"Hello Mr Stark," Harley said to him as she stepped into his office, shaking his hand across the desk.

He returned the hand shake, "call me Tony." He told her, "Mr Stark is my father and I'm too young to be that. Take a seat."

Harley sat down and watched as Tony looked through her files, she loved the technology of how everything could just be projected up into the air. "So I was looking through your file," his attention now looking at her closing it down, "it's impressive not even grad students could decode any of it. I mean it's not as impressive as my skills but you know it's a close third, and-"

"So whose the close second?" Harley asked him.

"Excuse me?" Tony asked.

"Well If I'm a close third, there's clearly candidates that are above my skills. So why am I here?"

Tony smiled at her - shaking his head in humour at her. "I like you kid, you've got spunk." Harley smirked at him, "so why should I hire you then?"

"Mr. Star- I mean Tony," Harley corrected herself, "you flew me all the way from England for a interview for a job that I never applied for." Harley fidgeted in the chair, "the question that should be asked is mine. Why should I work for you?"

Tony leaned back on his chair and pinched his nose for a moment before regaining his cool and calm composure. "I like you kid, have I mentioned that already?"

"Twice." Harley replied, "is it still okay I'm making my mind up about you?"

"I really like you." Tony responded as he stood up and signalled for Harley to follow him. "You start at 9.30, so later starts and we will set you up some accommodation. For now we will set you up in a temporary accommodation until it's ready. Pepper has set it up for as we speak and Happy will escort you to your temporary home." Harley nodded as she followed Tony down the corridor, "also as you will be helping with mechanics and codings it's dress down Friday every day so you don't need to worry about wearing a suit in New York weather. I've emailed you over your contract and salary." Tony and Harley stopped just before Happy. "Any questions?"

"No I don't think so," Harley said, "I will look over the contract tonight and let you know what I decide." Harley turned to Happy, "all set?" She asked him walking out of the building.

Happy and Tony stood there in awe of Harley and watched as she walked out. "That is some woman." Happy told him as he followed her out a few moments later.

Harley had managed to find some old diner a few hours later - it definitely had some retro atmosphere going on here which she definitely appreciated. Harley was shown a booth by the server, "coffee?" She asked and Harley nodded appreciatively - she was definitely jet lagged still. She spent a few moments looking at the menu, ordered her food and starting looking through her contract Tony had emailed her prior to this evening.

"Excuse me miss, but are you finished with that newspaper?" She heard a voice interrupt her thought process, Harley looked up and saw one hell of a guy who had piercing blue eyes.

"No, knock yourself out buddy." Harley said grabbing the newspaper and passing it over to him. She smiled at him and she could feel his fingers slightly brush hers as he took the newspaper from her.

He gave her a small smile, "Steve," he told her.

"Harley," she introduced herself to him, Harley could see a confused look go across his face but he soon recovered his composure. "Yeah, don't ask. My dad always wanted a boy. I'm the third and youngest girl in the family."

Steve shuffled slightly awkwardly on his feet, "well have a nice evening Harley." He told her as he made his way to a table.

"You too." She responded back.