Night of October 31, 1981

Third POV

It was the night of Halloween and Godric's Hollow was uncharacteristically quiet. As darkness approached everyone quickly went home, on what used to be a night full of festivities, there was only tension. In a certain house in Godric's Hollow there was a young baby boy sleeping in his crib while his parents were away at St. Mungo's bring another life into the dim dark world. Downstairs in the kitchen an elderly man was finishing up his paperwork.

"I can only hope that one day they'll forgive me," he muttered as he signed his name on a parchment in blood. He quickly dried the blood on the parchment with a spell and tied it to an owl sending it to Gringotts. As he closed the window, he was quickly alerted that the wards surrounding the house had gone off. He quickly sent a patronus to his son to alert him of the events that were about to happen. As the patronus raced away the door exploded with death eaters pouring into the room.

The old man quickly ran up the stairs and began raining spells down onto the people running up the stairs attempting to kill him and the young boy. One by one they soon fell succumbing to wounds, but the old man began to tire out as he also hadn't escaped the fight unscathed. However, his brief moment of peace quickly vanished as the leader of the Death Eaters arrived.

He looked at the carnage and softly spoke drawing his wand, "no more blood has to be unnecessarily sacrificed today. Move aside and I will allow you and your family to continue to live, old man," sneering as he said the words old man.

The old man looked at him and said defiantly, "I am Lord Fleamont Potter, Head of the Honorable and Ancient House Potter. I am NOT a coward and will fight to ensure the continuity of my line as well as the life of my grandson!" As he finished speaking, he quickly threw a spell at Voldemort. The duel lasted minutes and each minute Voldemort became increasingly frustrated. After fifteen minutes a distinct pop sound was made outside of the house notifying Voldemort and Fleamont helped had arrived.

Voldemort knowing his people were unaware of the situation knew that he had to finish off Fleamont and get to the child. He quickly yelled confringo at Fleamont's feet exploding the ground underneath the old man. As the man attempted to gain his balance his shielding charm vanished leaving him vulnerable. Voldemort taking the opportunity casted the killing curse and Fleamont quickly fell to the floor motionless.

"Pity. You were by far one of the best duels I have had, and we could have done great work together if you had the proper guidance". Voldemort walked by the old man's dead body and looked at it disgustedly. He quickly turned the corner and went into the room in which crying was heard from. He opened the door and leveled his wand at the child in a crib. Looking him him straight into his eyes with tears running down his face. Voldemort paused for a moment, but whatever doubt he may have had left him as he heard crashing in the floor below him alerting him that the child's help had arrived.

He leveled his wand at the child and yelled Avada Kedavra. Green sparks shot out of his wand and towards the child, but then the unexpected happened. Rather than the spell being absorbed by the child and killing him instantly it rebounded right at him. The last thing Lord Voldemort saw was a green flash and James Potter running into the room with a wand in his hand.

James quickly looked around the room and was shocked to see nothing but the robes of Voldemort lazily falling down to the ground. He was quickly pull out of his shock when a wail alerted him. He quickly ran to the crib and picked up his first born, Harry, attempting to calm him down. Just as he was calming down his son, his best friend Sirius Black ran into the room!

"JAMES! JAMES!" he cried looking around the room before his eyes fell on his best friend and brother in everything but blood as he was holding his godson who quickly began wailing again.

"Damn it Padfoot! What are you doing here? I just got him to calm down," he shot a glare at his friend as he began to calm down Harry again.

"Sorry James! I was in France with a rather nice woman. Really nice assets if you get what I mean. Anyways, we were heading back to her place before I remembered where you were. Realizing that if I knew where you were, trouble wasn't far behind I grabbed my motorcycle and flew here as quick as I could. I'm going to have to thank Lily for that blue fuel she introduced to me, nitrus was it? We need to check up on Wormtail by the way, he's either dead or has betrayed us."

Before anything else could be said another person ran into the room yelling, "HARRY! HARRY!" Causing the child who had just begun to calm down to start screaming again.

"God dammit! Remus! Why are you screaming? You're supposed to be with Lily! What the hell are you even doing here?" James said beginning to become frustrated with his friends causing his child to scream.

"I'm yelling because I was worried when you didn't send word when you reached the house! Lily is going complete mental and nearly broke my arm because I wouldn't leave and search for you! I only left when your uncle Charlus came with his wife Dorea Black. I've also got some disturbing news…" Remus quickly explained as he trailed off at the end.

"What news? Is the baby ok? Is Lily ok? What news?" James quickly asked panicking.

"Lily is still in labor so I can only assume that the baby is ok. Your father on the other hand… he died I'm sorry Prongs."

James looked down at his child who finally began to calm down and fall asleep, eating a part of James shirt. As he was overwhelmed with emotion his friends patted him on the shoulder and led him outside. After a few minutes he finally spoke, "Where's Wormtail?"

Lupin looked away uneasily. "Where's Wormtail?" James pressed which was followed by silence. "Where is Wormtail?" James said firmly causing Lupin to look at him straight in the eyes.

"I arrested him… he confessed to giving up the information willingly in order for some prestige and a pureblood marriage," Lupin finally answered.

"Bloody fucking hell. To think that we were friends with that bastard!" Sirius said harshly. James remained silent. His eyes became cold and calculating. He had lost his father and a friend tonight. One because of the other.

Eventually he looked up and said, "lets go to St. Mungo's. We should have Harry checked for any magical damage and I need to be there for Lily," and with that he apparated away.

Sirius and Remus looked at each other for a moment before Remus broke the silence.

"Sirius, I need to know. As of right now are, we in agreement that we will do anything for James and his family. To fight and die willingly even if we have families of our own, because I sure as hell am ready to."

Sirius didn't even hesitate in his answer, "I swear it Lupin. It's the Potters before us… no matter what," and with that he apparated away to St. Mungo's. Remus remained for a few brief moments as he looked at all the carnage around him. He looked down and saw the bodies of death eaters, and before he apparated away he sent a Patronus to the Auror Corp notifying them to come to Godric's Hollow before apparating away.

When he arrived, he was greeted with smiles as a baby bundle was being passed around with all previous problems vanishing as quickly as they had come.

"Is that…" Remus tentatively asked.

"Remus meet Dahlia Potter. A whopping 7 pounds and a spitting image of her mother. Hopefully your goddaughter." James said with the last part a little uncertainly.

"You sure James… with everything about me?"

"Absolutely, Moonie. You, Sirius, and I… we've been through it all and I don't know anyone else I'd rather trust other than Lily and Sirius for the wellbeing of my children," James responded earnestly.

"Then I'd be happy to." With that the three men embraced with Sirius holding Harry and Remus holding Dahlia. They broke apart as an old man and his wife approached.

"James… don't worry about the funeral. Dorea and I will look after everything. It will be worthy of my brother," said Charlus Potter.

"Thank you Uncle Charlus and Aunt Dorea. Do you know when it will be?" asked James.

"It will be three days from now so that Lily and your daughter can be in attendance as well. You have three days to rejoice the birth of your daughter and mourn your father James. He wouldn't want you to be seen crying at his funeral. You're the head of the house now… that'll be the first time you have to show it. Weakness cannot be shown," Dorea said firmly.

"Of course, Aunt Dorea… I will do my best," James responded. With that Charlus, Dorea, Remus, and Sirius headed to the floo so that they could leave, leaving James with his wife and two children.

Time skip – 3 days later

"Are you ready James?"

"Lily I don't think there's a right way to answer that but regardless we have to do this. Grab Harry, I'll bring Dahlia." With that James and Lily apparated away holding their children as they left. They appeared at the cemetery at Potter Manor, which would become their new home in the coming days.

As a symbol of respect whoever wanted to be at the funeral of a deceased Head of a house, they would have to show up before the new Head of the House arrived at the funeral. There were hundreds of people there to pay their respects for Fleamont Potter and to discuss business with the new Head of House James Potter along with Lady Lily Potter. Among them were the Heads of Houses from the light and neutral factions along with members of the Potter family, Sirius, Remus, and other members of the Order. After the four had taken their seats everyone else sat down taking theirs behind them. As the only living sibling to Fleamont, Charlus got up first to give his eulogy.

"My older brother was easily my best friend growing given that we were only a few years apart. I remember my first day in Hogwarts as a Gryffindor I had been cornered by a couple of third year Slytherins. My brother, a Slytherin, didn't care though. He sent them to the infirmary and from what I've heard told everyone in Slytherin that I was off limits. Since my birth he always defended me. He believed that the only way he could protect his family was to be ruthless. That's why he was the best at dueling, being the champion in the Adult's Dueling Champion at only 17 years old! As our family grew so did the people he sought to protect. That's why he spent so much time restoring the status and prestige House Potter once had. He once told me that he would die for anyone in our family if he could. I'm glad that he died the way he wanted… protecting a Potter from harm."

After Charlus sat down, many other people stood up and began talking about the impact Fleamont had on them. Some had their jobs because of him. Some of them passed legislation together. Some were just friends. After everyone had gone, James finally stood up.

"House Potter remains strong. My father, the late Lord Potter died so that my heir may live. My father brought back House Potter the prestige and status my grandfather and great-grandfather had destroyed. As of now, I hereby resign my position as Auror so that I may claim my seat in the Wizengamot. I will make it my life mission to see my fathers last dream fulfilled. Our seat on the Council of Sacred 28 back from House Travers. Our allies will flourish through our alliances and business, but my enemies will fall horrific deaths. I repeat House Potter remains strong."

James sat down back in his seat and the funeral was over. People came up to him and began setting appointments to discuss the future of House Potter's relationship with their own interests. Lily knowing that this would be happening stood beside her husband with a planner she had brought writing down all of the meetings that were being scheduled while Remus and Sirius played with their godchildren. After a few hours, with the crowd nearly gone Charlus and Dorea approached James and Lily deciding that they needed to leave.

"Whatever you need James… House Potter will respond," Charlus said.

"I need you to do something for me Uncle Charlus," James responded.

"What is it that you need?"

"I want you and Aunt Dorea to go around Europe and alert all Potter members that were unable to make it that I may require them to prepare for battle. The person that killed my father has allies, and those allies have allies. Therefore, we have enemies with allies resulting in us having more enemies. Once every alliance and every enemy is found… we strike and we strike. We strike so that when Harry becomes Lord Potter… House Potter is already on top."

"Consider it done," and with that Charlus and Dorea Potter left beginning their mission of notifying the many members of House Potter. As they left James and Lily were surprised to see a family approach them with a Gringotts representative.

The man approached and spoke first.

"Lord Potter, I am terribly sorry for your lost. I am Cyrus Greengrass, Head of House Greengrass and a member of the Council of 28. This is my wife Lysandra Greengrass, you should know her as she was a Gryffindor in your year, as well as our daughter and current heir, Daphne Greengrass," he motioned to his wife and the little girl looking at Harry, who was playing with Sirius, from behind Cyrus's legs. Cyrus continued, "As per our contract I have already began the motions to have House Travers removed from the council and have your House reinstated. If it is fine with you, we will have Daphne moved into Potter Manor once she returns from her first year of Hogwarts assuming no male heir is born before that."

James and Lily looked at him confused wondering why on earth Daphne would be living with them. Lily broke their silence.

"Forgive us it has been a long few days. Why would Daphne be living with us?"

The goblin finally spoke up, "Article 17 Clause 3 of the agreement clearly states, 'Daphne will live with the Potters within one week after a male heir is born to House Greengrass or once she has finished her first year of Hogwarts."

James confused by the answer asked, "Why would she be living with us?"

"The last Article, Article 100 Clause 2, also clearly states 'if any violations of the terms occur both parties will lose their magic, be outcasts of their Houses, and the violator will killed by the House Executor if the Head of the House wishes'".

Lysandra Greengrass, not knowing about this clause broke her silence turning to heir husband, "Cyrus what did he just say about our daughter possibly being an outcast and dying? If there no way out of that?"

Cyrus responded, "There's nothing to worry about dear. I doubt that Harry or Daphne will violate any terms of the agreement."

The goblin quickly added, "There is no way out of it as Article 100 Clause 1 states, 'the only way out of this contract is if both Heads of the Houses that signed the contract agree to change or nullify the agreement. Upon the death of one of the two Heads the contract cannot be changed'".

Lily finally asked the question both her and James desperately needed the answer to.

"What agreement is this?"

"The Marriage Contract of Harry Potter of House Potter and Daphne Greengrass of House Greengrass," the goblin replied a bit scornfully.

After a few hours of discussing the marriage contract James and Lily finally understood what was going on. In order for the Potters to regain their spot on the Sacred 28 they needed to gain a few more votes so that they would have the majority. The Greengrasses needed a House untainted by the Dark Lord, a house from the light faction, that was able to join and head the neutral faction while trying to bring a few more houses into the fold. Harry and Daphne were to be married at 16 and to have a child by 18. After much discussion they finally parted their ways.

"Lord Greengrass-" James began before he was cut off.

"If our children are going to be married to each other you can call me Cyrus, Lord Potter," Cyrus interrupted.

"Only if you call me James," James responded.

"Alright James. Forgive me for interrupting. Please continue."

"It's alright Cyrus. I was just saying that I look forward to our children going up and I can't wait for their relationship to move forward. Please come visit us sometime next week here at Potter Manor. We should be settled in by then."

"Thank you and I can confidently say look forward to all that as well. Additionally, we also look forward for your owl once you are settled in."

James offered his hand for a handshake and Cyrus took it and shook it. After that he turned and walked with his wife and daughter to the apparation point before they took off. As they walked away an exhausted Sirius and Remus walked over with a sleeping Dahlia and a very active Harry.

"What was that all about," Sirius asked.

"Apparently father betrothed Harry to Daphne Greengrass before he died. They caught me completely unaware… wish father had given me a heads up about what he was about to do."

"Greengrass… didn't we know someone who married a Greengrass?" asked Remus racking through his memory.

"As a matter of a fact we did. Lysandra married Cyrus Greengrass around the same time James and I got married. It was quite the gossip at Hogwarts during our 5th year because there was a Gryffindor and a Slytherin dating. Remember?" Lily quickly responded.

"Oh yea! I remember her! Shame she got married. We used to hang out a lot." Sirius said brightening up as he began to remember her.

"That would have been because she and I were best friends. We did everything together." Lily said.

"There was a different reason to why Sirius hung out with her Lily…" James said gently. It took a second for Lily to put the pieces together, but when she did…

"SIRIUS ORION BLACK! You sorry mutt! If I find out that you put even a single paw on her… there won't be any place for you to hide! Do you understand me!" she yelled at her sons godfather hitting him.

"Ow Lily! I didn't do anything with her! At least nothing little Harry will be getting to do with his dear Daphne." Sirius said. There was a loud slapping sound and the next thing everyone knew Sirius was on the floor holding his cheek with Lily over him.

"If I find out that you end up teaching Harry how to do anything that you were caught doing at Hogwarts, there won't be a place on Earth where I won't find you and stop you from making little Sirius's." Lily threatened.

"What about the things I wasn't caught doing?" Sirius asked once he got up. Before he knew it he was back on the ground holding his other cheek. This caused Remus, James, and Harry to begin laughing. Remus and James because they understood what was going compared to Harry who thought that they were playing a game. This moment would be one of the last moments of peace before the storm brewing afar swept them off their feet.