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Chapter 7 Making up

Kagome waited Inu-yasha to answer, but he was seemingly avoiding to look at her. She sighed deeply and was gazing out from the well house. Finally she decided to brake the silence. "If we continue li-" she was cut short by Inu- yasha.

"Who gave you the present?" Inu-yasha asked silently kneeling on the well's edge his back toward Kagome.

"What.?" Kagome asked not understanding what he was talking about.

"The present in your room" Inu-yasha said turning around gazing into Kagome's eyes.

'What?' Kagome thought looking into his golden eyes. There was something in those eyes that made her heart beat faster than ever before. Suddenly he turned around to show his back again. Kagome looked down placing her hand above her heart. 'What is this? He looked me like.' She looked up at his back again.

They were long silent when Kagome slowly realized of what present this was all about. She stood up and slowly walked toward him. He hard her and smelled her to come closer, but didn't move. she placed her hands on his shoulders and looked over his other shoulder at him.

"I got it from a boy in school, Inu-yasha" Kagome said silently.

"Hmph!" Inu-yasha jumped down into the well. Still he didn't get trough to his time and now he really wished he would. He kicked the dirt down there not wanting to look up at Kagome who he heard to look over the barrier.

"Inu-yasha?" Kagome called silently seeng only his white hair and red kimono. "He means nothing to me." It felt stupid to say this. She and Inu- yasha weren't together right? She was only a shard detector, right? He chose Kikyo, right? But why did she then see jealousy in his eyes when he jumped up again and gazed into her eyes.

She loved him and she knew it. Her heart started to beat harder again when those golden eyes studied him, but why. Why did he look at her that way? Kagome swallowed under his gaze, but then asked with a smile "Could we be friends again?"

'Friends.' Inu-yasha thought. 'Why does it wound to be so lame word? Why doesn't it feel to be the right word?' He calmly got down from the barrier and he folded his arms into his big sleeves.

Kagome looked at him when he slowly with firm steps walked around the well toward her. She didn't know what to think. She had asked a simple question. Atleast she thought so!

Inu-yasha were eyes closed untill he was before her and then he looked down at her. 'What to say?' he thought looking at her dark eyes. 'Why can't I say it? Why does it feel so wrong? Like there should be a much.' "Fine!" he finally said grunpily and looked away.

Kagome smiled wider cause that was the Inu-yasha she knew. It wasn't maybe nicely said, but she knew that he really ment it. "Thank you" she whispered kissing him on the cheek. Inu-yasha blushed very much on the moment.

"Kagome?!" she heard her mother to call.

"I must go now, Inu-yasha" she said and the half-demon only nodded still looking away and having that red on his cheeks. She smiled and run of the well house.

When he heard her steps to faint he walked toward the doorway. He looked after her untill she was inside. He sighed and satt down leaning on the frame of the door.

There had happened a lot today. On the morning he got angry on Kagome for finidng a scent of another man. Then he had been rude to Aliz and Kagome. Then Aliz had taken him into a mall where he started to understand how much he wanted home. Aliz got drunk during the way back and after it he made up with Kagome. Sort of atleast.

He sighed and looked up at the sky. 'Is it next night already?' he asked in his mind when the moon started to rise and the sky was getting darker.

***Inside the house***

"Thank you Kagome" Mrs. Higurashi said when Kagome was leaving the kichen.

"You welcome, mother" Kagome said and smiled. she had been in good mood all the while when she had been helping with the dishes. She quickly run up into her room not paing any attention to Mike and Sota in the livingroom playing with the playstation again.

In her room she closed the door and happily leaned on it. She walked to the dindow and before it she kneeled down. She looked out toward the well house deeng Inu-yasha to sitt by the door way.

He wasn't exactly what she had expected from a guy, but. She sighed. Still one little grumpy word from Inu-yasha could make her so happy. she stood up and closed the curtains and then started to change her clothes into her nightdress.

***in the wellhouse***

Inu-yasha saw the lights of Kagome's room go of and so did slowly the other lights in the house go off. The house was dark and so it was dark outside already. He sighed and closed his eyes. Maybe he should get some sleep too.

After few minutes he opened his eyes again. Why couldn't he sleep? That word friend was still bothering him. Why did it sound so wrong? Why wasn't it enough? He chose Kikyo, roght? He love Kikyo, right? But why then this girl Kagome was making everything so difficult.

He stood up and stared at the house and especially Kagome's window. 'Difficult in a good way.' he thought. With Kagome he felt his heart to be warm when with Kikyo. He didn't know anymore. Kikyo was only a body living with dead souls. It wasn't life, but still. How hard could this still become.

Inu-yasha sighed and started to walk toward the house. He climbed up to Kagome's window and slowly opened it. She was sleeping when he slowly got inside. He slowly sneaked beside her and looked at her calm face. She was sleeping tight and he sighed.

He didn't notice that a smile escaped on his lips. She looked so sweet when asleep and even thoguht she looked so much like Kikyo, this was Kagome! he thought on Kikyo and the time back when she still lived. 'Maybe it's time to let go of that love.' he thought and looked at Kagome. Almost from the very beginning this girl had cared for him. She had shed tears for him and he had hurted him hundreds of times but she's still here with him.

Suddenly Kagome opened her eyes and that made inu-yasha fall on his back. "What?!" Inu-yasha shout when getting up. "You are a-!" Kagome stuck his mouth.

"Don't shout" she whispered. "Others are sleeping. Do you want to wake them?" He shaked his head and she let go.

"What are you doing here?" she asked with a silent whisper.

He was silent and looked away. How could he tell any of his thoughts when he wasn't sure about them himself eather? "Nothing" he whispered still looking away avoiding her eyes.

Kagome sighed and pulled on his hair (from the usual place ^_^) to force him to look at her. "Don't start to avoid looking at me again, please" she said silently with a bit sad eyes.

He looked at her. "ummm." he looked away again, but she pulled on his hair again. "That husrts, Kagome" he hissed when he was forced to look at him again.

"Look at me then" she said.

He was silent and looked down. She sighed and shaked her head. then she laid down on the bed again. "Good night, Inu-yasha" she said with a little dissappointed voice.

He noticed that dissappointment. He looked at her closed eyes and sighed. 'What a jerk I can be' he thought and satt down beside the bed.

A long silence went on and Kagome started to get irritated by this silence. She opened her eyes slightly to see Inu-yasha sitt beside his bed looking at the floor. 'What's that expression?' she thought when she looked at him. His expression was in a way sad.

"Ummm" he muttered beeng not real sure was she asleep or not, but it didn't matter. "There is kinda lonely in the wellhouse so I thought." He went silent again and she opened her eyes a bit more not believeing what she heard. "It thought. Could I sleep here?" He turned to look at her and blushed when he noticed her to stare at him with amazed eyes.

She slowly started to smile that made him even redder. "Ofcourse you can, Inu-yasha" she smiled to him when saing that and a small shy smile got on his face. That made her even smile wider.

Then he laid down like a dog beside the bed. she looked over the edge of her bed to see him to close his eyes having still that shy smile on his face she smiled, but then thought that it might be very uncomfortable to sleep on the floor.

She didn't believe she was doing this! She poked on him that made him look up at her again. "Isn't that quite hard place to sleep?" she asked silently. he didn't understand. Like he wouldn't usually sleep on a branch and more so he almost always were sitting when sleeping.

"Why don't come over here?" Kagome asked quickly so she didn't need to think it twice. Inu-yasha got red like a tomato and so did Kagome. They were long silent like that.

'She's asking me to sleep with her on her bed!?' he thought. He looked at her smile that was shy.

"Please" she whispered.

'What?!?!' he shout in his mind. 'She really want me to get up and sleep beside her!!!'

With out another word he grept over her on her bed. There wasn't much of room, but he felt very calm when feeling her back agains his. He closed his eyes and so did she and soon they fell asleep feeling very calm and comfortable just to be back against back.

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