Greg's Journal

It's finally the day of the performance. I'd like to show them my power.

"Next team, The Fantastic 4!"

I hear a great applause. Time to shine!

Nikki's Diary

Yes, yes, yes! It's showtime! And it's finally our turn!

The backstage had sound block, and we don't know who the judges are until it's our turn - everyone stays there until it's their turn.

We are ready, and the blinds opened.

We don't know who the judges are, but we will still try our best!

Cap's Mind

I must prove themselves I am worthy! We cannot lose! I paid so much effort there, and given what I see, some of them doesn't even try.

We must perform our best.

Lilian's mind


And so we performed.

Judges Report

Team Name: Fantastic 4

Score: 9.5/10

Reviews: From their performance we can see that they have paid lots of effort into practise. The only issue is that one member always has a tired face. (afternote: apparently she looks like this all the time)

Cap's mind

It's the award ceremony time! I hope we win, I practised real hard...

Greg's Journal

"Third Place, The Doom Buggy!"

"Second Place, Amin's team!"

"First Place, Fantastic Four!"

We... won? WE WON!

Nikki's Diary

"First Place, Fantastic Four!"

We did it!

Cap's mind


We went on stage. Doomer's accusing me of cheating again, and these 9th graders are calling me names AGAIN.

Instead of not doing anything, I said, "By doing so when I am on stage, you expose yourselves red-handed!"

I did it! I'm worthy!

Greg's Journal

And that's our greatest show. I got popular as well, finally!