Author's Note: Hi, and this is another Harry Potter one-shot! Takes place a few years after the war. I have no specific time for this fic. Hope you like it!

Harry, Ron and Hermione were wandering around Muggle London, relaxing on a sunny Saturday. They decided against visiting Diagon Alley, as the three war heroes wanted to escape from their fans' constant pestering and just enjoy the day.

They were chatting contentedly with each other when Ron said something that made them all stop dead in their tracks.

"Hey – isn't that Malfoy?"

Said person was about a hundred feet in front of them, looking at the displays in a shop's window. Unfortunately, Ron wasn't able to make out what shop exactly from his position.

"Wait, what?" said Harry. "You mean you saw Malfoy?!"

Their relationship with Draco Malfoy was shaky at best. After the war, they rarely had cause to speak to him, and when they did, it was forced and awkward, and both sides tried their best to avoid one another as much as possible. The last time the trio talked to him was like three years ago at a Christmas Ball the Ministry hosted, when they, the "special guests", had to greet all the people that attended, which included Draco.

"Yeah. Look, that's him there," said Ron, pointing.

"Should we, um, say hi to him?" questioned Hermione doubtfully.

Harry nodded. "It can't hurt, right?"

Actually, it could hurt, for example, the friendly greeting could turn into a deadly duel, but the others decided not to voice this out loud. Instead, they took hesitant steps toward him.

They reached him and Hermione said tentatively, "Hello Draco."

Draco turned. He looked nervous and jittery, not like his usual self.

"Hello – oh, it's you Potter, Weasley, Granger."

"Actually," said Hermione brightly, holding out Ron and her intertwined hands. "We're married!"

That seemed to make him even worse. He muttered feverishly under his breath, seemingly debating with himself about something. Finally he took a deep breath and addressed the trio, "Well, uh, you see, I want to propose to Astoria but I can't decide what ring to give her, so um, maybe you can help? I tried asking the shopkeeper for assistance, but the stupid Muggle doesn't understand."

Ron looked at his friends. If he was willing to give up his dignity for their help, he must be really desperate. Harry shrugged. "It's not as if we had anything planned anyway. Fine."

Relieved, Draco led them inside the jewelry store whose displays he had been examining. After a few minutes, an awkward silence descended upon them. Wanting to break the ice, Harry ventured, "So, when did you two meet?"

Draco smiled, a genuine smile, and replied, "We knew each other from Hog – I mean, school, also, our parents were acquaintances. We officially met during the Christmas Ball three years ago and have been dating ever since."

"Wow." Heemione said. Draco coughed. "Oh, right. The ring. Um, what does she like?" She hastily added.

Draco's response was immediate. "Astoria has a fondness for all things Muggle, which is why I'm buying a non-magical ring for her." His tone clearly said, I have no idea why she likes Muggle things, but I'm willing to humor her because I love her. He continued, "She hates things overly fancy, and I was thinking silver and emeralds for some Slytherin house pride." He smirked.

Ron opened his mouth, probably to say how Gryffindor is the best, but Hermione's warning glance silenced him.

"Um, okay. Well, how about this one?" asked Harry, indicating a ring with a large emerald.

"Too flashy."

"I agree. What do you think of this?" Hermione held up a simple silver ring embedded with a tiny gem.

Draco pondered a bit, before saying, "Too plain."

It continued like this for quite a while, with Harry, Ron and Hermione suggesting different rings, only to be vetoed by Draco.

An hour later, after many heated discussions, they finally decided on a ring that wasn't too extravagant or too simple. Two separate pieces of metal coiled around each other to form the band, with a nice emerald to top it off. It wasn't that expensive, but it was gorgeous all the same.

A week later, a letter addressed to a Mr. Potter arrived by owl just when the Golden Trio was at Harry's place.

The letter read:

Dear Potter,

Astoria accepted my proposal and says that she loves the ring. So thank you for your assistance, Potter. I guess. Tell Weasley and Gra the Weasleys for me. Don't want to waste more parchment thanking you people.

Worst wishes,

Draco Malfoy

"So, um, does that mean we're friends or something?" asked Ron uncertainly.

Harry flipped the letter over. On the other side, easily distinguishable were the words: And no, that does not change anything. I still hate you, Potter. Again, worst wishes.

The trio exchange looks with each other and laughed.

Author's Note: When I had the idea, I didn't expect it to be this hard to write. But, I finished it, and that's all that matters.

And before you ask, no, I will not write the proposal scene. I have a list of reasons and I won't hesitate to use it. All reviews are welcome, as long as they aren't requests for the Drastoria proposal scene. This fic is complete, and no amount of begging is going to make me add on to it. Bye!