A/N: Set during the first season. This is one of the first stories I've ever posted online, I tried to fix and edit it as best I could, but it's still somewhat choppy.

Posted Sept 3, 2015

Edited May 4, 2020

Ezra laid in his bed, looking at his datapad. He had been trying to stifle his laughter for the past hour so he wouldn't wake Zeb in the bunk below, but the news reports about the idiotic stormtroopers, con-men, and short stories were too funny.

He had been reading about a con-man - who had stolen in Imperial transport - when Hera and Kanan had called lights out on the Ghost. The story was too good to stop there though, so he took the 'pad to his room and continued to read it in the safety of his bunk. But he found that there were other stories, fictional and not, that were too interesting to wait until the morning.

He had been reading for three hours now, only just finding the funny stories one hour ago.

But he was old enough to stay up this late and he wouldn't slow the others down. He'd pick up the datapad in a few minutes and go to sleep. So what if he woke up a little later than usual?

But when Ezra finished the current article he was on, he looked over the titles of some other stories, knowing full well that he'd find another interesting one.

'Oh, that looks like so cool. Just one more then I'll go to bed.'

So then, two hours later, he finally picked the datapad up, doing his best to carry it to the stand via the Force. It was shaky and dipped dramatically a few times before he was successfully set it down; he laid back in his bed and close his eyes, the various stories and articles circling around in his head. It wasn't until 30 more minutes that he was able to sleep.

"Hey, kid! Wake up! You've slept in long enough!" A gruff voice suddenly yelled next to his ear.

Ezra groaned as he turned over, covering his head with the pillow. "Not now, Zeb..."

"Yes now; Kanan wants you. Time for Jedi stuff...!" The lasat chuckled as he grabbed the pillow with one hand and picked the boy up by the back of his shirt with the other.

"Stop it, Zeb! Tell Kanan a few more minutes then I'll be out." Ezra grabbed the edge of his bunk, trying to squirm out of Zeb's hold and back into his bed.

"Ezra, you do know that it's already ten-thirty?" Sabine commented from somewhere behind him. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw her leaning against the door frame with her arms crossed. "You never sleep in this late!"

"What's wrong with sleeping in a little? It was a long day yesterday." Ezra defended, giving up on getting out of Zeb's hold and just hanging limply in the air.

"A long day? Kid, all you did was lift bowls and stuff from the common room!" Zeb frowned, an eyebrow raised as he carried him to the aforementioned room.

"Yeah, that stuff is very tiring! It uses up a lot of energy!"

"What uses up a lot of energy?" Kanan asked, entering the conversation with a questioning look as he stood behind a holographic layout of an Imperial Base.

"Using the Force to lift kitchen stuff," Sabine said as she walked past the Jedi and into the cockpit.

Eyebrows furrowing, Kanan frowned, "It shouldn't be tiring enough that you sleep in this late." Kanan stepped toward Ezra when Zeb dropped him in a chair, "You feeling okay, kid?"

"I'm fine," He pouted and crossed his arms, eyes drooping slightly. "Let's just get this over with."


And so, for three weeks, Ezra stayed up later each night on the datapad; and each day, he would be crankier when woken up.

He laid down on the table in the make-shift dining room-slash-kitchen, his head resting on the table with his eyes closed.

"Geez, kid, why're you so tired lately?" Zeb asked, poking the boy in the arm. "It seems all you want to do now is sleep."

"Go away, Zeb, I'm not in the mood..."

"Not in the mood to argue with Zeb?! That's a first! Are you sick?" Sabine put her hand on Ezra's forehead teasingly. Ezra just batted her hand away.

On the other side of the room, Kanan and Hera shared a look before the former started climbing down the latter. "Let's take a walk, kid," He nudged Ezra's arm as he passed.

Ezra sigh but stood, following his master outside.

They stopped a little ways away from the Ghost, in the tall grass of Lothal; Kanan turned to look at Ezra with an unreadable expression and Ezra looked to the ground.

"Spill it," Was all the man said.

Ezra shrugged, still not meeting his eyes. He didn't know why he was feeling guilty, Kanan was just his Jedi master and captain, nothing more. It shouldn't matter what Kanan thought of him; but for some reason, it did matter to Ezra. He felt as though he had disobeyed a parent, which didn't make sense. He hardly remembered what having a parent was like, much less letting one down.

"Ezra, tell me."

He took a deep breath. "Fine! I've been staying up late reading on a datapad. Happy now?"

Kanan closed his eyes and sighed, "Even after I've called lights out?"

"Yeah, so? I still get the missions done, I'm not slowing anyone down-"

"It doesn't matter if you get the mission done, Ezra, you are just hurting yourself. We have lights out for a reason. What time do you go to bed at?" Ezra could feel Kanan reaching out to him through the Force, making sure he was guilt tripped into telling the truth.

"Around four-thirty..."

There was a flash of disbelief and slight anger through the Force, Kanan's presence drawing back. "You aren't getting enough sleep; a teenager needs seven to eight hours of sleep a day, you're getting five. It's not good for your health... or manors." He smirked at the boy, letting him know his attitude didn't go unnoticed.

Ezra started picking up small rocks with the Force and tossing them into the tall grass, making sure to avoid the Force Signatures that would cause him to get attacked. He didn't understand why he felt so guilty suddenly, it was just Kanan... he's done worse things that he never felt remorse for...! And he hardly ever follows orders anyway! So why was this different?

"Ezra, look at me." Kanan ordered calmly - but firmly. Ezra finally looked up at the man, his guilt doubling at the look of disappointment in the aqua-colored eyes of his teacher. "Ezra, you're still a teenager, so it is expected of you to make mistakes; but as your guardian, it is my job to discipline you." Ezra's eyes widened, he didn't mean... "As of today, you are not allowed to access any datapad or holonet for two weeks; your missions will be only the ones we absolutely need you on, the other times you will stay with Hera. When you are allowed back on the datapad, you will leave them in the common room at night where they will be checked."

"That's not fair, Kanan!" The boy took a step closer in frustration, his arms gesturing his distress. A part of him though, he would never admit, was glad that the Jedi cared about his health enough to do this. But he was still upset. "What makes you think you can tell me what to do when we aren't training or on a mission?"

Kanan's eyes widened. "Uh, well I..."

"See? You don't know! So why should I listen to you?"

Kanan gave Ezra a look that had the boy stop his accusations instantly, his mouth slamming shut with a click. "Because as your master, I am your guardian, it's my job to make sure you stay safe and healthy - missions or not. We don't have to be fighting the Empire for me to tell you what to do."

Ezra stared at Kanan for a few more seconds, his eyebrows furrowed and halfheartedly glaring at the man before signing and hanging his head in defeat. "Alright... I'm sorry, Master."

"Good. Now, come on, you need to go sleep as long as you can to make up for what you lack." Kanan said, walking back to the Ghost, placing a hand on Ezra's shoulder and leading him back inside.

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