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Stuck in One Time

Chapter 1 Homesick

Inu-yasha sat on the edge of the Bone-eater's well. He looked down into the well. He had tried to jump into it more than ones, but he didn't get trough. Something was wrong. Was the well destroyed in the other time? Was time travelling over for him? He looked down not showing his thoughts on his neutral face.

The well was dark. He sighed ones and then jumped in again, but nothing happened. He looked up and saw the same thing he had seen these couple of days. He saw the dark roof of the well house in Kagome's home shrine. He sighed and scratched his hair. What was wrong?

"Will you come and eat?" he heard a call from above. Kagome's mother's head appeared and he smiled widely to the half-demon in the well. "Kagome won't come home any time soon so you can as well eat, right?"

Inu-Yasha kicked the bottom of the well and then jumped with power on the edge of the well. He looked at Mrs. Higurashi who seemed to be stunned of his powerful jump. He just stared at her lifting his other brow slightly.

"Well?" Kagome's mother asked when getting back to normal. "Will you eat?"

The half-demon stood up standing on the edge of the well. He had his hands folded like always when he with one step got down from the edge. He kept his head up all the time and with out even glancing at Mrs. Higurashi he answered "I have nothing better to do!"

Kagome's mother sighed and then started of. It had been like this since yesterday. Her daughter and Inu-yasha came trough the well three days ago and they had been both injured. To her surprise the half-demon had recovered soon when her daughter had to stay one more day away from school to recover.

In the beginning Inu-yasha had been in a way nice - or at least nicer - to Kagome's mother, but since he realized that he maybe won't get home anymore he had started to stay in the well house. He did nothing- He had only stared into the well when Kagome wasn't around and if you talked to him he more often growled than answered to you.

Yesterday when Kagome came home from school he was even ruder and especially to Kagome. Mrs. Higurashi looked after Inu-yasha when he walked out from the well house. She sighed. He could never imagine how it would feel like if you couldn't return to your own time.

She would bear this! She walked after him and he going first they entered the main house. Inu-yasha sat beside the table on the chair legs grossed. His hands were still folded like usually when the food was brought before him. He had his eyes closed until the smell of the food catched him. He opened them slowly looking down at the food. Then he looked up to see Kagome's grandfather and mother to stare him (Sota wasn't home yet either).

What were they staring? What they wanted? He narrowed his eyes and his table-companions started to eat their own food. When getting even some peace to eat Inu-yasha leaned forward to sniff the food. It smelled good and it didn't look anything ugly either although it was strange compared to the food he usually got in his own time. But so was everything in Kagome's time.

Finally he took the chopsticks and started to eat. He was soon done and when he was opening the outdoor Sota run right into him. The boy made the half-demon lurch. "Sorry.!", Sota tried to say when Inu-yasha marched by him with out paying more attention.

"What is his problem?" Sota asked when his mother walked to him.

"He's homesick", Mrs. Higurashi whispered. "But come and eat. The food is ready" she smiled to him and leaving his school bag Sota run into the kitchen.

Inu-yasha was still near enough to hear Mrs. Higurashi's explanation. It made him angry, but he couldn't show his anger to them. They had been so nice to him anyway. He walked his hands folded back to the well house.

He stood on the edge of the well looking down. Sighing again he jumped in. Nothing happened! It had been like this three days and the half-demon was getting crazy. The noise of those car-things was unbearable and the smell of them was even worse.

He sat down in the bottom of the well legs crossed. He closed his eyes and tried to recall what had happened before they were stuck here.

*** Three days back in time ***

"Don't say I didn't warn ya!" Gin said looking at the direction of the moving trees. Inu-yasha and his companions had met up with this tiger demon who knew something of Naraku and his latest trap. Gin had a long white hair just like Inu-yasha, but her pale skin was covered with black stripes.

They had run away from those moving trees sometime already. Those trees showed them were their latest enemy was moving, but no one could tell how it looked like. It was only a black figure with red eyes. Gin, however, told it to be in reality her travelling companion who was aardwolf demon.

Somehow Gin's companion had sold his soul to Naraku in exchange for his family. Of course it had been one of Naraku's traps again and the family was never returned. Luckily Gin had gotten away, but she had still the scent of Naraku and Inu-yasha didn't know could she be trusted.

"We can't run from him forever!", Gin shout over the noises of the moving trees and run after the others.

"Why are you helping us?" Miroku asked running nearest the tiger demon. "Have you any reason to be on our side?" That was the question that all had in their mind.

Gin looked down while running. Then she looked behind. Kagome could see some sadness in her eyes while on Inu-yasha's back. "I have no other reason than to protect him", she answered. "I was adopted by his family and I can't let him do something against his nature and will."

"What would be against his nature then?" Sango asked riding with Shippo on Kirara.

Gin was silent for a moment and then running still forward she answered. "Aardwolf family have been long a loyal companion to your family, Inu- yasha" She looked up at him. "Your father and my adoptive father had been fighting against other demons to make sure that dogs could still keep their place. We have also worshipped your brother Sesshomaru, who's now in the lead. However, you are also the son of the great demon of dogs."

Inu-yasha slowed down like he would have met a wall (Kagome barely held her position). All the others stopped as well and it was like the enemy behind the trees had been forgotten. Inu-yasha stared into yellow cat eyes. Gin didn't hide from him when the half demon stared.

"You worship Sesshomaru?!" Inu-yasha growled over the rustle of trees and leaves. "Why are you helping us, if you worship him?!!" He surprised the demoness.

"What do you mean by that?" she asked. "You are his brother, right? You are the son of a great demon, right?" She was a bit shorter than Inu-yasha and now when she walked right before him you could see it. "Don't tell me you aren't fighting for the glory of dog demons like Sesshomaru."

Inu-yasha folded his arms and looked elsewhere. "I have nothing to do with the glory and least of all with my brother." Kagome on is back had to hold real tight so she wouldn't fall.

Gin backed few steps. "And why is that?"

"I may be same blood with Sesshomaru, but I don't care for the glory of dog demons" the half-demon replied.

Gin straightened her back and then looked boringly somewhere else waiving his hand on Inu-yasha. "And here I thought you wanted to be full demon."

"I do!" Inu-yasha assumed and made Kagome thoughtful. He had chosen to be human with Kikyo, but with her. with her he still wanted to be a full demon.

"Right." the tiger demon muttered and then looked straight into his eyes. "You haven't what a demon needs. You are more human than demon and if you don't want to play the game of demons there is no use to be one."

Inu-yasha was just about to say something when a big black hand reached for them from the woods. Everyone jumped to get a longer distant from the hand. Slowly it changed its form. The big hand turned into a small human figure and soon it turned to be a pale haired demon.

"Koishi!" Gin gasped keeping her hands ready to hit with her claws. Others glanced at her and then at the demon that was standing in front of them. "What have that Naraku done to you?" the tiger demon whispered and dodged one attack that was launched toward her.

Koishi's hand changed its form into whips and he hit with them at everyone. His eyes were nothing telling. He saw nothing and none of his thoughts was his own.

Inu-yasha left Kagome beside Kirara after dodging one attack and then he launched toward Koishi. He drew Tetsusaiga and was ready to use the Kaze no Kizu, but suddenly something froze the blade. He landed down to see Gin holding her hands in an attacking position.

"I didn't help you so you could kill him!" Gin growled. "If you try that again I'll freeze you and your friends" She stared at him with narrowed eyes.

Koishi used the moment for attacking and launched his hand whips toward the two.

Kagome mounted Kirara and Shippo was on her shoulder. She looked at Gin and especially her expressions. She had never seen that look in any demon's eyes. That was a look of care that she thought no demon could feel. Sesshomaru was a good example of it although it looked like he cared for that little human girl with him.

Miroku and Sango stood beside Kirara not knowing what to do when Inu-yasha and Gin dodged the attacks. "Maybe we should run", Sango said. "Gin won't let us hurt this creature anyway."

"But if it was another trap of Naraku" Miroku said his thoughts. "What if Gin is in reality under Naraku's control?" The two of them looked when Inu- yasha tried to hit again and Gin bowed ice on Tetsusaiga. Then those whips hit again.

"We must run!" Kagome said suddenly surprising even Shippo on her shoulder. "Kirara" she said. "Grab Inu-yasha!" Then she turned for Miroku and Sango. "You run before us and take Shippo!" Then Kirara flew into the air and right toward growling Inu-yasha who was just about to attack Gin.

Kirara grabbed a hold of his coat and Inu-yasha tried to get away. If he would have dared he could have hit Kirara, but he didn't. He looked down still trying to get loose, but noticed Gin to run as well. "What is the big idea?!" the half demon shout just to keep his broud mask.

"Stop shouting!" Kagome ordered with more voice than usually. "Now we are running and you have nothing to say!" She looked forward hearing muttering from Inu-yasha. Then she looked down to see Sango and Miroku to run right before Gin. Gin was getting nearer and nearer them and soon she was past by them. Then she looked behind and saw Koishi to run now faster than ever. She gulped.

"It's too fast!" Shippo shout frantically looking over Miroku's shoulder. The monk and exterminator run as fast as they could. They didn't dare to look behind. Gin run before them and that told them enough of what was behind.

Suddenly, however, Gin was gone. Miroku and Sango looked at each other when Shippo shacked of fear on Miroku's shoulder. Suddenly they slipped on their noses and they glanced behind after realizing what happened.

Something pulled on Miroku's clothes and he looked at his side. It was Gin's striped hand and under the grass shined those cat eyes. "Come!" the demoness ordered lifting the grass that was in reality an entrance of a hideout.

Sango looked behind. "That's better than nothing" and so they slipped into the hole and Gin closed the hatch.

"They disappeared!" Kagome gasped not seeing her friends anywhere. Inu- yasha tried to search for them, but saw nothing else than this new enemy. Now they were the target to this creature. Those long whip arms launched toward them and hit on Kirara's eyes. Kagome flew away and Inu-yasha started to fall. He, however, jumped on a tree top and grabbed Kagome. He looked behind to see Kirara getting more hits and to fly straight toward them. Inu-yasha was falling with Kagome and before he realized he fell into the bone-eater's well.

***three days later in Kagome's time***

"Inu-yasha?!" Kagome called looking into the well house. She walked down the steps beside the well. She looked into it and saw the half-demon sitting down there. "Inu-yasha?" she asked.

He stood up and jumped on the edge. He stared at Kagome with angry eyes. "What took so long?" he growled.

Kagome didn't bother to answer in that one for he always asked it and she didn't want to explain it all now. "Are you homesick?" she asked gently looking into his eyes. She was sad when they couldn't get trough the well and she knew how Inu-yasha hated the life in here.

"Anyone in here?" Kagome suddenly heard a call in not-very-good Japanese. She walked out from the well house and saw a brown haired girl to stand in the middle of the shrine. She looked around to see someone. Suddenly she noticed Kagome and then behind her Inu-yasha who was curious to know who was shouting.

It didn't take long from Kagome to understand what the girl was staring. She tried to come up with a good explanation why she had a white haired guy with ears beside her. The girl came closer and before Kagome came up with anything the other girls started to talk with her not-perfect Japanese "Is he the violent and jealous boyfriend of yours?"

The girl was a bit taller than Kagome and she seemed older to Inu-yasha. She had blue jeans and t-shirt on her and something shining was in her other hand. Inu-yasha knew those to be keys. Sota had explained them to him on the first day they came here.

Kagome blushed and that made the other girl laugh. "Now at least I know I didn't have visions back then!" She glanced at Inu-yasha. "I'm Aliz. And you are?" she offered her hand for greeting.

Inu-yasha didn't take the offered hand. "Inu-yasha" he growled looking away. Then he started into the well house again.

"You are not surprised?" Kagome asked carefully.

Aliz laughed to her. "I was surprised when I saw you in that unfinished building some months ago and some kind of creature with read clothes came to your rescue." Then she seemed thoughtful. "Although I can't remember what kind of creature was the enemy. Oh well, I was drunk anyway" She winked her eye and then whispered to Kagome. "Don't tell your mom."

"What brought you here?" Kagome asked thinking on what kind of nightlife this girl had.

"Don't you remember?"Aliz asked. "Oh well. I'm not surprised after all those days you have been sick." She glanced at Kagome to see her sigh of relief. "But I don't believe in them" she smiled and made Kagome fear the worse.

"I to often told I was sick so I didn't need to go to school" Aliz yawned. "Although I didn't do it as often as you do."

Kagome decided to be silent. It was better that this girl believed wrongly. Aliz had already seen the mask-thing back then and thought it to be some kind of vision, but now she saw Inu-yasha again. All Kagome could do was to make her promise to keep it secret, but that she'll do later.

"Anyway", Aliz muttered and then looked at Kagome again. "We are staying here sometime with Mike. I still have to get Mike from our cousin, but I came to bring our things now."

"Oh" Kagome felt uncomfortable. If this girl was really to stay here all the secrets would come up and. She didn't want to think about it. Aliz was daughter to a rich man living here in Japan and her mother lived with another man and two more kids in USA just like Aliz's older brother.

"That dog boy of yours" Aliz said. "He's strong right? Could he help me to carry my things from the car?" Kagome turned to look inside the well house. Inu-yasha was sitting on the edge of the well again.

"Ummm." Kagome muttered staring at Inu-yasha's back. "I think not" she turned to look at Aliz. "He's not in good mood right now. Better not to bother him." Kagome smirked and that made Aliz lift her other brow.

"Oh well" Aliz sighed. "I can do it myself. I'm not weak, but there are too many of the bags and I have to carry them in two groups." Then she turned around to walk toward the stairs of the shrine.

When Aliz disappeared from her sight, Kagome walked into the well house. "You could have been a little nicer, Inu-yasha." She said not going down the stairs.

"Who is she anyway?" Inu-yasha asked growling turning around on the edge. "She isn't like you, right?"

"What do you mean, like me?" Kagome asked pointing on herself.

"Her talking." Inu-yasha muttered.

"Oh," Kagome realized what he was meaning. "No, she isn't Japanese like me. Her father is, but she born in USA." Kagome waved her hand like it wouldn't have any real meaning.

"Us-s-a?" Inu-yasha asked not knowing what it was. He got down from the edge and walked beside Kagome. Actually so near, that Kagome got confused.

She gulped and tried to get her thoughts straight. He stared at her with so straight look on that moment that she felt uncomfortable. 'Don't look at me like that' Kagome bleaded in her thoughts. "Y-yes" she muttered. "USA is a big country on the other side of the big sea. To East."

Inu-yasha got what he wanted to know and then he walked to the doorway of the well house. He leaned on the doorframe. He stared at Aliz who easily carried three heavy looking bags into the house. On the way she walked Inu- yasha noticed something shining from one of her backs. That wasn't keys! It was something much bigger and sharper.

"I don't like of her" he whispered to Kagome and narrowed his eyes even more. He stared after Aliz. He definetly didn't like of this girl. "She smells trouble."

Kagome looked after Aliz. She had known the other girl from almost a child. Their fathers had been friends long ago and sometimes Aliz's family had come to Japan from USA for summer or so. Always then had Aliz and Kagome had fun, but Aliz seemed too bad habited. Now days it wasn't hard to find her drunk by night and on day she was always sleeping. However, five years ago Aliz's parents were divorced and since then the older girl had travelled between Japan and USA with her younger brother, Mike.

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