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Here We Go...

Chapter One

The loud blaring from the alarm on my phone slowly brought me out of my subconscious. With a roll on my side and a deep, sighing groan, I greeted the day; And oh, what a day it was going to be. With Paul taking some time off to go to his sister's wedding in Washington, I was left pulling double shifts all this week, which meant a little more money my way, but a lot of aches and pains following as well. I have been a paramedic for the NorthWestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago for the past two years and I really enjoyed it. Since I was a kid, I always wanted to help people; Probably comes from growing up with an E.R Doctor for a father. My dad, Carlisle, had worked at NorthWestern as an Emergency doctor for fifteen years and then another twenty as Chief of Staff. I remember listening to him talk about his day; Discussing the ins and outs and the hustle and bustle of working in a hospital, but he didn't talk about it in exhaustion or stress. No, he spoke about it with such enjoyment and excitement; He loved his job, he loved telling us about saving a patient that day or how he was able to help another. It truly brought my father pleasure, being able to work with medicine and care for people.
He probably would have worked until his last days if it wasn't for my mother, Esme, all but forcing him to retire a year and a half ago. She can be a pretty persuasive woman, my mother, she will tell you exactly what she wants, no bullshitting. And she was ready for her and my father to begin the rest of their years together. She wanted them to finally have some time together and being empty nesters provided the perfect excuse. My mother still continues with her job, owning and operating her own, small chain of boutiques around Illinois, but she's able to manage them mostly from home.
Throughout my childhood and even into my teen years, people always told me how much I was like my dad, we were both intelligent, stubborn as hell and we truly cared about people. So it was no shock to anyone when, after graduating, I chose to go into the medicine. I always enjoyed reading my father's notes about a patient's injury or illness and I always found human anatomy very fascinating. At dinner, sometimes, my father would quiz me about certain medical scenarios, giving a person with a certain amount of symptoms and what they've done in the past and what the next step would be to take. Sometimes we would get carried away and bring up things that were not exactly….appropriate dining table etiquette

"Boys!" My mother would tap her hand against the table. "This is the dinner table, NOT the operating table. Now please, change the subject" My father and I would often have to apologize to my mother for our language.

After High School, I went to the University of Chicago and got my undergrad in nursing. Shortly after, I took the first-responders course and later the exam. After earning my paramedics certification, I was able to secure a job with NorthWestern. My plan was to work for a couple of years, to get my "sea-legs" so to speak, then apply for medical school and become a doctor eventually.

Despite my hemming and hawing of wanting to leave my soft bed, I knew it was time to begin my day. After a shave and quick shower, I changed into some jogger shorts and an old college jacket and made my way into my kitchen to prepare my coffee and start breakfast for my little one.

"Maggie. Come on, girl." I whistled and called for my three-year-old German Shepherd as I laid down her food. After the both of us finished breakfast, we took a quick jog around the neighborhood before I had to go into work. It breaks my heart that I won't be able to spend quality time with my dear Maggie. With me, pulling doubles, I'm having to rely on my sister, Alice, to watch her for the week. Once I was sure Maggie was happy and secured, I grabbed my coffee, gave my dog a quick kiss and pat on the head, got into my volvo and drove to work. I was greeted in the parking lot by my two best friends, Emmett and Jasper; Or, as I'd like to call them, Dumb and Dumber.

"Hey Eddie, how are they hanging?" Emmett asked me when I got out of my car. God, I hated that nickname, and he knew that.

"They're hanging just fine, Emmy. How 'bout yours?" I asked, knowing he hated that nickname as well.

"Mornin, y'all" Jasper greeted with his southern drawl as he approached the two of us.

"Morning Jasper" I greeted and three of us made our way into the building. Jasper and I were both medics for the hospital and Emmett worked as an EMT, and so safe to say, we were always around one another. Even though Jasper had been working for the hospital for almost five years and Emmett for six, our friendship has been going on long before that. During college, Northwestern was basically my second home. If I wasn't at school or the library you'd find me at the hospital, being my dad's second shadow. That's how I came to meet Jasper and Emmett and after I started working with them, our friendship became even stronger. Nowadays, we spend almost every weekend together.

As we were putting our belongings away in our assigned lockers, I spoke up; "How's Rosalie doing?" Asking Emmett about his wife. Rosalie and Emmett had been married for the better part of four years and she was currently three months pregnant with their first child.

"She's doing better," Emmett replied. "Morning sickness is subsiding and she was able to detect a little bit of baby bump the other night. Nearly gave me a heart attack when she screamed for me in the bedroom to come and see it." Giving a soft chuckle.

"I don't know how she's gonna handle having two kids around" I slyly said.

"TWO?!" Emmett all but screamed, like I knew something about his wife's pregnancy that he didn't.

"Yeah, the baby and your childish ass" I joked, watching Emmett's face return it's color and grab his chest, giving him his second almost-heart attack. "Dude, that was not even funny" Emmett responded.

"It kinda was" I defended and it's not as if I was wrong for it either. Despite his burly physique and almost ape-like appearance, everyone, including his own wife, knows Emmett is basically a twelve year old, in a grown man's body. He's known for being goofy and juvenile and borderline obnoxious more often than not. I mean, seriously, he is the only grown man I know that still watches cartoons on Saturday mornings.

"Well I don't know how you're ever gonna find any woman to want you with that reddish-brown mop on your head, you call hair" Emmett said, ruffling my hair. The man never missed an opportunity to talk about my hair or to point out how unshelved it was. Yes, I know, my hair has a mind of its own. No matter what I do, I can't ever get it to cooperate so I've just learned to live with it.

"Oh, that reminds me," Jasper chimed in. "Your sister tells you, that she'll be over to take out Maggie after her meeting this afternoon and then again after work" He informed me.

Jasper and Alice had been dating since before I was a paramedic. One weekend, while Alice was visiting from N.Y.U, studying fashion, she tagged along with me to meet with the guys at a local bar. All it took was my little pixie of a sister walking in, with her spiky hair and sprightly personality and Jasper was spellbound. To quote Jasper; "It was like lightning struck, the angels sung and Earth stood still all at once". By the end of the night, they had already had their first date and by the time Alice returned to New York they were exclusive. Once Alice finished college, she decided to move back to Chicago to be with Jasper and the two have been living together ever since. Like our mother, Alice owns her own clothing store brand with a few home front stores scattered around Chicago.

"Thanks Jazz" I appeased.

After we got settled into work, Emmett made his way over to his department, bidding us a good day. Jasper and I had barely gotten into starting our paperwork, before we were summoned.

"Whitlock, Cullen and Stevens!" Shouted our paramedic chief, Aro. "Just got a call in, a one car accident off Rt. 290. Car went off the road and landed in a ditch, the car seems to be turned over and police are unaware of any injuries. I need you guys out there, information is being sent to the bus' GPS. GO!"

"Got it boss" I called, while we all got our gear.

And so that day begins….

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