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Chapter 1

Her nails dug into his chest as she rhythmically moved on top of him. She moved at a steady pace until he planted his feet on the bed and drove up into her, causing her to throw her head back and moan his name. Téa began moving desperately on top of him as his hands roamed over her from her hips around to her ass, and up to her breasts that he squeezed, making her whimper.

"Seto," Téa gasped. "I'm close – so close." Seto moved one hand from her breast down to her clit and began rubbing furiously. With a few more thrusts, she shattered above him with her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth in a perfect "O" shape. Her release triggered his own and he thrust up into her hard, groaning her name as he came, gripping her hips so hard, he knew there would be bruises there the next day. She collapsed on top of him and he wrapped his arms around her, holding her close as the aftershocks of their climaxes began to subside. Téa gingerly slipped off him, wincing as he fell out of her. Seto sighed as he gathered her to lay on his chest with their legs tangled. They both enjoyed the quiet afterglow of their lovemaking until she said something that broke their little oasis.

"I have to go," she said softly.

"No, you don't," he said, reflexively tightening his arms around her.

Téa sighed, knowing that he would say that. "Yes, I do. He's flying back today, and he'll wonder where I am if I'm not at the apartment. He might already be there."

"Let him wonder." She looked up to see Seto's tense face. She hated this part. She ruefully disengaged herself from him and got off the bed to begin putting her clothes back on.

"You don't have to go back," Téa heard from behind her. She looked at him lounging on the bed and really wish she hadn't. He looked gorgeous, laying on the bed with his broad chest and muscles on full display with the dark blue sheets covering his lower half, his hard blue eyes watching her carefully.

She turned back around and sat on the bed while she pulled her thigh high socks back on. "Don't tell me you don't get a thrill out of knowing that you're fucking the Pharaoh's girlfriend," keeping her tone light. Téa felt a hand on her arm, making her lock her gaze once again with his.

"I'm not going to lie. That was definitely part of the appeal when this started. You know me too well to for me to say otherwise. But I think we both know this went further than that a long time ago." His eyes seemed bluer and fiercer than they had a minute ago. She hesitated and he sensed it. He decided to try and push further. "I wouldn't hurt you the way he has. I'm not built like that. I can't say I won't ever hurt you because I am absolutely trash at communication and relationships, but I would never betray you. You know that."

She knew he spoke the truth. Seto Kaiba was a lot of things, but a liar was not one of them. He may be an ass at times, but he was loyal to a fault. This was a man that, as a child, sacrificed his own childhood for his little brother and refused to leave him even in the direst of circumstances. But there were other reasons that made her hold back, ones she wasn't sure she could explain to Seto. She smiled gently at him.

"I'll see you soon." She leaned over and gave him a gentle kiss before putting her shoes on and walking out of his bedroom. He watched her leave and then flopped onto his bed. He ran his hands over his face in frustration, exhaling loudly. He knew he should stop this. He was in way too deep and this wasn't healthy for either of them. He wanted more. He wanted her fully. He wanted a real relationship where he could kiss her in public and show his love for her to the world. He hadn't told her yet, but he knew. When this had begun, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. He had fallen for her hard and fast, realizing for the first time that there was more to life then just work and his brother. He just didn't understand why such a strong, beautiful, and independent woman would stay with a man that didn't deserve an ounce of her attention.


After the Ceremonial Duel resulted in a draw, the Pharaoh or Atem was granted his own body. He would be able to live his life as a normal mortal and take his place in the afterlife when he died after living a normal life. He joined the twenty-first century with the help of his friends. He began his own dueling career and swiftly rose to the top to join Yugi. He gained international fame as one of the highest-ranking duelists and he dominated at every tournament. A few months after the Ceremonial Duel, Atem and Téa started dating seriously. They moved in together after dating for six months. Téa was working at a dance studio as a dance teacher while attending university. Atem traveled for tournaments and worked as a dueling instructor. They had been together for two years now, but their relationship was altered irrevocably eight months ago.

It seemed like a normal day. Atem had gone to the store to pick up their dinner. His phone kept buzzing while she was studying for her math exam and getting annoyed by it, she got up to silence it. Atem wasn't the most tech savvy, being a 5,000-year-old pharaoh, so he had no locks or privacy settings on his phone and he often forgot to take it with him anyway. What she found ripped her heart out. Not only were there messages that he had been receiving from one woman, but from three different woman, all saying how much they enjoyed their night with him and hoping to do it again along with some other provocative messages. She didn't know how long she stood there, just staring at the messages, but a door closing jerked her out of her trance. She clicked the power button on the phone, set it back down on the table and walked back to her desk. When he walked into the small office and pecked her on the cheek, she simply smiled and didn't say a word. He seemed to get less careful as time went on or maybe she became more observant. She began noticing him coming home later at night, smelling of perfume that was not hers.

Three months after her discovery, Atem and Téa planned a nice night out. She was determined to look her best in a little black dress and high red heels. She went to the fancy restaurant where she was supposed to meet him. She waited for a half hour at the table alone. She got no response to her texts or calls. Humiliated and feeling anger course through her, she stormed out of the restaurant. Deciding she looked too good to back home, she was about to call Mai to get drinks until she remembered that her and Joey were vacationing in the Bahamas. Fuck it, she needed a drink and she was going to get one. She went to a well-known, upper-class bar down the street from the restaurant. She plopped down at the bar and ordered an extra dry martini. She had been halfway through her second drink, contemplating how her life had gotten to this point, when she felt a presence next to her at the bar.

"What are you doing here alone?" a whiskey smooth voice asked. She turned in surprise.

"Kaiba? What are you doing here?"

"I asked first."

"I needed a drink. What about you?"

"I was supposed to meet a potential investor here, but he cancelled last minute. Now I'm glad he did." He had his signature smirk on his face that used to send her blood pumping as a teenager.

"I don't remember you being this charming in high school," she said, raising a brow at him.

He shrugged noncommittally while he flagged the bartender for a glass of brandy. "Where's your annoying boyfriend?" He had to admit that he was curious. With her looking like that, even her idiot of a boyfriend should know not to leave her alone in a bar. He had always found her attractive back in high school, he just couldn't get along with her friends or listen to annoying friendship speeches. One of her best friends being his biggest rival didn't help matters either.

"Probably fucking some groupie." That was not the response she had wanted to give, but the alcohol had loosened her tongue and her emotions were still raging from being stood up. Clearly, it was not the response he had expected because he blinked at her in surprise. She flushed in embarrassment and turned her head down to her drink. Great, now he was going to think she was some loser who couldn't keep her own man. Well, she thought, not like he would be wrong.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me. He's even stupider than I thought he was." She snapped her head in his direction, shocked by his response. To be honest, she expected an infamous scathing Kaiba comment aimed in her direction. He was looking her in the eyes with a look of displeasure on his face. "I will happily punch him in the face for you. I've been looking for an excuse for years."

She chuckled for the first time in what felt like an eternity. "Thank you. But he has no idea that I know."

"The offer stands. Feel free to take me up on it anytime." She looked at him and studied him carefully, noting there was no pity on his face.

"How's Mokuba?" she asked, not so subtly changing the topic. He told her about his brother doing well in school and the trials of dealing with a teenager. She told him about the dance studio and her upcoming performance in a production. Drinks and conversation continued to flow as they caught up. She was a bit astounded at how easily they talked to each other without the pressures of dueling and her friends surrounding them. She was laughing at something he said when she felt his hand on her knee. She stopped and looked at him.

"Kaiba, if I didn't know any better, I would say that you were flirting with me," Téa playfully said.

"Call me Seto. And so, what if I am?" Seto replied, smirking.

"I have a boyfriend."

"That's a complete douchebag." He leaned closer to her until she could smell the brandy on his breath. "And you know what they say," Seto purred, "karma's a bitch." Blue gazes locked on each other as he waited for her response. Téa's head spun from his proximity and the alluring sound of his voice. It had been so long since she felt like this. So long since she had felt that rush of adrenaline and that spark of pleasure. She swallowed.

"Do you have a car?"

"It's outside." He grabbed her hand, throwing cash down on the counter and led her out of the bar. She slipped into the limo that was waiting and as soon as he climbed in and the door was closed, she grabbed the collar of his fitted black jacket and pulled his mouth to hers. Fumbling, he put the divider up between the front of the limo and the back with a flick of a switch while deepening the kiss. They didn't even make it to the mansion. They fucked right there in the back of his limo. They then proceeded to go to his bedroom for two more rounds. She left in the early hours of the morning before he woke, leaving her number on a piece of paper on his dresser. When she got back to the apartment, she was met with red roses and an apology from Atem. When he asked where she was, she said she had met with a dance friend and stayed the night at her house after too many drinks.

It had been five months since Téa and Seto's affair started. They continued to meet in secret all while falling for each other, no matter how they tried to deny it. He loved the way she laughed and her ability to stand up to him. She loved his smile and how he made her feel safe.


Téa walked up the stairs to her and Atem's apartment, mind still whirling from her conversation with Seto. She couldn't explain her full reasoning to Seto about why she wouldn't leave Atem. A lot of it had to do with her friends. Bringing light of his infidelity would not only destroy her romantic relationship with him, but she also knew it would have major consequences for the rest of her friends. Their group would be permanently altered, and she worried that the relationships wouldn't survive the blow. The whole group worshipped him, and she had an irrational fear that they would take his side. A part of her was also still caught up in the teenage love that she had held for the Pharaoh. Losing her first love and in such an ugly way was never something she wanted, in fact she never expected to lose him at all after they all found out he was here to stay. After all these years, she still had the teenage daydream of living happily ever after with the Pharaoh. She stopped at the door and took a deep breath before she unlocked it and entered. She found Atem in the kitchen pulling out a beer from the fridge.

He smiled at her although it failed to make her heart beat fast like it used to. "Hey, you're home," he greeted. He walked over to her and placed a quick peck on her lips. She didn't miss the pink lipstick that was on the collar of his white button-down shirt. She turned around and was taking off her coat when he said "I was just about to order us something, any preferences?"

"Anything is fine," she replied automatically. "How was the flight?"

"Long. I'll go ahead and order then." He walked into the living room and she heard him start to call whatever restaurant he had chosen. She was about to walk through the doorway to join him when she felt like she had just run into a brick wall.

What was she doing? Why was she forcing herself to do this? Why was she the one that was slowly dying on the inside every time she walked into this apartment? Why was she with a man that she no longer loved? She was miserable. Even her dancing at taken a dark turn. Instead of dancing to happy or upbeat songs, she had been dancing to morose and heartbreak songs in her practices the past months. The only times she felt any kind of reprieve was the stolen moments with Seto. She knew she was in love with him, although she hadn't said the words. It wasn't the same kind of love that she had shared with Atem. It was something deeper and more powerful than mere puppy love that was based on false dreams.

It would be hard to breakup with Atem. Breakups were always hard. But her friends wouldn't want her to be unhappy. They would understand. It might take some time and maybe some bridges were burned, but she could get through it. Especially if she had Seto by her side. She was being unfair to him. She was being unfair to herself. She deserved a full relationship full of love rather than a convenient one that was only held together by ghosts. With a newfound clarity, she marched into the living room with a reignited fire.

"I ordered Chinese. I hope that's-" Atem began.

"We need to break up," she interrupted him. Atem froze. His eyes widened as he looked at her.

"Téa, what's wrong-" he started again, but she didn't let him finish.

"I know about the other women, Atem. I've known for months. I don't deserve this. I'm going to pack a bag and leave. I'll be back for the rest of my stuff once I find a new place." She turned and walked out of the room with him still frozen in place. She went into the bedroom and calmly packed some clothes in a bag along with her toiletries. All her dance stuff was at the studio, so she didn't have to worry about that. She walked back down the hallway, bag in hand and went to get her coat and car keys.

"Téa, wait. Let me just explain-" She whirled around and cut him off again.

"No Atem, I don't want to hear the excuses. I've wasted enough of my time already. Honestly, I should've known better. I should've known that a guy that used to have a harem wouldn't be able to understand monogamy." She paused. "I-I haven't been faithful either. I've been seeing someone for a few months after I found out about the cheating. I don't know where it'll go, but I know I can't stay with you any longer. I deserve better and I've been taking this shit for way too long. I deserve to be happy. I still think you do too despite what you've done, but I know that you won't find it with me. Not anymore. We're over Atem." With that, she opened the apartment door and slammed it shut behind her, along with that chapter of her life. Tears pricked in her eyes as she took her first real breath in months. It felt like a ton of concrete had just been taken off her chest. She walked out of the apartment building, knowing exactly where she would be heading.


After Téa had left, Seto thought maybe he should try and do some work to try and take his mind off things. He knew it would be futile though. All he could think about was her and how badly he wanted her to come back. He cursed the stupid Pharaoh for probably the billionth time in his life. He sighed and just hoped that maybe sleep would take away his plaguing thoughts.

He woke in surprise when he felt someone getting in his bed a couple hours later.

"You shouldn't give a key to the mansion to strange women. They might crawl into your bed in the middle of the night." The moonlight lit the room enough for Seto to see Téa's smile in the darkness. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him, resting his chin on the top of her head.

"What are you doing here? Did he not come home?" He couldn't help the bitterness in his voice. She knew he wouldn't waste time and would get straight to the point. Téa pulled back from his embrace so she could look in his eyes.

"It's over. I broke up with him. I told him I knew about the other women and I was moving out. I told him we were over for good."

On the inside, those words brought him such joy. But he knew that it must've been hard for her, so he tried to keep the happiness off his face. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

"I'm not. It took me long enough." At that, he smiled for real. Her heart swelled with adoration at it. "I told him I was seeing someone," she said tracing his naked chest, "but I didn't tell him it was you. I didn't want to create even more drama. If I did, I knew he would go straight to the gang or worse, the press and that would just cause a whole other disaster."

He began stroking her hair, making her eyes droop. "Don't worry about it. We'll figure it out, Téa. Together."

They both slept peacefully together, wrapped up in each other, knowing that whatever they would be faced with next, their love for the other would get them through it.