Author's Notes: The "teal" in the title is a direct reference to the color of Mina's hair, which is teal.

"horrendous" - normal speech

"horrendous" - thinking, emphasis

"horrendous" - more emphasis

At approximately 6:30 PM, Corey was in room playing on accoustic guitar.

The room had dark blue colored walls riddled with pictures and posters of skulls, popular musicians. An assortment of guitars was stacked in corner, his comfy blue bed stacked in the other corner, and in-between them was a desk and drawer combination, with a fancy, dusty desktop. In addition to a few chairs, a bookshelf, and a very, very dark grey carpet. And to top it all off, an amp or two.

In this boyish room, Corey is busy trying to come up with a song without Trina's diary. It was a lot harder than he had imagined.

"Corey, Corey, can think of something. I know you can. You just gotta believe...Oh, God. I sound like a movie character", the blue-haired boy said to himself.

Admittedly, making up a song on the spot is hard. But Corey found it a much safer and more practical method than pissing off Trina and using the words she writes in her diary as lyrics. Now that he thought about it hard enough..."One of these days she's just gonna kill us all", he said nonchalantly, absentmindedly strumming his guitar while he was at it.

The door to his bedroom opened. Unexpectedly, the person was none other than Mina.

"Hi Corey", she said meekly.

Corey immediately stopped playing upon seeing her. He always thought she looked kind of adorable and pretty, but he came back to his senses.

"What are you doing here, Mina?" the blue-haired boy sighed exasperatedly. Corey didn't hate her, but after a tiresome day at school, he really didn't feel like dealing with the best friend of his crazy-ass sister.

"Your dad let me in. He seems nice", Mina smiled.

"Yeah, he's a real angel. Anyways, back to the topic: what are you doing here?" Corey said. "If you came here to announce that you have some crazy-ass scheme to fuck up Grojband..."

Mina cut him off quickly and nervously. "No, no, no. I just wanted us to talk".

Corey let out one of his usual smiles and raised an eyebrow in amusement. "Just talk?"

Mina sighed. Even she was getting tired of this. "Can I come in or not?" she asked flatly.

After a few seconds of hesitation, Corey finally replied. "I...suppose it wouldn't hurt".

Mina walked in, closing the door shut as she did so. "This is one. Badass. Bedroom. I wish my room was this cool". The bespectacled girl looked around in awe.

Corey smiled brightly at the compliment.

"Anyways, what did you wanna talk about?" he asked as he continued playing on his guitar.

Mina stayed silent. She wasn't sure if she should delve into the topic she was about to mention.


"What about her?" Corey asked, not bothering to look up.

"I...I...meant..that...*sighs deeply* and Trina", Mina said.

Corey eventually looked up, looking a bit frustrated. "This day is certainly something special to remember", the blue-haired boy said sarcastically before continuing. "First, Trina burns one of my textbooks. Then, she rants all around school, talking about how (imitates Trina's voice) horrendous those fucking fuckheads known as Crotchband are..."

Mina giggled not just at the sound of "Crotchband", but also at Corey's amazingy spot-on impression of Trina's voice.

"Then school is even more boring than usual. Then I hear her fawning over Nick Mallory, AGAIN, and then she made the school bus trip back home a total nightmare, and last BUT not fucking least, her fucking best friend pays a visit with seemingly no ill intentions whatsoever...and is all of a sudden interested in having a fucking conversation with me, of ALL the fucking people in the fucking world!"

Corey finished his rant looking positively miffed, and he even stopped playing on his guitar too.

Mina was blushing crimson right now. She had thought of Corey as a chilled guy, but his rant (and the F-bombs he dropped along the way) showed that there is...something...dark...about him underneath the surface.

In a strange way though, she found it "hot".

"And this conversation would be even more shitty if she was here", he snarled out. Eventually, he calmed down and went back to his guitar. "My bad. No hard feelings, huh?" Corey apologized, trying to sound casual, but there was a bit of an emotional edge to it.

"You don't have to say sorry", Mina said politely. Corey looked at her with an air of surprise.

"I never knew Trina was such a sensitive subject for you. You're usually so...chill with...everything".

"Are you really just here to talk?" Corey asked.

"That's what I said didn't I?" Mina asked back before sitting next to Corey, who placed down his guitar and looked at her attentively. Corey felt regretful for the way he was acting earlier, and was now willing to listen to what Mina had to say.

"Corey, I wanted to say I'm sorry...for the way I treated you and your friends. No thanks to Trina", the girl said.

Corey was suprised, although he shouldn't be because Mina is much nicer than Trina, but it still caught him off-guard.

"Mina, you were acting out of your own accord. You follow Trina like a fucking fanatic and you would do just about anything for her, everything and everyone else be damned", Corey said.

Mina looked down with her eyes closed shamefully.

"She's a horrible influence on you, but...thank God you're not nearly as bad as her. Also apology accepted".

Mina looked back up, relieved.

"There's um...more", she said timidly.

"Oh my God", Corey said in an annoyed tone of voice. Mina sent him an irritated look.

"Kidding", he smirked. Mina rolled her eyes and chuckled.

"And..uh...what else is there, Mina?" Corey asked.

"The truth is...the" Mina trailed off.

Corey raised an eyebrow expectantly. "The truth is...?"

Mina closed her eyes and let out a very overlong deep breath.

"I have a crush on you".

Corey's eyes widened. He was not expecting that. Out of all the shit that he had to put up today...

"Oh" was all Corey could say. There was an uncomfortable silence, and it took several minutes for the both of them to find the right words to say to each other.

"Um, for how long?" Corey asked. Mina answered as honestly and beautifully as she could.

"Ever since we met. I always thought you were so cool...and chill...and handsome...and funny...and inspirational...and yet me and Trina wouldn't stop trying to hurt you. The guilt has been eating at me for as long as I could possibly imagine. I mostly stuck around with Trina just as an excuse to see your face. I never really had a chance to tell you without Trina being there. I came here because my feelings compelled me to".

Corey was dumbfounded. It certainly felt weird that one of the two girls who were trying so hard to destroy his life actually has a crush on him. Of all people. "But aren't you in love with Nick Mallory?" Corey asked. He had to be sure that Mina was saying this out of sincerity and not because Trina put her up to it or anything.

"I am", Mina answered simply. Corey rolled his eyes at that. "Of course. Who isn't in love with that handsome hunk? Wait, did I just call him handsome?!" he thought. Mina continued, "But you know how Trina is about her precious-ass boy toy".

Corey giggled from hearing Mina say "precious-ass boy toy".

"In fact, she's actually on a drive with him and his friends right now".

"And here I was thinking that she was just going out as she so claimed. I should've known she left with pink hearts in her eyes", Corey deadpanned. His expression changed to one of worry.

"Wait a second, Mina! You didn't tell Trina about your crush, did you? Cause that would be bad. Like fucking bad, bad, BAD".

Mina also became worried too. "No, I would never tell her that! I have no idea what she would do if I did! She doesn't know I'm here either!"

Corey let out a huge sigh of relief. This girl was certainly an angel.

"Mina, you have no idea how grateful I am. Really, you don't", Corey said in relief and happiness.

"It's no problem, Corey", said Mina kindly.

"About this whole crush thing, I had no idea that you cared about me that much", said Corey.

"Sorry for dropping it on you all of a sudden. I just felt like I needed to, you know?" Mina said apologetically.

"Honestly, Mina. No hard feelings, whatsoever", Corey grinned.

Mina grinned back. Several minutes of grinning followed.


"Yes, Mina?"

"We're still talking about Trina right?"

Corey snapped out of it; he was staring at her undeniably beautiful face for too long. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. We still are" (nervous chuckle)

"She hates you so goddamn much, but I never understood why", said Mina.

Corey's grin became an expression of downtrodden sadness. Mina never once thought that the tension between Corey and Katrina was actually much, much worse than it appeared.

"Seriously. What the fuck happened between happened you two?" Mina asked in what sounded like desperation.

"I'm not saying anything", Corey replied in an uncharacteristically depressed voice. "Why don't you ask her?"

"Tried that. Didn't work", Mina replied.

"Figures", Corey scoffed.

"That bad, Corey?"

"That bad, Mina".

Sighing sympathetically, Mina took off her glasses. Corey glanced at her and his eyes widened slightly. "She looks even more beautiful without the glasses", he thought.

Mina scooted closer to Corey and put her soft, warm and lovely hands on both of his cheeks.

"Corey, whatever it is, I'm sorry. And I'm also sorry if I made it worse", she said soothingly.

"I know this is my third time saying this, hard feelings", Corey said softly.

"I know it will get better", Mina assured.

"Thank you", Corey replied.

Mina pulled the boy into a warm and loving hug, his head resting on her shoulder. Corey didn't hug her back, but Mina was perfectly okay with that. They were like that for the next ten minutes or so, before she pulled back, placing her hands back on her cheeks.

"Sorry to go off-topic, but...what are your thoughts on my...crush?" she asked.

"Well, honestly I'm flattered", Corey shrugged, causing Mina to chuckle.

"But, thing is, we don't really know each other that well, and...until we do, I need time to think about it", said Corey,

Mina smiled in understanding. "OK".

Another Corey didn't expect. He was caught off-guard yet again.

"For real?" he asked. Mina nodded at him, still smiling.

"Because I've seen a lot of movies where these kind of talks end in a total shitstorm".

Mina laughed in amusement. Corey was as funny as she said she was.

"Trust me, it's OK".

"OK", Corey replied back.

Satisfied, Mina gave Corey a deep, deep, deep, deep kiss on his left cheek. Corey was caught off-guard once again. What was even more baffling was that Mina continued to smile brightly at him, as if nothing happened, because usually in such situations, the kisser would be just as flabbergasted.

"Damn, I should stop watching rom-coms", Corey thought.

Mina let go of Corey, put her glasses back on and got off his bed. "I better get going", Mina said, turning to leave.

Corey got off his bed and walked towards her. "Mina".

Mina turned around, only to be greeted with a hug. Mina immediately hugged him back. After a few more seconds, she let go. "Oh, and before I forget, just so Trina will never know..." Mina handed Corey a strip of paper which had her phone number on it.

"095 617 2222".

Corey smiled warmly at Mina as he took the strip in his hand. "Thanks. I'll be sure to keep in touch".

Mina gave Corey another deep kiss on cheek. "Bye Corey", she said happily before finally leaving.

Corey clenched the number tightly in his hand as if it were a sacred treasure.

He had never felt better.

Author's Notes: You guys are probably wondering: "How in the HELL did Mina get to be on a drive with Nick Mallory?!" I'll leave that to open interpretation. ;)