Santoryu: Fairy`s wings

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Chapter 4.

A new friend and a tragedy

One word could describe what was happening around Bastion as he looked around the village.


The fire burned the houses and everything around it as it spread through the village. The people that started it. We're running out of it like devils who only want to wreak havoc.

He watches them break into house`s that was soon followed by the screams of woman and children before only child's voice could be heard as it was being taken away from it`s home and carried away by the raiders.

His body shook in fear and horror, every part of him told him to run away.

And he did just that...

Turning on his heels. He ran towards his house where his family was waiting for him. He hoped that they were okay. He made it and to his relife his house was untouched. He swung the door open before swiftly closing it behind him with a "BANG" making his family that was eating dinner.

"Honey what`s wrong?" Luna asks her husband in a worried tone.

Bastion only runs towards her and hugs her tightly to himself. Luna slowly returned it not sure what was going on.

"Luna you have to go." His voice filled with fear and worry.

"What?" Luna said

"There`s no time to explain Luna. Take the kids and go out through the back door. I`ll hold them off for as long as I can." Bastion said before running back outside.

"WAIT! Bastion what are you talking about? Stop who?" Luna shouted after her husband. No answer came to her which made her even more worried about Bastion`s sudden warning. She looked out through the window and her jaw dropped in horror and shock at what she saw. More then half of her village was burning, her neighbors and friends lie on the ground motionless with a pool of their own blood around them.

And their children...

She saw one of the men carrying a very hard struggling child before tossing him into the house wall knocking the kid out with a river of blood pouring down the child`s head. He grabbed the child by an arm and begin to cruelly drag it with him.

She slowly backed away from the window before turning around and sprinting towards her children. Kagura and Simon whined when their food gets taken away from them.

"Simon, Kagura we need to go." Their mother said as she puts a black coat.

Simon gave his mother a confused look. "Why?"

"Just do what I say and don`t look back." She said as she took her children by their hands and walked out of through the back door of the house. They moved to go into the forest behind their house when the two members of Zeref`s cultists came out from it.

They pulled out their swords and in a slow menacing pace walked towards them. Luna pulled her kids behind her looking around for any escapes. Her eyes started to water in worry when she found out that there was no escape for her.


She looked down at her kids who were hiding behind her legs and then at the two approaching men in front of them. She crouched down in order to whisper into her children's ears.

"Run..." and with that she charges at the two cultists who at the same time pierced her body with their swords.

"MOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!" Both Kagura and Simon yell out as they watch their mother`s body fall down. Her dress getting stained in red as more blood flow from her wounds but with the last bit of strength in her body, she looked back at their tear-stained eyes.

"Run..." a low sound of their mother`s voice came to them. Simon instantly took Kagura`s hand and ran back towards the burning village.

But as they were running another cultist came from the ally and snatched Simon into his arms.

"SIMON!" Kagura shouted out in fear and worry as her brother struggled against his capturer. However the cultist was stronger than him and managed to manhandle him like a doll by slamming him into the ground couple of times before Simon was knocked unconscious.

The man then turned towards her and started to approach her. She couldn`t move her body, fear and horror ran through her limbs and core as the man got closer and closer.

His hand extended towards her, ready to grab her when he let out a pained scream as he went down to one knee. He turned his head to the left only to be greeted with a metal pipe right to his face. He falls down onto his back unconscious with his blood running down his forehead.

The one who hit him was a scarlet-haired girl that was holding a metal pipe in both hands. She watches his unmoving body for a second before dropping the pipe and ran towards Kagura.

"Are you okay?" Erza asked Kagura, looking her over in worry.

Kagura only continued to gaze at her unconscious brother. His back moving up and down at a slow pace, confirming that he was still alive. Erza looked over at Simon in worry for the boy, she was about to go pick him up when more cultists came out and spotted them.

She took a hold of Kagura`s wrist and ran away from them. Erza ignored Kagura`s cries`s for them to go back and get her brother as more cultists joined in on chasing them.

Tears fell from Erza`s eyes as she continued to run with Kagura, hoping for someone to save them.

With Zoro:

"Gosh where the hell am I supposed to go?" Zoro said as he scratched his head in frustration. He has been wandering around the forest for about 45 minutes and still had no idea where he was going.

"Damn it should have asked someone for directions before I left." He said just as the smell of smoke reached his nose.

"What the hell?" He thought as he looked behind him and saw smoke going into the air from a place not too far away from him.

"Wasn`t that was the village is?" He thought as he started to run towards it, smoke being his guide through the forest.

When he arrived he was greeted with a sight that he was very familiar with.

"WHAT THE FUCK!?" the village was on fire every house was burning and falling apart. The people that lived in them lay dead on the ground in the pool of their own blood from the stab wounds on their bodies or from their necks getting sliced.

He walked slowly through the village, his eyes filled with disbelief and anger scanned around in case there were survivors. He then stumbled upon a sight that made his blood freeze.

"No...Old man..." His voice carried on his sadden tone as he looked at the man who brought him to this Village. Bastion lied on the ground with multiple stab wounds in his chest and torse. His blood still pouring out of him as he was turned to the right side, his emotionless eyes steering at nothing.

When Zoro came to his side he bends down to one knee and put his hand over Bastion`s eyes. He closed the eyes of the deadman before closing his own, letting a quiet prayer wash over the body.

"I am so sorry..." the sound of fire and burning wood was the only sound that surrounded Zoro as he continues to pray. A sound of footsteps was soon heard as the two cultists came onto the road where Zoro was kneeling down.

They stopped when they noticed him and started to walk slowly towards him.

"Well well. I thought we cleared this area clean. How did you get past us you little shit!" The one on the left said as he pulled out his sword, his friend following his action.

"Hey look at that. The kid is sporting three swords on him. Who does he think he is ha?" The one the right pointed out as they took another step. But soon they froze in place as they felt something dark and terrifying.

Zoro lifted his head up and slowly stood back up. He pulled Kitetsu III out of its sheath and slowly turned towards now a frozen duo. They begin to shake in fear as Zoro`s killing intent was let loose, his eyes burning a hole through them as he begins to make his way over to them.

"What the hell is up with this kid?" one on the right thought as his body shook in fear, his jaw and upper mouth pressed together, as the need to vomit build up in his throat. "Why the hell am I so scared of this kid? He is just another brat that is going to-"

He never finished for Zoro vanished in front of them then appeared behind them. He walked away as the two man`s chests exploded behind him. Blood sprayed into the air as a slash mark appeared on their chests before they fell down to the ground unmoving.

Zoro looked back at them before putting Kitetsu III back into its sheath.

"Burn in hell you bastards." He said in a cold voice.

"HELP!" a shout made him look in the direction it came from. He started running towards it, hoping he wasn`t too late.

"HELP! NOOOO! GET AWAY FROM ME! LET ME GO!" The voice sounded feminine and closer than before. Zoro turned another corner and saw who was calling for help.

A girl with scarlet-hair that he have meet today was pinned down by two cultists who were both holding her arms. They had a sickening grin on their faces with no good intentions on their minds.

"Now now. Be nice and take your punishment like a good girl." One of them said as he let his buddy hold her down. He stands up and pushes his cloak out of the way to revile his pants. His hand moving towards the zipper.

Zoro`s eyes widen in realization at what the man wanted to do before anger filled his vision he pulled out both Wado and Kitetsu and hold them up.

"NITORYU: NANAJUNI POUND HO!" A flying slash hit the man head-on sending him flying into one of the burning buildings. The other one looked over at Zoro who was already in front of him.

Zoro slashed sideways and hit him right in the eyes with his blade resulting in the culprit letting Erza go and fall down to the ground while holding his eyes in pain.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHH! MY EYES! YOU LITTLE SHIT CUT MY EYES." Before he could say anything else Zoro hit him with the handle of Kitetsu on the back of his head, knocking him out.

Zoro was breathing heavily after that, the body that he was using now was nowhere near as strong as his older one. This one tired out too quickly as well as it`s making him lack raw strength. Although he still had all of his attacks, they were lacking some serious power.

He looked over at the building that he sent a man flying at and saw that he actually broke a hole in it, the guy that was inside was probably already burned to the crisp.

"Zoro?" a surprised voice made him look behind him. Erza stood there shocked at what he did with tears streaming down her face. The locked eyes with one another as the fire continued to get worst.

"Man this place will soon be swallowed by the smoke and fire. I need to get Erza out of-"his thoughts were interrupted as someone rammed themselves into him, locks of scarlet hair filled his vision as he felt his shoulder getting wet.

"T-Thank you... I-I... I was so scared... I thought they would... Would." She couldn`t finish what she wanted to say as she buries her head into his shoulder. Her arms tighten around him as she hugs him as in fear that he will disappear.

Zoro only stood there not really knowing what to do. He was never good at comforting others, nor did he ever had a woman or a girl hug him like this. So he did what he felt was right.

He sheathed Wado and wrapped his free hand around Erza`s waist, returning her hug. As he was hugging her he was also looking around in case more of these bastards came.

He pulled back from Erza after a few more seconds of hugging and grabs her shoulder`s gaining her attention. "Erza... What the hell is going on here?"

Erza looked around her eyes red from crying as she tries to hold back more tears from escaping. "I don`t know. Everything was fine after you left and then out of nowhere these men dressed in a white coat came into the village and started to..."

She couldn`t finish

"It`s okay I understand," Zoro said in a soft voice.

Erza took a deep breath before continuing. "They started to burn down houses, killed... All adults and they took the kids with them."

"Where..." Zoro asked

"To the forest." She said in a weak voice as she starts to cry again. Her hands covering her face.

Zoro cursed under his breath as he looked around him. If they have already taken most of the kids into the forest then there was nothing he can do for them. He doesn't know where they went or how did they go there but one thing was for sure. He needs to get Erza out of here.

"Erza look at me." He ordered as Erza looked up at him with watery brown eyes. He gently brushes away a tear that has escaped her hands with his own before looking into her brown orbs.

"We can`t stay here. We need to move before the smoke becomes to thick to even breathe." He said in a serious voice as he turned to walk away but Erza stopped him with her hand grabbing his wrist.

"Wait Zoro. We need to go get Kagura." Erza said

"Kagura?" He said surprised.

"Yes she a little girl I helped and hide from these monsters. Come on I know where she is." She said as she begins to pull him with her. The path there was fairly clear except for a few of the culprits popping out here and there but Zoro made a quick work of them.

They arrived behind the building where a small wooden crate was. Erza opened the crate while Zoro stood guard. Erza peaked inside and saw Kagura still inside, laying down on her side. When Kagura saw the lid of the crate opening, she was about to scream.

But then she saw Erza`s face which turned her scared face into the one of happiness.

"YOU`RE OK-" Erza put her hand on Kagura`s mouth and shushed her.

"Keep your voice down Kagura." Erza whispered "We don`t want them to find us."

Kagura nodded and allowed the older girl to help her out of the crate. Her eyes caught sight of Zoro who was keeping the guard on the side. Her eyes widen in recognition as she ran towards him and hugged the taller boy's leg.

Zoro was surprised by the sudden leg hug and just stood there not knowing what to do. He looked around one more time just to make sure they were safe. He then looked down at the purple-haired girl that was hugging his leg and couldn`t help but compare her to Chopper.

"Yo. Good to see you alright" He said at her.

"You are okay too." She said with a happy smile. "See I told Simon.." She suddenly stops as she remembers her brother and what happened to him.

Erza seeing her face become sad, she hugged the little girl close to herself letting her cry into her shirt. Zoro let the little girl cry her sorrow out before saying. "Come on let's get moving."

"Where are we going?" Asked Kagura as Erza took her hand into hers.

"I don`t know. Somewhere safe and far away from here would be nice." Zoro said as he begins to walk with Erza and Kagura following after him.

"HEY, I SEE MOREOVER THERE!" They heard someone shout from behind them.

"SHIT!" Zoro cursed before picking Kagura up in his arms and taking a hold of Erza`s wrist, pulling them along as they begin to run away. They ran from the ally and out on the main road where they begin to run down on it. It wasn`t long when a line of six cultists appeared in front of them, blocking their path.

"Annoying bastards." Zoro thought with narrowed eyes. "Erza catch."

He tossed Kagura at her forcing Erza to catch the poor girl.

"DON`T TOSS HER LIKE THAT YOU IDOT!" Erza yelled at him to which he only ignored as he moved Kitetsu III so that it was on his left side of his haramaki while keeping Wado on his right side. He ran towards cultists who were laughing at him for thinking that he can do something to them.

"Nitoryu lai:..." His eyes were shadowed as he drew his swords. "RASHOMON!"

I an instant all six of them were sent flying with cuts over their chests. Their eyes became white as they fell on the ground unmoving.

Erza and Kagura stopped in their tracks with wide eyes, they couldn`t believe their eyes as they watched a kid take out six grown men in an instant.

"Amazing." They both thought with sparkles in their eyes. Zoro saw their surprised and awed, he ignores it and motions for them to keep on moving.

They made it to the crossway with three different paths in front of them. One leading forward, the other two left and right. Zoro looked between the three paths and silently cursed as he couldn`t choose which one to take.

"OY! Erza. Do you know which way we gotta..." He didn`t finish as he looked behind him and saw ten more cultists coming after them. Erza and Kagura immediately moved behind Zoro. He looked to the left pathway and saw five more coming from there. He turned towards the other pats but saw five more coming from both of them.

Leaving them in the middle of it all. Surrounded by 25 cultists from all the sides. Zoro sneered at them in anger, his grip on his swords tightening as they approached him with sickening grins.

"Oy Oy kid. What is that look for?" One of them asked in a mocking voice.

"He thinks he some kind of badass since he has those swords." The other one added

"Hahaha that`s rich. Now drop those down and we promise we won`t hurt you or your two friends...much." the third one said with a sick grin.

Erza and Kagura gasped as they looked at Zoro who had shadows covering his eyes. He then looked up his eyes glaring and his killing intent washing over every one of the culprits making them flinch in surprise and a cold sweat to start forming on their foreheads.

Zoro unwrapped his green bandana from around his arm before tying it around his head. He placed Wado in his mouth before with some difficulty pulling out Shusui. He held it tight so that it wouldn`t drop from his hand as he displayed the style he created.




"HAHAHAHAHAHAH!" The laughter exploded in the air as cultists all laughed at Zoro who to them looked ridicules. Even Kagura and Erza sweatdropped at him for how stupid he looked.

"(Gasp) HAHAHA (chuckling). What the hell is that kid? Is that supposed to intimidate us? HAHAHA!" They continue to laugh as Zoro only narrowed his eyes at them.

"Kagura. Erza." He said in a surprisingly clear voice. "Hold onto me."

They did as he ordered with Erza hugging him from the back while Kagura wrapped her arms around his right leg. Both holding on tight.

Cultists continued to laugh.

"Santoryu: Tatsu..."

"Huh?" One of the men who were laughing said as he noticed the girls hugging the green-haired boy, who raised his swords up.

"MAKI!" A huge tornado was created from where the three children stood, shocking and surprising all 25 men.

"WHAT THE FU-" One of them begin but was cut off he was swallowed by the tornado, his sentence now becoming screams.

Inside the tornado, Erza and Kagura both had their eyes closed as the wind pressure was too strong. After a few more seconds the wind died down and their eyes opened. However, they quickly opened wider than ever as they looked around them. It was carnage. Bodies laid everywhere unmoving as all 25 of cultists were down and barely breathing.

The tornado also blew away some of the wood and weak fire that was around the area. Giving it a clear look in a 30-meter radius. Their eyes looked up at Zoto who was breathing heavily as if he had run for an hour. He put pulled Wado out of his mouth and placed all of his swords back into their sheaths.


"You two can let go now." His voice broke through the silence.


They both let him go with blushes grazing their young cheeks.

"That was amazing Zoro," Erza said. Her eyes sparkling with amazement. "I didn`t know you could use magic."

"Yeah, Zoro. Why did you tell us?" Kagura asked as she looked up at him with stars in her eyes.

Zoro only looked at them in confusion. "Ha? What are you talking about? I can`t use magic."

Their eyebrows raised in confusion.

"What do you mean Zoro? You just used wind magic." Erza said to the swordsman.

"That wasn`t magic that was a technique." He said clearly confused as to why would they think that it was magic.

"A technique? What kind of technique?" Kagura asked in a curious voice.

"That`s what I would like to know." A deep voice said from behind them making Zoro pull Wado and Kitetsu III from their sheaths and stand ready.

"In fact I would like to know who you are." The man who was a lot bigger then the rest of the cultists that came after them stood there. His eyes and forehead covered by shadows as his mouth shined in the firelight. Showing his interested grin.

"And how did you do this to my men."

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