked one and taking the other two in her own arms.

"Lead the way hero," Jason rolls his eyes at her before stepping out. Alfred opens the back door, Jason setting the tower down before turning back and taking the two from her. Alfred nods at the two before walking back to the front of the car, a small smile flashing at Jason. "Don't be a stranger."

He steps up closer to her, staring down at her. "You asking for my company?"

"I'm asking to see you again." She giggles, popping onto her toes she brushes a kiss against his cheek before walking back into the shop. Jason stares after her, hand slightly raised.

"Master Jason, will you be walking home or getting into the car?"

Twisting around he slams the door behind him, covering his face with a hand. "Please don't mention this Alfred."

"Of course not Master Jason." Alfred smiles, "Not a word."

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