Location: Beacon Academy Combat Class.

"Stand still already…!" Yang said to her opponent, crashing her fist into the asphalt. Despite her best efforts she could not land a hit on her opponent as he would just narrowly slip out of her grasp.

"You would receive a lot more success if you worked with your team and not blindly rush me. That is what a team is for, I believe." Chiron replied, before having to duck down to dodge a wide swipe from a scythe.

"Don't forget about us, Professor!" Ruby said from his right, turning into a blur of rose petals with her scythe drawn back.

Chiron's plain iron sword met her Scythe by the shaft of it. Despite the difference in the size of the weapons and the quality, he showed no signs of struggle. Pressing his advantage, he kicked her in her chest.

"Waaah!" Ruby was sent backwards and almost fell off the arena if it wasn't for a solid glyph showing up behind her to slow her down.

"Thanks Weiss!"

"Hmph, you can thank me by taking Professor out." Weiss said. Weiss was always putting in her two cents, speeding up Yang with her acceleration glyphs, sending dust his way whenever he would see an opening in Yang's fighting style. It wasn't bad teamwork.

A figure practically melted into the shadows snuck up behind him. She could hardly be sensed, not making a sound. Chiron heard it though and spun around, surprising Yang and Blake and swiped at her, making direct contact.

"GAH!" She cried out.

Only for him to see that the thing he hit was her semblance of clones.

"Nice try, Blake. Your footsteps are almost completely silent. But it's too early for you to sneak up on me."

"Wasn't my only plan." Blake responded and her weapon's ribbon was suddenly tied around his sword arm. Letting a little surprise show on his face, Blake tugged him forward with surprising strength. "Try this, Professor!"

Blake slashed forward where he would be in just a second. Everything was in slow motion for Chiron as he ducked underneath the slash. Using his feet he kicked her in the chest while balancing himself on one arm. He then grabbed the ribbon still attached to his arm and let it fall to the ground.

"Like I said. Too early."

He wasn't smug about it but it was just a simple statement. She was certainly good and would make a great Huntsman with just enough time.

A stream of fire came at him forcing him to roll to the side to avoid. He saw Weiss shooting at him, rapier pointed towards him with a small fire at the tip of it. They weren't very hard to avoid but were slowly backing him up. A fireball landed next to him creating a lot of dust in the air.

His instincts screamed at him to dodge something and he obeyed, blocking a super-powered fist from a recovered Yang with his sword. He then noticed that his sword was starting to show cracks.

'This could turn out bad…"

Flipping backwards he had to deflect sniper-rifle shots from Ruby and fireballs from Weiss. Not only that but Blake had recovered as well and was now pressing him.

'They are taking turns attacking me so when I injure one they can just sit back and let their aura recover while I'm busy fighting another one of their teammates. A smart plan. However.."

Chiron clashed with Blake multiple times. With this, he was starting to learn her patterns pretty well. She would duck, swipe, slash then reverse.

'Then that means…'

He hit her right in the face with the bottom side of his sword….

Only for her to melt into the shadows. A kick that he barely was able to bring up his forearms for, knocked him back. A glyph was under Blake now and she was moving at different speeds.


His sword's cracks were becoming noticeable to all. He could do this all day but his sword wasn't a Noble Phantasm or anything like that.

"Don't forget about us!" Chiron's eyes widened as Yang grabbed him from behind and tossed him out of the ring.

Before he could go tumbling out of bounds, he dug his sword into the ground, cringing at the sound of metal grinding against metal.


Behind him Ruby was swinging at him with a grin on her face.



Fire dust exploded from her scythe at close range. Luckily, he got out of there unharmed. Same couldn't be said about his sword however, which was now in tiny little pieces.

"Professor, your sword is broken now so you should give up." Weiss said.

Chiron only chuckled, confusing them. "Who said I can't fight without my blade? It was just a standard blade."

This shocked the three. He would still continue unarmed?

"Are you… sure Professor..? I mean uh, I don't want to seriously harm you or anything. Would that get put on my permanent record?"

"A skilled Huntsman can fight with or without a weapon…"

Having said that, he vanished for a split second, surprising all of them.

"What?!" Yang called out in shock.

"I don't sense him…" Blake said, looking around also.

"He has to be around here somewhere though…" Weiss said.

"This might be his semblance guys, watch out!" Ruby cautioned.

Unbeknownst to themselves they were slowly huddling together, back to back.

"This is suspicious…" Blake commented, before realizing something. "In the air!"

They all looked in the air but it was too late. Chiron had dropped down and had the surprise of all of them. He almost flew towards Yang and kicked her hard in the chest, knowing she could take it. The attack let out a burst of air from her breath as she herself flew, and out of bounds.


Blake angrily tried to avenge her eliminated teammate, slicing at him with her katana which he weaved around with ease. Slapping her blade to the side he tapped her chest with an index finger. She doubled over in pain.

"Wha…" Her aura reached the red and she was out also.

Ice crystals formed from the tip of her rapier and shot out to him. With his ease he broke them with his bare fists. She tried the same thing multiple times but the same result happened.

"It's just you, Ms, Schnee and you, Rose." Chiron stated, slowly walking towards her. "What are you two going to do now that your teammates are all incapaciated? Weiss, from what I could gather you are a long-range elemental type who excels in people supporting you. What if they aren't?"

The professor appeared in a blur in front of Weiss who managed to bring up her rapier in time to parry his attack. Acceleration glyphs appeared from underneath her as she attacked from all sides in a blur. With his massive experience and mind's eye he was able to dodge the attacks with relative ease. When he took the offense and struck her midsection she managed to leap over his blade and tried to take advantage of the fact that his sword took time to draw back. Unfortunately she didn't take into account that he didn't need his blade. Kicking backwards, he was able to throw her off balance and turn around, punching her, reducing her aura by ten percent. Weiss winced and moved backwards as if in thought.

Weiss spun her chamber around, switching it to another type of dust. He couldn't see what it landed on but what he did know is that it definitely didn't land on ice or fire. Deciding to not ponder the thought any longer he approached her at a moderate pace to see what she would do. After all this was combat class and he wanted to test her full potential.

A gust of wind suddenly sliced through his chest, causing him to look down in shock. That's the dust she was using... He had to get rid of her now!

More wind shot out but he had jumped in the air, ready to finish her. Ruby however, met him before he could finish her off.

Weiss flinched at how close the blade was to finishing her off. "Why are you helping me?"

"Because we are… teammates." Ruby's aura then hit the red meaning she was out.

Weiss stood there in shock. Her teammate, the goofball had saved her even if it was in a mock battle. She had always thought of Ruby as a nuisance, a child, since she was only fifteen. Despite that, Ruby fought for her and got eliminated. So with that being said…

"You're going down Professor…" A new flame had appeared in Weiss' eyes. He recognized it pretty easily. It was the fire of someone who was determined to win, battle spirit.

She came at him first, attacking with rapid strikes from her rapier. He had to keep moving backwards to avoid getting hit. The most troublesome thing about her weapon is that its unlike a blade which you can just catch with your hands. She attacks with only the tip which is extremely sharp. It would be detrimental to him if he were to try and tank it.

So with that said, he didn't try and move sideways. When she attacked next he was on her, fists ready to finish her. She was at 67% right now from tanking a few of his punches and using her semblance. '

A solid hit on her dropped her to 52% Another one. 47%

He kept going.

The crowd which had been mostly silent at this point erupted in cheers. Namely, Jaune Arc, Ruby Rose and Yang who had stood up at the performance.

"That's my teammate! That's my teammate!" Ruby exclaimed from her seat.

"I knew you could do it Snow Angel!" Jaune said.

"I certainly didn't expect that from Weiss." Pyrrha said, looking faintly annoyed at Jaune but hiding it very well.

Goodwitch, who stood at the sidelines observing held her hand out in front of her, stopping the crowd from cheering any further.

"Weiss didn't win."


"What are you talking about Professor Goodwitch, Weiss totally won!"


The crowd went on and on about how Weiss had won and Goodwitch was being biased.

A glare from Goodwitch stopped them from commenting any further.

"Look closer, students." On the camera feed it showed that Weiss had somehow gone from being at a good 60 percent to 15 in a second. Not only that but while Chiron was indeed immobilized he held a dagger to Weiss' chest as one of his hands were free. "Chiron, while still trapped by Weiss' ice, has more aura than Weiss does so he wins."

The room was silent. Any happiness for their fellow classmate was now gone and it was replaced by disappointment.

'If only they knew.' Chiron thought to himself. 'Weiss forced me to use D-ranked strength to beat her.'

Weiss' eyes also slumped to the ground, disappointed in herself.

Chiron with no trouble at all broke the ice and approached her. "You did well. I'll admit I wasn't expecting you to be that creative with your glyphs and dust but I'm definitely impressed. Know that there is no shame in losing. Especially to a Professor who trumps in experience. I'd bet in just a few years you'll catch up to me."

Maybe. Was left out.

Chiron then went back into teacher mode. "Team RWBY, take this loss with pride and use this as experience. Now. It's time for our second match. Jaune Arc vs Cardin Winchester."

The two, hearing their names, got up and went to the locker room to retrieve their weapons, all the while Jaune mumbled about being unlucky.

Meanwhile, Chiron stood at the sidelines next to Professor Goodwitch.

"That was quite the good performance you gave to the students, Chiron." Goodwitch said, leaning towards him so the students didn't hear. "I can see why Ozpin hired you as the co assistant for combat training. Your aura hardly went down and you made yourself look weaker then you actually are."

Chiron tried to maintain his blank face as she spoke. Chiron obviously didn't possess aura or anything of the sort. The reason nobody had noticed his aura staying stagnant the entire time was because of a project he was working on over break. He had done some intense studying of aura in his free time and learned how it functioned. Because of this, he was able to manipulate it so it would go down whenever he flicked a small little button by at least five percent.

Maintaining his identity as a strong but mysterious teacher was still his goal.

"Yes, and today reminded me exactly why I teach." Chiron replied, getting a curious look from the women. He didn't blame her as he had been very vague on his reasoning. He supposed telling her now wouldn't be of any harm. "The reason I teach is because I have a strong interest in bringing out the inner potential in a human."

"The inner potential?"

"Indeed. Humans from the day they are born come with a talent of some kind. Whether its cooking, building, cleaning or even fighting." Chiron explained. "Did you know that more then sixty percent of humans live there life, not bringing out that talent?"

"Because of the Grimm."

"That, and they don't have guidance. That proper anchor to hold them down and so they don't become the best that they can be. It's sad really."

He knew this first-hand sadly enough. What he's noticed too is that those hidden gems of people are usually found in the lower class of society. The trash man, the peasant or more commonly…

The black sheep of the family.


Their conversation was halted when Jaune Arc and Cardin Winchester stepped out, decked out in their huntsman equipment which for the Arc was just a light, diamond-shaped chestplate while Cardin's covered most of his body and the spots that were most important like the legs, calves and shoulders.

Cardin had a mace while Jaune had what looked to be an ordinary eastern sword. He believed he remembered Jaune calling it Crocea Mors.

'The sword of Julius Caesar…' Chiron mused. He had never seen it in life sadly, but had heard rumors of it. The people who laid eyes on the blade called it the Yellow Death for all you would see is a blur of yellow before it was over.

Laying his eyes on Jaune he saw he looked incredibly nervous and very unconfident which was very not Roman. Pyrrha Nikos took him out training somewhere after his many many defeats at the hands of his classmates. Currently in the combat class leaderboard he ranked very much at twenty-fifth place which wasn't that bad considering there was thirty in the classroom right now but given that he was a leader it wasn't looking very good, reputation wise.

"If you guys are ready, we will begin. Your scrolls."

He gestured to the machine to plug them in. They went up to plug it in but Cardin suddenly spoke, getting Jaune's attention.

"Are you ready to get your butt handed to you, Jauney boy? This is like your, what? Twentieth attempt at fighting me?"

Cardin's smug smile was anything but friendly. He was a big bully Chiron noticed. But he couldn't do anything about it. In this world you're allowed to say whatever you want for the most part as long as it wasn't something outlandish like talking bad about a faunus' traits or threatening the school and environment.

Jaune, of course, took the insult and washed it off his body like water.

"I'll be fine, Cardin... Don't you know the saying, twentieth time's the charm?"

Cardin simply scoffed. "Let's see you say that after the twenty first time!"

"If you both are ready….begin!"

The two drew their weapons and slowly drew closer to each other then circled around each other like two cobra snakes fighting in a deathmatch.


Cardin's mace came down in a flash, striking horizontally. Jaune had no choice but to hold up his shield to block the hit, however the strike was stronger than he anticipated and his knees buckled. Before he could get the chance to think of something, Cardin kicked him from underneath his shield pushing him back.

Jaune's aura was now at 98%

'I'm impressed that he tanked a kick like that and only went down two points…'

His teammates were cheering for him loudly for him to beat Cardin up. Well… mostly Nora screaming. Ren and Pyrrha were actually using their inside voices. Chiron could tell that Pyrrha really did believe in Jaune. It was pretty touching how put together their team actually was.

He then shifted his eyes to team CRDL which of course were yelling loudly for Cardin to kick Jaune's butt. Goodwitch of course, shut them up with a glare that sends chills down all of their spines.

Back to the fight, Jaune of course recovered from the previous kick easily enough and ducked underneath a basic swipe. He sliced at Cardin's chestplate who was only just barely able to block but due to having to bring back his mace so quickly, his form was sloppy.

Jaune saw this too. He bashed Cardin with his shield, dazing him and landed a barrage of slices on Cardin who could only grit his teeth in shock and mild pain.

Cardin's aura was at 74%

Chiron was seriously impressed by his progress. So too was Goodwitch.

"He's changed… his form is better and he's showing confidence I've never seen before in him."

Goodwitch wasn't shocked very easily so he knew this was genuine.

"I believe he is starting to finally grasp that "inner potential" I was telling you about earlier."

Goodwitch was surprised for a second before giving a small smile. "I suppose you were correct about your theory… but to think that he would grow that much in such a short amount of time…"

"People grow at their own paces. When you're weak you grow faster. When you are strong you grow slower. The more there is of something the easier it gets to improve."


"Jauney sure is pulling out all the stops on Cardin!" Nora exclaimed with a goofy smile on her face. Her fearless leader was finally evolving and becoming strong. She was happy for him and the team.

"Indeed. He has improved…" Ren stated. "Was he like this with you, Pyrrha?"

Pyrrha was entranced by the fight currently and wasn't even blinking. Ren snapped a finger in front of her eyesight.


Pyrrha jolted a little from the distraction. "Huh? Oh! Sorry. What did you say?"

"I said, was he this strong when you trained him?"

"No. Not like this… This is my first time seeing this too. I had no idea he had gotten this good. I haven't taught him any of that stuff."

"Then if you didn't, who did?"

This made no sense to Ren. Earlier when his name was announced he looked like was just told to go skydiving. Now, his eyes and stance was full of nothing but confidence, something Jaune previously lacked. While Ren did doubt that Jaune was stronger then any of them, his improvement was massive. Enough to be noticed by everyone.

Especially team RWBY.

"Jaune is so amazing now! I can't believe it." Ruby held up a sign she got from somewhere. "He's my best friend everyone, I knew all of this!"

"As if." Weiss huffed. "He just got a little stronger. There's nothing that special about it."

"You cannot deny his progress though Ice Queen… after all didn't he give you some trouble in your fight?" Yang teased.

"I-I wasn't even trying very hard!" Weiss tried to explain. "If I wanted too I could have defeated him at any time."


Jaune Arc couldn't help but feel proud of himself, currently. If he'd ever felt great before, well now he felt… perfect. Complete.

He was no longer that weakling leader that everyone only looked at as a burden, someone who needed to be protected at all times. Sure, he wasn't the strongest, nowhere close but according to his trainer he was strong enough to take on "At least two grown men at the same time."

And he was applying it here, against Cardin Winchester. The same guy who just a little while ago he stood no chance against.

Crocea Mors cleaved through Cardin's breastplate like it was paper. Cardin could only stare in shock at him as the pieces fell onto the ground. Jaune breathed heavily from effort. His aura was at 62% while Cardin's was at 34%. An impressive gap he noticed but he knew that it was because Cardin was caught off guard and underestimating him.

Cardin hadn't touched the dust in his mace, once.

"Winner, Jaune Arc." The teacher, Chiron announced.

There were no cheers. For everyone was still too shocked to really process it.

The thought made him smirk a little. His team must be so shocked, more so Pyrrha as she was his "cover up" teacher so to speak.

'Okay, that sounded better in my head.'

What he meant was that everyone was under the impression that Pyrrha was the only one training him. That was false. He had another teacher. A student, actually that was teaching him.

He was a godsend.

He found Jaune alone at one of the benches outside and spoke to him. What was a quick conversation turned into a full-blown one as they spoke about their lives. Until he asked.

"Why do you want to get strong, Jaune?"

The question was casual but to Jaune it seemed to hit him like a thousand suns. He'd of course thought about it, been asked about it and have even asked himself about it. But somehow, when it came out of this guy's mouth it was like the villain having a realization, as grim as it sounded.

His eyes flicked back and forth to random places as he thought about it. He remembered the village he had randomly stumbled upon. How he had saved them and beaten the bandits. Their faces, they were of utter gratefulness.

That alone was worth more to him then several bags of gold, something he couldn't achieve back home.

So, with the answer realized, he opened his mouth.

"I… want to be strong so I can protect everyone!"

The student hummed. "That's it? How generic. Doesn't everyone want to do that?"

Jaune realized that he spoke as if that wasn't his own goal. He seemed to seclude himself whenever he talked about people, referring to them without including himself. He would have to ask him later about that.

"Yeah… I guess... But even so!" He stood up for some reason, he didn't know why but it just felt right. "That's why!"

Jaune thought that he was going to laugh right at him right in his face but the guy just laughed.

"Wow, you're something else huh? Okay. I'll train you."

Jaune's mind went blank. "Huh?"

He laughed again.

"That's right. I will train you so that you are strong. When you are strong like others you will quickly realize one thing."

"And what is that?"

The student stood up, his golden eyes gleamed.

"They will respect you also."

His teacher's words were not wrong, Jaune thought. They were all so dumbfounded now. No more pitying looks like when he lost, no more jeers just respect.

Sneaking a glance at his sister team, he saw his still crush, Weiss looking at him differently too. Her beautiful blue eyes didn't look down on him anymore.

He liked that.

Chiron walked up to him with a gentle smile. "Good job, Jaune, I knew you could do it."

He held his hand out. Jaune shook it with a smile.

What Jaune didn't notice however, was that Chiron was looking at his glove that was faintly glowing. Chiron's face went a tad darker.

This was trouble.


"Roman… have you retrieved the dust like I requested?"

Roman Torchwick shifted his feet nervously as the amber-eyed women stared him down unflinchingly. She still scared him even after weeks of working with her.

"I-I did." Roman squeaked out. "But not all of it."

An eyebrow rose.

"Not all of it?"

"We ran into some problems, you see. Some kids from Beacon found us and stopped us from getting anymore." Roman explained before adding. "We-we can get more though! I've got a whole map drawn out of locations we haven't robbed yet so you'll get your dust, I can guarantee you that much as a master thief!"

Cinder considered it for a moment. This was the second time that her plans were interrupted and by Beacon students at that. She wouldn't be surprised if it was the same girl, even. Something needed to be done about them eventually… for now though, nothing could be afforded to be changed.

"Very well… make sure you do not fail me next time, Roman." With that she walked away.

'Stupid women! I swear, I escape from one crazy women and I get to another. What is my luck…' Roman thought as he glared daggers at her back. He didn't care if she could see, she had to give him this. 'More importantly though, I need to locate that insufferable horse faunus! He's an unknown and keeps stopping my robberies!'

Beacon students were one thing to Roman. They were students after all and along with being brash and inexperienced, they had curfews and he would bet that they wouldn't be able to sneak out every day to stop him. This new assailant though seemingly did have loads of time. It was jarring to the self proclaimed 'master thief' It was like the man had a tracker!


He said it softly but the call was heard as the sound of glass breaking was heard. A short girl with half pink and half brown hair appeared. She looked at him curiously with her Heterochromia eyes that switched seemingly randomly.

"We need to hit up Junior. ASAP. Remember that horse faunus guy who took down Brian, the ice cream supplier?"

Neo blinked before realization hit her face and she scowled angrily.

"Yeah, I thought so." Roman mumbled. "Anyways, we're going to Junior's to find some information on this guy. If we can find out where he lives we can take care of him. Permanently."

Neo nodded along.

This would be fun.

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