The next morning, TJ was woken up by the Ashley's gently shaking him.

"Rise and shine." He heard Ashley A. say.

TJ reluctantly opened his eyes and sat up prepared for even more embarrassment.

"Hey there, Sleeping Beauty. Did you sleep well?" Ashley Q asked mockingly

"No, I did not!" TJ said rather firmly. "Now will you ladies please get on with whatever it is that you have planned for me."

"Easy there. All you have to do is get and let us touch up what you messed up last night. Now up and at 'em."

TJ got out of bed and walked out of his makeshift bedroom. The Ashley's once again produced the makeover station and TJ sat down in the chair. They fixed the makeup that got ruined while TJ slept and cleaned up his hair.

He got off the chair and went to go stand on the tailor podium, where the Ashley's smoothed down his clothes and put the purple headband back in his hair.

When they were done, TJ stepped of the podium and turned towards The Ashley's,

"Now what?" he asked

"Now? Now you're going to meet us a recess so that you can begin your lessons"

"Wait, what lessons?"

"Oh, you didn't realize. The makeover was part 1. Part 2 is that we're going to teach you to be more feminine."

"YOU'RE WHAT?!" TJ asked. He didn't even have the words.

"That's right. Now run along and meet us back at the clubhouse to begin the lessons."

TJ turned and headed for the door. As soon as he was about to climb out, he heard Ashley A. say

"Oh, and don't even think about undoing the makeover. Remember we still have your hat collection."

TJ groaned and headed out of the clubhouse.

TJ tried his best to hide as he ran around the school yard in search of a trench coat. He may not be allowed undo the makeover but that didn't mean he was ready for everyone to see him like this, at least not until he showed his friends.

He was going to show Mikey first because Mikey would have the calmest reaction. He wasn't ready for the full blown outburst he knew he would get form Vince and Spinelli. He didn't really want to hear a scientific explanation from Gretchen and Gus would be so nonchalant that it seemed pointless to go to him first.

There was still a half hour before school started so he had plenty of time to look for a trench coat, which he did, behind a dumpster and with a hat. TJ put the coat and hat on and went off to find his friends.

He found them by the bike rack talking.

"Hey, any of you guys seen TJ?" Spinelli asked

"No, I haven't." Vince said

"I wonder where he is." Gus commented

TJ inched closer to the group and tried to get Mikey's attention.

"Psst, psst, Mikey. Mikey!" TJ said as loudly as he could without getting everyone else's attention.

Mikey heard his name being called. He turned around and saw someone in a trench coat and hat standing a few feet from him. Mikey thought he recognized the person


"Yes, Mikey, come over here quick!" TJ said

Mikey got up and went over TJ who quickly led him away from the group to somewhere more private.

When the two were alone, Mikey looked at TJ curiously and slightly concerned.

"Ok, TJ what's up? Why are you acting strangely and wearing that coat?"

"I'll tell and show you. But first you've got to promise that you won't laugh or freak out."

"I promise."

TJ very carefully took off the trench coat and the hat.

Mikey gasped when he saw TJ.

"Oh my, TJ. What happened to you?"

"The Ashley's happened. They cornered me yesterday before I got on the bus and threatened to burn my hat collection if I didn't go along with it."

"Well, if you don't mind me saying, you do look rather nice. This look is very becoming."

"Please don't say that, Mikey. Can you just go get Gretchen and Gus?

"Sure be right back."

TJ put the trench coat and hat back on and a few moments later Mikey came back with Gretchen and Gus.

"Ok, TJ, what's this all about?" Gretchen asked

"Yeah, Mikey wouldn't say." Gus said

TJ again removed the coat and hat and just like Mikey both Gretchen and Gus gasped when they saw him.

"The Ashley's." TJ said before either of them could say anything.

"Well, there's actually a scientific explanation for why the Ashley's did this." Gretchen said "It probably stems from…"

"Please stop, Gretchen. I'm really not in the mood. I'm embarrassed enough as it is."

"Right. Sorry."

Gus was completely silent. Like he didn't know what to say or how to react.

"Would you like me to get Spinelli and Vince?" Mikey asked

"Yes, please."

Mikey walked away leaving Gretchen and Gus with TJ.

TJ once again put the trench coat and hat back on and a few moments later Spinelli and Vince joined the group

"Ok, what's with you guys leaving us?" Spinelli asked

"Yeah, what gives?" Vince.

"This." TJ said as he removed the coat and jacket.

As expected, both Spinelli and Vince gasped when the saw how TJ looked. Spinelli, who was normally very outspoken, was speechless. Vince on the other hand…

"What's going on here, TJ? Are you having a mental breakdown or something?"

"No, and if Spinelli promises not shout or pummel someone, I'll give you and explanation."

Spinelli looked a little offended but agreed, nonetheless.

"Ok, yesterday, before I got on the bus the Ashley's came up to me and invited me to hang out in their clubhouse for a few minutes. Against my better judgement, I went but as soon as I was ready to leave, they completely locked down the clubhouse and threatened to burn my hat collection if I didn't let them give me a makeover. So, there you go."

"But why would the Ashley's want to give you a makeover in the first place?" Vince asked

"They claim it's to help me with some big secret that I've been hiding from the entire school and they want to expose it." TJ said

"Wait, what big secret?" Gus asked

"That's just it. I've been racking my brain since the makeover and for the life of me I can't figure it out."

"So, what are you supposed to do now?"

"Well, believe it or not, I'm supposed to keep the makeover on and at recess they're going to teach me how to be more feminine."

"WHAT?!" Spinelli asked

"Yep, so could guys do something for me?"

"Of course." His friends said in unison.

"First, I need you guys to defend me in case anyone askes why I look like this. And second, I need your help in thinking up a plan in order to get back at the Ashley's."

The gang agreed, especially Spinelli.

"Thanks, guys. Now let's hurry before we're late for class."

The gang got up their spot and hurriedly walked into the school just as the bell rang to start school.

TJ did get a handful curious looks but Spinelli warned them off with one of her piercing glances.

Miss Grotke also gave TJ a curious expression when he walked into the classroom but being Miss Grotke, she didn't question it.

At recess TJ went off to find the Ashley's to get the lessons over with. He found them at their clubhouse.

"Well, like look who decide to join us." Ashley Q. said sarcastically

"Watch it, Ashley's, I'm only here because you gave me no choice, so let's just get these lessons over with and I'll be on my way." TJ said very firmly

"Ok, first lesson, how to stand and walk."

The Ashley's spent the rest of recess teaching TJ how to stand and walk properly. To glide more than stomp, and to stand with a much better posture.

When recess was over it was back to class. At lunch TJ got even more curious glances but none the kids dared mention anything for fear of Spinelli's wrath. The Ashley's had told TJ that he could eat lunch with his friends today but starting tomorrow until the lessons were over, he was to eat lunch with them.

After school, the gang met at Kelso's.

"So did any of you think of a plan to get back at the Ashley's?" TJ asked once everyone had gotten a drink and found a place to sit.

"Actually, I think I have." Gretchen said, "While the Ashley's continue giving you lessons, I thought that maybe the rest of us could sneak into their clubhouse, grab their beauty supplies and I could chemically alter them."

"That's a great idea!" Spinelli said excitedly "Let's take those snot nose powder puffs down a peg."

"Hold on, Spinelli." TJ said, "Gretchen you're not talking about doing anything horrible, are you?"

"No. Of course not. I'm talking about making their shampoo and makeup show up orange or green or something. Nothing too horribly drastic."

"Great. Then got on it. I still have to endure these feminine lessons for the next several days so that should give you plenty of time to pull it off."

The kids finished their drinks and went about their merry way. TJ decided to go home. He wasn't nearly as embarrassed as he had been last night and while his parents and sister gave him very curious looks TJ explained that it was an assignment from Ms. Grotke. Everyone had to dress up as something they weren't to view the world from a different perspective.

The next morning before school the gang met up by the bike rack, where Gretchen and TJ went over the plan they had concocted and then told the rest of the group.

At recess, the Ashley's taught TJ how to sit and eat properly and then TJ sat with them at lunch to practice more.

And so was the life of TJ Detweiler. Well, at least for the next several days. TJ took feminine lessons from the Ashley's. How to apply makeup and certain beauty products, hair, nails etc. The proper way to play with dolls and so on. Meanwhile Gretchen and the team were busy making sure the plan worked.

Gretchen spent that time making sure that the formula she was going to use to alter the Ashley's beauty supplies worked correctly and the rest of the gang defended TJ look from the rest of the school.

When Lawson finally asked about TJ's new look Spinelli and Vince came to TJ' rescue and explained that TJ was going through a phase.

Finally the day came to put the revenge plan in motion.

The gang met up in front of the school where TJ made sure they all knew the plan and… execution!

At recess TJ went to the Ashley's for one final lesson but he suggested that they go over by the Jungle Gym. The Ashley's were a little hesitant but agreed.

With the Ashley's away from their clubhouse the rest of the gang snuck in, TJ had told them how to get to the makeover station, grabbed all the beauty supplies they could and got out. Outside the clubhouse Gretchen went about adding the formula to all of the supplies and when she was done, they returned the supplies to the makeover station, returned the clubhouse back to normal and got out. And with 5 minutes to spare!

TJ and the Ashley's returned to the clubhouse and The Ashley's congratulated TJ on completing his lessons successfully.

TJ thanked the Ashley's for the lessons and went on his way.

The bell rang signaling the end of recess and everyone went inside. At lunch, the Ashley had allowed TJ to eat with his friends again but he still couldn't remove his makeover. Not until they said so. They still had his entire had collection.

When TJ sat down with his friends, he asked them if they had been able to pull off the prank. They said they had and without a hitch.

"Good, now to wait."

At the next recess, TJ and his friends were sitting at the tables when about out of nowhere they heard a loud shriek.

A few moments later the Ashley's were marching over to where the gang was sitting with very cross looks on their faces.

"Wow, I guess my formula really did work." Gretchen said

The best way to describe how the Ashley's look was Rainbow/multicolored. And from head to toe. Their hair, skin and everything else was sporting various shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. It was an interesting look to say the least.

"Explain yourself TJ Detweiler!" Ashley A. demanded

"Oh, this. This was to get you guys back for this." TJ said pointing to the makeover he was STILL supporting.

"WHAT? We did that to help you reveal your big secret"

"And what big secret is that? I still have no idea what you're talking about."

"That you're secretly a girl." Ashley A. said plainly

TJ was stunned silent. What on earth had made The Ashley's think that he was secretly a girl? It made no sense. Meanwhile all of his friends were laughing their heads off.

"I… uh… what… "TJ stammered. He was still at a little loss for words. "What gave you guys that idea?"

"Randall told us. He said that you had had a sex change when you were like five or six. So, naturally we Ashley's had to do something about it and well…"

"So Randall is behind this. Come on, guys. Let's go pay Randall a visit. You too Ashley's."

The Ashley's and the gang went off in search of Randall. They found him by the tether ball court.

"Hey, sleaze ball!" Spinelli called out

"Oh, hi guys, Ashley's. What's up?"

"You tell us." TJ said, "Care to explain why you lied to the Ashley's and told them that I'm secretly a girl.

"Oh, that. That's easy. I wanted to take you down a peg. I figured that once the Ashley's made you over as a girl that you would be too embarrassed to act all superior and I would be free to do a little extra snooping. I've got to say the plan went a little better than I thought, but I guess it's over now."

"Yes, it is."

Everyone walked away from Randall and went back to the tables.

"Well, I don't even know how to respond to that." TJ said.

"Yeah, sorry about the makeover." Ashley A. said

"Hey, other than utterly humiliating and embarrassing me, it wasn't too bad. But then again you guys are Ashley's.

"Well, I guess you can undo it now."

"Thanks, and hey, can I have my hat collection back.

"Yes, I'll have my butler return them to your house tonight." Ashley A. said.


And with that no one ever mentioned the incident again. TJ's makeover as almost completely forgotten. That night TJ came home and found that his entire hat collection was returned and his sister helped him take off his clothes, remove the makeup and return his hair to normal. He went to school the next looking like his old self. And Randall never spread a rumor like that again.