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XXX Sport Festival XXX

Izuku was not used to making speeches in fact, this had been the first proper one he had done. So he was not expecting such a good reaction from the crowd or his schoolmates. The cheering and applause genuinely surprised the green-haired student.

"YEAH, THAT'S WHAT I CALL A PLEDGE, SPORTS FANS!" Yelled Present Mic, firing the crowd up even more.

" A well-spoken call to action." Commented Vlad King with a smile. While Eraser Head who looked like he'd rather be napping decided not to comment.

"Such sincerity! Such passion! This youth-filled display is turning me on!" Spoke Midknight into her mic, arms wrapped around herself, a visible shiver traveling through her body.

Some members of the crowd seemed to like the display, while the more prudish members of the audience looked appalled.

"Midnight." Spoke Andy over the stadium speakers, his tone clearly asking her to behave.

The R-rated heroine just turned to the teacher's viewing area. She proceeded to blow a kiss to the booth as she struck a pose, she even threw a wink at one of the camera drones nearby before turning toward the student once more.

"Now! Let's move on to our first event!" Announced Midnight as she gestured to the massive screen which displays a roulette wheel that spun around. The crowd watched with bated breath as it slowed down and eventually stopped at an event.

"And our first event is the obstacle course. Students will make a full lap around the stadium, and various obstacles have been placed around the course. Only a limited number of students will be able to move on to the next round. As long as you stay on the course anything goes. Students on the line, please. And no activating quirks until the race begins." Explained Midnight gesturing to the start line.

All the students lined up, and the Hero course students were all scattered near the back of the pack due to the other courses blocking them from getting to the front. Izuku was surrounded by students he had never met, his class had been broken up in the crowd. He could make out the location of several of his friends, the closest of which was Kinoko who he almost missed in the crowd due to her short stature. She also seemed to have spotted him and gave him a shaky but reassuring smile.

Izuku returned the smile with one of his own before a robot drone carrying a large light bar started to descend from above. The drone stopped hovering just above the tunnel out of the stadium. The light bar lit up bright red.

'The first obstacle is the tunnel, there will be a pile-up.'Thought Izuku, OFA flowing just under the surface ready to answer him in an instant.

Everyone around him was readying themselves to spring into action. He was so focused on the start light he failed to notice his blonde-haired tormentor in the crowd. Bakugo set up nearby, arms outstretched ready to blast off.

'I need to pace myself, 5% should be good for now. I'll save the new baseline for when I need it.' thought Izuku planning to conserve some strength if possible.

When the light began to change a tone was played reminiscent of an old racing game series featuring a certain Italian plumber. The moment the final tone rang out and the light went green, the students all moved.

'Full cowling 5%!' thought Izuku, green lightning arcing over his body.


The moment the light went green Bakugo let out an explosion that propelled himself up and over the majority of the crowd landing him closer to the front of the pack. This blast 'accidentally' had the effect of interrupting Izuku and several dozen, other students, nearby knocking many over and causing others to have a coughing fit due to the smoke. Izuku had gotten off lightly as he had been able to activate OFA just before the explosion. Serval students rushed past him trying to catch up.

The green lightning danced around his form as he ran for the tunnel. Just as Izuku predicted, the tunnel had become a bottleneck. Most of the students were packed like sardines all trying to muscle their way through the passage. Just as Izuku was reaching the tunnel he saw the ground freeze, locking the other contestants in place.

Izuku jumped and started bouncing from wall to wall in the tunnel avoiding the coward and ice entirely. He passed over several of his classmates and almost collided with Setsuna, as the green harried girl rose out of the crowd with her quirk.

As Izuku exited the tunnel he could hear Bakugo yelling in anger, at being passed.

"DEKU!" Yelled Bakugo in anger, using his explosions to chase the green-haired boy.

Izuku didn't even spare the irritated blond a glance as he was focused on the path ahead.

As Izuku landed near the end of the tunnel he spotted a single student ahead of everyone. He identified that student as Shoto Todoroki whom he remembered from the battle trail footage of 1-A.

The ice cracked and shattered with his landing causing Todoroki to look back. Izuku could make out the scowl on Todoroki's face. Todoroki was clearly frustrated that people had gotten through his ice.

Izuku wouldn't let Todoroki pull ahead of him any further. Before the duel-haired boy could even turn his head back, Izuku in a near blur of green was already almost on top of him. Todoroki's mismatched eyes widened in surprise, so shocked was the boy that his left side had whips of fire form. But the fire receded as fast as it appeared as Todorokis's mismatched eyes narrowed. Todoroki sent a blunted pillar of ice at Izuku intent on knocking him away. Izuku simply jumped and used the Ice as a stepping stone to launch himself up and over Todoroki.


The villain bots that caused Izuku to freeze in fear, not even a month prior couldn't even get him to flinch. Izuku destroyed a dozen villain bots as they tried to intercept him; the boy could hear quirks going off behind him as the rest of the students engaged the robots. As he neared one of the giant zero-pointers, Izuku felt the temperature behind him suddenly drop.

The scene of Todoroki freezing a 6 story building in an instant during his battle trail flashed to the front of Izuku's mind. Having a good idea of what was about to happen. Izuku dove to the side, getting out of the path of a stream of ice.


"Wow," spoke Izuku, gazing at the frozen zero pointer. Todoroki ran under the colossal construct's legs and moved back into the lead. Izuku got to his feet and was about to run to contest the lead when he saw the zero pointer start to tip.

'Todoroki purposefully left it unstable!' Thought Izuku. Izuku spotted Ibara, Itsuka, Tetsu, and Kirishima in the danger zone. They were dragging some gen-ed students to safety.

'They won't make it!' Thought Izuku panicked. Kendo and Ibara seemed to have come to the same realization and tossed the gen-ed students out of danger.

Izuku forgot about the race and rushed toward them. Izuku knew that Tetsu and Kirishima could survive the impact. So Izuku scooped up the other two and got them to safety just as the multi-story robot slammed into the ground with an earthshaking thud kicking up a massive dust cloud.

"Itsuka, Ibara, are you two hurt?!" asked Izuku, concern in his eyes as he looked them over.

"AND MIDORIYA PRIORITIZES THE SAFETY OF HIS CLASSMATES OVER FIGHTING FOR THE LEAD!" Commented Present Mic. Vlad, seated in the announcer's booth, frowned at the Todoroki boy's stunt and planned to talk with Eraserhead when the next intermission started.

"Yes, I am fine, thank you MidorIya…." Spoke Ibara her face scarlet as she had a hard time looking him in the eye.

"I'm ok, thanks. let's get back to the race," responded Kendo, punching Izuku in the shoulder in forced playfulness, before she ran trying to hide her red face.

"Ok?..." Spoke Izuku confused before he crouched a bit and with a series of mighty leaps, made his way across the carcass of the zero pointer. He passed Tetsu and Kirishima who both popped out of the machine like a pair of tiny chest bursters.

"Todoroki have reached the next obstacle, The Gauntlet! Students must make it to the other side of the obstacle. if you get the orange paint on your chest or back you're out!" announced Vlad King explaining the next obstacle.

Izuku neared the next obstacle, it was a series of platforms that formed 3 separate paths over a lake of orange paint, several columns rose out of the lake and had gun-like turrets atop them. Some of the platforms also seemed to have protrusions that can be used as cover.

Todoroki was already halfway across and with many other students behind him. Todoroki was using his ice to block shots from the turrets. The platforms also seemed to rapidly sink, covering those that stood on them too long or those cowering behind covered in paint. The turrets also seem to have different reload times. Many students seemed to fail at this challenge getting hit by multiple turrets or falling into the pool of Orange.

Izuku took a moment to observe as more students ran past him into the Gauntlet and were eliminated nearly as fast.

"OUT OF MY WAY, YOU FUCKING LOSERS!" Yelled Bakugo as he flew low knocking over several others before increasing his altitude so he could simply fly over the gauntlet.

The blond bomb was immediately targeted by several turrets that were distinct from the normal ones.


A veritable wall of paintballs was shot at Bakugo. The Blonde bomber attempted to take evasive maneuvers. But the sheer volume of fire directed his way was too much. One of the rounds clipped in a leg, knocking him off course and almost causing the blond to fall into the lake. Instead, he crashed landed into a group of students.

"It seems Bakugo tried to fly over the obstacle. But we can't have you, students, just avoiding this challenge altogether. So we have dedicated Anti-air turrets to punish naughty children. " Comment Midnight with her normal seductive tone.

'Speed is not enough. I need a way to block those projectiles.' thought Izuku as a plan formed in his head. Looking around he spotted the partly destroyed remains of a villain bot. Izuku tore one of the armor plates off and used some wiring to use as a handle. Before facing the challenge ahead.

'Full cowling 8%!" thought Izuku, powering up to his new baseline power level. With the shield raised, Izuku sprinted over the platforms, using the shield to block the turret's shots.

Izuku surprised many of his fellow students as he leaped over or dashed past them in a green blur. This spurred other students to pick up the pace to catch up to him. Izuku spotted Bakugo running ahead, Izuku thought of one of the hero movies he had watched with his girlfriends and decided on a course of action.

"ON YOUR LEFT!" Yelled Izuku as he picked up the pace. He had already passed Bakugo, just as the blonde looked back. The action caused a pleasant sensation in his core, which overwelled the ball of fear he got from it.

"Get Back here DEEEEKKKKKKUUUuuuu…!" the blond's yelling faded as Izuku pulled ahead.


"Midoyra has shown an ability for thinking outside the box. And it would seem several other students are following his example." Commented Vlad king bringing attention to several students also using shields salvaged from villain bots.

Izuku moved forward, passing Mina and Rin. Todoroki and serval of the fastest students had all already exited the obstacle and were approaching the next.

"The students have reached the final obstacle The Hurrdeles and behind them is the finish line, *Yawn* I need a nap." Spoke Eraserhead, in a tired voice.

"COME ON ERASER PUT MORE ENERGY INTO IT!" Commented Present Mix, Complaining about his friend's lack of enthusiasm.

Izuku noticed a series of 5 walls in the distance that progressively grew taller with the final one being half as tall as the zero pointer. The taller ones appeared to have hand and foot holds for climbing. Suddenly one of the support students that was climbing the second wall was engulfed in a bright pink explosion. They landed on a cushioned mat located at the base of the walls.

"BE CAREFUL SOME OF THOSE HANDHOLDS ARE BOOBY TRAPPED! YOU'LL HAVE TO MOVE SLOWLY, IN ORDER TO SPOT THEM! " Spoke Present mic, warning about the hazards of the obstacle.

Several more explosions occurred, and most of the students climbing slowed down to avoid getting knocked off of the walls. Those students capable of the flight made use of it to avoid

Izuku made quick work of the first 3 walls, as they were short enough that he could leap over them with only a few jumps. When he reached the top of the third wall, instead of climbing down like the other students, Izuku jumped off of it leaping across the gap between it and the next wall. The successor of OFA landed more than halfway up the fourth wall.

He made a mental note of how thin the walls were as he made it to the base of the fifth and final wall. He could see Todoroki, Reiko, Pony, Setsuna, and several other of the front runners were on the final wall with multiple students, interfering with each other to get 1st place.

Placing his hand on the wall he was about to start climbing before an idea struck him.

After judging the strength of the wall Izuku moved to near the edge of the wall. He took a breath, focused on the ball of lightning in his chest, and called forth more power from One for all.

'Full Cowling 10%!' thought Izuku as more power surged into his system, pushing him to the current upper limit he is able to harness without immediately breaking his bones and body.

The green-haired teen cocked his leg back and sent a devastating kick into the wall. Wind and dust kicked up on both sides of the wall and the students climbing the obstacle felt the impact.

"What was that?! Did the Kool-aid man show up!" Spoke Present Mic astonished, as the camera drones all shift to focus on the cloud of dust.

"That's Midoryra," replied Vlad, throwing a smug smirk at Eraserhead. A Green blur ran out of the dust nearest to the finish line. When the dust cleared a large hole in the wall was revealed. The hole was surrounded by many cracks in the surface of the wall.

Even after he powered down to 8% Izuku still felt a faint stinging sensation in his leg as he ran for the finish.

"MIDORIYA HAS BYPASSED THE LAST WALL AND IS NOW IN THE LEAD! HE'S IN THE HOME STRETCH AND IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE ANYONE WILL BE ABLE TO CATCH UP!" Announced Present mic, as the crowd's cheers reached a fevered pitch. Izuku looked back to see Ida and some other students using the hole he made in the wall.

"DEEEKKKKUUUU!" Screamed Bakugo flying over the wall, murder, and rage in his eyes he was followed by several other students capable of flight. But it was too late for anyone to catch up. Izuku was already over the finish line before anyone could even think of closing the distance.

"AND MIDORIYA SLIDES INTO FIRST PLACE IN THE FIRST EVENT! THIS KID IS ONE TO WATCH OUT FOR FOLKS! Yelled out Present Mic, as the music began to play and the massive display screen showed a picture of Izuku's smiling face.

' I did it, I got first! I can do this, I can win the whole thing... I will win the whole thing!' thought Izuku with a smile, as he caught his breath, he had gotten first and the crowd was cheering wildly.

"And in second is…Tokage? Looks like she pulled ahead at the last moment, Ida comes in third, Todorki secures fourth place and Bakugo enters in fifth!." Announced Present Mic. Setsuna pieces herself back together, in front of Izuku.

"Setsuna are you ok?" Asked Izuku after he noticed that the lizard girl was literally smoking. Setsuna just showed him some of her hair that was burnt.

"I'm fine, the asshole just ruined my hair, " complained Setsuna, muttering about having to cut some of it. " I made him pay for it on placing first, by the way," commented Setsuna with a smile placing an arm over his shoulder. She glanced back to see a glaring Todorokiand the fuming Bakugo. The latter bent over in discomfort. She sent Bakugo a smirk before leading Izuku away.

"Also you've gotten more control of your quirk, haven't you?" questioned Setsuna.

"Y-Yeah, I can use more power without breaking anything. I even have a surprise for later." Spoke Izuku happy about his progress. But a little nervous from Setsuna's proximity.

"A surprise huh, mind enlightening me?" Asked Setsuna, genuinely curious. Izuku shrugged off her hold and looked at her.

"Now where's the fun in a surprise if I just told you." Spoke Izuku, with his best impression of her teasing smirk. Setsuna placed a hand to her mouth seemingly holding herself back from laughing at his antics.

One by one Izuku watched as his classmates in 1-B crossed the finish line, most of his friends congratulating him for finishing 1st. However, the most notable moment was when Kinoko crossed the finish line.

"Kinoko? Is that you?" questioned Pony, normally she and Kinoko were about the same height. But currently, Pony had to look up at the girl. The mushroom was a foot taller, she appeared to be more toned, and more mature and her female curves were more pronounced.

"Y-yes." Replied Kinoko stuttering, which gave off an odd feeling given she looked like she was in her mid-20s at the moment. The boys were blushing at the mushroom girl's looks.

"Girl, you've got curves like midnight how'd you do it? " Asked Setsuna. Kinoko held out her hand and a red and white mushroom grew in her palm. Izuku and his friends blinked in confusion at the item. Until they recognized what it was.

"Kinko… Is that a super mushroom?" Questioned Tetsutetsu not totally believing it.

"Y-yes, Izuku thought I might be able to make fictional mushrooms and he was right!" answered Kinoko, this amazed her classmates and caused the more clever of the group to realize the true extent of Kinoko's quirk. The group all glanced at Izuku who was muttering to himself about the topic. However, before one of them could comment on this.

"Yoink." Spoke Camie as she grabbed the super mushroom from Kinoko's hand and bit into it.

Camie suddenly gained a foot in height, she gained more muscle tone and somehow she became more of a bombshell. Several of the males from the other classes around them got nose bleeds.

"Hey, Izu you think this will be how we look in a couple of years?" Asked Camie pulling Kinoko into a pose along with her.

"Quit fooling around, we are on national television." Admonished Kendo bonking the American girl lightly on the head. Camie let out a small ow as she flashed red and returned to normal.

"Hm, it seems that any physical damage enough to cause pain will reverse the effects." Spoke Izuku noting down the observation in his notebook. Before his friends could question where he got the notebook and the pen. Midnight cracked her whip, silencing the stadium and gathering everyone's attention.

"All right everyone has crossed the finish line. The first 42 students to cross the finish line will move on to the next round!" Began Midnight, her words causing those that didn't qualify to exit the arena.

"The next event will be a…..Cavalry battle! Listen up while I explain the rules." Continued Midnight, as she explained the rules for the event. Izuku was already thinking about who he wanted on his team. "Each contestant will be assigned points based on where they placed, with 42nd place being worth five points, 41st being 10 points,s and so on. Teams will be worth the total of the team's points. The only exception is 1st place, Izuku midoriya is worth 10 million points!" Announced Midnight point her whip at Izuku. Suddenly all eyes were on Izuku and many of them looked at him as prey to be hunted.

Izuku wanted to find a hole and hide in it. But instead, he stood straight, squared his shoulders, and let OFA flare to life for a moment. Cause some of the support and gen ed students to take a step back.

*snap!* went Midnight's whip catching the student's attention once more.

"You'll be given 15 minutes to form teams of at least two and a max of four. This time starts now!" announced Midnight, at her words the competitors scrambled trying to get on a team they thought would secure them a path to the next round.

Izuku already had a plan in mind; he just hoped his choices weren't snatched up, if that became the case, he was already forming plans B through F, in his head just as Nezu taught. Making a Beeline toward his first teammate, Izuku saw several other students approach her. So he called out first.

"Setsuna! I need you." Spoke Izuku, not noticing how that statement sounded.

"Ok." Responded Setsuna in a surprisingly muted tone. Hiding her face under the guise of checking her hair for more damage.

"Great thank you, we just need one more person to make this work. Come on," stated Izuku happily. Setsuna simply nodded as she followed behind Izuku.

"Camie! Have you joined a team yet? I need you on my team!" Asked Izuku, approaching the girl from behind. She seemed to be talking to that tired-looking guy from gen-ed. When Camie didn't respond at first, Izuku turned her around and noticed a blank look on her face.

"Girl, you alright?" Asked Setsuna, snapping her fingers in front of the girl's face, and got no response. Setsuna then pinched Camie's cheeks which worked in snapping her out of it. The purple-haired boy clicked his tongue and walked away. Which didn't go unnoticed by Izuku.

"Wha.. oh hey what's up?" Spoke Camie in a tone as if she had just woken up.

"GIrl are you alright? You were staring into the distance, you missed Izuku showing his six pack." Spoke Setsuna was clearly joking."But in all seriousness what happened?" Asked Setsuna, Izuku went red at the comment, while Camie gave a fake pout.

"Bummer. Anyway, I was just about to answer that guy's question and suddenly everything went all foggy." Spoke Camie playing along. Izuku coughed to get her attention, they had limited time.

"Please be on my team Camie." Asked Izuku, kindly.

"Hmmm.." Humed Camie taped her pouty lips with a finger. "Okay, I'll join. But you owe me a favor Izu. Deal?" Proposed Camie sticking a hand out.

"Deal." Responded Izuku in agreement, shaking Camie's hand and sealing the deal.

"Hey! Mr. ten million, let me be on your team!" shouted a pink-haired girl, she was wearing goggles and carrying a suitcase. She was also leaning so close to Izuku that they were almost nose to nose. Thankfully Camie, and Setsuna, both intercede separating the pink-haired girl from their friend's personal space.

"Who are you?" Asked Izuku, once he got his wits back.

"And why do you want to be on our team?" questioned Setsuna, who seems a tiny bit hostile.

"I'm Mei Hatsume from the support course. Everyone will be watching the ten Million points. I want to use you to show off my super cute babies to all the support companies watching!" explained Mei as she tried to get closer to Izuku to show him her gear only for Setsuna and Camie to block her path.

"We're good fam." Spoke Camie, cutlery and with a sickly sweet smile preventing Izuku from getting a word in.

"Yeah, why don't you take your babies and go take advantage of someone else instead." Added Setsuna in a more stern tone.

Mei was not the brightest in terms of social interaction. But she knew a refusal when she heard one. The support course girl grabbed her suitcase and walked away in a huff.

"Five minutes remaining!" Announced Midnight.

"Looks like we're running low on we need anyone else Izu?" Asked Camie looking around to see if there were still even any students not in a team.

"It would be nice. But it's unnecessary. We can win with just the three of us. If all goes well no one would even come close to the Ten million." Answered Izuku, who unnoticed to him had a smile that would make Nezu proud on his face.

"You sound confident you have a plan, don't keep us in a dark, spill." Commented Setsuna a large toothy smile on her face.

"Alright, here's the plan." Spoke Izuku as he started relaying his plan.


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