AN: Hey guys, so this is just a one-shot that I'm doing. It's based on the song 'Falling Like The Stars' by James Arthur. All credit to him.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Vampire Diaries in any way shape or form

I'm Damon Salvatore. I'm a singer. I have this amazing girlfriend. And I'm on tour. I'm not used to being away from her, but when I was given a chance to go on tour I had to take it. It's my first tour, so I wasn't used to any of it. Especially being away from Elena. The old cheesy saying "Distance makes the heart grow fonder" is true. I never thought it was before, but it is. We've never said we love each other before. We just weren't ready I guess. Instead of saying it, we showed each other. But now that I'm away from her I know for a fact that I love her. More than anything in this world. All of this was running through my head on a loop, so I sat down and did what I always I do when I'm feeling something like this; write.

I swear to God when I come home

I'm gonna hold you so close

I swear to God when I come home

I'll never let go

It's my last show of the tour and we're ending it in Mystic Falls, Virginia, my hometown. Elena is going to be at this show and I'm excited to surprise her. I wrote many of my songs with her and she's been watching videos of my concerts, so she knows all my songs. All but this one. This isn't my first one about her, but it's going to be a special one. This is the day I tell her I love her.

Like a river, I flow

To the ocean, I know

You pull me close, guiding me home

It's been an amazing g experience, being on tour, but I'm ready to go home. It's the last song of the show, the song I wrote for Elena. She's sitting in the front row so I can see her confused face when I ask her to come on stage. Soon she's walking up and I hug her for the first time in too long. "This next song is written for this beautiful woman right here, so without further ado, here is Falling Like The Stars," I say to introduce my song.

And I need you to know that we're fallin' so fast

We're fallin' like the stars, fallin' in love

And I'm not scared to say those words with you, I'm safe

We're fallin' like the stars, we're fallin' in love

As I finished the song I looked into her eyes and said, "I love you, Elena." At this point, a few tears escaped her eyes, and she said: "I love you too, Damon." And then I kissed her. These words are a promise. Maybe not for forever, but at least a forever within the numbered days.

I swear to God, I can see

Four kids and no sleep

We'll have one on each knee, you and me, hmm

AN: Hey guys! So this is just a short one-shot that I thought up while listening to 'Falling Like The Stars' by James Arthur. I hope you took note of the "Fault In Our Stars" reference. I hope you enjoyed! Love, Rose.