"Lily, up!" demanded a soft voice, as tiny hands grabbed her shoulders and began shaking them. "up!" she groaned.

"five more minutes" Lily groaned, turning over in the warm sheets, in her vain attempt to avoid the hands trying to wake her.

"you get up now, or i call Marlene"

memory of the last time Marlene tried to wake her up flooded into her mind. her suddenly eyes snapped open and she sat up as fast as she could.

"i'm up!"

registering her surroundings, she saw the smirking face of Alice Fortescue dissolve into laughter. she doubled over, her brown waves shaking.

"oh my gosh Lils" she wheezed.

"shut up Alice" Lily snapped, getting out of bed, her feet registering the soft plush carpet on the floor.

she began walking towards the bathroom, on the way getting interrupted by Dorcas Meadowes, who was standing in front of her dresser clutching two outfits.

"oi Lil!" she said, pulling the redhead toward her. "tell me, this or this?"

she held both outfits against her dark skin. Lily took a moment to pick before deciding on one.

"this one" she said, tapping her pick.

as Dorcas thanked her, she entered the bathroom only to find her best friend Marlene touching up her lipstick by the counter.

she tried to go past the blonde, but Marlene side stepped, blocking her way.

"Mar, darling, get away from the counter, or i shall breathe on you." Lily threatened.

suddenly looking put out, Marlene stepped away.

"you ruin all my fun Evans" she said, smacking her lips and capping the little stick shut.

"too bad your fun has to get in the way of my toothpaste" retorted Lily, with a mouthful of the aforementioned mint.

"the only kissing action you get is from that toothbrush" Marlene winked.

"if i wanted any kissing action, all i have to do is tell any random bloke to meet me in a cupboard"

"unless said bloke is gay"

Lily hummed in agreement. "or taken"

"what would you do if you wanted kissing action, and all the blokes were taken or gay"

Lily trailed off. "i could always ask a girl?" she said, spitting the foam into the sink.

"true. or" said Marlene controversially. "you could always ask James Potter?"

Lily frowned. "you could always shove that lipstick up your ass but you don't see me suggesting that"

Marlene laughed. "love chatting with you before you get your hands on coffee Lil. they should make it a sport or something"

"James Potter would probably be the first to sign up" said Alice, walking into the bathroom, causing Marlene to start laughing even more and Lily to smack her.

"if talking to Frank Longbottom was a sport Alice would sign up and tear out the sheets, not gonna lie" Marlene joked.

Alice scowled. "if talking to anyone, especially Sirius Black was a sport you won't even bother with the sign up sheets Mar."

"preach" called Lily from the cubicle.

"and Frank and i are just friends" Alice added.

"sure jan" said Lily, coming out of the little loo. "believe what you wish"

Alice huffed. "i hate you both. Dorcas out there is my only true friend."

Dorcas stuck her head in. "heard my name?" she looked around and fake gasped. "talking? without me!? how dare you?"

"how dare they indeed." Lily agreed. "now everyone out or i'm stripping right here and showering"

"i don't mind" Dorcas commented.

"i'm sure James Potter wouldn't mind either" Marlene smirked.


»»—- —-««

when Lily's shower was done, she slipped into her muggle clothes, and over those her robes. it was easier to just pull off a robe on the train then a whole entire change.

the DADA owl had been the last one (thank goodness because had it not been she would have self combust) and today was the day they head out back home.

and she head back to her 'normal' sister, worried parents and no longer best friend.

oh goody

stepping out of the bathroom, she headed to her bedside to finish packing her essentials and night clothes, as Alice rushed to shower.

"Oi Lil!" the brunette called sticking her head out. "i need shampoo"

Lily's shampoo had run out that very morning. "i dont have any, take some from Marlene"

Alice made a face. "she manages to pull it off but that vanilla is positively nauseating."

Ignoring Marlene's "hey!" Lily suggested,

"take Dork's"

"she's got that curly stuff that makes my hair fall out"

Lily frowned. "well i ran out of shampoo this morning Al, and i cant write to mum for more because I'm going home today!"

"mix Marlene's with water that might dissolve the scent" Dorcas suggested.

giving everyone a resigned look, Alice went back into the bathroom.

once she was out, the girls were all ready and packed to head down for breakfast.

they sat down in the great hall, and began gorging themselves on the food. they were happily eating until two unwelcome people made themselves comfortable next to the girls.

"what do you want?" Dorcas asked the Marauders.

"we're just eating" Sirius Black grinned.

"why" asked Alice.

"why are we eating? well thats more of a belological question Alice, why do humans eat? is it to survive?" he mused.

"its biological you dumbass"

"tomato, tomahto Evans, potato potahto. coming back on subject Alice-"

"oh fuck off Black" Alice said.

Lily smiled in pride of her best friend.

"so where's you better half Sirius?" asked Marlene, leaning on the table.

"you mean Lily's worse half or Moony?" he asked.

Lily tossed a piece of a scone at him. "dumbass"

"you don't want to start a food fight Evans, not a good idea"

rolling her eyes again, Lily tossed the rest of her scone at him. "fight me bitch"

Sirius glared at her.

grabbing any projectile he could fine out of Sirius' reach, Peter Pettigrew said, "James and Remus got a bit late. something to do with shock therapy" Peter paused. "i wasnt supposed to say that"

"cool" said Marlene.

Lily tossed another scone at Sirius, who then grabbed a plate full mashed potatoes and aimed, only to have to plate taken from him.

"hello" said Remus Lupin, setting down the potatoes and sitting.

a chorus of 'hi's' rang out.

"morning" said James Potter, picking up the plate of mashed potatoes and shovelling some onto his plate.

"alright, now that we're all settled i have a question" Sirius began.

Remus rolled his eyes. James stiffened. Peter looked confused.

"Evans, you and Prongs," he began. Lily exasperatedly sighed. James put his face in his hands.

"you guys are friends now"

"no" Lily responded.

"then why are they sitting with us?" Alice asked, suddenly intrigued.

"i don't know, why don't you ask them?"

"but you did forgive him?" Peter threw in.

"remains to be seen, apparently" said James from inside his hands.

with sound of exasperation, Lily tossed some ketchup into his hair. he didn't notice.

snickering, Sirius asked "then you're not friends?"

"no padfoot" James said.

"why not?" asked Marlene

"you should be. and then you should date and then you should-"

"BLOODY MERLIN, calm down Black" Lily sighed. "you sound like Marlene"

Sirius winked across the table at Marlene, who winked right back.

oh boy were they a match made in heaven

James sat up. "look i don't know why you three are sitting here-" Remus flicked something at him. "you two" James amended.

"we sat here because Sirius said-" Peter's sentence was interrupted by Sirius shoving a piece of bread in his mouth.

"snitches end up in ditches" he whispered into Peter's ear as the other boy tried to swallow down the bread. Dorcas handed him some water.

uncomfortably James ran a hand through his hair, letting out a sound of disgust when his fingers met the ketchup. "i just showered" he whined.

"well shower again, Mr. Remains to be Seen" Lily sassed.

"that was your line!"

"not meant to be quoted Potter. i'll let you know when thats allowed."

"yeah thanks Evans. i'm sure Skeeter or Hugh would have loved that"

"sure Potter." Lily replied, neutrally placing her fork on the plate and walking of the room.

Marlene, Alice, Dorcas, Remus, Sirius and Peter all glared at James.

"i'm going, i'm going" he groaned, getting up and following her, unnervingly aware of all the stares that followed and the frantic scribbling that would surely make it into next term's recap section of the Hogwarts Magazine.

»»—- —-««

a lot of thoughts were flooding Lily's mind. a lot of them she never thought she's think. shoving them all into a dark corner in her brain, she continued walking down the halls. she didn't exactly have a destination in mind but her feet too rein and carried her down a well worn path.

turning a corner, she encountered the last person she wanted to see.

"Lily" he said.

"go fuck yourself Snape" she responded walking away from him, not a shred of emotion in her voice.

"Lily please just-"

she whirled around, hoping her face wouldn't reflect her thoughts. "its Evans to you" she said through her teeth. "or Mudblood if thats what you prefer"

Snape's face fell. "Lily please it just slipped out, i didn't mean-"

"slipped out?" her voice was still calm, but her anger was flaring. "slipped out? the word slipped out? why was a racial slur at the tip of your tongue anyway? why is that something you would even think of about your so called best friend?"

"Lily, had i not- my friends would have- they would have-"

"they would have what, Severus?"

Snape was trying to form words. None seemed to be coming to him. Luckily he was interrupted by someone else rushing down that corridor.

"Evans, listen-" James began. registering the scene he paused, "i can come back?"

shooting Snape a spiteful glare, Lily turned to him. "no, Potter what do you want?"

"i wanted to talk to you. about what i said. and apologise which i seem to be doing a lot lately."

Lily sighed. "it wasn't your fault, i triggered you. sorry about the ketchup."

James forced a smile and brought his hand up to run it through his hair, pausing when he realised that would just get it dirty again. "no it's okay, i'll wash it again"

Lily managed a smile, while Snape stared at them in shock.

"lets go before Marlene throws a fit" she said, turning the corner.

»»—- —-««

a/n: yes i know that in the original i had the train ride and everything as well but that was making this chapter WAY too long so i decided to put that as another chapter all together.

(also i couldn't figure out how to stick to the og plot while keeping it realistic; it doesn't make sense for them to suddenly become best friends. suggestions will be a blessing)

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