If Quinn Had Stayed...

"What are you wearing?" Quinn asked as she stared at Stacy.

The answer however was obvious, her bestie Stacy was wearing an exact copy of Quinn's favorite outfit, a pink baby-t with the smiley face and halo along with a pair of low cut jeans.

"What do you want me to wear?" Stacy answered, blissfully unaware of Quinn's discomfort.

"And what's that?" Quinn asked, indicating towards what was in Stacy's hands.

"I thought we could color our hair the same color." Stacy answered happily.

Quinn quickly weighed her options, Sandi and Tiffany had both already tossed her out, it was too late to put together a cool party back home, and yes she could easily sweet-talk a popular guy to letting her crash at his place. The problem would be what that would imply...

"Maybe Jane's..." Quinn's inner voice whispered before she squashed that idea. It would be too weird.

"What colors were you thinking Stacy?" Quinn asked, keeping her voice as calm as she could, though a nervous chuckle slipped out.

"Oh wow!" Stacy exclaimed as Quinn turned her around in the swivel chair to face the mirror, a large beach towel serving as a makeshift smock. "I look amazing with red hair!"

"What can I say Stacy," Quinn bragged, "I'm a miracle worker."

"You should SO consider becoming a hair stylist." Stacy squeed in delight, loving how her hair now looked.

"Plus with a little styling I can make look a little less like my hair." Quinn thought to herself, glad that Stacy's hair wasn't quite as long as hers.

Quinn then had Stacy spin the chair back towards the bathroom sink so she could give her one last rinse to get any remaining hair dye out.

"Now Stacy I know you had that pink shirt earlier, but I think you'd look better in something blue or purple." Quinn chatted with her as the warm water flowed down the sink.

"You think so?"

"I know so." Quinn replied with a smile.

Stacy squeed in delight as her best friends hands massaged her scalp, cleaning out the last of the chemicals.

"Ok, that should be the last of it." Quinn said after a minute or two, she turned off the sink and let Stacy get up from the chair and gave her another towel to dry her hair.

"Once your hair is dry we can style it and then we can go shopping."

Stacy beamed as she rubbed her hair dry, this was turning into the best night EVER!

The Lawndale Mall was gleaming and teeming with customers, and even though it was getting close to sunset that just meant that the nightlife could begin.

But for Stacy Rowe as she and Quinn exited the building, purchases in hand, it had been a blast.

Stacy's father had been kind enough to drive them there and said he would come back to pick them up in a couple of hours, now that the deadline was close enough they just had to wait for him arrive.

"I'm glad your Dad wasn't too bothered by your new look." Quinn said to her, "But all the girls in the mall clearly loved it."

"I know, right?!" Stacy replied, almost bouncing in her new pink sneakers, "I mean I sprung it on everyone as a surprise, I'm just glad you helped me take it to the next level."

"I know!" Quinn answered, remembering the looks of envy and awe on the faces of the other popular girls of Lawndale High that were at the mall that night.

"I wonder how Sandi and Tiffany will react though..." Stacy began to say more sadly, setting down a couple of her bags on the ground for a moment.

"Don't worry about it." Quinn answered, "Besides you can always change it again if you want."

Stacy's momentary low spirits shot up like a rocket once more.

"Oh there's my Dad! Hi, Dad!" Stacy exclaimed, waving at her father's incoming car.

Terrance Rowe's white luxury vehicle was pulling up, it was a nice car but Quinn thought it was always a mistake to drive a white car of any sort.

"The color ALWAYS shows the dirt and mud and... and... EW!" Her mind didn't want to think of the words for the pictures it had conjured up.

After some polite greetings the girls piled into the back of the car, bags on the floorboard, and ready to head on back home.

Stacy was smiling contently in the glow of the television, the super popular show Josie the Werewolf Slayer was doing a marathon and she and Quinn just HAD to watch it of course.

But before that they had enjoyed a nice dinner with her parents, then her mom had been nice enough to whip up some low-calorie popcorn before they had gone back up to the master bedroom to watch their own personal TV and do... Whatever it was parents did in bedrooms that she, Stacy Rowe would rather NOT think about.

Stacy glanced at her friend, her best friend in the whole wide world, the one friend who never said anything catty or mean or back-handed to her, and she chuckled softly.

Quinn had fallen asleep on the couch.

So like a good friend Stacy checked to see if Quinn had a pillow for her head, then sacrificed her half of the blanket to wrap up Quinn so she'd be more comfortable.

"Sleep tight Qunnie." Stacy softly said to herself as she used what remained of the commercial break to scrounge up a second blanket and a couple more pillows from a nearby linen closet.

When Josie and her amazing adventures came back on, Stacy was snug as a bug, her bestie resting comfortably next to her.

Stacy felt perfectly happy, after all this was easily one of the best days of her life so far.


OOC: Some lines borrowed from Gifted. I borrowed the name of Stacy's father from Kristen Beale's excellent fanfic 'The Children of the Scorn'.