Chapter 1: Friends

Naruto - 6

Fayre - 7

At the Orphanage



I hopped out of bed hearing the alarm go off and the call to wake up and get to work. A few minutes later I was waiting patiently in line, when someon 1 or 2 years older than me walked towards me. towards me. I turned towards him and met him face to face.

"Kid, get out, I was there," he said to me.

"No, you weren't. So, get to the back of the line," I growled. "Make me," he said, shoving me.

Stumbled back a little before regaining my posture, I said, "Sure," before punching him in the face as hard as I can and then kicking him in the groin. Then, I knocked him out by punching him in the side of the head.

This had risen quite a commotion and one of the older matrons had come over. "What the hell is the meaning of this," she yelled.

"He tried to force me to give up my spot in line and when he refused he tried to beat me up. So I knocked him out," I calmly replied.

"Alright but next time something like this happens call one of us before using violence."

"Hn," A typical day.

Of course, an introduction. My name is Fayre. My parents died when I was young and my birthday is on August 27. I have lived in this orphanage ever since I remember. I dislike everyone that stole from me. I spent most of my free time training.

Half an Hour Later

As I came out of the shower stalls. I saw a boy the same age as me, albeit a little younger with a yellow mop of hair wearing a striking orange jumpsuit getting pushed around by 3 older kids. I snickered and went to help him out. As I walked towards him though, I noticed that a patron was standing nearby and smirking at the sight. Shrugging it off, I continued forward.

"Hey, why are you beating him up?"

"Why should I have to answer. Hey, take him out and take anything he has," said the biggest of the kids making a gesture at the middle kid.

As he charged me, I nimbly sidestepped him and gave him two swift punches to the side of his head knocking him out. As another one came at me, I kicked him in the face and then punched him away. The leader then ran away. I then gave him a hand and helped him up. "You okay? Uh, I don't know your name," I asked.

"Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto."

"Fayre. I don't know what my last name is."

"By the way, thanks for helping me out. -ttebayo"


"What's going on?!" the matron who was in hiding until now.

"He was being bullied and I was threatened."

"So you just attack them!" She said and then added, "NOW!" Shoving us towards the doorway. When we looked back, she yelled, "NOW! You have to follow the rules like everyone else!"

Naruto couldn't believe his luck. Someone had actually helped him! But, then he was kicked out. Then I got kicked out and so did he for some reason.

Once we were outside we stared at the doorway for sometime before Naruto broke the silence, "Sooooo, what now?"

"We just got kicked out of the orphanage, didn't we."


"Great. Let me think," Normally I'd figure out everything but this wasn't an orphanage, this was the real world. I realized that being in groups would be better. We could keep each other safe since there were street gangs stronger than us. Then I remembered something, 'Wasn't there a place called the academy where they train ninjas. We should probably go to the academy so we can-'

"Fayre! Earth to Fayre!" yelled Naruto

"What!? I was thinking!"

"No, you were zoning out for 5 minutes"

"Sorry" I apologized and then our stomachs started growling, "We should probably get something to eat. We didn't eat any breakfast and I didn't eat any dinner."

"Neither did I."

A few minutes later

"Why do the stores keep kicking us out," I complained, "It's not our fault we don't have any money. We're just kids."

"It's not you. For some reason everyone hates me."

"We might as well steal something," I ignored Naruto but still tried to figure out why everyone hated him and what was up with the names he was called behind his back.


Fox Spirit'

'Fox Brat'

Oh well, I'll figure it out later. For now, we had some stealing to do, or we'd starve.

It went like that for a few days. At night there was a clump of soft leaves underneath a tree at one of the training grounds that nobody used that we used to sleep in. Naruto found the spot after we got wet from sprinkling. Occasionally we would spar or to physical conditioning. Today when I woke up though, it was raining hard outside. I realized that we wouldn't be able to steal today. 'Damn it. Ideas. Ideas.' I thought looking over to Naruto. I saw him hugging himself, shaking, and crying. 'Shit! He's having a nightmare. I should probably wake him up.' "Naruto! Hey, Naruto! Wake up! Goddammit, WAKE UP!" I yelled at

He woke with a start and stared at me.

"What happened to you?" I asked.

"I don't wanna talk about it" he mumbled.


"How about we get something to eat, I'm hungry"

"It's raining," I deadpanned.

"I'll figure something out."

A Few Minutes Later

"And stay out pest!" said an old man as he threw Naruto out back into the rain as he landed in a puddle. Then he pushed me out and closed his door.

"Hey, what was that for!?" I yelled.

"We were just looking at your yummy bread pastries and pies," said Naruto.

"I'm not selling anything to pests like you," The shop owner spat.

"Fine! Come on Naruto! We're gonna find another restaurant."

We found a restaurant that had a sign that said Ichiraku's Ramen and then cautiously went inside. "Sir, can my friend and I have some food? We're cold, wet, and starving," I said. The man took one look at me and Naruto who had a step out the door and then called out. "Ayame, get 2 bowls of our Miso Ramen cooking!"

"Ok, Tou-san!"

"So! What's your name?"


"Uzumaki N-naruto,"

"My name is Teuchi Ichiraku. Now come on, I won't hurt you."


"I promise. Now come on and take a seat."

"Ok," we said in unison as we sat over at the serving table.

In no time at all a girl, Ayame I think it was, put down 2 bowls of steaming ramen.

"Here you go, miso ramen with extra pork! Now eat up while it's still hot!"

My mouths salivated at the sight of it. After muttering a quick itadakimasu I started slurping up the noodles. Naruto followed.


"This IS delicious," I agreed.

After we finished the bowl we asked for another one. In the end, I had eaten 3 bowls while naruto had 7 when I realized something. "Oh no! We don't have money!" Naruto paled.

"It's ok since it is your first time here I'll let you have a free serving," Teuchi reassured us.

"Thanks, Teuchi-Oji-san!"

"Just know that you are welcome here anytime. Next time bring some money alright!"


The next morning Teuchi went to Hokage. "Why are two orphans namely one, Fayre and Naruto, starved and outside in the cold rain?"

"What!? Why were they not at the orphanage and why was this not brought to my attention earlier!" yelled the Hokage clearly shocked.

"That's what I was asking!"

"Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will immediately find out what happened."

Later on, the Hokage went to the orphanage, and the stuttering, fearful matron told him that she kicked them out. She was immediately fired.

The next day I and Naruto were called to the Hokage's office. "Hi, Jiji! Why'd you call us?"

'Huh, Naruto seems really familiar with Hokage-sama if the way he addresses the Hokage is anything to go by,'

"Hi, Naruto-kun and Fayre-Kun. It has come to my attention that you were kicked out of the orphanage so-"

"Please! Not another orphanage! Anything but that!"

I stayed silent.

"But that means you will have to live alone-"

I made up my mind, "I'll be with him."

The Hokage seemed visibly shocked as shown by his eyebrows rising. "Very well, I will arrange for you two to be roommates in an apartment or house provided that Naruto-kun agrees. But are you sure you can take care of yourself? You guys will have to cook, bring food, clean your clothes, and keep you home clean by yourselves."

"I wouldn't mind living with Fayre and we can take care of ourselves."

"Yeah, we'll just share the jobs, after all, we're friends and that's what friends do."

Naruto's heart melted. He already considered them close but Fayre actually, openly had called him his friend.


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Prologue part 2: The Kyuubi and Bros

The next day, the Hokage, Hiruzen, showed us our new home. It was a simple 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house. It had a small backyard that could be used for training and I had hopes to make a simple garden. I loved it and I think Naruto did too.

Hiruzen was trying to judge the reactions of the kids, worried they wouldn't like it, when suddenly Naruto turned around and gave him a hug. "I love it, Jiji dattebayo!"

As I saw Naruto hug him I smiled, 'I knew it.'

The next few days were spent moving our extremely few belongings into the house and setting up the house. Naruto painted his room bright orange and I painted mine red and midnight blue.

A few months later, I woke up in the middle of the night similar to crying. As I got out of bed I noticed that the sound was coming from Naruto's room. 'Huh? I wonder what happened." I slowly opened his door and what I saw reminded me of THAT day.


I realized that we wouldn't be able to steal today. 'Damn it. Ideas. Ideas.' I thought looking over and saw him hugging himself, shaking, and crying. 'Shit! He's having a nightmare. I should probably wake him up.' "Naruto! Hey, Naruto! Wake up! Goddammit, WAKE UP!" I yelled at him.

He woke with a start and stared at me.

"What happened to you?" I asked.

"I don't wanna talk about it." he mumbled.

Flashback End:

I went to his bed and started shaking him, "Hey, Naruto, wake up! It's just a nightmare!"

When he woke up he looked lost.

After waiting a second I asked him, "You need to talk to someone if not me about whatever you're having nightmares about. I mean, it's okay if you don't trust me for whatever reason just talk to the old man or something."

"It's not that! It's just that I don't want to talk about it."

I left him alone last time he said that but this time "Tell me," I said softly but firmly.

He mumbled something that I didn't understand.


"I think I have the Kyuubi inside me-ttebayo." (During the time skip, the crew learned some basic facts about since they showed interest in joining the academy and becoming ninja. They learned random stuff like the hokages, the kyuubi attack, what a ninja is, what the ranks are etc….

I blinked, "Whaat?"


"We might as well steal something," I nodded to show I heard, but continued to try and figure out why everyone hated him and what was up with the names he was called behind his back.


Fox Spirit'

'Fox Brat'

Flashback End.

'Huh, so that's why they hate him, but we should probably make sure just in case. Maybe we should ask the Hokage if-' My musing was interrupted with the sound of Naruto sighing, "I get if you hate me," he dryly laughed, "I mean, I'm a demon, who wouldn't hate me."

Oh. That's what was up with him. Whelp, time to tell him to ease his worries.

"Wait right here," I went to my room and got a scroll and a kunai and held up the kunai, "What is this."

"A kunai," He responded, seeming unsure where I was going with this.

"What is this," I held up the scroll.

"A scroll,"

"Now, what is this." I sealed the kunai into the scroll.

"A scroll with a kunai - oh, I get it… You don't hate me?" (I don't care if the kunai and scroll metaphor is cliché, I like it!)

"Of course not! If you were the kyuubi would you have been trying to make everyone acknowledge you or would you be trying to blow up Konoha," I ruffled his hair, "Tomorrow sometime, we'll ask the old man why you weren't told about this, alright? But for now, go to sleep."(During the time-skip, Hiruzen gave Naruto the speech of becoming a hokage and he got his dream).

"Okay. Can you stay here for tonight, Fayre?"


A few minutes later Naruto said, "Goodnight, Fayre-Nii-san."

I was shocked, I didn't know whether he was awake or if it was his subconscious but anyway, "Goodnight, Otouto"


The Next Day:

I lazily opened my eyes. 'Wonder what time it is. HOLY SHIT IT'S 10 AM! I threw off the covers and jumped off the bed. Wait, why am I in Naruto's bed? Oh yeah.' I remembered last night. "Hey, Naruto, wake up. We were gonna go to the Old Man and ask why he didn't tell us about your 'tenant' and if what you say is true," (Fayre knows a lot of colorful vocabulary from hearing it from others),"

"Huh? Yeah, I'll get up," Naruto responded, "And by the way," he hesitated, "What you said last night, did you really mean it?"

"Of course I did. What do you take me for, a liar?" I said, "Alright, let's go eat breakfast."

"Ramen!" He instantly brightened.

I hated to ruin his mood but, "No, waffles. We can have ramen for lunch." (Naruto and Fayre are eating things other than ramen because Fayre sometimes goes alone for grocery shopping using his own monthly stipend. They split the rent in half.)


First, I went to the bathroom, took a piss, and brushed my teeth. Then I went to the kitchen and started making waffles. A few minutes later Naruto came out of the shower.

"I'll make some berry sauce."


We settled into a comfortable silence and ate our breakfast.

Later when we arrived at the Hokage's office…

"We wish to have a word with Hokage-sama," Naruto and I chorused.

"No," said the receptionist at the front of the hokage's office. (Basically the lady that you have to talk to before getting to see the Hokage).

"And why is that,"

"Yeah! How come we can't come in-ttebayo. We even got an appointment this time!"

"I got the appointment,"

"I helped," he whined

"Shut up! I'll get the hokage."

'It worked,' was the thought running through both of our minds.

A few minutes later Hiruzen came into the room with his usual cigar hanging out of his mouth. "Jiji!" we yelled, rushing over to hug him. (Also, during the month-long timeskip, Fayre naturally grew closer to the hokage.)

"Hello, Fayre-kun, Naruto-kun." he chuckled, "I hope they weren't t2oo much of a bother Lisa-chan."

"I can deal with it," she waved him off.

"If you say so," indirectly dismissing her before calling us to his office.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about," started Hiruzen.

"Well…" Naruto hesitated.

I continued, "Before we talk to you about this can you make sure that nobody can listen to what I am saying, please?"

Activating the privacy seals, the old man's face became unusually serious, "Very well, now speak," but his voice remained his soft grandfatherly tone.

I nodded at Naruto and he started talking, "Jiji, why wasn't I told about the Kyuubi inside me, when everyone else knows. It's inside me I deserve to know."

Hiruzen was shocked, "Before I answer you, tell me who told you this,"

"Nobody did but it was sort of obvious with everyone calling me a demon and the fox brat whenever they thought i couldn't hear them, me being born on the same day the kyuubi was killed and other stuff, but I was in denial until last night," (Fayre not being an idiot might have rubbed off on Naruto just a little [sheepishly scratches the back of head).

"What happened last night," I found myself leaning forward wanting to know as well.



Naruto had just gone to sleep on his comfy orange bed, snuggled into his ramen picture covered blanket when he woke up in some kind of sewer. 'Where am I," he wondered while walking forward, 'Is this some kind of weird bad smelling dream?'

"You're in your mindsca-," growled a deep sound.

"Wait, WHAT! Who are you, what do you want, how did you know what I was thinking, why am I-," Naruto didn't get to finish because Kurama interrupted.

"SHUT UP! For your first question, you humans call me the Kyuubi, for your second question I don't want anything, except maybe to get the hell out of this smelly tight cell, for your third question, it's your mindscape so I know what you're thinking, and for your last question I have no idea how you ended up in the seal, idiot," finished the Kyuubi sounding exasperated (Kurama is friendlier in this story, for a demon anyway.)

It took a few seconds for Naruto to process this before he broke down tears silently streaming down his face, "That's why everyone hates me. I'm a demon." And then he started loudly sobbing.

"Brat, you're not a demon, I am. Seriously, if you're a demon what am I?"

Naruto looked up, a glimmer of hope passing his eyes for a second and then going away just as fast, "Like you said, you're a demon. Why should I believe what you say dattebayo!" (The only part after this that Naruto remembers or knows about is being forcefully pushed from his mind)

Kurama felt like facepalming, 'Seriously, the idiot is a perfect combination of perfectly like Kushina." Then the Ninetails noticed someone coming, "Hey, brat, get out. Your idiotic friend is coming, most likely woken by the sound of you crying so loud." When Fayre tried to wake Naruto up and Naruto still hadn't budged, Kyuubi forcefully ejected Naruto from his mind.

When Naruto left, the Kyuubi started thinking to himself, 'Hope the Fayre kid's words can get through Naruto's thick skull, or else Naruto may lose himself to Yami.'

(Aaand you know what happens next)

Flashback End

Naruto finished with a "Well, that pretty much sums it all up,"

"I see," said Hiruzen.

I chose that moment to interrupt, "Wait, do you mean to tell us that the Kyuubi actually offered words of comfort."

"Yeah, but I think it was just its stupid pride not letting a puny human like me be considered a demon," replied Naruto

"Yes, that would make sense. You two may leave now," dismissed Hiruzen.

When we left the Hokage tower, I noticed it was afternoon, and Naruto and my stomach grumbled.

"Heh, Ichiraku's?"

"Sure, my treat."

"Thanks, you're the best, big bro,"(Screw you, I switch languages) and then he froze, "I mean, like, uhhh, that was just a mistake I mean, I didn't mean to say that, I mean that wasn't how it was supposed to come out-ttebayo I do consider you by br-,"

I cut his rambling short by ruffling his hair with a fond smile, "It's okay, I understand, Otouto. Now let's get some ramen."


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