Jon Snow, the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, watched the old man talk to the Wilding children around the Campfire.

"It was 600 Years ago...Hardhome was close to becoming a town North of the Wall...that all changed when...he came..." The old Wildling trailed off.

"Who came?" One of the Wildling children asked.

"The Dark Man!"

Anger. Anger was an emotion Vader felt often, but he was in Rage. His eyes turned yellow under his black Mask as he saw the destruction of the Death Star. Vader wondered who the Rebel Pilot, who had destroyed the Space Station, was. He was obviously someone Powerful in the Force to make such a Shot like that.

He quickly pushed the thought of the Pilot and his Revenge out of his head. It was all about survival now. Vader looked at his wing on his TIE Fighter. Another Rebel Pilot, one in a Corellian Freighter, had shot him and two of his TIE Fighters down.

Vader quickly put in the Coordinates to the nearest Imperial Outpost which was Vaal. He then pressed the last Button incorrectly (Not noticing it) and went into Hyperspace.

Vader quickly took into account of who had Died. Admiral Conan Motti, Grand Moff Tarkin...

Vader actually felt bad for the Death of Tarkin. Although he and Tarkin weren't classified as Friends, they did come to Respect each other. At first, Vader thought Tarkin was some incompetent Moff, but later, found him as a Man willing to spread Terror and Fear across the Galaxy.

Vader had even respected the Man during the Clone Wars.

No...that was Anakin Skywalker...

Vader then remembered that Wullf Yularen was also on the Death Star. Vader remembered him, Yularen, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka fighting the Separatist during the Clone Wars.

Memories of a Dead Man...

His TIE Fighter then came out of Hyperspace and Vader was looking at...not Vaal.

"Open the Gates!" Yelled one of the Guards. Hardhome was a big Town and well guarded. It was just north of the Wall and was close to becoming a true Town.

The Gates opened, revealing a Cart being carried by two Horses and a Man controlling them. In the Cart were Vegetables such as Carrots, Onions, Turnips, and even Corn."Have any Trouble on the way back?" One of the Guards asked the Farmer.

The Farmer shook his head."No, the Free Folk have been pretty quiet lately. But did you see that Star?"

The Guard raised an eyebrow."Star? What Star?"

"You didn't see it? It was as bright as Fire and-"

"Ah, you probably saw the Sun setting or some Wildling Fire." The Guard said.

The Farmer thought for a moment."Maybe..."

Vader walked through the Snowy terrain, his Boots crunching in the Snow. The Sun of this Planet was setting and he was miles away from his crashed TIE Fighter. Vader didn't really recognize this Planet. Was this Hoth?.

He shook his head. He needed to think about Kenobi. His Former Master, now Dead, had sacrificed himself to save the young Boy with Blonde Hair. Vader wondered who that Boy was. Was he the Son of Obi-Wan? Vader felt Anger rising up in him again. So it was alright for Obi-Wan to be in Love but not Anakin?.

I don't want to hear any more about Obi-Wan...

He then felt something through the Force. He was being watched. A rock then hit his Metal Black Helmet. Vader turned around to see Tall Men and Woman come out hiding behind Rocks. They were wearing fur Clothing that had snow on them and they had Bronze Axes and Spears with rocks.

He couldn't tell how many there were but he didn't care. These were primitive Creatures and he was a Dark Lord of the Sith. He quickly activated his Crimson Lightsaber and killed the primitive Human that ran to him.

"He's got a Sword made of Fire?!" One of them yelled. Vader turned around and stabbed one of the humans right through the Chest. He then used the Force to quickly snap their necks and Vader saw a Bronze Axe hit his right Metal Arm.

This distracted Vader for a moment and he was soon surrounded by all of the Primitive Humans. They all then ran to Kill him when Vader used the Force to Force push all of them.

He smiled under his Helmet as he heard the sickening Crunch of one of their Skulls hitting a Rock."Fuck this! I'm out!" One of them yelled and ran away. The others followed him.

Vader's back was against a big rock in the middle of nowhere. He could have kept walking, but he wanted to savor his Anger.

Anger. Anger was the emotion he felt when he was denied the Rank of Master, even though he had killed Dooku and saved Obi-Wan and the Chancellor. Anger was the emotion he felt when he learned of Padme's Death.

He then heard a loud Shriek. Vader quickly became alert when he heard the Shriek. What surprised him more was the fact that this Shriek almost sounded similar to a Human.

The Sun was gone but Vader saw something in the distance. Multiple things actually. A tall, blue, Icy Creature came to him. Vader activated his Lightsaber, looking at the Creature. The Creature wore odd, blue Armor his eyes were as blue as his Body. Behind him were creatures that may have been Human once, but now looked like Creatures with rotting Flesh.

Vader and the blue Creature looked at each other. Vader activated his Lightsaber while the blue Creature pulled out an icy Spear from it's back.

Vader then swung his Lightsaber and broke the Icy Spear. The Icy Creature was stunned. Vader quickly then slashed the Creature and was surprised when he saw the Icy Creature explode into shards of Ice.

Vader then looked at the rotting Creatures, who stared at him.

The Farmer was eating some Dinner, enjoying it before he went to Bed. He then heard a loud outside of his House. He quickly got up from his Chair and left his house to see, Monsters eating other Farmers and Guards.

And then, he noticed him...the Dark Man! The Farmer stared at the...thing in black Armor. It's breathing...dear god, it's breathing!.

The Farmer noticed how he cut them all to Pieces. He quickly ran to the front of the Gate but felt his throat closing. Before he died, he saw something Dark in the Sky, something that looked like a Triangle.

"You would not be the first Villiage I have slaughtered."

"And then...he was gone...Hardhome was destroyed by something in the Sky, something grey and in the Shape of a Triangle. The Dark Man slaughtered everyone there...and left, never to be seen again..."

"Children!" Yelled one of the Adults."It's time for Bed!"

The Kids grumbled but thanked the old Man for telling them the Story and they then left.

Jon looked at the Old Man."Will he come back?"

The old Wilding raised an eyebrow."Do you believe in him?"

Jon shrugged."If the White Walkers can return, then why not him?"

The old man shook his head."No, he won't be back...he has already faced his Destiny," The Man looked at the Lord Commander."As will you."