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The Loud sisters all are people of unique quirks; each having their own interests in other things. Leni enjoys fashion, Lynn enjoys sports, Lana enjoys mechanics, Lola enjoys fashion, Luna enjoys music, and so on. Just as every person on Earth is unique in their own interests, there are a few who hold very... disturbing interests.

One such person is Lucy Loud, the goth girl of the Loud family. Taking interest in things such as witchcraft and Satanism, she collects many oddities for her rituals and spells to perform. Some samplings in her collection include squirrel testicles, the ovaries of a monkey, the brains of a cow, a vivisected mantis, and a jar of fish scales. Laying jars of all these items around her in a pentagram, Lucy chants an incantation with the ingredients laid out.

"Vos got ad cerebrum mortuis, si omnino hanc... Tu verisimile esse putavit aliquam praemium enim faciens et te... Bene, coniecto iterum stultus... Tu vastata tui sicut et ego ad vos nunc ridens!" Lucy chanted.

With a blood red light emitting from her pentagram, Lucy, sitting cross-legged in the center, began floating in the air; a gust of wind flying underneath her. Tapping into her devillish powers, Lucy proves she is not the only character who can break the 4th wall, staring right at you as you read.

Though her eyes are covered by her long black hair, they can see directly into your soul; knowing you better than you know yourself.

"You're a lonely person, aren't you? You seek to fill the void in your life by reading other's darker takes on your favorite cartoons, you seem unable to let go of your past. Don't we all have that problem?" Lucy asked.

Reading more deeply into your soul, Lucy took note not only at the very thoughts in your mind, but how you choose to spend your free time.

"So, you like Minecraft? Not exactly the best taste in games, I see. At least you don't play that Fortnite garbage like many children these days. I prefer a game that takes you to an entirely new story." Lucy said.

Looking deeper into your mind and heart, Lucy finds some of the more carnal desires within your thoughts, seeing and feeling how they spread to your loins.

"Hmm... Your browser history is quite... colorful. I didn't think you'd see me and Lincoln in that light. You ought to know my heart is for Edwin only. You walk a fine moral line, looking up little girls like me in that way." Lucy said.

Pulling out a knife from behind her, Lucy readied it to drive into the heart of her next sacrifice. As you may read and wonder who she plans to sacrifice... well, she didn't break the 4th wall just to speak to you out of boredom.

"I require a few organs for my next work. I'd have preferred to have a larger... 'specimen' to work with, but the rest of you will do just fine." Lucy said.

Making her way to the computer screen, Lucy readied herself to sacrifice her first real-world victim for her own ritualistic purposes. Before doing so, however, the daughter of Satan was quickly stopped by Lincoln, opening the door and shutting off the music to end the mood being set.

[Soundtrack Cue End]

"Lucy! What did I tell you about breaking the 4th wall?" Lincoln asked.

"Sigh. That only you and Ronnie Anne can break it." Lucy said.

"That's right. Now stop trying to kill my readers!"

Slamming the door behind him in frustration, Lincoln proceeded to make his way back down the hall, hoping to head downstairs to play a video game. Upon making his way to the bottom floor, however, Lincoln found himself stopped by a new individual in the house; a man dressed in a black trench coat and a streak of hair formed like a blade.

"Creepy sister? I know what that's like." The man said.

"Uh... Do I know you?" Lincoln asked.

"I know you. You're that kid superhero that went public, solved the Silver Sentinel Scandal."

"Yeah, a lot of people know that. What are you doing in my house?"

"Well, as you know, you're not the only superhero in this business. I know plenty of people just like yourself, and I'm putting them together. There's a war coming this way, and I need every soldier I can get."

"What was your name?"

"Dib Membrane."



Now that the story has finally reached its end, The Writer gave a satisfied lean back in his chair; having gone through quite a load of work to make it all perfect. However, while he was finished with one portion of his work, there was still much to be done to set time as it should.

Despite appearing as the real world, The Guy materialized himself in the presence of The Writer, appearing rather tiresome from the affairs he was forced through.

"Ugh, this whole thing has been a huge, confusing mess. We set it right now, right? We can end this stupid disguise?" The Guy asked.

"Yes, child. Our work with this one is done." The Writer said.


Pulling out a staff and pressing a button on it, the environment around The Writer and The Guy began changing drastically; no longer appearing as the messy and disgusting room of a manchild in his 20s. Instead, the room changed to a large fortress filled with clocks of many shapes and sizes, all clicking and counting on.

When the environment changed, the two influencers of the story changed as well. The Guy was not some self-insert created as a joke, but, rather, once the disguse was gone, was truly the young woman known as Danielle Phantom; a clone from another person from another timeline.

Just as her true identity was revealed, so was The Writer's. With the shell of the appearance of an ugly young man with a minimum-paying job, but, rather, the being behind all that occurred in this universe. Giving way to his true identity, the face of The Writer dissipated to show the true mastermind behind the scenes:


"Was all that crap really necessary? Making him think he was in some weirdo's fanfiction and making him go through all that disgusting incest stuff? I mean, the supervillains made sense, but, this?" Danielle asked.

"It was the best way to sway him, child. The Observants watch all that is, but only ever so often can one see through the fabric of the universe and know that they watch. The boy was one of these anomalies, and this fantasy was the only way I could ready him for the battle to come." Clockwork said.

"But why do we need him? We've already got Arnold, Otto, and Rudy."

"Do not count out Danny, my dear. He is still the linchpin in the plan. This one's knowledge of the Observants, however, needed to be twisted to serve our purposes. Had he continued to see things as they truly were, he would have brought ruin to us. Therefore, I prepared him as one of The Chosen."

"So, that's it, then? We've got everybody?"

"Not yet. As you brought up Arnold, there is one more tempest he must endure before he is ready. Observe the viewing globe."

Guiding Danielle to an orb on a small stand, Clockwork showed her a piece of history within the timeline he was constructing. Showing this one piece of history, the two observed a foe that brought fear to many across the world, even to Danielle herself.

Somewhere in the city of Hillwood, an experimental surgical procedure takes place within a psychiatric hospital, where two surgeons operate on their patient. The procedure they are undertaking is of strong legal questioning, but spells help for countless others if the surgery is a success.

Having the patient laying on his bed, the surgeons tweak at his exposed, open back, poking and operating at several vertebrae to correct and repair the damage done. With this particular patient having suffered quite a great deal on his back, there was much work to be done, and little thanks to be had for doing it to this victim.

"Doctor, you don't seriously think this'll work, do you?" One surgeon asked.

"I don't know. That's what we're here to find out." The other surgeon answered.

"But experimenting on patients like him? I know his reputation, but, what happened to 'do no harm'?"

"This guy blew the brains of a little girl on live TV out just to lure out the Green Eye. Nobody'll lose any sleep if he dies, especially not me."

"But this just seems wrong."

"Then go home and I'll get the sole credit for curing full-body paralysis."

Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime, the first doctor voiced no more complaints, continuing his work on the patient.

Back within the abode of Clockwork, the two apparitions continued watching the surgery unfold. Preparing to turn the surgery to the outcome he desired, Clockwork readied his staff in hand, preparing to make a change.

"Most surgeries such as this have a success rate somewhere in the 10% margin. I can see every possibility going wrong; he might urinate involuntarily, he might go blind, he might have his arms permanently stick up, or, through several possibilities, he could die. I, however, can not only see through all these possibilities, I can pick whichever one I want." Clockwork said.

"But are you sure you want to send him off again? I mean, what if it doesn't work and Arnold's not ready?" Danielle asked.

"You still have much to learn, child. For you, this timeline is only still continuing to unfold; putting itself together piece by piece. For me, it's already complete... and I win."

Pressing his staff one last time, Clockwork set time in his favor once again.

In the surgery room, the two doctors completed their operation successfully; replacing each broken bone in the patient's spine and repairing all damage done. With one final connection of nerves, the eyes of the patient shot wide open, feeling all sensation in his limbs restored and his body able to move once again.

Now, with only one thought on his mind, the patient lets out his whispering threat:

"Hey Arnold..." The Freak said.



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