Star Trek Hunter
Episode 23: JAG Wars
Scene 14: Emergency Powers

Emergency Powers

"This is Federation President-Elect Emory Ivonovic. President Rodriguez and I have a formal announcement regarding temporary policies to handle the current emergency faced by the United Federation of Planets. By an overwhelming majority, the Council of the United Federation of Planets has temporarily set aside restrictions on executive power in Sections 2, 3 and 4 of the Federation Charter." Emory Ivonovic was seated in a simple office chair, dressed in a simple, but elegant dark gray 3-piece suit. Next to him, behind the massive desk of her office, sat Federation President Mary Rodriguez, wearing a burgundy gown she had often been seen in. A string of pearls she always wore around her neck.

"And I am President Mary Rodriguez. As you almost certainly know, Emory and I have been members of different coalitions within the Federation Council, and there are many policy issues that we do not agree on. But we are in agreement on the need to take extraordinary measures to protect you, the citizens of our mighty Federation. We have worked together to craft both the resolution passed by the Federation Council and the following policies. I can only say how deeply saddened I am that we must stray so far from our traditions, our hopes and our core values. But the deepest value we share is to protect life and especially intelligent life. I truly believe these measures are our only hope to preserve the integrity of the Federation and will provide us the tools we so desperately need to protect the lives of our citizens."

Emory Ivonvic put on a pair of reading glasses and picked up a small sheaf of paper from his lap. "Member planets and member species attempting to withdraw their membership from the United Federation of Planets are required to follow the procedures outlined in Section 28 of the Federation Charter. Under the emergency powers authorization, this section has been interpreted to include that the government petitioning for withdrawal from the UFP must be the same government that authorized joining the Federation, or a government directly authorized as a successor according to the requirements of Section 29. If there is a break in the legitimate handover of power from one member government to its successor, that successor may not petition for withdrawal. The initial government will have to be reconstituted as defined in Section 29."

President Rodriguez looked up. "To put this in plain language," she continued, "the petition from the government styling itself as the Trillian Master Force and purportedly represented by General Hialal Mulaax is null and void as this government is the product of a military coup and is not a legitimate successor government as required by Section 29."

Ivonovic turned a page and flipped the sheaf over, adjusted his reading glasses. "Emergency authority also allows the Federation President to make direct appeal to the three allied expeditionary forces for enforcement of Federation Treaties and the Federation Charter as specified in Section 1 of the Federation Charter – a power previously reserved exclusively for the Federation Council. However, under Section 1, the Federation Council may name an agent to make such requests. Under the Emergency Powers Resolution, the Federation President is temporarily named as that agent."

"By this authority," President Rodriguez continued, "I hereby request that Star Fleet, the Vulcan High Command and the Andorian Imperial Guard develop and enact a joint strategy to protect the intelligent race known as the symbionts, as required by the Treaty of Trillus Prime, prevent further violation of Sections 19 and 28 of the Federation Charter and, in compliance with Section 29, enable the trillian people to reclaim their world and restore the legitimate government of Trillus Prime."

Ivonovic flipped another page. "Additionally, the executive is named as the agency by the Federation Council to, on behalf of the Council, request the Federation Tribunal open investigations into individuals and corporate actors for potential violation of either Federation Treaty Law or the Federation Charter, to which all Federation citizens are bound as their highest law."

President Rodriguez dropped her left fist to her desk with a thump. "Under this authority, I am requesting that the Tribunal investigate and call for the immediate arrest of the trill styling himself as General Hialal Mulaax for violation of the Treaty of Trillus Prime," she added, "as well as Sections 19 and 28 of the Federation Charter and, in conjunction with that request, that Star Fleet, the Vulcan High Command and the Andorian Imperial Guard cooperate in the location, capture and detention of said individual until he can be brought to answer for his crimes against the Federation and against the people of Trillus Prime. I leave the investigation and arrest of individuals culpable of assisting the accused in these crimes to be determined by the Federation Tribunal and the combined forces."

"Finally," added Ivonovic, "Let me emphasize that these extraordinary powers are temporary. They will remain in place for two years unless revoked by a 75% majority vote of the Federation Council. You may direct any questions to the office of the President of the Federation. Thank you for your attention and thank you for your confidence both in President Rodriguez and in me. You will hear our voices again. You will see our faces again. In these troubled times, we will not leave you. For all loyal, patriotic citizens of the Federation, I am President-Elect Emory Ivonovic…"

"And I am Federation President Mary Rodriguez. It has been an honor to serve you these past six years. Please let me express my confidence in my successor that you will be well served for the next six years."