"WHAT?! You mean to say that TJ Detweiler has actually like been a girl this entire time?!" Ashely Q. asked

The Ashley's were in their clubhouse contemplating the juicy new piece of information Randall had just told them.

"Yeah. According to Randall, he had a sex change when he was like 5 or 6." Ashley A. responded.

"This like simply will not do." Ashley B. said

"Agreed. Girls are we all in agreement that TJ cannot like keep this a secret." Ashley A. said

All of the Ashley's nodded their heads.

"But like how are we going expose his secret?" Ashley T. asked

"Easy. Ashley's we are going to give TJ Detweiler a makeover. Just like we did with Spin-ugly." Ashley A. said matter of factly.

"And how are we going to like do that?"

"Tomorrow, after school, we are going to grab him and bring him to our clubhouse. So, girls, bring all your beauty supplies and get ready to give TJ Detweiler the makeover of his life."

The next day The Ashley's cornered TJ before he got on the bus.

"Hey, TJ, we've noticed that it's been a while since you swam in our candy pool, so we wanted to like invite you." Ashley A. said

"Thanks ladies, but I've got a ton of homework to do. Maybe another time."

"Oh, come on, it'll be like totally fun and it'll only be for like 10-15 minutes. Besides don't you want to like get loaded up on sugar before doing all that boring homework."

TJ thought about it. While this WAS the Ashley's who was he to say no to free candy, especially before doing homework. And it was only going to be for a few minutes.

"Ok," TJ said, "Lead the way, ladies."

TJ and The Ashley's walked back to the Ashley clubhouse where Ashley B. opened up the pool and TJ hopped in.

While TJ was distracted eating candy Ashley Q. put the security measures in place so that the lockdown could be initiated immediately.

After 10 or so minutes, TJ got out of the pool, grabbed his jacket, and began his way towards the door.

"Well, it's been fun, girls, but I really do need to get going."

"Like where do you think you're going?" Ashley A. asked

"Uh, home, you ladies said that this was only going to last a few minutes."

"Well, we lied. Ashley Q."

Ashley Q. pushed a button and the entire clubhouse went into complete lockdown. Every single exit was blocked. TJ could not escape.

"Ashley's, what's going on here?" TJ asked. He should have known the invitation was too good to be true.

"Come and sit down and we'll like explain."

Ashley A. motioned her hand and Ashley Q. hit another button. This time a wall turned around revealing a vanity mirror and hair-dresser chair along with a sink. A few feet from that was a tailor stand complete with a mannequin and rows of fabric and clothes.

TJ was stunned. He knew the Ashley clubhouse was rigged, I mean what did you expect from spoiled, prissy girls with rich dads, but this was a whole other level.

He was just about to tell them to get lost but considering that all of his exits were blocked and the looks on the Ashley's faces, he knew that he was better off doing what they said. Especially if he wanted to get out of there alive. So, he walked over to the hair-dresser chair and sat down.

"So, what's this all about, Ashley's," he asked

"It has come to our attention, TJ Detweiler," Ashley A. said, "That you have been like keeping a big secret from the entire school.

"Huh, what are you talking about? What big secret?" As far as TJ knew he didn't have any big secret.

"A secret that we Ashley's are going to help you with." Ashley B. said

"And how are you going to do that?" TJ asked very curious and confused. What were the Ashley's talking about?

"You, TJ Detweiler, are going to get a complete makeover." Ashley Q. stated.

"I'm WHAT?!" TJ looked at the vanity mirror. It was chock full of beauty supplies. Then he looked over at the mannequin and tailor podium. He had a feeling that half of those clothes were going to end up on him.

TJ looked at the Ashley's and crossed his arms.

"There is no way I am putting any of this junk on my body. I'd rather kiss Spinelli again."

"Oh yes you are. And want to know why?"


"Because if you don't, your entire hat collection will be destroyed."

"What?" TJ was silent for a few minutes. "You're bluffing."

"Oh, really. We had our butlers go over to your house earlier today and gather every single one of them. Want proof? Here's a video." Ashley A. said pulling out her phone.

Ashley A. handed it to TJ. On the phone was a video of all of the Ashley's butler's going into his house, up the stairway, into his bedroom and gathering every single red hat that he had ever owned. Once all of them had been collected, the butler's made their way to Ashley A's. house where they dumped all of the hats into a pile, doused them with gasoline and took out a cigarette lighter.

TJ looked up at the Ashley's. He was mortified. Anything else and he wouldn't be as upset, but those red hats were his identity. They were what made TJ Detweiler TJ Detweiler.

Ashley A. continued "You see one call from me and your entire hat collection will go up in flames. So, if you don't want that to happen, sit back and let us give you a makeover."

TJ let out a sigh. He was completely trapped. No way out. He handed Ashley A. back her phone and said "All right, get on with it. Seems like I have no other option."

"That's right. Now sit back, relax and let the makeover begin."