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Santoryu: Fairy`s wings

Chapter 1.

The crew worth dying for.

The rain fell and the thunder strikes occasionally happened on this dark cloudy day.

"(Gasp) (gasp) (gasp)"A rapid heavy breaths can be heard as a group of six humans and a small reindeer ran through the muddy ground. Behind them, another group of fifty men followed with six 22`6" tall cyborgs called Pacifista running after the smaller group. The Straw Hat pirates have just defeated the great Kaido who was one of the four emperors of the sea and the strongest creature in the world.

The captain of the Straw Hats, Monkey D. Luffy has managed to put down Kaido in a fight that was bearly won thanks to his will and hearth. The said captain was now carried by their crew's shipwright Franky. Their doctor the small reindeer called Chopper gave their captain a fast medical help on the field before the navy was on them, forcing him to stop his work and allow his crewmate to carry the injured straw hat boy.




The swordman of Straw Hats Roronoa Zoro, who was on the far back of the group was deflecting bullets and sending the blade projectile's back at the marines and cyborgs. However every time he would send a flying slice towards them, the pacifist would step in front of it to block it.

And since Zoro was tiered from his own fight his projectiles did cut the Pacafista but it did not stop him. He narrowed his eyes in a glare as he dodged the ray beam that was sent at him from Pacafista`s mouth.

"Annoying pieces of trash."He thought while continuing to block the bullets all while trying to keep up with his friends.

They soon made it to their ship The Thousand Sunny and quickly got on board. Franky quickly carryed their captain to the infirmary with Chopper as Zoro and the cook of Straw Hats Sanji kept on holding the navy back.

"GUYS WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE NOW!" Nami shouted to everyone as they all went to prepare the ship to seal. Franky came back out and started to help his crewmates.

"GO HELP THEM I CAN HOLD THEM ON MY OWN!" Zoro ordered Sanji who glared at him but followed his command.

They swiftly got prepared and were about to leave when suddenly something got ahold of their ship. Zoro looked down and saw that one of the Pacafista`s grabbed onto their ship and was holding it from going to the ocean.

"Thc. Bastard." Zoro thought with a glare before jumping off the ship and towards the Pacafista. With one precise slash downwards, he cut it in half. He landed down onto the muddy ground again dirtying his pants as the other navy marines and cyborgs kept on coming and shooting.

He was about to jump back up but a blast from another Pacafista stopped him from doing so. He looked back at the enemies and then to his ship.

"ALRIGHT WE ARE READY!" Yelled Franky from the rudder, prepared to use Cupe do Burst. Nami saw Zoro still down where Pacafista was, called out for him.

"ZORO COME ON! WE GOT TO GO!" Zoro only looked up at her eyes, he sheeted all three of his swords and then placed his right foot on the kell of the ship. Nami`s eyes widen at his action knowing what he was about to do.

"Zoro... DON`T YOU DARE!" But it was already too late. Using his supernatural strength he pushed the ship away with his boot resulting it moving away from the shore he was at.

"ZORO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Nami`s shouts in anger which caused others to turn towards the direction she was shouting and saw their swordsman standing on the shore.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU, SHITTY SWORDSMAN?" Sanji yelled out in rage as Zoro only stood there, shadow covering his eyes.

"Franky turn the ship around," Robin said to the shipwright who nodded back in return.

"NO!" A shout made them all look at the green-haired nakama who had his head down. "LEAVE NOW! I`LL HOLD THEM OFF."

Everyone was shocked at that. Sanji was the first one who broke out of his shocked state and shouted again at his green-haired rival. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING YOU SHITTY MOSS-HEAD. YOU THINK WE WILL JUST LEAVE YOU BEHIND!"

Zoro said nothing as he turned towards the approaching marines. He took off his green bandana and tied it around his head. He then draws both Shusui and Kitetsu III ready to face off against his enemies.

"I would rather be left behind then have anyone of you taken away from us." He whispered before shouting towards his crew with his back still turned to them. "DON`T WORRY ABOUT ME! I WILL SEE YOU GUYS AGAIN I PROMISED I WILL NEVER LOSE AGAIN SO I WILL NOT FALL HERE."

Everyone looked at their swords man`s back with concern and shock. Sanji and Franky clenched their fists in frustration and concern while Usopp and Brook looked ready to cry. Robin and Nami already had tears going down their faces as they sailed further and further away from their nakama.

"Zoro-Kun..." Robin whispered in a shaky voice as she placed her hands together in front of her chest in silent prayer.

Nami, however, slammed her hand onto the guard rail of the ship and yelled out to the swordsman. "YOU BETTER NOT DIE YOU HEAR! I WILL HAVE YOU PAY ME BACK EVERYTHING YOU OWING ME FOR AS LONG AS YOU LIVE."

Zoro chuckled at Nami`s threat before turning his head to the side so that they can see the left side of his face.

"Don`t worry I won`t die here." He gave them a confident smirk before a ray of light hit the ocean on the right side of their ship. Making it rock suddenly which forced the crew to almost trip and hold onto the railing.

"GO ALREADY!" Zoro shouted in frustration as he sent another flying slash towards one of the Pacafista who was going to shot at the ship again.

The crew looked at each other. None of them want to leave him. Everyone looked at Nami who was to give an order. Their eyes filled with worry for their green-haired nakama. Nami tightens her hold on the rail as more tears poured from her eyes, mixing them with the rain and with a heavy voice she said.

"Do it Franky..."

With a pained hearth and manly tears dropping from his eyes he used the burst to send the ship and its passengers away from the island and their friend.

"Finally... They are safe."He let out a breath of relief. But it soon turned to the face of determination as he heard guns being cooked and heavy foot's steps crushing the ground.

There they stood. The people that will chase then till the end of the world. Marines... He looked at every single one of them and then at the Pacafista`s before breathing in and the out as he reached for Wado Ichimonji.

"Hold it Roronoa!" one of the marines shouted with his gun pointed at Zoro`s head. "You are under arrest!"

Zoro only looked at his with a look that would make any man run in fear as his killing intent made the man in front of him quiver in fear. The thunderstruck behind him, making him look even more intimidating. Seconds passed as he stood there eyeing every single one of them looking for any sign of movement.

It wasn`t long until one of the Pacafista`s opened its mouth in order to blast Zoro but quicker than anyone ever expected Zoro pulled Wado from its sheat, places it in his mouth and charged at it. When he was close to it, he swung at its head with Shusui decapitating it.

The marines fired from their guns which Zoro using his observation Haki. Simply cut the bullets or deflected them back. He then crossed his two swords across his chest and places the blade in his mouth horizontally behind them.

"SANTORYU: ONI GIRI!" slashed twenty marines in an instant.

"Okay, thirty more to go." He thought as he saw Pacafista appeared in front of him and brought his fist down in order to crush him. Jumped away and was about to counter attack but another one came from behind him and hit him in a back.

"ACH!" He chough out some blood from his mouth as he was sent flying across the muddy field. Dirtying him green kimono, face, and hair.

"Damn it... I am tired of my fight. I can`t react as fast as I usually can" He tried to lift himself off the ground but his Haki told him that something was coming from above him. He rolled to his right just in time to dodge a stop from one of the Pacafista`s.

He got up with his swords ready to strike again. However, another rain of bullets caused him to defend himself which lead to leaving him open for another Pacafista to attack. Pretty soon Zoro was pushed down onto his knee from all of the attacks and fatigue that was wearing his body down.

He was breathing heavily and using Shusui as a support stick to not fall over. Wado still in his mouth as Kitetsu III laid beside him on his left. He was surrounded by marines and the rest of the Pacafista`s. He glared at the marines in a threatening fashion as Pacafista`s opened their mouths to blast him away.

"Any final words Roronoa Zoro..." The same one who was talking to him before said.

Zoro said silently as he closed his eyes in regret and guilt. "Luffy... Everyone... Forgive me. I didn`t get too keep my promise. But at least I get to die, knowing that you guys are safe... Farewell, my friends."

And just as his end would come. The Pacafista who was about to blast Zoro was send flying away from the island and into the dark sky with a loud "POP". The marines stood there in shock as a tall man with an appearance of a bear, wearing a giant black jacket which had a white circle on it with paw prints and gray pants with brown spots all while also wearing a gray hat with bear ears on it. His right-hand hovering over the spot that his Pacafist look-alike was.

This was Bartholomew Kuma the current warlord of the sea.

"Great... Things just keep getting better for me."Zoro thought as he looked up at Kuma who looked back down at him.

"Lord Kuma... What brings you here sir?" The marine asked again as Kuma continued to look at Zoro`s fatigued form. Not even acknowledge the man speaking to him.

"Roronoa Zoro..." Kuma spoke for the first time as he approached Zoro who in return only glared at him. He tried to move his body but it wouldn`t listen to him as he fell to another knee but did not let go of his swords. "You have truly become a great threat to our work."

He took off his right glove and stopped walking when he was in front of Zoro. "If you were to go somewhere. Where would you like to go?"

At that Zoro raised his eyebrow in question. Who the hell askes that someone who is on the verge of his death? What are these guys playing at? Zoro deciding to humor him, he answered.

"Somewhere far from here would be nice..." He said in a low tone which was heard by Kuma all the same. Kuma then brought his right hand above and proceed to lower it down onto Zoro. When the paw print hit Zoro there was a loud "POP" sound and before the marines knew it Roronoa Zoro disappeared from his previous spot.

All the marines were looking at the spot that Zoro was with a shocked expression. Their gaze`s moved from the spot to Kuma who did not look fazed by what he did.

"What did you do..." one of them asked the warlord who simply started to walk away.

"I did your job for you," Kuma said before dissipating himself. Leaving the Pacafista`s and marines to wonder about what just happened.

Somewhere unknown:

It was dark. Not but darkness surrounded Zoro as his body mindlessly flouted in the dark space.

"So this is what death looks like..." He thought as his eyes closed "Then I accept it with open arms..."

"I am sorry everyone and Kuina... I am sorry for not keeping our promise." A tear fell from his face as he continued to float in the darkness.

Just as he was about to rest, a blue glow appeared in front of him as its rays circled around his body. His eyes opened in confusion but when he saw the blue rays wrap around him, his instinctively went to grab his swords only to realize that he could not move his body.

The blue glow suddenly pulled him towards its self before swallowing Zoro`s body into its self. Forcing Zoro to close his eyes from brightness as his whole vision went black again.

Uknown place again:

"Ugh..." Zoro ground as he set up. His head was hurting him like he just got hit by Kuma. Oh, wait... He did get hit by Kuma.

"Damn warlord. I swear the next time we meet I will cut him in half." He stood up on his feet as his headache started to calm. "Hmm... That`s weird why does my head hurt but my body feels fine. Wasn`t I exhausted not too long ago?"

He shook his head and opened his eyes. He saw that he was in a forest somewhere. Long trees covered the skies with their leaves making it hard to see the sun. Zoro continued to look around and then scratched his head in confusion. Wasn`t he on the beach? How did he end up in a forest?

"What the hell is go-" He stopped his words as his eyes widen and his ears twitched at the unknow volume of his voice. It sounded so high and childish. He looked down at his hands and saw that they were smaller, he noticed as well that he was wearing the same white t-shirt, green haramaki, black pants and boots that he wore in his teen years.

"What the hell..."His hands started to tremble as he looked around for a puddle to get a look at himself. Pretty soon he spotted a small river on the side and quickly ran over to it. He stared into the cristal pure water as his reflection stared back at him.

His eyes widen even more and his mouth opened wide in shock. For he sure as hell did not expect the face of a 7-year-old kid staring back at him. He looked into his reflection with shock and fear as his eyes fell onto his torso. With a shaky hands, he reached for the hame of his shirt and slowly begin to pull up.

It revealed the smooth skin with a still-developing six-pack but no scar anywhere. He let his shirt go before cracking his head back and shouted to the heavens.


Some birds flew away from their resting place when they heard the roar of an angry beast. Or in this case angry cub.

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