(This is a work of fan fiction the characters referenced here are utilized by the Disney Company. In this story, and its predecessor, Seems Like Old Times, Alice in her 20s, and Hatter is never you mind.)

I Don't Need Anything..

Hatter had always prided himself on being the spontaneous one.

So when Alice slipped up behind him while his hands were in dishwater, and started rather expertly massaging his shoulders, it was a bit of a shock.

But oh, how good it felt to have her nimble fingers working the aching muscles of his upper back.

He raised his head, closed his eyes, and let out a contented sigh.

"You've been bent over that workbench all day, and you need someone to loosen you up," she laughed quietly.

Annnd..he was suddenly Hatter, the confirmed bachelor, master of his own destiny, who took affront at her innocuous remark. He didn't need anyone, his mad disorder was HIS order...

He wiped his hands brusquely on a teatowel, and turned to give her a piece of his mind..

...but Miss Alice knew him a little better.

As he'd turned, open- mouthed, he felt her hand smoothed through his thick white hair, while her other arm enfolded him in a firm, yet gentle embrace.

His mouth snapped shut instinctually, and in the next moment, she was languidly devouring his lips as though they were the first sweet, juicy peach of Summer.

A rebuttal scampered into his mind, saw what was going on, and chose to pick its battles.

But I don't need...he thought.

She pressed herself against him more firmly enjoying the softness of his hair, the warmth that radiated from him. She smelled of vanilla, white tea, and the tiniest hint of musk.

And, he was somewhere else..slowly, his hands, that had been at her waist, relaxed..one smoothing up her back, the other sliding dangerously downward.

But he did need...


Hatter looked across the table to see March Hare, and Dormouse staring at him quizically. Then he noticed to his horror, that he had been caressing the rounded bottom of a teapot in a most provocative fashion.

March Hare folded his arms across his chest, and played The Father. "I'd like to know your intentions toward that teapot," he growled.

"At least offer it marriage," Dormouse murmured, sliding back into his teapot.

It was going to be a bit of a challenge living with Hatter 'til Miss Alice came for another visit .